Sunday, March 28, 2010

Coconuts Among TI's

Its coconut season for some TI's it seems; I started my jar of coconut butter today, and I see that one forum for TI's has a piece on the health benefits of coconut oil, internally and externally. There is no question the perps are focussed on the digestion and interaction of various oils, as they have me eating peanut butter each breakfast, save the odd change of hazelnut, cashew, and macadamia nut combinations. Now, for at least a few months, it will be coconut butter for reasons best known to them; color, chemical properties and their physiologic interactions and who knows what else. It goes to show that some of their research is long term, and intended to apply to the human race as a whole, or at least, that is the picture I am drawing from this.

And I see that pop-up games are increasing on this PC, even when I have the pop-up blocker activated; all to interupt my typing, as well as have it obstructed and having to restart anew after also getting cognitively  screwed as to where in the text to resume. These visual interuptions have been increasing, and it seems the perps are intensely interested in the action of starting, or re-starting something, especially writing and reading. Sudden page flopping in the few recent books I was allowed to read were in excess of normal, broadening the scope of their "initiation, completion, interuption and resumption" neural and psychic energetics research it seems. Call it activity engagement energetics research for now.  It has also been noted that the perps have been intensely focussed on completion of tasks as well, often having me find yet more errors in a document and then re-printing it yet again. A more recent example was the farm work of last fall, when break times were arranged just before task completion, or someone would finish my task, or arrive when I was near completion. I cannot count the times they have pulled the stunt of embedding errors in documents to force a re-print, but it too increased substantially since they went overt-beserk in 04-2002. Who knew a multi-billion dollar/year covert agency would be so perverse as to life-rape victims over what they started, finished and the rest of the interim phases for their entire lives.

A Sunday today, and it will be a shorter post as I will be heading off to do my First Feral Family duties and incite another round of gangstalking and harassment fury on the folowing Monday and likely further into the week. It seems that they make discoveries there (where I stayover Sunday night) that they wish to make elsewhere, especially this here apartment where they have me staying close to three years now, a singular exception since 1996 when at most it was 18 months in one location of 12. A number of the gangstalkers in the lobby and elevator, as well as the one who tailed me from the elevator to the supermarket entrance, have the comportment of my mother, though seeming quite differently facially. I would of not come to the notion of morphing or shape-shifting if the perps hadn't slowly brought me around to it, keeping the comportment, head shape and hair color the same of my thought-to-be confreres, and changing their face just a little. Then they added in speech accents being totally different of the slightly facially morphed individual as well, another of their I-got-it demonstrations they led me through in the earlier harassment years of 2003 to 2006. And too, they like to noisestalk me over when these concepts and capabilities come to mind, or when I am writing about them, as in having a siren occur outside and getting through the earmuffs I am currently wearing.

A short post as I will be leaving soon, First Feral Family duties and all that, none of which I would participate in if it weren't for the mind fucking games that are scripted for me. With one exception, I cannot think of a more least likely candidate to do the bidding of a psychopath, or worse yet, an organized psychopathic agency, but here I am.

An interesting web site of Emma Woods and her trials and tribulations of the alien abduction experiences, and that with the supposed researcher who seems to have been exercising his own agenda. I cannot think of a more variable and fractious community than the alien abduction researchers, and just when adherence to the facts is all essential, they fuck up. I call it credibility compromised by design, to wax conspiratorial for a moment. But the real reason for this link inclusion is the fact that Emma Woods has a very good memory, forming permanent memories at one year of age, and yet has some profound absences of recall for very threatening or strange events, the least likely time that anyone could forget something. In other words, recall deletion is doable even on those who have  excellent recall faculties. Have a look, especially if interested in the parallels of alien abductions and visitations to those of TI's, who deal with the experimentation at an all-day, every-day level.

Off to FFF games and interactions, as well as my weekly dose of TV (read, CRT magnetic field) and whatever Unfavored specimen/feature is selected. Negroes and wheelchairs have been big for the last two months, so perphaps a different Unfavored freak-du-jour on TV tonight.


Anonymous said...

Hey, it's the same person as the 'gangstalked in Vancouver' comment a couple of days.

Just wanted to share a bit of info on how it works. If you are political activist such myself, you automatically put yourself on the radar of the local police, RCMP, CSIS, and international organizations if needed. So basically if you believe in say something like 9/11 Truth or something and you hold a sign or hand out flowers, you can bet your behind that your picture has been taken, and if they don't follow you home they will be run through a database to see if they can match it to a drivers license or passport.

If they make a match, they then will check the address on your id, and try to confirm that they found you. They love it if you live in an apartment, because their chances of them moving next to or above are very high.

I've been gangstalked in a West End apartment that is run by Hollyburn Properties. They are making a habit of buying as many apartment buildings as possible and the banks of no problem lending these people money to buy them. They are very complicit with the police. Depending on what unit you will be moving into, or are in, they have no problem asking the current tenants to live, or evict them if they have the chance, to install the perps.

If people object to leaving the apartment, that is when they bring in high level police/intelligence officers to have a discussion about having a serious individual in the vicinity and they must occupy the target to keep a close on them.

Once they are successful the perps move in. I do not know how many of them there are but I'm pretty sure it's 3 all the time with maybe a team of 4 - 5 people full time.

