Thursday, March 04, 2010

Beeping and Tapping + 03-05-2010 Update

More screaming at the assholes starting the blog posting as some of my typing just disappeared off this page. This is the Thursday post yoga noise attack, lead by the Tapping of the Infinite Tent Peg in all its sonic variations, as in no ostensible cause or source from where this is happening. And the tapping attacks have increased in the past three months, so what is it that "needs" this kind of attention and yet there is no supporting activity that could generate the noise. Now, clunking has erupted; describing these absurdities also begets more noise, usually from overhead.

The backup beeper noises have been near steady this morning, covering me while breakfast making and then eating. And even now, joining the tapping attacks.

Now the most loathed sounds of all, the Harley Davidson motorcycle noise, has erupted, continuing the bullshit that started while making lunch. The same lunch and dinner recipe I have made for the last six years, and counting.

As mentioned many times, the perps go extra beserk after all the spine stretching of yoga, putting on their finest vagrants and freaks for me. Today's Top Freak award for the post-yoga walk back to my place goes to the Fuckwit dressed entirely in black, with a black Cordura duffle bag slung from his shoulder (not unlike the one I recently bought), doing the run and walk thing. He couldn't walk as fast as I was, so he would run to get ahead of me, then walk, then allow me to catch up, and then run. I crossed the street to be free from this Fuckwit, and here he was continuing this dumbshit act in parallel, staying even with from across the street. There were a few wheelchair acts, male skinheads, obesers doing the waddle and redcoats to fill out the freak/gangstalker show. A ten minute walk at best, and yet they are all over me after no end of thimping and clunking noises through yoga, with the odd noise thrown in that is very familiar to be at my apartment. This noise tracking, keeping the same noise set in whatever location I am in, seems to be a big perp interest of late, all to neurally map me in differing locations to the same response energetics/stimuli.

Afte last night's relative abuse-free activity of entering in al my monthly data into Quicken didn't last long. As soon as I shut down the PC they were fucking me with pulling things from my grasp, running me into the wall (having me overbalancw while making a corner), and other abuses to get me vocalizing. There has been an innundation of black lint of late; it shows up stuck to my toe, in the bath or shower, behind the toilet in a small pond of water, and on my bed. They have graduated from mid-grey lint to black lint, so maybe white lint is next.

Now the overhead pounding noises have erupted along with the tapping noise, the latter changing in tone to emulate someone slowly tapping a hollow wood structure. Then the no-cause street sourced chirpings have also joined the cacaphony that seems to be gaining in tempo and volume.

We get a new yoga instructor in three weeks time, the present one is going off to Seattle to do a month's course and to then bring her expertise into the yoga shop she also teaches at. The cynic in me says that she is getting her "buyout", though I suspect the perps are highly careful about which yoga teacher leads the class that I am in. The last yoga instructor lasted only nine months, and was gorgeous to look at in all her curves, so maybe the perps don't want to have distracting females as yoga instructors. The replacement yoga teacher will be one that we had before, and who moved to Edmonton. I asked if she was moving back and I didn't get a straight answer, which suggests that she might have alternate transportation, aka teleportation. That way, whatever Edmonton, Alberta energies that she may have could be exposed during yoga class. Just speculating here of course, but there is a huge perp interest in provenance, and that includes where humans are from, and often in the prior few seconds. One class we had some three years ago, there was a woman who spoke as if she was from the Bronx, the second time I have ever heard such an accent here, and then she never came back to the class, not once. Whether that was all an act or if in fact she teleported from the Bronx I will never know, but it was highly strange at the time, and since.

The present yoga teacher was originally from Sweden, lived with her diplomat parents in Hungary, and took english classes at the American school there. I suppose she would have at least Swedish and Hungarian "energies", and maybe the perps need to change it up, and get a Albertan as the instructor. I had a Swedish swim coach for some six years, and a Quebecois one before that, so it is interesting to see rotations of the players with extended contact time (e.g. coaches, instructors) to have repeating provenances.

