Thursday, March 11, 2010

More Digging for the SAC

A six hour stint doing gardening work at the First Feral Family home. At least four SAC flyovers, and at least one was a real aircraft and not a noise-only event. And more EMF related noise from the neighbor who coordinated his table saw noise with digging in the same garden bed two days ago. This time it was an indeterminate electrical device, possibly for woodworking as an extra loud hand sanding noise was also added on. Again, the noise was accurated timed to when grasping plant roots, when about to apply my foot to sink the garden fork in, and when prying on plant roots. There was a strong wind initially as well, and the gusts were also well timed for similar activities, and it died down and the EMF/electrical appliance noise started up afterward.

And the bus rides there and back were nothing short of absurd for the time and day and the number of passengers, not to mention their props. And what is with the Fuckwits with paint splattered on their clothes, pretending to be commercial painters at 1000h, riding the bus. Fucking absurd. That was outbound, and then another variation when inbound. A woman with a 20"x30" wood framed canvas painting, as in artistic endeavor, sat on the rear bench seat on the opposite side of the bus. I had three intervening Fuckwits sit between her and me, and when it came to get off, both my seatmates, including the one with the painting, got off at the same stop. I going to have to expand my definition of "fellow travellers" to include this variation it seems. It is a first, and likely won't be the last time either.

The inbound trip was the more absurd; I caught the bus at 1645h from Gordon Head suburbia headed for downtown, and by the time it got to the main artery, not even 1/4 there, it was standing room only (over 40 passengers). Why are so many Fuckwits headed to downtown at that time? It must be feeding time for the gangstalkers and shills, feeding at the trough of orchestrated abuse, now closing in on eight years of this insanity (theirs).

And I saw on the inbound bus that the disgusting/stupid yellow toque act took his time to cover the length of the bus and then sit some 4' in front of me. I suppose the color was too bright, and he took at least 10 minutes to work his way down so he could get his fugly yellow toque in my face, as in the oft observed perp tactic of getting the fugly colors/persons closer by increments of distance and extended duration. The toque was spatially arranged to be beside the redcoat Fuckwit immediately in front of me, and have I not said that I cannot stand bright red and yellow together, and won't ever go to McDonalds for that reason? The red was a maroon red, and not a bright red, but I wouldn't be surprised that the assholes start putting both brighter hues together before long.

Another round of games with making the milk go sour again; this morning it tasted off, and that will instignate a later visit to the local supermarket to get more. One third of the two liter jug remaining, and four more days until the best-before date. The assholes started this up when I first tried goat milk about three years ago, and kept this bullshit going for at least two months. But now the assholes are at it again with premature food spoilage, and not letting me purchase smaller quantities. I reckon the cooked chicken will also spoil prematurely, even with the fridge on the coldest setting it can be. No half chickens last time as it "so happened". And what is the likelihood of only two liter milk containers tonight? We shall see.

A brief sortie to the local supermarket and the assholes were all over me, as in gangstalking at every location I needed to go to, some doing "just standing there" duty with their ass backed up to the cooler case where the tapenade is, two coming at me while grasping the chocolate, now stored in mid-shelf instead of the bottom shelf, and a two time red hatted jerk coming directly at me and only averted a collision at the last moment. The excitement and attention devoted to gangstalking me going grocery shopping is unrelenting. And the insanity of perps continuing this bullshit for close to eight years now.

The checkouts were the usual arrangements; some with a surfeit of customers, some with Unfavored freaks, and then the one I took had only one customer, a mop headed dude in a disgusting orange fleece jacket. And he managed to dilly dally once he departed, reprising in the parking lot inside his vehicle, in the typical perp reprise presentation under different lighting conditions and through glass or other barrier. It is amazing how many of the prior customers manage to be loitering outside once I depart when they should of been long gone. The raven haired cashier is reasonably pleasant and easy on the eye as well, always a perp managed event it seems. As an example, they might leverage the deep black hair to have Asian cashiers at a later time, though apart from the blondes (Favored) and the facial jewellry and tattoos (both decidedly Unfavored), they haven't been entirely consistent on the cashier freakiness/Unfavoredness in any predictable way. In fact, in the 3.5 years I have been going to this supermarket, I don't think they have ever once had a male on cashier duty. Associated grocery packers and attending to the recyclables yes, but not on cashier duty.

And just when I thought I was being left alone at the checkout to pay for my groceries via debit card, in swoops a woman in a black fleece jacket with a garbage bag full of plastic bottles to get recycling returns, and not content to wait in the line, but had to run in behind me, in order to cover me once I departed the checkout. It never ends, this constant need for the assholes to put on stunts, flick plastic bags and other objects while I am paying for my groceries.

Got screwed out of posting this last night.

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