Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Toilet Paper Follies

What could be stupider than the perp games over toilet paper, especially when an old roll is done, and a new one is loaded? It is always a big fuckover moment, sometimes "happening" in mid crap, being duly mindfucked out of preventive measures. Today's just finished nonsense is another, with a second forced pee this morning, then the leaping pee from the toilet that takes lateral hops and onto the rim, all to somehow catch a strange cast of light and have a red-orange glow coming off it, changeable if I shift my viewing angle. The cleaning up their rim mess, some arriving without apparent unconventional gravitic hopping, read teleported pee, and then running out of the roll just as I finished the cleaning, all to extra overhead noise clunking and backup beeping from outside. I put on the new roll, had the spindle secured at both ends, and then it magically hopped off the retaining hardward, suddenly hit the ground and took an extra conventionally kinetic hop 2' backwards to then unfurl to lay some of the paper directly on the floor. Like WTF?, closing in on eight years of unconventional gravitic abuse, and eight years of jerking around with freaking toilet paper (e.g. allowing perforation tearing some 10% of the time despite all attempts), and here we are, spoofing toilet paper swap-over still. But as the perps have an abiding interest in paper, and nearly always have a paper bearing Fuckwit within five minutes of me being out in public, and to the extent some ot them are even carrying their paper document in their mouths for crissakes (like a dog might), I suppose the last of toilet paper fucking games has yet to come. Just an aside as to what I deal with and the mentality of the Fuckwit Abusers.

And the eight year long answer to the above leading question as to stupider, is that even more stupid and anal retentive stunts are yet to come. And they consistently deliver.

A rousing stream of back up beeper noise this morning, getting a 0730h get up time from the mind keepers, without benefit of alarm. Usually I get screwed into a ten hour sleep on these occasions, getting up in mid morning and effectively missing most of it.

Tea and chocolate are over, and a full fire department and gangstalker press to accompany me outside on my way and back to get the chocolate at the supermarket, a walk of no more than 150'. They put the regular (seen 4x already) red haired faux bum in a green jacket on duty to ask me for a handout, all artfully arranged over the parking spot vacated by the red vehicle that bizarrely turned 90 degrees and travelled all of 15' to another parking stall. Then at the checkout, a red haired woman to the left, another one to the right, and when I got out of the store, the red haired vagrant male was on my ass again, seeking a handout and pretending he didn't recognize me the first time. I never encountered a bum with that little recall before, but in the harassment business, there is always a new stunt.

The trip outside was preceded by me doing my tax return online, and just at the final page, they wiped out the buttons to download the file and to send it to the taxman electronically. Fucking outrageous that some assholes let me do the entire tax return and then fuck me at the final frame. I suppose the big deal was to have me go to the supermarket then, tax return activities unfinished and hopefully recoverable, and get to see the erstwhile fire department out on the adjacent street, without benefit of sirens, all to have their yellow trucks outside and yellow lights flashing. And they are still at it in mid-street, the day glo dudes around their yellow vehicle, pretending to be still busy. I suppose being full of chocolate is part ot the deal, as the assholes like to put brown and yellow colors together for me to see or be exposed to. What does that remind me of....?

And more pee games earlier, also before going outside, and just the "usual unusual", per above extra-conventional gravitic fuckery.

Not an exciting day, being mostly PC bound by dint of mind fuck games. They often prescribe shut-in days for Tuesdays, the day after my return from the First Feral Family home. I get to do driver duty tomorrow in attending to getting this PC modified to get a removable rack installed, so perhaps no posting tomorrow.

A screaming round with the sickos who made my wheeled office chair stay stuck in a small dip and no amount of lateral force could move it. Once I started yelling at them, it was permitted to move, often the case with these stunts.

And out at my evening course tonight; the usual fellow travellers, but even more obvious when returning as today's hoodie stalker in a low contrast large checkered hoodie jacket in olive green and light blue covered me in both directions, pairing up with the wacko woman in pants, a skirt and a jacket of last Thursday evening. They just both "happened" to have the same schedule and know each other. I suppose it is possible they are in the same evening classes, but the number of "happenchance confreres" meeting each other in my proximity beats Cheers hands down.

