Friday, March 05, 2010

Petrovoltaic Stone Mason

A rare day when the perps let me out to do something new, and didn't frustrate me at every turn, only every other turn. This was the event of building a 8' long wall some 3' high and tie it into the remaining wall that didn'f fall down this winter. This is at my in-town brother's place, he putting on this constant act of loathing house and property maintenance when he is a die hard garage sale wheeler and dealer. In his day job he works at a hospital to clean and prepare all the surgery equipment. And he gets seven weeks of annual vacation because of his seniority there. But he is a strange case; job loathing but not doing anything about it, and constantly complains about the vagaries of garage sales, his obsessive hobby. So when it comes to house and property maintenance, I get the call if it fits the perps' objectives of course.

The plant pruning certainly does, as they were all over me with noise at the moment of severing the excessive branches, and once my brother even timed his squirrel abatement activity to the moment I was cutting a branch off nearby. But today, it was on to masonary, playing with motar mix and pre-mixed concrete, and regular readers will know that the perps are plenty beserk about these products and placing them around me, including putting gangstalking redi-mix trucks through downtown to "join me". They love to have me witness major public construction road works and the like, to have me there for a big pour day along with the concrete finishers. And then have me walk on fresh but firm concrete a day or so later, and keep me walking on these surfaces, in some cases for over three years. There are many sections of public sidewalks that get dug up for no seeming reason, 4' or so to 20', sometimes with more than one pour, or perhaps, source of concrete. They also like to arrange "grind downs", where the concrete edges have lifted, and the surface is levelled by grinding down the raised edges.

So...., making up concrete from the bags got me extra noise attention today, but my in-town brother was "hanging around", smashing old mortar off the rocks of the former wall section, and then had to answer a cell phone call and then circulate around me while I was mixing concrete, pacing around and circling me, just like a downtown gangstalker. As there are plenty of EMF signals with an cell phone transmissions, and that the perps are keeping me in a densified magnetic field (over 1600 Gauss), it is important for them to have cell phoning Fuckwits posted around me, especially for big events (for them) like entering or exiting buildings, moving from room to room, and when the bus is turning corners. I reckon that cell phones are good for the asshole's electromagnetic investigation games, as well as whatever reaction one has from whatever they do to the LCD displays on cell phone, just like on this here PC. There is something that comes off LCD displays that is of use to the perps, as they will often have a Fuckwit standing in mid aisle or nearby on the bus, just looking at the screen on the cell phone. Or else, in more limited ways, do the same with the laptop, having them open and active two seats next to when on the bus.

I have never built a rock wall before, but as we had gathered the rocks two days ago, I reckon the perps convinced my brother that I was up for the job. Why else would he hand this task over to me when I am totally inexperienced? Over the course of six hours I had made a passable foundation of rock bedded in by mortar, and had poured concrete into a gouge in the bedrock to level it up. I asked my brother to put in a stringline for where he wanted the wall, but by the time that I had need of it he had strung it skewed, so it was useless to me. But useful for the perps to have a brown string just over my head and then brown vertical string as well. Regular readers will know how much the perps covert having brown things around, me, but not worn by me, and the rest of their beserk fascination with all things brown, especially when in the bathroom.

I used my new gloves for the rock wall job, as the other pair I keep at my brothers has been trashed by someone cutting holes in two fingers of the left hand. This new pair is of the same type of yellow leather, but with black stretchy panels on the backs of the hands. And I should not of been too surprised to find that the gloves, likely via the perps, had made my hands yellow from "dye bleed off" by the end of the day. This then fed the Fuckwit Frenzy at the bus stop. I arrived at the bus stop at 1700h, just missing one because of the traffic light timing. within five minutes, five Fuckwits had arrived at the bus stop, mouths agape, bald head on display, or otherwise seeming totally odd. One had a yellow shirt on and was determined to step into the center of the sidewalk and block my view of any oncoming buses. And he seemed also determined to block the sunlight as well, until I leaned forward and put an end to that bullshit. After waiting some eight minutes for a bus, another Fuckwit arrives with a folded yellow T-shirt in hand, coming closer that the yellow shirted Fuckwit. And that was the signal it was time to go, and walk back into town, as waiting for a fucking bus turns into a sicko feeding event, color coordinated to the dye they put on my hands.

A forty minute walk into town didn't ensure that I was Freak Free (aka gangstalker) by any means, as there were all manner of weirds stationed at the bus stops when walking past, but at least I didn't have to deal with their fucking stake-out games. The perps don't normally let me do much exercise, especially running and walking,  as it seems they cannot get enough of their irradiation fuckery on me while moving. Sure enough, when I get back to my apartment and onto this PC, some kind of vision buggering irradiation is coming off this LCD panel, just like in the days when they did let me out for extensive (greater than 30 minutes) of walking. Back then, 2006 and 2008, after each walking outing, they would hammer me with some kind of eye-buggering irradiation off the LCD panel, as it seems that exercise has a dissapative effect, as well as they cannot measure me accurately when I am moving. The stopped me running in 2003, as presumably that presented even more technical challenges for the Fuckwits.

It was interesting to note the noisestalking timing today while rock wall building. Anytime rocks were grinding or binding was a big deal for the assholes by adding more noise, the reasons noted in the recent blog posting, introducing the concept of petrovoltaics, rock sourced electromagnetics, which isn't new, it is just that it also likely serves the perps' agenda, as they like me to be exposed to soil and rock diggings as much as they can arrange. (wikipedia has it as petravoltaics, misspelled). And to have me get rocks from one location and place them on bedrock at another location is just too exciting for them. And to add mortar mix and cement into the picture, and then to have me later walk home for 40 minutes on all kinds of new streetwork poured concrete surfaces, why, it it just too much for a perp sicko to contain themselves.

I am getting the knee pain jabbings tonight, and the ear ringing noise is getting way to vexing, so it is time to make excuses and blog off.


Anonymous said...

Ears ringing: I get that sometimes, where one of my ears will suddenly erupt with a ringing and I will temporarily go deaf in that ear (as though exposed to something like like a gunshot). My hearing will return gradually after maybe 5-10 seconds. Sometimes, the ringing is in response to some "realization" about something.

I saw a parked car by the curb, engine was running, driver-side door open, but nobody in there. Odd. Maybe the perps wanted me to see the interior.

AJH said...

Answer to: Ears ringing...

I get ear ringing constantly, and all the more when my earmuffs are on, which is often. Sometimes a frequency change will suddenly come on, often at those perp moments, one being the "realization moment" that they so often noisestalk in my experience. (Like your ear ringing coincidence).

Vehicle egress, having the Fuckwits getting in and out of vehicles and hanging around them is a big deal. I sense that one has some kind of energetic reaction with all the materials of the vehicle, inside and outside, and the perps want to test this with that of the hapless TI they arrange to come by. And that goes as far as leaving vehicles vacant with the doors open, sometimes for a whole city block, some 5 min. of exposure time. Totally ludicrous by past standards, as I have never seen this happen, let alone how often it now does. Thanks for the comments.