I am back from my Oracle DBA course tonight; another missed bus getting back, the bus leaving two minutes early again. And of course my database shutdowns took longer than expected, and that had to be done first before I could leave. And somehow, I started them later than usual, getting stymied by the planted notion that we might continue the practical exercise at 2115h, when it didn't come to be.

On the outbound bus one of my forestry colleagues "happened" to get on the bus as he lives out that way. He just sauntered to the rear row seat where I was and pretended not to notice me. I haven't seen him for at least three years, and he did look considerably older, and didn't say anything about me being so much younger looking, as the difference was startling. It seems that the former office I worked in is in another bind of bugetary woe, and more budget reductions are coming. The overall Ministry of Forests budget got whacked from one $billion to $600 million, a 40% cut for their upcoming budget year. Brutal; just one of those passing-the-time jobs now, coasting into retirement it would seem, though I am not referencing him specifically. He was the same colleague that was driving his deep green VW Beetle (old kind) att 0630h in summer 2008, when I was on my way to the bulb crew bus pickup. Here he was driving on the wrong side of the road, the side where I was (E. Blanshard), running diagonally through the Pandora and Blanshard intersection (two way six lanes cross four one way lanes), that had been cleared of traffic, as was the oncoming Blanshard St traffic, and within a city block he managed to get his vehicle back on the right side of the road so he could make a left hand turn at the next traffic light. And of course I wasn't allowed to ask him about that stunt and what might have prompted him to drive so bizarrely at that time of the morning, still at least an hour too early for government work. I blogged it then, and if I don't get my recall or motivation attacked, I will attempt to get the link.

-- added part, 03-05-2010
Just before my forestry colleague arrived at the back bench seat I noticed a negro in almost-clown clothing standing and hugging the vertical bar at the rear doors, 10' away, even when there were plenty of seats availible. The shadows were turned up to put him in more dim lighting, and even with seats availible he stands and obstructs half of the rear exit, forcing passengers to exit in front of him, his back to me. My colleague arrives and distracts me, and the next thing I see (am allowed to see is my vocabulary), is this same negro now moved two seats away, 5' away, back facing me. For about the next ten minutes I am talking and listening to my colleague, and he his sitting there in his white ball cap and high sheen blue jacket. Eventually he departs, but I did not see him go, so I assume I was distracted.

Prior to the negro, and just when about to board the bus, a male Fuckwit noiselessly arrives beside me in a mid blue jacket with large black panels on it, he staring at his cell phone screen. He has packed dense hair, similar to what negroes often have. He sits in the forward seats, I sit on the rear bench some 18' away, and a blonde woman arrives and sits between us. Call it "blonde-ing" if you like. Then within a stop she gets up and sits in front of this Fuckwit, seeming to now provide her blonde-ness as "backing" for the Fuckwit. Then I somehow lost track of who is who on the bus as there was a sudden influx of passengers, and my forestry colleague arrived, per above. Could it be that this was a "graduated exposure with blonde (Favored) association/visual intervention" to tight packed male hair, similar to that commonly found in negroes? And in advance of the negro arriving no less, getting me prepared for the real thing. Could be, though the later arriving negro had his hair covered in a white ball cap, and kept his back to me at all times; I wasn't allowed to see his face nor track his progress as he incrementally moved closer. I have noticed this black tight packed non-typical Caucasian hairstyle arriving in front of me on the bus for the last year, and wasn't allowed to figure out what it was about, though it had (or more like, I was assigned) an odious connotation, something new to me, as I usually don't care much for hair looks, save the freaky mophead look, or contrivances like the mohawk look. Call it "negro feature incremental exposure" for a long winded name, something the perps are working assiduously on of late, the real thing needing incremental exposure, initiating with having the negro in dim lighting conditions. Same old, same old. As before, I had two negroes working for me in 198 to 1999, I had a negro co-worker and later boss from 1999 to 2002, and they were all fine people and I got along with them just fine, even socializing with the last mentioned person, enough to consider him a friend.