And they sneaked a negro on board the bus somehow, as I was watching all the entering passengers and the bus driver went upstairs before the bus departed on the return trip, presumably to flush out anyone asleep upstairs. Lo, if the negro didn't come down and project his hand out first to grasp the vertical rail as he came downstairs. I was wondering what it was until he revealed all of himself. I suppose this would be another incremental exposure exercise, but they made sure I saw this Unfavored specimen by way of his hand first though.

As usual, the late evening time bus has a surfeit of shiftless males; I cannot figure out why so many or that they may only take the bus for three stops and then get off.

Other bullshit was in the classroom, this god awful sneeze erupted right behind me just as the instructor said the word "fail" in the context of Oracle database software. But I suspect this kind of bullshit is only going to get worse, as the assholes seem to want to study every word I utter, including the ridiculous english syntax they plant on me sometimes. Another trick is for them to type out a word wholly different than what I intended, and turning off my error trapping ability at the same time, so I don't catch the erroneous word until it is fully typed. Yet another never-before.

I am going to call this posting done for the day, and there won't likely be a posting tomorrow or even Friday (Mar. 24 and 25) as I am getting the removable hard drive rack installed, a two month quest/jerkaround since I first ordered one and got screwed around with back orders, delayed orders, and a parcel sitting in the manager's office for a week. Another coincidental stunt (har, har) was having my mother's PC hard drive fail and then the delivered drive put in her PC while I wait for an RMA hard drive to come before I can complete my intended Linux dedicated hard drive. So in other words, the perps wanted this hard fdrive to sit in the manager's office in the lobby for a week, then sit in my apartment for a week, and then get taken to my mother's place to then be taken to the PC repair shop. And lo, when I arrived at the service desk, the receptionist was taking a hard drive out of its anti-static packaging that had a dayglo orange sticker on it. This has been one long ugly project, entirely held up by the assholes, and it just might be the tone that will be set as I get fucked with in installing Linux.

The significance of the magnetic hard drive disks is that the perps are keeping me in a densified magnetic field (measured and photographed at 1600 gauss in 2009), and having a magnetic disc spinning at 7,200rpm only 2' from me (inside the PC) is just too wonderful of an event for the said assholes that keep hounding me all the time. All the better that the hard drive makes a round trip from the apartment building lobby where the manager's office is, then my apartment, then my mother's place for one night, then the PC repair shop and back to her place, now inside her PC. And just as her PC exits the shop, mine enters the shop to get its hard drive relocated to a removable tray that slides into a rack that secures it. Hopefully this week I wil recieve the RMA hard drive, replacing the one that was likely sabotaged in my mother's machine. And both PC's were built at the same time in the same shop, and many of the parts of my old PC were put in my mother's at the time. It is all very coordinated and orchestrated, never mind the coincidence factor that begat the hard drive chase.


Anonymous said...

I live in Vancouver, and have been gangstalked for the past 3 years, but now I'm about to fight back :)

Anonymous said...

Lately I've been dealing with type-stalking and spell-stalking. This is the 'dithering' torment I believe you're spoken of before.

It's when one makes typos for no apparent reasno when before, one was able to type coherently. I've also been mispelling words that I knew how to spell before, lapsing into the territory of the uneducated "morAns" who populate the web.

It is my belief that there is an organized agenda to dumb down the population of the world and they plant people on the net who use words "you're and your" or "their and there" interchageably, which ultimately ends up confusing even people like me who never mixed up those words before.

Now I find myself making these idiotic mistakes and I'm convinced its part of the larger agenda. What do you think?

AJH said...

Answer to; I live in Vancouver, and...

Do NOT do anything illegal and do NOT do anything out of the normal public social behaviors. The art of gangstalking is that they don't present themselves as illegal activites, but only happen in significantly greater frequencies, which is nothing one can legally complain about. If you violate the law, the sickos will be more than happy to have you clapped into hospital or jail, whatever they have planned for you.

AJH said...

Answer to: Lately I've been dealing with...

There is no question the public education system has been dumbed down in the UK, US and here in Canada. Though this doesn't extend to typos and spelling errors IMHO.

