Friday, March 19, 2010

Digging Cacaphony

I am almost too wiped out to blog tonight. A six hour stint of digging soil and sieving it was what did me in. This was at my in-town brother's place, and with the usual noise parade of motorcycles, hot rods, performance mufflers, ill maintained mufflers, helicopters, float planes, SAC bombers, lawn mowers, woodworking planers and routers, chain saws, leaf blowers as well at the odd dog barking and yelling neighobors. Very often three or more noises would be arranged simultaneously, or even stringing a motorcycle noise to follow a hot rod noise as they are similar at some frequencies. The perps just love me to dig soil, and sieving gets even more attention by way of concurrent noisestalking.

I even got my brother's indeterminant Thai girlfriend being friendly and not holing herself in his spare bedroom all day long. She even said hello, and after lunch, came out in this atrocious scarlet red housecoat and conversed about said brother and some of his quirks that are getting out  of hand. I validated her complaints, and mentioned that he has been known to be excessively obsessive, especially over money. She is from Thailand, and doesn't know english well enough that I understand what she is saying all the time, which also feeds the perp machine/abuse train as they just love to know exactly when I understand or don't understand something, and are even more noisestalking prone if I understand it after the fact, a cognitive trace ability they want to learn how to fuck with. So... with this brown skinned person in this bright red housecoat nattering on while I was slinging soil was just about perp heaven I reckon. And all the better that she moved around me, sitting down at various points of the compass, and even standing on my brother's new wall he constructed. I reckon this was the perps highlight of the two week job as I finished up on it today. Said girlfriend was friendly enough, and not seeming to be working, and gave gave me a ride in her deep metallic red colored vehicle all the way downtown to my apartment building. And she almost seemed to know the way without me mentioning the route. But that is just hearsay, but it interesting that the perps are often showing their hand just a little, and setting up possible tells as to the percieved reality, that is, it being arranged.

The major effort of this wall building and garden bed rehabilitiation was to rebuild the 3' wall that came down, and to sieve all the soil contained in the bed it bounded, at least 2 cubic yards worth, and rid it of all the couch grass and rock debris. Another part was to preserve the bulbs, daffodils, bluebells and one other type, so that took at least an hour to do. And what I noticed is that the couch grass roots would pass through a bulb, grow through it, and seem to suck nutrients from the bulb to make it appear shrunken. I had never seen anything like this before, and maybe it was a perp stunt. They liked to add straw back into the sieved soil, likely for their blonde emulation games as localized color references next to the black soil. I couldn't understand where all these grass stems, dried blonde ones, were coming from until it occured to me that it was the infernal assholes playing games, each time I sieved the soil, over a hundred at least.

But at least I didn't get gratuitously whacked in the knee as I did two days ago when doing the same job. They were out to enrage me, and backed off some today. Then they made up for it when I got back, and jerking me around in the shower, getting dressed, and cleaning the dishes.

I think this will be it for tonight, as I am too wiped out to pursue the details of the ciy bus freakshow and the rest of the gangstalking detritus that was out and about on my outbound trip.

Not yet, one WTF from yesterday, doubtless to set me up with phone calls to answer at exactly the right moments. I had a message to call a certain person from a financial services group, she referencing my online resume. I thought it was odd, but just as I put my head down for my sudden forced nap, the phone rang, and I got the lowdown on what she was looking for. She knew I was a technology worker from my resume, and asked me if I wanted to stay there or would I be interested as a "consultant". Eventually I got the story, but she was interested in recruiting me to be a financial services consultant, the ones that make their money off their client's asset trading, a stockbroker in effect. Like why be so vague using the term consultant, and then putting me through the gauntlet of finding out what kind of consultant? But as Starbucks calls their employees "associates", and there being many other euphemisms for the term "employee". But why use such a fudge when attempting to make a pitch? I don't get it, but as this is the second time in a week that the phone rang as I just put my head down for a forced nap, (yellow and blue mattress cover at my ear) I suppose any ruse will do. And of course, the sickos kept me pumped all day as to employment prospects, (read, planted thoughts of being employed),  when my instincts, (still mine I think), told me that this outfit doesn't hire IT personnel in this town, as their head office is half a continent away.

Another WTF moment to say the least. The with the nap over, and me being awake, my brother called asking about his gardening job. I have related my suspicions many times about phone calls, and specifically the phone, even if a landline model, that it is an EMF emitting device and is being placed at one's ear and serves the perp cause by arranging possible interference with one's own neurological EMF's, per thoughts and spoken word used during the phone call, and that these are remotely sensed by the sickos to further their mind control research. And don't get me started on cell phones, as they are a higher power EMF field, and of course are very portable, and tend to be used frequently in my proximity whenever out in public. Yesterday I had a cell phoning woman standing at the base of the two flights of stairs to the building I was intending to enter. Then when exiting, why, another woman standing at the same location while I was decending the stairs. And not for lackof signal either, as there was a cell phone tower only 100m away, as well as all manner of radio antennae on top of the building, some of it for student use. Also, when the apartment manager was fixing my toilet yesterday, he took two cell phone calls while I was on this PC. Nothing like having a cell phone gangstalker in one's apartment, as if I didn't get enough of this act everywhere I go.


Anonymous said...

I was concerned myself about EMF's from various sources, such as cell phones, etc. Maybe all of this research is going to be used towards transmission of power without wires, like Tesla's experiments.

Here, all kinds of information could be "riding" up on the beamed energy, which could be used for mind control. I can see Wireless energy being a possible focus in the future.

AJH said...

Answer to: I was concerned myself about...

Many TI's report gangstalkers hounding them while on cell phones, even in and out of buildings and elevators in my case. I suspect that these localized EMF signal perturbances are to serve as a method to detect neurological EMF signals and other possible energies, hence the ubiquity of their use by the operatives and gangstalkers. I don't think the signal strength is too much of a concern unless you own a cell phone and use it all the time.

You are prescient in suspecting other energies being "piggybacked" on EMF waves, as this is what Tom Bearden contends ( The "other energies" being what Tesla deduced were there, purportedly running his vehicle from a wireless box with an aerial. From what I can tell, these energies can also be beamed from LCD screens, as they like to surround me with gangstalkers viewing the LCD display panels of cell phones and PC laptops. Thanks for the comments.