Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Bathroom Waterfall

Sirens and ambulance for my visit to the bank to deposit a check and get coins for the laundy machines. The big event that I turned in an orange colored $50 and a $20 for the coins, as the sickos are intensely focussed on the color of my wallet contents these days. It had been in my wallet for a week, and is the first or second $50 bill I have had since 2003. The ATM's stopped giving me orange $50 bills since late 2003, and it has been green $20 bills mostly. The odd blue $5 and purple $10, the latter more prevalent of late. I gave the blonde teller a $50 and a $20 for $60 in quarters, and got a purple $10 in change. She gave them to me all at once, so I deferred the public wallet fumbling experience something the perps have always applied, and put the purple $10 in my pocket until I got back to my place. That might have been the reason for the siren show, a real ambulance with the flashing white and red lights, and not the typical noise only event. They had me covered with the noise when headed into the bank, while crossing the street, E. to W. and when I got out, the ambulance was in mid intersection while I was crossing S. to N.

And an Amazon order that was cancelled that I didn't order and cannot find a record for. And of course the ability to send a return query to a real person isn't availible. Just another of one of those things, har, har.

And if doesn't rain, it pours, as in literally. A stream of water has erupted from above the bathroom, coming in through the IR lamp housing and onto the counter and floor. Naturally, the management is "out", and only a phone message could be conveyed. I first heard the strange noise through my earmuffs I was wearing at the time. The timing was that I was reading about RA on another TI's blog, so I suppose the water leak was meant to end the reading activity about a topic that seems near and dear to the perp's interests. As for any involvement in RA when young, I have no idea, referencing the blanked out years aged 2 to 5 y.o. So right in my apartment, after months of water gurgling noises emanating from the bathroom, I get an overhead leak and all the noise variations that dripping water can make, and even some new ones. Awaiting the building manager, and the doubtless train of "renovators' that will ensue. Sabotage is not unexpected in this jerkaround life, and now the overhead rumbling noise has started up, situation normal, save the sopping towels and the laundry that will ensue. Maybe the management will come for tea time, as the brown food ingestion moments that are so important to them. Earlier at lunch, a real ambulance and siren noise eruption culminating at the moment I put a brown skinned, but green fleshed, kiwi fruit in my mouth, the first in some five days or so.

And heavy on the siren noise today, even hammering the noise through the hearing protective earmuffs I was wearing. And the counterpart, the back up beeper noise also "happening", going on for over fine minutes straight, as if any vehicle would be backing up for that long, especially around this built up neighborhood. Again, it was through the earmuffs, a newer tactic the perps have taken to increasing. And it is no surprise that I get same colored vehicles as the earmuffs when outside in short order.

Stupider and stupider. I finally get through to the building manager and he makes out that he was working in the suite upstairs doing a "hot water conversion" and a thread stripped and he got soaked to the ass, but "it should be OK now". Get this; he doesn't come downstairs to check out the damage, and nor does he deign to come up to check it out as the water came through a electrical fixture, a fan and IR lamp housing. He also said it was hot water from the supply line. Well guess what? It was cold water, it was tainted green like those things one can put in their toilet tank, and what the fuck is a "hot water conversion". And all that inanity aside, why would water come through the bathroom ceiling as the floor would be of impervious concrete? First the water would back up in the bathroom and leak out the door and then into the living room and into the hallway and into the carpeted living area. So the entire event was a staged abotage and the fuckers didn't make any bones about it. And I suspect it might of been toilet water, given the perrp's obsession over that particular plumbing fitting. Three towels later, which are now in the laundry, I am finally cleaned up from the mess the assholes visited upon me.

A substitute teacher for the Oracle DBA class tonight, and it turned into a quasi-anarchic state; he led an on-off-on demo on Oracle 11g flashback, the ability to reverse transactions, while others did the lab exercise by themselves. If my database instances hadn't taken so long to shutdown, inexplicably by conventional terms, I would of been able to catch an earlier bus by 30 minutes. So what to do with the extra time? Eat chocolate from a sliver-red mylar wrapping, a Kit Kat, and then watch the black dressed gangstalker tail my selection of the vending machine, and then tail me into the can. Then a 15 minute wait as the bus didn't leave early this time, while two Asians gibbered away in the bus shelter I was in, standing each side of the entrance, one of them constantly shifting his shoes a half inch off the ground and over a 1.5" wet splat that somehow arrived at his feet. Then a Caucasian woman came in a few minutes latera nd stood around when there was 6' of bench there. But she had to show off her ridiculous pink vinyl  purse and postion herself as almost standing over me. I should of bailed and stood outside, but the sickos have me frozen in the most trying circumstances if they so choose.

And lo, if the browners, the brown color packing gangstalkers didn't swarm around me while boarding the bus and when seated, as if the bus shelter clusterfuck wasn't good enough. I had the brown map tube bearing dude, the brown hoodie (worn by a negro just to rub in the gangstalking theme some more), brown skinned Asians in front of me, a brown leather jacketed Caucasian woman behind me by two rows and a brown Asian woman directly behind me. Brown in the Night, having "readied me" by having me eat a chocolate bar beforehand, and a black dressed Fuckwit tail on me, per above, before heading outside.