But the perps do LOVE to have us TI's, and the population in general, misread or misinterpret meaning not only based on spelling errors, but also on incorrect syntax, or screwing TI's to misread, which they can do down to the alphabetic letter. I have been keyboarding (typing) for over 30 years, and have been getting worse in the past two years. My spelling took a significant hit in 2005 to 2006, and they can now screw me in finding spelling errors. Sometimes more than 50% of this blog has been retyped due to forced typos and spelling errors. If I wish to type a word I rarely use, it always results in an error. It seems they have remapped my brain for spelling, and the remapping for infrequent words hasn't yet been completed. In all likelihood, if you are a TI, your spelling and other basic mistakes are forced by remotely applied perp intrusions as part of this all encompassing and relentless agenda that is very much apparent. I suspect there are some essential psychic enegeries that are attached to each letter of the alphabet (both upper and lower case), each phonetic sound (combination of letters), each spelled word, and each meaning of the word, and the context of the words as used in speech and writing. The assholes are constantly grinding the TI's to find these psychic energies in each instance. (Hence, their interest in misspellings, misreading and misinterpretations). Just my observation after nearly eight years of this abusive depravity.

Anonymous said...

The comments looked interesting. I have noticed the massive dumbing-down effort on the population at large; I figure it's a large part of the perps' plan to cultivate more gangstalkers and/or gain a larger following (for the perps).

It seems the perps now have control over a large segment of the general population; I suppose part of their research agenda is studying TI's to see what sets us apart from the sheep who are deceived into going along with their gangstalking. Why are we the subjects while everyone else is the perps' sheep?

And they do have the phonetical sounds thing; I get constant barrages of nitwits doing partial phonetical sounds in my proximity, like they're mouthing prefixes and suffixes or roots of words.

Also, it seems odd they have an opening for assistant professor at a college 1 hour away, where the requirements are a Masters, not Doctorate, for a tenure/track position. I suspect my perps are "allowing" me to have the job, or at least baiting me into an interview, to let me down with a rejection later. And now they are hammering me with the ideation that I could go for a doctorate myself. I suspect that I may get the professor position (I only have a masters), but then receive constant ideations that I should have/could have gone for a doctorate instead.

But I realize those ideations could be part of the perps' torture games.

Anonymous said...

It's true the perps want some of us in prison or institutionalized. It's been suggested to me that their intended outcome is for me to become clinically insane. I have been resisting and desensitizing myself to all of the word/symbol/gangstalking harassment; it's so obvious when the perps are trying to control me. The nitwits they have planted, walking the shoulder of the road, look so out of place, i know right away they are part of the perps' games.

Also, I had two older women working at a dept. store here say "That's so nasty!!" as I was walking past them. I really was pissed that so many like this are working for the perps to harass me constantly. My reaction was that of calmness, as in "I'm not falling for the bait", yet my mood was very elevated and a little pissed after that incident. Maybe it was a test to see if the perps can control my reaction to obvious overt harassment. So obvious, the perps are, with their operatives.

And it seems they DO have a plan for me and the rest of the TI's. As in, they could have us imprisoned if they choose, by controlling reactions.

You might want to see if you can get Linux to install to a USB and/or smartmedia card. There are thumb drives you could boot from that are around 32GB, enough to hold a small Linux distribution. See, my laptop here can boot from a smartmedia card, so I have the luxury of installing operating systems there, and I can have a number of them swapped on memory cards. BIOSes now can boot from any USB device.

AJH said...

Answer to: The comments looked interesting...

I don't know how much of the population is controlled, or mildly influenced to be dumber. But what I do notice is that the school standards have slipped, either a chicken or egg situation, I don't know for sure.

The job opening could well be the one the perps have prescribed for you. Its just that they are seeding you with Doubt, of the FUD triad. Taking and giving teaching are at the opposite ends of the earning spectrum, and a decision as to which merits a substantial consideration of one's economic prospects for the next two years out. I am not privy to all the details, but it should be clear as to which is more immediately attainable.

I also suspect the perps have a certain level of adversity they apply to each TI. For me, if you didn't know, the adversity is high, even crossing the room can be messsed with, say, tripping (read, faked) on the carpet. But for other TI's, and very possibly yourself, the harassment isn't anywhere near as much, and they maybe presenting you with their next plan, although mixing in some FUD to go with it. Has the California interest dropped off? Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to: It's true the perps want some...

If the perps wanted one in prison they would of likely done it by now, especially if one is past the age where such first time offences are unlikely, say 30 y.o.

