Monday, March 01, 2010

Can We Wait Longer

A First Feral Family stayover last night, and a rare First Feral Family lunch out today, followed by an excessive clusterfucking gangstalking/freakshow at the LD store, the likes of which I haven't seen for over seven years. And then, they obstructed the checkouts with long line ups, with only two open, and "forced" (read, mindfucked) me into ditching the intended acquisitions elsewhere and bailing out. They haven't pulled this bullshit off for at least six years, but that very same LD store was the site of a insane gangstalk flux, at least a hundred on active duty, who obstructed the checkouts in late 2002 when the perps were in total beserk and disruption mode. Somehow, they knew I was coming back to live in the area, something I didn't know until 2005 when I had to, as they wouldn't let me run my vehicle, paring down my disability (har, har) benefits from $2k/month to $1k/month.

I thought I would be OK at the LD store today as there weren't that many vehicles in the parking lot, but after having lunch with my in-town brother and my mother, I would of known better if I hadn't been recall fucked, as I knew all their tricks and how to counter them or avert them until late 2006.  But no, the assholes put on four wheelchair acts when I was in there, one male staff ponytail act in the aisle who later managed to insert himself at one of the only two checkouts, and plenty of red clothed men wandering aimlessly, five fuckers at the chocolate section, at least three on me at the soap section, another three on me at the small samples section, more around every corner, usually in twos, at least three waddling male acts, at least two big hat acts, and others who were leading ahead to slow me down, and then the massive lines at the checkouts, all two that were open, and it was time to get out of the freakshow. But that wasn't enough, as more of them came at me from behind the corners of the building adjacent to the walk way, and more outside the bakery, and more at the liquor store once down the stairs, and more on the street coming at me, and strangely, none in the elevator with me.

I was my mother's birthday, not that I was even allowed to remember that when getting up this morning at her house, and only when we were at the Ford dealership to drop off her Escape for an oil change did she bring it up. That doesn't perturb me as much as it might have, as she is the First Lady of covert mind control research and total life abuse, as it was she that put me in this grevious psychic prison since my birth. And here they are, still using her as the dumbshit foil o ask the same questions over and over, and constantly pretend she didn't hear something to have it repeated. And the assholes also made sure that I knew where her loyalties really lay, and that was with them. Once in 2003, when staying there for a few weeks before I found my own place, I was in bed but wide awake one morning, and then I heard someone shuffling around in the attic. It isn't easy to get up there, and it takes a ladder from her bedroom to get in via a door over top of a closet. I was awake when trying to sort this noise and how this person could of got there, when she called out in a frantic tone to no one that would of been in the house, "he is awake". Within ten seconds, the attic noise stopped. Which begs the question, how did she know I was awake from one room away, as I hadn't made any sounds myself? And who was she talking to, as it was loud enough to be heard from another room, through two closed doors and an intervening hallway? And how did the noise/person get there, and how did they disappear? The latter question is the easiest to answer, as the operative was teleported in and out. I know it is an extra conventional physical event that isn't widely accepted, but having been introduced to this so many times since then, teleportation for the perps is just another day at the office. Which is why I sometimes despiar/laugh when I read about activists going on at length about all the times they might have been implanted with devices during their hospital visits. The perps don't need any conventional physical means to insert a chip or any other biometric devices in any one of us, and they also keep a firm control over what is defined as physically conventional in the academic world. For them, it is plain dog simple; as to how much of the population is targeted and monitored in this manner I don't know, but I will suggest it is far more than what we suspect. If they can follow me and arrange stunts, skits and other events all my life for 47 years, there is a very good chance that they can do it covertly and without specific scripting for a larger population, without anyone being the wiser.

