Friday, March 19, 2010

Hard Drive Adversity

A roundelay of phone calls in getting the RMA number for the hard drive that failed on my mother's PC. Also complicating the fact is that two identical drives were purchased from the same supplier in one order, and the serial numbers listed on the invoice weren't attributable to an individual PC; hers, or the one in this PC. That necessitated two more phone calls in additon to the one I made this morning as they never called me yesterday as to the problem determination. I called this morning to find out, then had to call again to find out the serial number of the dead hard drive, and then the technician couldn't read it as it was still in the case, and so he phoned me back later to tell me what it was.

And the whole RMA thing, getting a Returned Materials Authorization number, ended up more complicated as I got bounced out of the online process after entering all the requested details for mysterious reasons. That lead to a phone call to Western Digital support line where I went through the RMA process for the second time, but over the phone. (The first time I called, was to attempt an RMA, but as I didn't know the exact serial number, one of two, it was to find out that I needed to download their software, which I later found out, doesn't run on Windows 7. I called the PC technician instead, per above mentioned phone calls.) The perps like to do this, have me undertake a task in one form (online), and then sabotage it to have me go through it again in another (telephone). Been there, had it done to me before.

Now onto getting laundry done, always a perp interest, and getting more research complexity as they will no doubt have the toilet repair personnel entering and exiting the bathroom where it is kept until I get on with it.

They fucked the toilet last night, and forced a shower for me to clean up. The rubber valve is disintegrating and the chain popped off. More hijinx kept "happening" as the valve also kept consuming water and that got me out of bed to turn off the water supply, and for strange reasons it still didn't shut off the noise right away. Go figure.

A yoga Thursday, and more interleaving of activities. The laundry got put on later than usual, and that meant that it was tumbling in the dryer when I set off. I had the usual freakshow out and about, and plenty of them. Taking the fruitcake was a male in a deep grey wearing coveralls and also wearing a mid-blue cape over his back, and standing at the pedestrian signal opposite.Yoga was fine, and then the freakshow was redoubled for my walk back. I had my dude sitting in his deep grey SUV for no seemig reason in a no parking zone immediately outside the church chapel room where we have classes. In nearly all cases there is someone, or a group, in or around a vehicle at the rear steps of the chapel. Strangely, I am the only one who departs via this direct route to outside. (Not available for arrivals though, as the lock doesn't permit entry). Today, it was the dude's turn, though I have had red vehicles, Asian families and other of the Unfavoreds doing their gangstalk duty in advance of my building exit. And a double emergency light and siren show, both simultaneously. Two blocks to the N. a siren went off with the blue and red flashing lights in mid street, and then in front of me, a police van started its siren and flashing lights, W. bound. They simply cannot get enough of the flashing light show around me these days.

I attended to laundry when I got back, somehow "forgetting" to change first and then get to it. These disruption of routines are becoming more common of late, and in this case, it seemed to be all about having me do the laundry sorting, folding and putting away while I was still in my yoga clothes.

Lunch, and then afterward, I filled out the form for the toilet to be fixed, as they hadn't done anything in my absence, and when I had phoned in the request four hours earlier, there was a suggestion that I needed to fill out the form for crissakes, even if he did say that they would bring one when they came. Except that they didn't and I filled it out following lunch and when down to the manager's office at the entryway lobby to drop it off. And lo, if he wasn't there at the elevator doors with a negro tradesman splattered with either paint or plaster, presumably as some kind of color/light range reference which is all too common. (My cereal flakes, brown in color, are always splattered in white and black dots, as if salt and peppered). The manager said he would look at the problem with me, and then the three of us travelled up in the elevator. The manager and myself got off and presumably  the negro went on to his work location, assuming it was legit and not some kind of gangstalker charade, har, har. The manager determined there was indeed a problem, and said he would get onto it right away. Which he did, coming back with the correct part.

Later, he discovered the level valve seal was leaking and so he went out to get more parts, this time he was gone for longer, and in the interim, a postal delivery person rang up on the intercom to say that he had a parcel for me. I was surprised, but as there was an order to be filled from two weeks ago, and I didn't hear back as it being shipped, I correctly assumed that this must of been it. The postman delivered the parcel in the absence of the manager fixing the toilet, and once he had departed, I opened up the parcel and looked at the contents. Finally, the removable hard drive rack and the extra tray had arrived, three weeks later after ordering it, though a total of six weeks since I began this sojurn to get a removable hard drive. I had a look at all the items in the parcel and it all seemed OK. Then the manager came back to finish fixing the toilet. It is all about entrances and exits and interleaving the two activities, much like a farce, a particular style of play.