Which begs the question, posed here many times, what is it that preoccupies the perps in placing negroes and thier surrogates around me, and that they must do this in an incremental fashion, distracting me from seeing them get closer? I suspect a major clue lies in the photos of the Indian Lake Project, check it out at the right if I get fucked into "forgetting" to add a link.

-- end of 03-05-2010 update

More weirdness at the DBA course; the instructor was fretting out loud as to me being behind on my labs and then doesn't tell me about a script from the lab that doesn't run and hangs the session, and that others had been through it, causing a shutdown-abort. Like WTF; if he genuinely wanted to expedite my progress, then why didn't he tell me to avoid the pitfalls of a particular problem script?

And my desk was adorned with someone's black coat and black cordura briefcase when arrived in the classroom tonight. It "so happened" that the substitute teacher for next Tuesday was there and somehow had managed to place his belongings on my desk when going through the class work with the instructor. Like WTF? why does it always happen to me? And that is a question I often asked myself over my lifetime decades, as it seemed that someone was ready to jump on me for something, and the situation usually created by some kind of adverstiy that no one else experienced.

One such was a new command to change the Oracle SID before starting a session with a particular database. Everyone seemed to know about it and could then keep all their database instances, but I had to learn it the hard way by having the instance fail twice, and the instructor over to rag my ass, once because of a total mindfuck, being in the wrong instance and issuing a command. I was damn sure I started in the correct terminal window, and yet somehow I wasn't when the instructor came by. The perps now have the sensation of "damn sure" under their control, as I have noticed a few of these "happening" over the past nine months or so. Somehow, they mind fucked me or changed the terminal session when it was covered over by another window, and that was cause for the instructor to go on about all the windows I had open and that they should be organized. They were organized, except I didn't know how to start an rcat instance as the command hadn't been given in the last class, and per above, everyone seemed to know it. The perps tell me that the rest of the class gets extra classes prior to the Tues/Thurs evening format, though I cannot be sure, though it would not surprise me.

And what is the deal with the two immediate class members wearing red shirts tonight, almost the same color hue? The one to my immediate left wasn't in my view, so it didn't matter much. But the guy in my view, and who sometimes likes to block it, revealed his red shirt after some 20 minutes of class time, taking off his black jacket then. And lo, if the extracurricular ponytailed male visitor didn't also wear a red shirt tonght. For three classes now, he arrives unnoticed by me, sets up in my right peripheral vision and is behind at least two other class members, and isn't noticed until he makes a noise or stands up or departs for a short time. He does his exit, and then entrance again, and the instructor hasn't kicked him out. All for me to see his disgusting ponytail made of scraggly wirey hair.

Then one of my bus travel "buddies", a woman with a large bright pink bag got off immediately ahead of me, and then some 30 minutes later, why, she "happens" to be walking the hallway outside the classroom with her pink handbag on show.

Thats all the trivia tonight, and not much for tomorrow as I will be wall building at my in-town brother's place, and he making it plain that he won't be around much to help me. (Translated from perp history; many things will go wrong and they love me to swear and rage without Feral Family around).


Anonymous said...

Maybe you could look into one of those cheap laptops that has Linux preloaded. That could be a cheap way of getting a Linux machine without having to worry about installing it. For Laptops, installing Linux when it is designed for Windows really might be a lot of trouble. For build-from-scratch systems, you'd have better luck with Linux, as you could pick out the supported components. Buy a machine with Linux preloaded would be a saver, because you'd know it would work with Linux.

I have Linux installed on my Toshiba Satellite, and it doesn't seem to work as well as Open Solaris for some odd reason. Imagine something new to the OS world as Open Solaris, and it works nearly perfectly on a laptop (better than Linux). Getting a Linux laptop would be the best bet.

AJH said...

Answer to: Maybe you could look into...

I haven't thought much about small laptops as I want to run Oracle on it, a very memory intensive application. But thinking about Open Solaris now, maybe I need an additional tray... I will stick to the original plan of the removable hard drive tray, as it represents the least risk from the perspective of new hardware that will be likely exploited by perp sabotage. Thanks for the suggestion.