Saturday, March 20, 2010

Beam Me Out of Here + 03-21-2010 Add-on

No end of plasma beams flashing and flickering today; at this apartment and at the classroom where I was all day taking the Oracle DBA II class. The perps like to create projections from seen objects, having a partial profile of them offset up to 2' or so, and in a different color than the object. A table will be "ghosted" in this fashion as one example, the prominent edge re-displayed as a plasma projection some 6" away, in white or yellow typically. Another style of plasma beam games is to put a spot over something in my peripherial vision and have me notice the color inconsistency immediately and have me look at the just-disappeared plasma spot. Then there is the out-and-out plasma beam of no particular source, just because they wanted on there. Two weeks ago they put a 4' vertical beam, 1" wide at the most, in bright white behind the instructor and gave it at least one second of display time, an unmistakable beam show. I would say that the plasma beam games were more fleeting today, but coming in thick and furious at times, especially after lunch. The post -meal food digestion period continues to be highly noisestalked and with toher significant perp interest.

Then there are the masers that come off the projection screen in the classroom, often from the words in the slide and directly at me, with some two to four seconds travel time over the 12' or so. Another maser beam came off the front board, skirted the left ear of the guy in front of me who was talking to me, and right at my face. As before, masers and plasma beams are magnetically controlled phenomena, and I have measured the magnetic field around me at over 1600 gauss last year, when a local TI showed me her newly acquired instruments. The level was 200 Gauss in late 2002, and I would not doubt that the perps need to raise it more from what it currently is, as they have been pissing around as part of their ongoing investigations into my brain stem area for close to 2.5 years now. It seems to be the last brain region they cannot yet fuck with 100%. My clues to this are that there is more and more noisestalking the instant I change my attention and think about something else. In today's class there had to have been at least 20 throat clearings, sneezes or coughs exactly when I shifted my attention, sometimes from a perp planted reverie.

And I got my class member stalking while I was eating my brown tortilla in the coffee shop at lunch today. It was the guy in front of me whom I speak with, and his ostensible reason was that he was waiting for his burger to be ready. I suppose that was  the reason he later sat down with me, as we had a conversation about jobs and employment prospects. He works for Fujitsu, and it was a member from that company that contacted me back in the fall of 2009 who was interested in seeing me and who suddenly stopped communications for no discernable reason, very unlike any recruiter I have come across. He was asking me the name of the person with whom I was in contact, but I was drawing a total blank, uncharacterisitically, as I can usually associate a few clues to recall a name. (Read remote recall obstruction methods). Strangely it didn't happen, even if he asked twice. I told him that I would get the name from my email, which I did, he doing the "look away" thing while I was telling him, and he said he didn't know the person. Strange how all these loose ends come back to repeat themselves, though on the face of it, this could happen in a "natural coincidence" world, save the above mentioned sudden recruiter communications cut off, and the "look away" nonsense I regularly get from nearly all known parties when talking to them.

Recall some three weeks ago when there was another all daytime Saturday class, and the coffee shop was closed, and I "chanced" upon an Asian class member who sits behind me, and we toured one building to no avail, and then back to the building that houses our classroom to where there was a variety of vending machines, and she "happened" to be standing 4' away while I ate my tortilla that I had packed in its plastic tub in my briefcase. All very exciting for the perps, the color and packaging of my food, and for the first year of harassment I could not understand why they were so rabid about my food choices, hounding me most of all in grocery stores.

Other exotic perp excitement was that I put some $300 cash in my bank at the ATM this morning, a wad of 15 $20 bills, all predominantly green with a little yellow color in them. And as the perps are also rabid about my wallet contents and the color of the bills, and have at least six lifetime wallet thefts to their credit, I suppose this might of been a reason for the extra abuse and rage-ification stunts when I got back. They also overflowed the toilet again immediately before having tea, and having been back only some five minutes. They make no bones about that it is caused by them, and will spare the details on this topic, as it too is a major perp fuckover scene which they made plain in their very first overt debut, an apparent police raid on my apartment. When they showed up later, one of them was seen putting a balloon down my toilet, and causing me to purchase a plumber's snake to clear the toilet. Just the opening salvo on an eight year attack on taking a shit.

And some of my Tuesday and Thursday regular city bus travellers/gangstalkers "happened" to be on the bus this Saturday morning, leaving downtown at 0826h, long before any stores are open. There was the white ski jacketed blonde from two evenings ago, inserting herself between the dudes who were lined up in the seats behind the bus driver. Then the E. Indian male, one half of a couple, who typically got on the bus together, and went one stop and got off. He was also making a Saturday debut, getting on earlier than his regular stop and getting off at least four stops past his usual one. Very curious that, and it might have something to do with the perps' obsession over brown skin, and my newfound loathing of all headwear, especially turbans and religious effects. (Wearing hats or other headgear is an automatic inclusion to the Unfavored, save for attractive blondes).

