Monday, March 08, 2010

Digging for the SAC

A stayover at the First Feral Family home last night, and two hours of paid garden digging this morning. And was where enough SAC coverage noise then? I counted five fly overs going by the noise, though I couldn't see any for the overcast conditions. And new neighbor noise too; the W. neighbor has a new table saw and needed to run it about least six times, and even timed his saw start up (big EMF kick when an electric motor goes on or off), to when I started a new digging patch and again when I changed my orientation of the garden digging. And now two neighbors fire up their diesel trucks for extended (10 minute) durations. I really wasn't paying attention to the noisescape there, but as I know the neighborhood since I was 12, I cannot help but notice that there are more noises that just keep repeating for no reason. Like the motorcycle noise; it was a trailbikes day, and at least four motored by in this stretch of Gordon Head suburbia. Then the white box moving truck circled out front and then reversed its route to return from where it came from. I hadn't seen a lost moving truck until today, but they are becoming the new mobile panels for the perps, even stacking them some five deep in parallel along one section of the bus route I take to my evening classes. This represents a new level of color exposure and vehicle arrangement to have so many moving trucks parked behind an motel. Or, it could be the people moving out of town, given that there might be a large flux of shills coming and/or others excaping the magnetic irradiation (or whatever else it is) that is abounding in this city. And at least one more parabolic dish, up from three, is pointed at the backyard of the First Feral Family home, where I was digging the garden this morning. The perps cannot ever get enough of me toiling the soil, be it daffodil bulb and flower picking, picking weeds, making compost and vegetable and fruit harvesting, all being paid jobs for the last three years.

Other "features" from this Monday morning (post First Feral Family stayover), was the muted Freakshow bus trip into downtown, starting from Hillside and Shelbourne when for most of 2009 they had me start it from Mckenzie and Shelbourne, N. and closer to the Gordon Head suburbia location of the FFF home. I had at least six dudes clustered around me on the bus, and I constantly wonder what all of them actually do for a living, this "dude flux" at 1300h when they should be at their day jobs, assuming they weren't at them already of course, that of the operatives and shills legions.

And when I got off the bus, it was multicultural dude flux, starring an Asian backpacker and then an Asian woman gangstalker in light brown coat once I had turned 90 degrees to head S. on Vancouver St. And at the next block, why, they are cutting the asphalt in a 2' wide section ready to dig up for placing the orange PVC 3" pipe they had stacked on the boulevard opposite. And no ordinary PVC pipe, but it was for data and communications, which one can deduce from the large radius corner sections, at least a one meter radius. All that orange pipe is to be linked into the adjacent Canadian Revenue Agency, equivalent to the IRS in the US. And as the perps are decidedly focused on the color of wire insulation, motherboard components, AC outlets, and all like associated components to wiring, digital signal, electrical component circuit boards, sheilding and housing, could it be that this public works job was instignated by the perps so they can play color games with people's income tax data? That is a fantasical notion/question by any conventional standard, but when I have seen a long history of unconventional activity, both physical and behavioral and it has been very consistent for close to eight years now, it does bear some consideration. Are there any TI's out there who have come to know of the perp's abidding interest of the color of objects and materials around electrical components?

And the perp's brown games weren't done after this observation, as they had a slick film of fine mud on the road surface which also covered the crosswalk I was about to cross once the traffic signal gave the go-ahead. And said mud was very much like the color of my Asian woman gangstalker's coat, so one might deduce that there was some kind of color referencing going on, as I was obliged to step on this fine film of mud to cross the street. Said mud also managed to say on my shoes I later discovered, and also managed to cover the toe as well. And have I not complained about the perps' abiding interest in my footwear, soil color, especially brown colors? And this is getting as tedious as the Academy Awards last night.

And for me, why all those skinheaded males on TV last night, though not all of them were on the Academy Wards, but also on other channels. I wasn't alone in observing the discontinuities in the show last night, and that they wanted to get the show over with by hustling Kathryn Bigelow off the stage. But somehow, they didn't give Jeff Bridges the hook for his rambling. Never mind, I got to see Helen Mirren afterward on Prime Suspect, and she looked especially radiant in both shows.