With my mother's hard drive that failed, a Western Digital Caviar Black 640Gb, said to be one of the most reliable drives ever, I am now going to use the one that arrived last week ordered for the removable hard drive in her PC, And I will use the drive that comes from the RMA return. So a near confluence of hard drives and both hers and mine due to go to the same computer servicing shop within a week of each other, both dealing with hard drive installs. Such a coincidence, especially when one considers that both of them got built at the same time there. Call it "PC repair confluence", where two machines visit the shop for the same hardware repairs; her hard drive goes kaput in 5 months, and in my case, a voluntary repair to install a removable hard drive rack. And in the process, the hard drive intended for me, having sat in the manager's office for a week, and on my shelf for another week, now gets put in her PC, and I wait yet another week with the rack hardware waiting for the infernal warranty returned hard drive. Is there anyone out there who is going to call me on making too many inferences as to coincidences. And lets not lose track of the bigger picture; I am contained within a densified magnetic field of over 1600 gauss, measured in 2009 and in a picture that was in a posting, and lo, if these hard drives aren't a spinning set of magnetic fields. Funny that.

Back from evening class and the city bus freakshow in each direction. Though it was muted to reflect the kind of persons that might be around at that time of day.

In the two rows ahead of me there was one blonde in each, both in white jackets and offset so I could see a full picture of each's back and head, and hair of course. One was wearing a white leather jacket, and the closer one was in a puffy white ski jacket. This was the outbound trip to the college, and both got off before I did. And as it "so happened", the latter blonde had finished her shopping, getting on where she was got off at the mall, and boarded the same bus as I was on when inbound after classes, about 2245h. How is that for a coincidence, and never mind sitting nearby me again. Much better than the cluster of male yobos in the seats ahead, the ones that seem to be regulars to accompany me after classes. Them and their ridiculous skate boards and flipping them all about at the bus stop.

And on the freaky side, a white and fuchia pink haired young woman got on board about halfway through my inbound trip. I suppose she was the counterpoint to the more muted male on the outbound trip, of black hair with rows of red flecks in it. And the seating arrangements were approximately the same; me at the back on the drivers side, they on the opposite side and some 15' to 18' away, out of my straight ahead vision but with added reflections so I could see them in the glass when looking in the opposite direction.

And a minor freak out on the street, the crosswalk in fact. There were a wave of pedestrians coming at me, and I had to pick a line through them, and got ahead of a woman in a stroller when some freak came into my right side peripherial vision very fast, and I turned and looked to see what/who it was, and this semi-vagrant male was standing there in mid-crosswalk. In other words, he somehow zoomed into my peripherial vision and the instant I detected it, he stopped among the swarm of other pedestrians crossing, mouth hanging open to look extra stupid. So... it would seem that some asshole still needs to detect my defensive reactions, and possibly emulate some kind of traumatization experience. I wonder who knows more about it than I do?

And I see that the red squiggly underlining of words that aren't passing the Blogspot's impoverished vocabulary has started up as I am typing this. The spell checker suddenly got switched on and it wasn't me who did it, as all but one button at the top of this editor has been stripped of any graphic or descriptive text to tell me how to turn off this infernal spell checker. More red color games it would seem; they also like to make some of this text green in color; a letter, or even part of a letter is made green, and it reverts to black within a few seconds. More of the same; relentless and insane fuckery by the Fuckover Force; little did we suspect how much of our world is ordered by these assholes. Which makes me often wonder as to how many of the world events are arranged, given my experiences with weather being customized for my outings, and many other coincidences in the news.

One such is in Montreal, where I lived for two years to age five, and remember only a sliver of what I experienced there, all of it when aged two, none of it later. What I call the "lost years", as I should of remembered much. And so, with yet another public shooting in Montreal, after some horrific ones in the past (Marc Lapine), and knowing how often the perps like to cut me and have me bleed, could it be that this event is yet another perp effort to get some terminal blood samples from interaction with external objects in a provenance of considerable interest to them? And considering that blood has magnetic properties, and that it surely must confound their remote sensing of the magnetic interactions of their TI victims (in a densified magnetic field), could this also be a coincidence? Maybe I am stretching it here, but I will refrain from further speculation, as I would like to hear from other TI's as to their bloodletting experiences, especially related to location, and if this is a trend of their past.

Anyhow, enough of this macabre topic, even if limited to Montreal, as I could write for a few hours on this alone. Time to read some Edgar Cayce and get the lowdown on what is going on.

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lifevorce said...

America is in a horrendous crisis of monumental proportions, like Israel was in the time of the prophet Joel. Many, or most, are in denial and are crippled by Passivity. Brainwashed by the lying mass media--the public is brainwashed and alienated from each other---informing on, playing each other for 'suckers....' Satanists and secular humanists have taken over our/The ungodly government and a culture of death---
What will wake US up?