Each perp takes an 8 hour shift of surveillance or doing whatever it takes to bug the shit out of the target.

Drilling is a very common tool of the perps, they like to do it on the floor and very loud. Another one is taping constantly wherever the target it is. They even sometimes do shave and a haircut, no joke. My answer to this is, buy your own drill and tap the heck out of your wall as well. Of course this will only piss the targets off even more and make their job that much more justifiable so it might not be the wisest thing to do but sure does feel good.

Hey wanted to ask you, have you ever read this confession of a perp?

Anonymous said...

They are back to dream intrusions. Earlier this morning, they had "characters" in my dream respond in a falsetto voice, and the voice was prepared by the perps themselves. As I was awake, they still had the "induced voice response" turned on, as I could still hear the voice response when I wasn't dreaming and awake. It's like V2K, but more sophisticated, as it seemed to targeted the neurons directly, instead of doing the old-fashioned tissue expansion V2K via microwaves.

Anonymous said...

How odd, I just conditioned my hair with coconut oil this weekend [??!]

Anonymous said...

A baldy actually attacked me this weekend, 'accidentally-on-purpose,' of course. I was walking with an aqcuaintance down the street, and a tall cue-baldy in a suit [?] happened to be walking backwards towards us. For some reason, even though I could see he was directly in my path its like time froze around me, and I was unable to move out of the way in time, thus ending up with an elbow to the face.

Thankfully, I was not injured, but the baldy apologized profusely. What was he doing walking backwards?!

The person I was walking with was also suspect as I had met him at a business event and we grabbed something to eat afterwards. After eating, we walked around. He was keen on finding a bar for a night cap, walking me up and down the streets, looking for somewhere to grab a drink in the freezing cold. Incidentally, we never found the place he was looking for after 45 min, but we passed numerous other bars!

He took me to locations where there were crowds of people and we would stop and pause in the center of a crowd, just letting them flow around us. I feel he was deliberately steering me at times into certain frequency ranges and also into the path of that baldy considering he had my arm when it happened..

AJH said...

Answer to:
I am not an activist by any measure, and these assholes have been on me from birth. And have been pounding the 12" ceiling/floor overhead for the past 20 minutes during lunch, and during a post-lunch newspaper read before making this comment. Obviously it is a big deal, answering this comment it seems, as prior to lunch, I finished up reading the link you supplied.

The first thing I tell new TI's is to look back further than the thought-to-be start of perp activity, as often the easy answer is belied by prior "bad luck", adverse circumstances more than the average schmo.

I get plenty of overhead drilling noise as well, tapping also, and plenty of tapping noise from outside of no discernable source. It is as if a blacksmith shop started up nearby.

I read the link about the perp confession you supplied, and it is interesting, and sufficiently detailes, as well as having the interesting vocabulary, to have a significant resonance with what I experience, but not all of it. The organizational side of it seems to be thoughtful and cogent, and I suspect there are differing divisions, some stocked with sadists and psychopaths to pull off massacres and like big and bloody events.

In my case, there isn't the "concerned citizen" need on my harassment as it has been going on for nearly eight years now, so that story would of worn rather thin. Especially when I don't have any criminal record or like legal appearances. The "confession" doesn't explain the extra-conventional gravitic games that go on all the time, and the deep neural probing games that they do (head pain, voice changes, pitch changes etc.). I suspect the perp is a lower level one, that is of a pre-overt harassment nature engagement. Also missing is the weather arranging games I seem suceptible to, as well as the year long recruitments of at least 15 individuals I have known who later turn up in gangstalking situations, often pretending not to know me, or looking even more ridiculous by turning their head sideways while walking toward me. But one operative called me "the enemy" once when I was contained in the hospital and a week later pretended he didn't remember. He has been gangstalking at least 10x since then in 2003. How all this gets coordinated and orchestrated is a mystery to me, not to mention their objectives beyond 100% mind control, which they will likely attain this year. Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to: They are back to dream intrusions...

A momentary 1" yellow spot on this white background comment page erupted just when I clicked it open.

I don't get into the technology of how they invade us, but you are likely correct in assuming both direct neural intervetion and physical wave property manipulations when it comes to imposed sounds. I have also recently detected a third type, hearing a noise, but only faintly, and not through the usual aural neurons. It is hard to describe, but I know I definitely do not hear this noise through my ears. Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to: How odd, I just...

Funny... I suspect the perp's coconuts obsession will continue for at least a few more weeks. Today, I "happened" to be reading about biochar and that it was made from coconuts, and earlier today, about coir (from coconuts) for a seed propagation medium. Eating the nut meat, using the oil, perusing the byproducts, and who knows what else in every possible dimension of sense and thought, coconuts are in! And if you really want to be a gangstalker magnet, drink coconut milk!

AJH said...

Abswer to: A baldy actually attacked me...

The accidently-on-purpose bullshit in public, don't I know that one well. Walking backwards on a busy sidewalk or lobby is straight out of Perp 101 class. I find it best if I have a scripted answer, assuming I am allowed to remember it, "look out" or something short, embarrassing and unequivocal.

Your "aquaintance" is taking you for a "tour", as I call it. In and out of public venues for 45 min. and not settling at any one of them. Been there, done that, Ms. C in my case was most notable, and also good for vexing me with "relationship talk" as part of the ride. Thanks for the comments.