Getting back to the title topic of waiting, as if the above LD store antics wasn't sufficient; last week I riffed on about getting a removable hard drive rack in my PC and that it was becoming one of the most onerous and protracted acquisition jerkarounds in the near eight year reign of this abuse. The perps have been promoting the acquistion of a removable hard drive rack since 2001 when I got a new computer then. I even bought a removable IDE hard drive rack and extra tray in 2004 when I got my computer running again, but never bought an extra hard drive to use with it. The extra tray was kept empty, and eventually I got rid of it and the rack when I upgraded to newer SATA drives in 2006. So now, I have the need, and the means to get a new SATA removable hard drive, wanting to run Linux because four bootmanager downloads failed as did one virtual environment software install. A week ago last Monday, it had been over two weeks of waiting for an Icy Dock on backorder and I cancelled it. For the remainder of the week I sorted through the myriad of features and models to then order an iStar model and extra tray directly from the company, and after a number of emails and faxes to get this ordered and paid for, I now get an email to say the shipment will be delayed for a week. For crissakes, this entire bullshit stunt has gone on for too long, and I am sick fucking fed up of having so many items being so obstructed for so long.

And further Feral Family doings last night when my mother and myself were invited to my ex's and daughter's for dinner and to see the closing ceremonies of the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. A totally tastless act it seemed, bad comedy and bad lines, some music acts that were off the wall. How did they get it so wrong when even the opening ceremonies was lambasted for insensitivies as to national characterstics pertaining to good manners? Only by planning, though the reasons are unknown to me, though the manners theme has been relatively minor in the perp agenda that I get exposed to.

A teatime with chocolate, this time mysteriously compelled to have two 100g Milka bars when one is plenty, especially when three sittings per day. Then back online for only a few minutes before a sudden need to take a crap came on, and that was duly attended to. First, the always make me take off my shoes before going to the bathroom for this activity (but not for taking a pee), and then they created at least two imminent toilet overflows when flushing, averted at the last moment with dedicated plunging, and then I had to take a shower to clean up. Just another Monday when all this fuckery converges, likely due to my First Feral Family stayover last night, and prior and post activities with them. Need I add anything about the brown color associations, and that this is now a near every Monday occurence, ramping up again because I am now making Sunday, Sunday night stayover and Monday morning FFF visitations again after two weeks of keeping my time dedicated to working in the daffodil fields until Feb. 26?

An evening of attending to bookmark maintenance, spurred on by the finding that the lastest Firefox bookmarking won't save a bookmark twice to the same folder with a new name. So that meant that a substantial number of bookmarked pages from, (country and old timey music) were at risk as his one paragraph but direct and pithy reviews were all that I needed to tell me if the artist and album was of later interest, when I am allowed out of psychic hell, whenever that is.

To fill in on this morning's sequence of events; I awakened to my redcoat cyclist outside at the First Feral Family home, (either red or yellow every morning for the last two months), and ate breakfast, and my mother joined later. A yellow coat cyclist went by the next time I looked out the front window some 30 minutes later. We set off after breakfast to the Ford dealership and dropped the vehicle off, with me doing the usual driving duty, full blown vehicular gangstalking in evidence. (But they are getting more bold with brown colored vehicles, putting on deeper brown colored vehicles with a cluster of some ten or so black, white and silver grey vehicles, the brown one in mid-pack). Then we got a cab to my place downtown to drop our belongings off, and for me to phone the phone company as yesterday's calls from my mother weren't getting through. So while she was here and sitting behind me, (aka gangstalking), I was on the phone for some 15 minutes to supply all the details of what went wrong and what number did she call me from, so he could find the call records. He did, and determined the phone company had an "area problem" and had staff on the job, although I didn't see any on the later walking route. Then off to the bank as my mother needed to visit the downtown branch for whatever reason,a nd she also gave me my regular $50 subsidy. She walks a whole lot slower than I do, so it was primetime for the sickos to lay on extra ambulatory gangstalker action. More so in the bank where the seats are; a geriatric Fuckwit was standing over the seats with a newspaper in a red coat and brown shorts. It is totally fucking beserk these "shorted" Fuckwits standing around, and even worse when their choice of clothing colors is a total visual violation. So this asshole stood some 3' from the chair for at least three more minutes after I sat down and then suddenly took off. Then the clatter of womens' pumps started up, walking the beat behind me, all to make way for another Fuckwit in black, a male, to pass behind me at least three times and then disappear behind a pillar. Then a slow three block walk to the restaurant where we were to meet my in-town brother, but he ended up 25 minutes late somehow. We had a window seat, so that ensured there was no end of Freaks and Fuckwits parading outside, and without the post noontime cover story, as this was 1100h and the resturaunt was empty when we arrived. The next person who came in was a suit, who had the attention of the blonde waitress seated at his table (getting "blonded" as I call it), and with at least three more blonde waitresses circulating there was plenty of eye candy. And that was the stage set for the above described LD visitation where it was chock full of Fuckwits and Freaks, and they had me bail out of there with no purchase, much like what their gangstalkers routinely do.

