Thursday, March 11, 2010

Select, Paste and Lose It

I had a copied/pasted section from a news article on the security issues with debit cards and how more (seeming) rude people are edging closer to the payor at checkouts and might even be using a cell phone camera to record password input. Regular readers will know that the perps constantly pull stunts on me at the checkout at the moments of password keying and paying; yesterday's example was running a female Fuckwit with a plastic bag of plastic bottles for deposit right behind me, with the assigned premise that they somehow had to hurry and sneak past me while I was paying with my debit card. No one else was in the line, and no one else was coming behind them, so why the hurry/WTF? Not a big deal given the bullshit I have to deal with in a given day, and one more example of the perps and their plastics exposures. Two days ago an native Indian dude was flexing his plastic bus pass next to me on the bus, it also having a magnetic stripe on it. And most TI's will know that they are often exposed to higher than normal magnetic energies, which is especially true in my case, measureing 1600 gauss last year. The story the perps give me is that plastics are one form of ubiquitious pollutants in everyone's body, and that they have unpredictable and peculiar effects at the quantum level, and for them, it is particularly troublesome. The usual caveats apply, but perp behavior with plastics in my proximity has been consistent and supports their planted notion. Not that I give a shit, as they could just leave me alone and go back to the lab and figure this shit out instead of abusing me for eight years running.

As one can discern, the copied text went poof in a select/cut/paste and I have suddenly become too demotivated to retrieve it. I just think it is interesting the act of paying for something has become a moment of security risk brought on by nation-wide level of rudeness by encroaching on one's personal space at this very moment the perps relentlessly hound me over. Truly an exciting event for the perps, my financial transactions, be they for slot machines for the laundry, bus fares, checks sent in the mail, cash transactions etc.

It is a Thursday, and that means yoga and then the Fuckover Force of gangstalkers after all that spinal stretching, something the gangstalkers also do in muted form on the street. And the post-yoga ten minute city walk back to my place is always fraught with freaks of the Unfavored, and now they are being clustered. I had eleven dudes in at least three ranks clustered around a younger blonde woman coming at me from a block away. The "dude flush" or "dude cluster fuck" is becoming more common of late, especially on the city bus. Today's on-street dude flush with an embeded blonde babe is exactly the reverse of what they do with vehicular gangstalking, putting the fugly brown or red vehicle among a phalanx of more presentable greyscale colors, white, silver-grey, mid-greys and black colored vehicles. No big deal, it is just plain pathetic as it is stupid; herds of semi-vagrants wandering around in a cluster.

And what is with the elevators in this building; only one for most of the time and it is mysteriously in use at the oddest of hours, forcing me to take the stairs much more often. Then for a half day or so the other one is "fixed", and before long, it is "broken" again. The elevator that is presently working dependably is the "plywood express" where the ceramic tile on the floor has partially being removed to have a 3'x1.5' section of plywood in the center, replacing the tile that was installed properly and relatively new, within a year. About three months ago I took the elevator to the local supermarket one night and back again to no consequence. The next morning I take the same elevator and the center tiles were all removed and the plywood was put in its place. Like WTF? There was nothing wrong with the tiles, as they were all grouted in just fine and no loose ones. And so it would seem that the perps are continuing their plywood and phenolic resins testing games by having the plywood in the elevator and travelling with the passengers, playing more of their elevation dependent games it would seem.

An evening class tonight on Oracle DBA II; the substitute instructor and then "help" from class members with the lights to then have the entire classroom in the dark save the projector screen and our LCD screens of our PC's. The instructor walked around to most of the students in the dim lit room, and I suppose this was part of the perp deal; have the student-instructor interaction dynamic conducted in dark conditions as their usual method of setting the stage for this TI. Just like the arrangements of the Unfavoreds being presented in dim lit conditions and then bringing on more light with later arrangements of similar kinds.

Tonight, on the homebound city bus, it was the blonde with the fugly partial fuschia dyed hair that was doing the Favored (blonde)/Unfavored (dyed hair) combination. Thankfully she stayed just out of visual range in my R. peripherial vision and not directly in front of me. Which was how the "two reds" were arranged in the classroom tonight. The E. Indian on my immediate right was in a scarlet sweater, and 15' beyond him was the fugly pony tail dude who is not a class member and for some reason isn't getting kicked out, now on his fourth appearance. And also wearing red tonight, and even posing in the doorway in the hall outside on his cell phone for me to see him better for a few minutes. The two reds were aligned along my right side, and I suppose the above mentioned dim light conditions were also part of the deal, along with the red trim on my books nearby.

And again, the protracted shutdown of my Oracle database instance caused me to miss another bus by five minutes, in identical circumstances to two nights ago. This alone has caused me to miss at least 12 buses since the classes started in late January, complemented by the fact that they are leaving the college some two to five minutes early. And then there was the same pitlamping headlights as two nights ago where vehicle headlights were trained on me while waiting in the plexiglas bus shelter. Also, identical to two nights ago, there was the loitering vehicles that wait some 15 minutes until the bus is almost arrived, and then drive through the bus' intended stopping zone just beforehand, what I call "sweeping" the area.

Earlier, when outbound, a clusterfuck of four city buses was arranged so that the one I intended to take was stopped in the intersection for at least one traffic cycle before it could proceed into the just vacated bus stop. The two buses already there didn't bother to look to see one of their kind was stuck in the intersection, something I find most odd. It seems that city bus travel was long planned as part of the harassment/lifestyle regimen given all the stunts and color games they put on, and all they had to do was wait until my employer disability benefits ran out in 2006 and then have me unable to keep my vehicle. So now they can arrange the "yellow jackets" to be around me on the bus,two of them clustered even, not unlike yesterday's city bus trip where the yellow jacket stays of out of visual range as it seems to be too much exposure too soon or too close, however the perps manage it, as I cannot tell.

Then a packaging crackling tail when on the elevator tonight, still the plywood floor one only operating. Had the elevator journey been longer, or had I been allowed to assess the situation, I would of taken the stairs again, as that seems to be the big play of late; fill up the lobby with Fuckwits and have me take the stairs instead of waiting in their (gangstalking) company.

Before I set off to class tonight, a forced nap that I couldn't shake off for at least an hour; only since this harassment began do I even take naps, and to then find myself still tired, fogged and clogged afterward makes me wonder what the assholes have done to me.

Enough of the mundane, and time to blog off and post.

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