Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Plasterer at Five O'clock

Mar. 16, 2010

I could not believe it; some hallway clatter and banging on my door, and I remove the earmuffs to have a look, and a plasterer has arrived outside my door, patching the wall opposite. He has a halogen work lamp as well to add to the per fuckery. When did a tradesman start a job at 1715h? only when they want to lay on extra gangstalking action. Read on for a rundown on today's stunts, adversity and other directed jerkarounds and oddities.

A day of digging and slinging soil at my in-town brother's place, always a perp interest event. Digging, then planting two large rose bushes, cutting them from their very old plastic pots, and placing them in the bed that I am digging over, and then sieving soil, another activity of intense perp interest. And they made sure the loathesome sound of the Harley Davidson motorcycle was loud and protracted as I was grabbing the couch grass roots by hand and tugging them from the wall. They simply cannot get enough of me touching plant roots, or being in the proximity of someone doing so, especially in plastic or styrofoam pots. They will even place styroblocks used for forestry seedlings at the farm I worked at when they had never done any forestry seedling work or use that material.

I got my First Feral Family gangstalking while digging; my in-town brother arrives on his cell phone and lo, if it isn't our mother with a PC problem again, and that I am to take the call on a landline. Therefore, a forced pee, wash my hands and arms with towel #1 (off white), and talk her through the problem on a wireless (think extra EMF signals) phone. No wonder the wireless landline phones are becoming so popular these days.

Then later, causing a late lunch, the two rose bushes in pots were planted in the garden bed I had dug up. They were in 30" high pots, and about that diameter, and the plastic was breaking down, and since this garden bed was being dug up, there was the opportunity to place them, rather than having them stay pot bound. And plenty of extra aircraft and neighborhood noise as the perps infuriated me with these 7' long plants that became extra-conventionally kinetic and defied my knowledge of gravitic behavior, pricked me at least three times to draw blood, then made the pot removal extra problematic and forcing me to cut th pots off, and then having the two rose bushes intertwine and create extra handling hassle. And it did not help that I couldn't pick them up as they were too heavy, but had to roll them on the ground to move them into position. An all round jerkaround leading up to lunch.

Then when going in the house, I washed up again, and the towels had been changed up again (towel #2, pink). I doubt if my brother would of done it, but his sort-of brown skinned Thai girlfriend might have, though she was sequestered in a spare upstairs bedroom all day and never came out. Apparently, she is watching Thai movies all the time that I am outside and in the house, and this is the fourth time she has done this wacko routine. She was very friendly during the first encounters when doing yard work at my brother's place, and even drove me to the bus stop once, the time that I had just drunk two cups of coconut milk, opening it up there as I didn't have the tools or facilities to do so at my place. But now, she is in retreat mode, and doesn't come out; perhaps they want her browness to be detectable through the walls and doors of the house.

At the bus stop today I had another round of male wierds; the naval officer, an armed forces member, and an almost real MIB; male, in a long black coat with a black briefcase and looking rather gaunt with crew cut hair, but no hat in the traditional MIB dress code. He "happened" to be loitering outside the bus stop where I planned to also hang out so to be temporarily freak-free, but there he was ready and waiting, window shopping at the adjacent pawn shop. Then I was jangled such that I couldn't bear to have the MIB near me, so I went back to the bus stop. And when I looked a minute later, why, he had also done the same. This is a shopping area for crissakes, so what are all these military and MIB (business men?) doing hanging around a suburban shopping area at 1600h on a weekday? Plus at least another four gangstalkers to "join me" on the bus trip.

Yesterday on the bus they also put on a similarly emancipated male freakish MIB in a black suit and long coat and very shiny black shoes with a decided point to them, and a briefcase in hand, and looking similarly unshaven, though he was. And this one got off after one stop, same as the guy behind him who seemed to be totally independent. So it is that I might have encountered the freaky traditional MIB in my recall deleted years, 1956 to 1959, and now is the time they want to emulate this freak demographic in order to remotely detect my remaining subconscious traumatization reactions. That is the working model on why they will hound me with particular freaks, as in "freak of the week", though they have been very consistent for the past eight years of this depraved abuse.

I put in two more hours digging and sieving soil in the afternoon, and the noise action continued; I even had two SAC overflights, or the noise thereoff. They seem to have an unerring knack in finding me; the daffodil farm, mother's place (digging soil), and now my in-town brother's place, all some distance apart and unlikely to be on the same flight path.

The afternoon digging got more brutal; a sudden eruption of soil managed to go down my gum boot when there wasn't any room, and then a delayed sensation of the stones and soil being under my foot, in the boot. That necessitated taking it off in the middle of sieving soil. Then there was the "blow up", when there was an out-and-out eruption of soil of no ostensible cause that plastered me in the face and managed to stick on my glasses exactly in mid pupil, forcing me to take them off and clean them. Then there was the ongoing adversity of a runny nose nearly all the time, forcing cleanup with the back of my glove. The assholes routinely did this to me last week when twice digging soil (and handling roots) at my mother's place. I have no cold or allergy condtion that would cause this, so I assume it is the assholes playing extra-conventional games at my expense and to further their nonconsensual human experimentation agenda, say, My Own Private Auschwitz.

Then when in my brother's house to clean up before departing, why, towel #3 (deep green) was in place for me to use. Naturally there were many gangstalking vehicles of the same color when walking to the bus stop from his place, a 10 minute walk.