Other weirdness/coincidence was at the LD store after getting off the bus, and one more block further than the above mentioned roadworks activities. Not only was the preferred, non-entrance way checkout plugged up with extra customers, but an Asian woman was holding up the checkout with her protracted change counting nonsense. This gave the sickos time to have a wave of some six to eight concurrent gangstalkers arrive in a flush and walk past me while waiting at this checkout, but was the advance party for Mr. Y of the past farm employment, someone who has weirded me out more than once. He arrives head down pretending not to notice me, and proceeds to go somewhere in the aisles. I suffer through the next customer in front of me and then I get served. When I was just about to grab my grocery bag, Mr. Y is exiting the store with no purchases. I ended up following him as he was headed out my direction, and he slows up, and I catch up, and I say hello, and we converse for the rest of the parking lot portion of my LD beat back to my place. Just another one of those coincidences perhaps, but as I don't know where he lives, I would give this a qualified coincidence status. I met him on day off last year only a block away, he with a bag full of DVD's, and claiming that he was shopping for them, even if there were no stores in the direction he was coming from. I suspect he is the Quebec born variant of the gangstalker community, for whatever provenance games the perps are pursuing. As mentioned many times, I lived for two years in Montreal by the time I was five years old, and from what I have learned from my detective stories on TV, bone mineral deposition is highly correlated to water supply in one's formative years. No doubt this is another huge research objective of the perps, especially given the more choices we have as to water supply variations, which would include home treatments and filtration devices. And this may also be linked with the perps fixation over presenting me with limestone compounds, the stuff of not only one's bones, but of concrete and the endless fuckery that goes on in that department.

This one is done for day, and enough jerkarounds have erupted tonight to indicate that the "abusive normal" state of victim management/persecution is in order.


Anonymous said...

I have noticed the emphasis on the colors of electrical components as well, esp. wiring and cabling. My sATA cables I bought were a nice loud red color. They also had black sATA cables, but those weren't as prominently advertised as those Cardinal Red ones. Speaking of Cardinals, I seem to be getting a lot of them, as well as oddly-behaved birds continually trying to fly into the windows here. It's almost like they have some sort of compulsion with windows, like they're fascinated with them.

Then you have to wonder why SATA cables have to be red. Why not blue or yellow? Why "loud" red?

Anonymous said...

Interesting. Well, my mom now has this prominently displayed prayer "card", larger than Hallmark type greeting cards, where it has prayer for the family of [...] in big letters. That definitely smells like a perp tactic there... religious icons and religion as a theme. This time it's "the Blessed Virgin Mary". I'm kind of thinking this could be a perp topic. They do like to present religious themes, and even get pastors involved in gangstalking. That is rare, though, with the Pastoral theme. I guess they don't have enough priests in town here to gangstalk me. :-) I suspect if they did, I'd be seeing plenty of them.

Another thing that's odd is the placement of a clothed dummy (mannequin), positioned to "look out" of the basement window of a former High School here in town. Odd that they would have something like that, esp. since "he" is positioned to look directly at my house 1.1 miles away from the former school. Now that could be a coincidence, but this mannequin has an unfavored feature: a skinny, bent neck. I have no idea of how long "he" was there. But I do get gangstalked around that area by the senior citizens from inside this building. Now it is a Senior Center, and has been for years. Interesting that it wasn't working out as a High School. Supposedly, it was a High School from 1922 to 1928, and from 1930 to around 1975, it served as the elementary school in town.

I can tell you there is something "interesting" about that building, but probably like most buildings its age. Mainly, the fact that there has been a lot bodies in and out of the place (transient) over the years, and I can definitely "sense" some of the energies that are trapped in the building. Maybe that's why I get gangstalked so much around there during the day time. As for the dummy in the basement standing near the window, maybe it too serves some purpose. I thought it was a scare tactic, but maybe it could serve other psychological purposes, like emulating a once student who ate in the cafeteria there.

Another iteresting place is where the Grand Theater once stood, but has been demolished around 1979 or so. I get some good "energy" readings there, too; something I can feel, the remnants of the building that once stood there.

AJH said...

Answer to: I have noticed the emphasis...

I noticed that SATA cables are predominantly red or yellow. This perps obsession over transmission infrastructre also applies to water lines and even hose nozzles. My brother had a crotchety lime green colored hose nozzle that wouldn't shut off, and I told him to get a new one before the rock wall building job I was to do for him. He then gets a pink one for crissakes, somehow finding it in this special color as part of the breast cancer charity. presumably the "pinkness energy", if you believe in such, will be somehow detectable in the water that passes through the nozzle and onto the rock wall and into the mortar we were mixing. It is all too consistent, not to mention the pink vinyl purse for gangstalking me tonight, the woman standing 3' in front of me when there was 6' ogf bench at the bus shelter. Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to: Interesting...

At my old high school about four years ago they put a 6' diameter spotlight, a huge one for shooting beams into the sky, on top of an addition and directed the light into one of my old classrooms. Nothing too conspiratorial in that, but it seems that the perps expend an inordinant amount of effort to walk in my tracks, or my intended path, and arrange sidewalk and aisle constrictions all the time so they can cover where I was standing/walking/sitting. So perhaps having a very powerful searchlight to beam at my old classroom and/or desk was the objective. Thanks for the comments.