Saturday, March 27, 2010

Linux Arrives

The fruition of installing Linux in a removable hard drive has succeeded in the face of some two months of obstructions. Not to mention prior attempts to install a removable hard drive in 2003 which amounted to zip as I never got a second hard drive, even if I did have the spare trays and rack. This is just the warm up cookie though, as I will install Oracle database 11g once I figure out how to do so. Then I will have to figure out how to set up the printer, as it should of been identified by the system as it is a USB connected device.

But I am amazed at all the screen colors and features that are now visible, especially in this Blogspot, as the Windows version has them all removed. If I can figure out how to move files from one file system to another, I might be able to load pictures here again, as I see the full set of command icons is restored. It is kind of like living in a cave and then finding oneself in a Neiman Marcus store one day. And I see that I have four followers, thank you all.

The RMA drive parcel was pried out of the managers office again, after they had it for two days, and didn't leave a phone message. And this blogging is getting impossible  as the display of the characters is  two to five seconds after I press the key, and when one is sabotaged with typos at every other word, it is a totally disfunctional situation to type in. Back to Windows.

More downloading of Oracle software, as the files are huge. Then the file for instructions is 350Mb.

Plenty of abuse this morning when doing the breakfast routine; it started out by a forced "forget" on procuring more milk yesterday, and I was only allowed to know when the cereal and the added hemp seed (legal here) were in the bowl. Tap water was the only alternative at that juncture and it was none too pleasant which might of been the perps messing with my taste sensations as they like to do, all to arrange for more hemp seeds to go down the drain, as usually (with milk), I eat them all up. They also got me cranked up with the peanut butter and jam on the toast again, a regular every day event. They create lots of clanging noise of the knife on the jar when there is no visible contact.

One can discern that extra abuse and stunts are bound to occur later as it happens more often on days that I cut my finger nails or toe nails. In either case they go down the toilet, and given that they perps ripped up the streets to lay in two newer sewer lines within the year that I moved to this location, and send their Fuckwits down the manhole covers when I come back from absences, it stands to reason that my nail cuttings (and other substances, especially brown ones) are of signifcant interest, especially when they are travelling in the drains below street level.

Then this afternoon's tea time was interleaved with fetching the parcel (read, brown cardboard box) with the new hard drive in the manager's office at the lobby level. They had a motorized wheelchair case immediately outside the elevator that I had to go around, and then she motored into the elevator and was gone thankfully. (Have I said this week how much I loathe wheelchairs in all their incarnations?). Then a blonde woman came tripping into the lobby, and lo, if I didn't have her and the assistant manager accompanying me in the other elevator on the way up. She was doing her stare-at-the-LCD-device act, very common of late, this one being a cell phone. After tea and chocolate I attended to the parcel, then had to go online and get more instructions as none came inside, and it provided the packing materials to put the dead hard drive back in the box, and then take it to UPS. The parcel came with this deep blood red paper that was the warehouse picker's check sheet, but as it was inside a brown box in my apartment while eating brown food (chocolate), it surely must of been there for color combination games, as the perps are so dogged about exposing me to such, e.g. above mentioned peanut butter and jam. UPS is the brown van outfit of course, and with brown chocolate in me, and holding a brown box for a block, it was way too much bait for the perps. I had the blonde dude on the stare-at-the-LCD-device duty in the elevator on the way down, augmented with one of those stupid vertical chin beards. Then the usual plethora of red/plum color dressed gangstalkers about, heading in two cardinal directions while the box was in hand, and at least another 20 freaks of varying kinds, the last being a skinhead who just "happened" to be exiting a store and getting ahead of me by 5', and lugging a big black duffle bag for some reason. I had only 20' to go to the UPS store, and they put this fugly skinhead on me. Then a brown skinned male at the counter of UPS, and the wretched (yellow and brown) forms to fill out, and then to be dinged for $26 to send the parcel ground freight for crissakes, to a domestic address no less. (The RMA arrangement says one must use a trackable courier). Another monetary hit by the perps to deal with their fucking sabotage IMHO. The downside of "warranties" is taking the hit for shipping their faulty, (or sabotaged) gear back.

After exiting the UPS store nearby, two male redshirts were on gangstalking duty, walking in 90 degree offset cardinal directions, and around the corner a ridiculous woman with a wheeled tote luggage that was exactly aligned with my intended ambulatory path, which I changed up after seeing this bullshit. There are no hotels around, it is a freaking Saturday, and walking past the shipping bay of the LD store and a parkade entrance, like WTF? Who are all these Fuckwit Criminals with wheeled tote luggage in this town in the most absurd circumstances?

Enough of the pedantic, and hopefully I will get to see my new blog look that has been kept from me on this chopped down version in Windows. Consider yourselves to be the first to read this Windows and Linux O/S combination created blog posting. It sounds too arcane to be of substance, but for the perps it yet another vein to mine. Go figure.

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