 And another aspect of the colors of the bills in my wallet today was that I expended a $20 at the coffee shop at lunch today, getting three blue $5 bills as change. I often wondered about the "shortages" of certain coins and bills in the long past, and now I have a strong suspicion that the above mentioned wallet thieves were also likely arranging these too. Way too tempting not to arrange it, given their fixation on wallet content and its colors. I had a paper route when I was in my teens, and typically I was paid in cash then, so it is highly possible that all my 107 customers might have been contacted in advance to proffer the right kind/color of payment. There being low denomination bills at the time; ones (green color) and twos (red brick color). Though there was nothing suspicious at the time, no blank stares or other strange expressions, though one brother did steal my subscriber collection money to create an ugly family scene, very possibly perp arranged. [Note; I had forgotten that for all time, but "remembered" somehow tonight, har, har].

Nothing too compelling tonight, and a few provocations while preparing for tea and chocolate. The latest jerkaound that is getting play each day is the boiled kettle water not pouring from the kettle, neccessitating that it be put down, the lid pulled up some (steel), and lo, the water flows out just as it usually does. As part of the process, some of the kettle water self-erupts from the spout to dump on the stovetop. Another juvenile vein of consistent fuckery is the chocolate packaging being suddenly resistant to being torn by my very strong fingernails, incurring a round of swearing at the assholes before it suddenly tears where is usually easy to do so. They are still obstructing me purchasing kiwi fruits at the grocery store, by not allowing me to open the plastic bags that come on the spool at the store. The concept of taking a plastic bag there just doesn't happen, and the pre-bagged kiwi fruit they had are suddenly unavailible. Funny how that happens.

Anyhow, enough evening time rambling here, and onto tomorrow, a Sunday, and likely not to have a posting. But it is the day that the hard drive adversity/merry-go-round resumes, when I take the hard drive that arrived last week and originally intended for the removable drive rack/tray to be instead loaded into my mother's PC, which "happened" to have a hard drive failure this week. And when I get the warranty replacement hard drive, it will be the one used for the removable rack/tray, delaying that task by a week, and ending a 8 week saga of obstructing me getting prepared for my Oracle DBA course work for the last week of classes. Perfect timing from the warped perp perspective. Though, just like the last hard drive i ordered, it could also spend a week in the manager's office for no stated reason, thus extending the obstruction past the end of the course, another ironic possibility that fits the fuckery agenda. And I should be getting going on ordering a new router, as mine suddenly "gave up" this week, in dual PC take down, my mother's PC (hard drive, as mentioned) and my PC until the router was isolated as the problem. Both PC's will be back at the same shop where they were both built at the same time, many of my old parts going into my mother's PC. All too circular, not to mention the expense, as well as the elevated coincidence level; new hard drive fails in five months under warranty, same as three years ago when a three month old hard drive AND its dissimilar cohort both failed at the same moment. Not even RAID arrays are configured for a two-at-once hard drive failure.

Enough blathering as I said before, and time to post this one.


An add-on as I will have limited online time today with First Feral Family activities, the usual Sunday visitation, stayover, and for tomorrow, PC recovery with the continuing hard drive follies, per above.

A Chicken Run this morning, with the "usual suspects" and noise games. This is the event of selecting and purchasing a hot cooked chicken, and when home, removing the skin, and then having some to eat off the carcass without benefit of plates, cutlery and the rest of the fine dining scenario. This is what happens when one lives alone, these short cuts become part of the routine, all to disappear in couple company. But if every action and thought is scripted as I suspect it is, these meals off the plastic cutting board are of intense perp interest as there will be an energetic difference between the chicken off the cutting board, and that eaten off the plate, though chopped and incorporated into the tortillas I regularly make. Such things are exceeding important to the psychopathic tormentors I deal with, to the degree that they will even have dinner plate bearing gangstalkers placed near me out on the street.

So,... after two whole chickens going bad in the fridge when they never did before, and the fridge is on its coldest setting, it was back to selecting a partial chicken, cooked and hot at the special self-serve counter. Again, no half chickens, and no partial chickens in the free run line, so back to basic tasteless chicken legs this time to avoid the sudden onset of accelerated meat decay the assholes have been planting on me.

I had my "passing by" gangstalkers while circling the chicken counter, at least five, some doing back-and-forths, and behind me, the stocker/stalker boy constantly making rustling noise with the tortilla chips display until I made my selection as to which bag of hot cooked chicken legs to have. And when I proceeded to the chocolate section 15' away, why, the stocker/stalker boy "happened" to finish his noisemaking and tailed me there, and lo, if his stocker/stalker cart wasn't in front of the chocolate section with brown boxes on it. With this asshole on my tail, and the (planted) notions of past chocolate bars tumbling from the overstocked shelves, it was a quick grab to get a few and then proceed onto the fraught produce section for yet another attempt to get kiwi fruit.