Interesting they arrange an inter-perp commentary, though in my case they rarely make any inferences as to the harassment, though they will often talk about themes that fall within the objectives. (See the Pondering the Perp Objectives postings in the Essential Introductory Postings).

I now have my removable rack/tray installed, so I am almost there after seven weeks of attempting to get Linus installed. The latest is that the apartment manager has signed for the hard drive parcel deliery and has kept it in his office and isn't there when I come by. I will have to phone him for it tomorrow, though it is interesting they didn't inform me by telephone message, as I have been out much of today and yesterday when it came. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

There have been things that are very consistent lately, like me dropping things a lot more than usual. Usually, I'm teaching my labs when these "dropping spells" occur. Most of the time, it's the dry erase markers or erasers themselves I drop. One week my student accidentally swatted my drink onto the floor, spilling the ice and drink all over. Maybe that could have been part of the perps' stunts. Two days ago, I dropped my prized TI-89 calculator, and the battery compartment popped open, and the batteries went flying everywhere. When I picked it up, I feared it was broken or blemished in some way, but there wasn't a scratch anywhere. I just put the batteries back in, and viola, it worked like new.

I got lucky there. Dropping things and having them possibly smash with pieces scattering and bouncing is very big with them.

The California thing just pops up very rarely. I mentioned in a previous comment that my next gig is possibly with a "rival" university. I had gotten fired from a branch campus of my alma mater. But lo, now I see this tenure track professor position with the rival university, and the possibility of me getting revenge on my Alma Mater, who fired me and just jerked me around the 5 years I was teaching there. I suppose that can't be a coincidence either. The perps are big on playing the "revenge" angle in various ways with me. Usually, they are quite minor and harmless, but they do give me some satisfaction nonetheless.

Another odd facet of this rival school is that it is up "in the mountains", and I kept getting these "mountain boy" and "mountain girl" themes over the past two years. So this next position makes all these themes come together.

I'm not sure how it's going to play out, but hopefully my perps will let me take my female "buddy" over there to be my roomate. Interesting that the perps keep getting my female "buddy" involved in their games. When talking on the phone, she will say things like "I don't like him", but she tells me she isn't talking about me. It seems she is like your Ms. C that you talked about.

She was allowed minimal contact with me for a period of 9 months. Again, the "9" is significant to the perps, as are other numbers, such as "7". She disappeared altogether for a period of like 1 month, and now I so happy she is back "again". I believe the perps had schemed this entire plan, to plant doubt that I would never see my "buddy" again, but they allowed her to come back sooner than I expected.

Not only is she "back", but she is getting greater contact with me now than in the previous 1 1/2 years ago when I was in constant contact with here. I figure my perps love to play games with putting me through a torturous period of torment over a period of time. It could be various durations, but here, it seems to be like half a year. They do that with car stalkers, too, having some Yobo pull into my lane, and just sit there driving slow for a period of time, and then finally, move out of my way. Again, it all seems to be games with tension and release.

AJH said...

Answer to: There have been things that are...

The perps often pull items from my grasp, and it is very subtle as they relax one's hands to cause the item to drop, and fooling the victim to think it was them. But when these start "happening" 20x or more per day, it isn't hard to figure out who the real source is. They do love to have batteries rolling or moving about in one's proximity, it being a dipole, which is all important to them, like any electrical sources, including vehicles with a car battery in them of course.

During the run-up to when the perps went overt-beserk on me in 2002, Ms. C was an on/off girlfriend, for four or more months at a time, long enough to be put out of mind, and then lo, a "chance" meeting and then we were back together. Another round of mutual unpleasantness ended on the commute bus one time; I had the last seat available right beside me, and she and others were standing all around me, and I called out her name, and lo, if she wasn't reasonable again after sitting down, and afterward for another round of engagement. I cannot recall all the tiffs and hissy fits she would invoke, but it was always just under the surface, and it does cause me to think that these were arranged to test mutual energy interactions, and determine if the perps could remotely detect each other's energies on the other person. This strange couple behavior in the gangstalker community leads me to this conclusion, as the couples will hold hands and be 18" apart, their clasped hands very visible. Just my observations, but the perps seem to want to detect the energies of remotely, hence the ongoing harassment and experimentation. Thanks for the comments.