I hope all the above is understandable as I am not (somehow) moved to change it all to get the chronological order correct, something I normally do. Another mindfuck interference, and they have had demotivation long figured out and how to remotely effect it among their victims.

Blogging off and pondering tomorrow's missives and jerkarounds.

Not done waiting yet; I tracked the UPS code for delivery of my hard drive,  and I find out that it was delivered to someone called "Mason" the day that I was away working. So how in the fuck did that happen, as there is no one else who lives at my address. Besides, I was working in the daffodil fields the day of delivery, and presumably they would of left a notice for next day delivery. So how did someone get a hold of the next delivery notice and then get the parcel routed to them in the same day? I was at my place the preceding day, and the day following delivery, so how did all this bullshit happen? Is there anyone out in TI land who knows their statistics well enough to provide a reasonably solid determination that all these things going wrong is well outside the expectable norm?


Anonymous said...

Maybe an external USB hard drive would work from Linux. I just thought about that. Most BIOSes allow one to Boot from USB. I wouldn't count on it, but worth a try. Then you could use the USB drive as a backup for your internal hard drive if it didn't install Linux.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the posts.

keep them coming please

AJH said...

Answer to: Maybe an external USB hard drive...

Maybe that would work, a USB flash drive with 32Gb as the boot drive as well as the O/S disk. The hard drive did get delivered this morning (Mar. 02, 2010).


AJH said...

Answer to: Thanks for the posts.

The reality is that I don't have a lot to do in any given day, so this is how I spend my time. Naturally this ongoing harassment provides plenty of grist, if not angst, to write about.

Anonymous said...

I've been checking out PC components. It seems like it's pretty expensive to build one, given that GOOD, decent-performing motherboard/cpu/memory combos can be pricey, as can the ATX case itself. I was checking out the Antec Sonata cases, and those are at least $100 by themselves.

I put together one, using a micro-ATX motherboard (Intel Atom). Also got a microatx case, and found that the hard drive and DVD RW had to be the small form factor, exactly like those that go into laptops. This meant that I had to buy the operating system separately, so I decided to download and burn Gentoo Linux. Seems to be working great, except the onboard video is quite lousy for full-screen videos and gaming. For normal-sized YouTube videos, it works great.

My next project will be a the lowest-cost PC I can build myself, using some DECENT quality components. The AMD-based boards are pricier, but the onboard video is better. The Intel GMA video series that the cheaper motherboards have onboard are lousy for gaming and fullscreen video, but more than good enough to do the job for general browsing. The GMA graphics adapters are definitely lacking some accelerator functions. Will consider another micro-atx system, as long as the video is about mid-range for gaming and videos. I have been getting the urge to buy the components and build another one.

AJH said...

Answer to: I've been checking out PC components...

I find that it is best to start with a decent case with expandability, and then go from there, adding better quality pieces as one can afford them. I have the Antec Solo case, similar to the Sonata, and I would go with as low noise as one can afford, and try to get a case with air filters behind the intake fans so filth (or perp created filth) doesn't get sucked in and gather on the fan edges (which happened). The Nexus line is now more availible, but I couldn't get them here then. ( It is best that you research and procure the PC case you want in advance of the PC suddenly crashing (and burning) which will force your hand to get a case too hurriedly or one that is convenient rather than suitable long term. Just passing on my experience. Thanks for the comments.