There were the usual "just standing there" dweebes/Fuckwits at the aisle ends and more around the corner, and lo, if they didn't have the pre-bagged kiwi fruit there this time, in the very location they placed a brown canvas tarp two days ago for mysterious reasons.

I got the fugly bearded dude intervening to make a phone call at the female cashier's checkout, and got out of there fast enough, with the prior customer putting her brown colored shopping bag on display, and protracting the event by playing the dumbass. Been there, seen it. The usual hoodie Fuckwits on the way back, and even a pair of "greens"; near same green color shirt wearing couple who obstructed me from getting to the crosswalk to cross the street by doing the dumbass ditzing around immediately in front of me, putting on the oblivious act to boot. Been there, seen it.

Maybe the fugly dude intervention at the checkout is a warm up to when they will plant dudes as cashiers at this local supermarket, something they haven't done in the four years I have done my grocery shopping there. At the LD store nearby, they have resorted to fugly dude cashiers; beards, ponytails and skinheaded Asians so who knows what the grand plan is. As mentioned in past blog postings, the perps constantly hound me over every financial transaction I make, from coin machines, swiping bus passes, writing checks at home to debit card purchases, and planting the Unfavored fugly dudes, and other Unfavoreds, in my proximity when transacting seems to be a part of this total life rape-scape

The usual noisestalking came on when I was removing the chicken skin and carving off some for my ersatz lunch. Of late, the faked water movement in pipes has been playing big, in the kitchen and then in the bathroom when cleaning my teeth from the extra sticky chicken meat that somehow hung up in my wide gapped teeth. This noise in the form of on/offs, often from a mid-level volume and getting softer, as if someone would do this somehow, and carefully craft their water use to make progressively fainter noise in a succession short bursts. Then they pull this off from the other side of the wall in the bathroom just when I happened to go back there. If it sounds implausible it is usually contrived, and the perps don't seem to mind blatant noisetalking noisestalking of late.

Now the bass note vibes are coming on as I wrap this up, and they mysteriously get through my earmuffs even if a faint noise. Nothing new there, as there are certain noises that come on louder in my earmuffs that when they are off. Funny how that happens.


Anonymous said...

The people getting in my way act is one of their favorites. Usually, it's either one of favored or unfavored. And at home, they love to do the "getting in my way" act a good bit, esp. when I'm rushed and have to be somewhere.

Anonymous said...

These stares were combined with gestures & verbal hints/attacks such as throat clearing & coughs, which were synchronized with people or objects in my field ...

Anonymous said...

Have you ever experienced the perps who you can't tell what race they are? I get this a lot. They tend to appear to be thai or vietnamese but its somehow, like they are not really those races and can't really be placed in an ethnic category. I also get this a lot with so called Latino perps.

In my neighborhood, the taxi service always has these types as drivers and they always manage to upset me either by driving too slow when I'm late and deliberately catching red lights, or playing music or the C radio too loudly, or being shaven-head bald, or ....(their favorite) wearing a ton of acrid, offensive cologne.

Another factor in this is the unplaceable foreign language perp. Two perps stand talking gibberish and I can't make out what the language is, but it completely rubs me the wrong way, which is doubly odd since I

One: love languages and
Two: can place pretty much every language.

AJH said...

Answer to: The people getting in my way...

Very much so, starting with my parents who were constantly getting in my way just as I needed to get by or get something near them, parked at the very cupboard I intended to access. Then there are the public acts, though usually there is a little more room on the streets and aisles of grovery stores. One woman was walking backwards downtown today (03-22-2010), and right into me and then pinching me in to walk between her and my mother. First she was standing for an inordinant time at the corner in mid-sidelwalk. And with precison information (it seemed), she started walking backwards just as I was going to go around her. And she ignored my remark about being a total twit, though in polite words. Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to: Have you ever experienced the perps...

I have had a few "unknown race" individuals, a few (less than five) per week. Another variation is the bleached skin of normally darker skinned races; a very white skinned Asian man once with brown splotches on his skin. Another trick of theirs is to darken down a person's face, usually with a hat or umbrella used to shade their face into a unconventional shadow, making a Caucasian male look negro from 30', and when he was closer, his skin tone (per dynamically applied lighting tricks) changed to normal Caucasian, though still overly grey "from" the hat.

I don't claim to know the sounds of every language, even European ones, but I often get these scenarios of foreign speaking individuals in conversation, sometimes at the oddest locations and times. I suspect the perps like us to hear voice, but not derive any meaning from it to separate the two. And voice gets processed in a different part of the brain, the amygdala, the seat of emotional interpretation and control. And I suspect, this is also where psychic energies are registered too, as they will often add voice at specific points/locations of high interest, such as financial transactions, going in or out of buildings or vehicles. Thanks for the comments.