Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Hard Drive Makes Detour

More infinite wierdness; last night's "discovery" (per scripted life) that the hard drive I ordered was delivered according to the UPS records but not recieved by me was resolved. The on/off now on part time manager knocked on my door this morning to deliver the parcel. The building manager had signed for it and left it in his lobby office since Feb. 24, six day hiatus as it sat in his office, presumably for testing it outside my PC. And the removable rack delivery got delayed for a week, so another round of hard drive quiescence is now arranged, this time sitting in its wrapper on my shelf in my apartment. Having objects, especially new ones, lie "in fallow" is a big deal for the perps, which involves all manner of feints and stunts to delay the expectable order and timing of events.

And the phone was out, presumably being fixed after I reported calls not connecting yesterday. One feint deserves another in this ongoing pantomine of arranged circumstances and adversity.

Off to do garden digging at my in-town brother's place, no offer of a ride of course. That means the city bus freakshow again, but hopefully the dude fest/swarm might be attenuated at this hour, but that isn't always a given.

The snap decision thing; I couldin't phone out, but my in-town brother could phone in, and at about 1000h he says "are you coming out", as in, am I able to help him for pay to re-build a 3' rock wall that flopped over this winter. Near immediate change up in the plans of course, but I head off to the bus stop to catch a bus to his place. He could come and get me so there would be more job time, but is either too lazy or instructed not too, as the perps want to put me through another city bus freakshow. First they had me wait at the bus stop and observe that there were three silver grey vehicles parked in file opposite with two embedded deep metallic red vehicles, same red. And lo, if the first vehicle that takes a slow troll in front of them is also the same deep metallic red color.

I was digging a trench behind his 3' rock that flopped onto his lawn and needs to be repaired. It had bed rock underneath it, so I am sure that all the soil on top of bedrock was endlessly fascinating for the perps, consumed with soil and earth interactions as they are, and are especially prone to be clearing lots and constructing buildings next to where I work and live. My brother bailed on me in short order, leaving me to do the job alone, and then managed to time his hovering before I packed up for lunch. Later, when I wanted to spray the back of the wall down, he intercepted me in using the hose to then spray his truck for spurious reasons. All part of that water fixation the perps have, and the color and material of the hose from which it is sprayed. Then he asks me to bucket out the water in the pool, and lo, if there was only a translucent red bucket suited for the job. Then after two scoopings of the brown puddle, he then suddenly jumps in and says he is going, I need to shut down immediately to get a ride with him to the bus route road. He is getting weirder and wierder, with these sudden changes of plan, and no advance notice. I wonder if he knows the perps are frazzing him or what the deal is.

I tried to read the ebook to prepare for tonight's DBA class, but the perps kept me nodding off, once per page for at least a minute per each.

At class they totally flummoxed me again in the same way as last week. They applied some kind of recall deletion as I had no clue as to how to get my database instance started, when I had been doing fine for at least 6 weeks. Then all of a sudden some idea comes through, and then I am off to the races, totally on top of it all for a time. I still haven't figured out what their plan is via a vis being a database support DBA or whatever development role that might be relevant. It is all very mysterious as to where this is going, especially after whacking my recall like they did.

I wore new (washed once after purchase) shirt tonight, olive green in color. And lo, if my two close consort gangstalkers on the bus weren't wearing the same color as my shirt, even if not visible underneath my jacket. And lo, they both got off at the same stop as I did, the college. The one with the strange olive green hat and brown coat also "happened" to be on the return bus at 2135h. No end to the coincidences.

It is getting late, time to call this a wrap, and to be glad I had something to do today.


Anonymous said...

The perps go crazy over new clothes purchases. I have noticed that. If I even think about buying new pants, for example, they send gangstalkers wearing pants similar if not identical to the ones I was thinking about buying. They make a big deal over wearing something straight from the store that hasn't been laundered first.

Also, the perps seem to be messing with the Google cache. In certain instances, probably to let me know I'm being watched and my info manipulated.

I'm sure the perps have an interest in manipulating a TI's info via Google.

Also, just before going to bed last night, they hit me with an intense, sharp pain in the upper left groin area. It was both external and internal. It kind of felt like an "electronic bullet", being very short but painful.

AJH said...

Answer to: The perps go crazy...

You have that right, the perp beserkness about wearing new clothing. They haven't let me go to Value Village (or like) since 2003, but I would think this might be a bigger test they aren't ready for yet. This would be wearing used clothes, as there must be some residual energetic interaction with the former owner/wearer that persists even past laundering. Ms C. of the story (a perp abetting operative), in latter 2002 would take me to used clothing stores, and "amazingly" I found the identical sports jacket in a used clothing store in Everett that I had almost purchased at a Nordstrom Rack some 8 months before in Lynnwood. And it didn't need any alterations, more amazing-ness.

It is unfortuneate that you are getting the pain beam in the groin, as this can be exceedingly debilitating, ensuring that one's plans are trashed by having to protect oneself and avoid more pain. I hope it doesn't persist or escalate. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the concern... in fact, I was VERY concerned about my genitals in 2006. I could tell some "hidden" group with an agenda was trying to torture me. I couldn't believe there was a hidden shadow group with no conscience that was seemingly trying to sterilize me. I'm not sure if they were in fact aiming to sterilize me. If they didn't succeed, it was only by my sheer willpower to overcome and self-heal from the torture. In fact, it's possible the perps have done experimentation in self-healing, and these were just instances of that. They have been backing off the testicle torture; now I get the once-in-a-while pains here and there.

AJH said...

Answer to: Thanks for the concern...

I wouldn't think it would be a "hidden group" as separate from the perps. I take the 2006 genitals torture as a focussed investigation by the perps, as they love to deliver pain and all its neural energetic effects. (Which is why I wonder what the US torture agenda is really about). For me, I think they now know how to turn off all genital sourced pain as I haven't had any for a few years. I get plenty of remotely invoked manipulations though, daytime, and especially night time. Thanks for the comments.