I don't know what the point of having a substitute teacher is for the perps, but it seems to be their hand at work, as they pulled this off last term for two classes. Tonight's substitute teacher was to teach only tonight, but he said he would be here Thursday as well. Like WTF; only three days ago it was to be one class, and suddenly it is two. And what is this bullshit about saying there is a class "tomorrow" when there isn't, and someone corrects the instructor. The perps have been playing up this notion of real classes for the rest of the class on some nights, and pretend ones when I am there, and now they feed this bullshit with overdoing "mistaken" references. The basic fact is that I don't have a clue as to how they manage the stunt classes with me, and what they do with the rest of the students other nights, and I don't really care if they have rehearsals or not. Maybe they don't nowadays with ever more tight mindfuck games, or maybe there are a few set ups to start with and that is it. Don't know, don't care. Though I still notice the glaze over and the gaze elsewhere when I am speaking to people, the new instructor being another case in point. I reckon these must be managed as it occurs too consistently to be otherwise. Again, I have no idea as to why these "gaze breaks" occur, but they have been going on for eight years almost.

Other bullshit on the bus tonight was having the gasoline tanker out making a delivery at 2100h along the bus route. This is part of the perp's petroleum obsession, making sure that I am covered at all hours by fuel tankers, be they carrying gasoline, diesel, heating oil, or even recycled motor oil. The perps tell me that crude oil has a brown cast to it, and that even the refined products have a brown color energy to them that they are studying, aka life raping me. I don't fucking care, just leave me the fuck alone and get your asses in here to explain why I have been hounded for close to eight years because some Fuckwit Psychopathic Confederacy has a fixation over the color brown and whatever associated trauma afflictions they applied to me when young and then attempted to cover up by deletion of my recall so I could get screwed again.

So, off to bed soon, and call this dull day done. I was to be rock wall building today, but my brother called it off as the mortar was too soft to work with. Neither of us has a clue as to building walls, apart from adding rocks with mortar, and doing the appropriate rock selection. Petrovoltaic rock games will have to wait for another few days it seems, as the sickos want more "fallow time" betwee rock work activity.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like an intentional perp fuck-up: having water come through the lighting fixture. I'll bet they have actually been wanting to pull that one off on you for the longest time.

Also, I'm noticing the perps must have a catalog, in the form of a database, that contains the names, locations, and photos of each person a TI will encounter. Some of these doppelgangers I'm seeing can't be a coincidence; in fact a lot of it seems part of their planning. Really, if you think about it, they'd have to prepare and have all the "pieces" in place before they go overt on a TI. That allows them to avoid detection by the TI, although it is easy to tell by simple research and connecting the dots that I am a victim of their "prepared coincidences".

AJH said...

Answer to: Sounds like an intentional perp...

I think you are correct; having a cascade of water in one's apartment takes planning, as this was the first time in 8 years of this abuse that they have pulled something so blatant. In the covert days, back in 1988-89, they must of arranged somethng similar. I was living in the bottom floor of a two story condominium, and I heard a strange noise from outside and didn't pay any mind to it. About 10 minutes later my upstairs neigbor came to the door and asked if I had any water damage as a sprinkler water line had burst upstairs. There was buckets of water cascading down in the stairwell just behind him, but I hadn't any water damage, and nor had he. The next two apartments were totally doused and had to be rebuilt, though both were empty at the time.

As for the perp's database, it must be quite spectacular, storing all the scripts and the themes, their reason and expectation, degree of TI annoyance at any given moment, the color exposures, and of course all the mindfuck data to run me, or any other TI, down to the last notion. I am now constantly "recalling" events from my long past that are true, but I also know that I forgot them. So how did they get "recalled" then? My recall is totally different than what it was some four years ago, though per usual, nothing too important or earth shattering, and in keeping with my seeming learning disability. (A 26 point differnce between my Verbal IQ and my Performance IQ; anything over 10 is considered to be a problem.

I have a strong suspicion that the perps were covertly covering most TI's for a long time before they go overt on a TI, and then cast the prior "bad fortune" and other adversities to be arranged rather than not. I suspect that many TI's don't want to go into their past and revisit the likelihood that it was arranged. I don't push it, and attempt to let every TI do their own retrospective analysis as to when the perps covertly jumped on their backs. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

If you want to know the truth come to the parking lot at the race track near Bear Mountain tomorrow at 7:30am. I will be in a black VW GTI. Practice good anti-surveillance and make sure you're clean on arrival.

AJH said...

Answer to: If you want to know the truth...

Not sure about this, or if it is even legit. If you are a regular reader you will know that I don't need to practice "good anti-surveillance" as the perps have me controlled and can remotely see and heare what I can see and hear. I am literally surveilled up the asshole, so what is the point of attempting to evade something that is so highly invasive and complete?

Anyhow, I don't have a vehicle and I don't want to set myself up there at that time of day, Mar. 12, 2010 I assume. Thanks, but no thanks.