After returning to my apartment I changed my soil marked clothes and showered, and this too became the object of jerkarounds, making sure I was rage-fied at least 20x before I sat down for tea and chocolate. This has been a pattern of late, pissing me off just when I get in, especially from something as interesting (to them) as digging soil.

Then the assholes were all over me when headed to my evening class; exiting the building to the bus stop, at the bus stop, and then on board and even once I got off. They had eight gangstalkers on me when departing the elevator, exiting the lobby and to the sidewalk, a distance no more than 50'. One can be sure when they put this many Fuckwits on me before I get to the sidewalk that they will be many more for the two blocks to the bus stop on the main downtown thoroughfare, Douglas St. The mohawk hairdo/hurl-do freak that has been fellow travelling, getting on and off at the same stops as I do, was on my ass again. This time his infernal mohawk was dyed green for crissakes. And naturally the perps make me look at this freak for many sightings than I would myself, having put him there. I just don't get why I have to be hounded by the freaks as well as the Unfavoreds. Another semi-freakish woman also got on and off at the same stops as I did when outbound trip; she was wearing pants, a skirt, and a jacket that came mid-thigh that emulated a short skirt, in colors of black (pants), bright green skirt, and pink jacket. Fucking bizarre on two accounts. And lo, if she wasn't there at the bus stop for the return trip, doing the "evening class" act it would seem.

The class ended early, but too late to catch an earlier bus. Everyone but the instructor departed before my database instances were closed down. There was the usual knuckle cracking in class, then pen tapping from behind, coordinated coughing and throat clearing when I entered a command and so it goes. I had to hang around in the vending machine area before going out into the wet cold at the bus shelter. And lo, if the bus wasn't on time today; there I was waiting and he is on time and not leaving some five minutes early like it so often "happens".

I had my posse of dudes around on the bus; three of them, some two seats away, and at least one overhead on the double decker bus. Three women were another 10' further away. The dude in front of me seemed to be having some hair/scalp problems, constantly scratching his head. I have long come to know this is a trademark perp action, seeming to create a confluence of hand energies and head energies that they so often like to create in my proximity. Or else they all have a lice problem, and that too would also create some extra energies around one's head. Hmm,... could be a option.

And another bozo stunt on the bus when it was coming into its main downtown stop where I get off, usually with a posse of at least four gangstalkers. Why, no one pressed the signal to get off, the bus driver blows by a timing stop, and there were no passengers to pick up when there has been at that same time every night for the past 3.5 months I have been getting off. So.... three blocks down, me and my posse get off, and I have to leg it further, with more Fuckwits on my ass at every corner and crosswalk, all to arrive at the local supermarket to two guitar bearing gangstalkers and another two dudes loitering with them. And that wasn't enough, as they were constantly around the corners of the aisle and creating clusterfucks where I had to wait for them to clear a place for me to walk. Here we are at 2200h on a Tuesday night and I am besieged by at least 10 instances of gangstalker assholes on me every move. Then they choked down the kiwi fruits to the local kind, meaning that I have to individually put them in a plastic bag, and lo, if I couldn't get the fucking plastic bag open. The assholes have pulled this dumbshit stunt at least 20x in the past eight years, effectively stopping me from purchasing a food item that is there, but not allowing me to bag it. All to play games with plastic bags and pissing me off in the grocery store. What could be more juvenile than that?

Nice timing on the rain today, "happening" some 10 minutes before heading out to make sure the streets and sidewalks were fully wetted, but light enough that it didn't soak me, still without an umbrella after the last one was sabotaged with holes that self-erupted and a spoke that self-bent. This seems to be the ideal rain they like me to encounter; and have in the past not bothered with weather manipulations but wetted down an intersection in the summer time.

Enough of the travails, and time to post this if I am allowed to type this out; another major jerkaround today is the number of typos; at least 50% of what you read here had to be retyped.
Mar. 17, 2010
I tried to save this last night but the router happened to crap out at that very moment. I saved a copy into Notepad and then put the posting together again. And lo, if the router didn't crap again as I was attempting to save the file.

I ended up on a phone support call to exactly determine what the problem was, and it was the router as I can now access the internet directly, without going through it. That created more hassle, and I will detail those in another posting. First I will check to see if the formatting got messed up by posting this.


Anonymous said...

I got my "baby" and stroller stalking again last night. This time, some teen parents with their little baby came in. The dad stayed outside with the stroller, while the mom came strolling in, infant in hand. All teenagers, too. Probably around 18 and still in school. I get quite a lot of this lately. Usually, I see a woman holding her infant, making sure to be seen through the glass doors before I get there. This time, the mom wasn't a teen; more like 25 or so.

Here, I suppose the goal is to compare the monitoring of the infant, which has limited cognition/memory forming capabilities, to that of the adult holding him or her, as well as compared to the TI in the vicinity of the mother/child.

AJH said...

Answer to: I got my "baby" and stroller...

The putative reason for the "baby stalking", is that infants and children are more sensitive to psychic energies, and are being used as localized psychic emitters. And the perps are hoping that the interaction with them and your energies will allow them to be detectable in you, per remote means. And I think you are correct in the perps' interest in limited cognitive ability of infants and children, and are hoping to also compare them to yours, especially if seeing the same objects or persons at the same, or near same, instant. Thanks for the comments.