Friday, March 12, 2010

More Yellow Time

More yellow color time is needed by the sickos, and a Post-it pad on my desk just isn't enough for them now. So.. continuing with the tactically time pee-ing, and the pee that magically flys out of the toilet onto the rim and now the floor. These droplets take the most unusual trajectories, erupting with a low rim clearing angle and then taking a near right angle turn to land6" from the toilet. All to have me spend more time cleaning up their mess with their very favorite prop, toilet paper, and now from the floor. This way, they can "get me" closer to the toilet when cleaning the floor for all of the five seconds it takes. And that is important to them, such is the degree of insane invasion I am recieving. And no doubt, using one piece to clean the rim and a second one to clean the floor is equally exciting for the sickos, though I have not figured out why they are so obsessed over toilet paper. Though, given its ubiquity...

And a stinking rage-ification show over coffee making this morning. For the past two weeks the Bodum french press plunger has been resistant to being plunged, as there is this strange pushback to make it a 20 to 30 second exercise. In other words, pushing firmly doesn't make the plunger travel any faster; with the plastic knob in one hand, leaning on it, and it moving slowly toward the plastic lid on the pot, this is their exercise in slow travel of my hand between two plastic objects and an intervening steel shaft that connects them. But today, they decided that logical incongruity didn't matter and arranged a "self-eruption" of coffee on the outside of the pot. But as the plunger is going down slower than normal, there would be less likelihood of any "eruptions" of coffee from the inside of the pot wouldn't you think? But not in Fuckover World, where if they want a coffee blow-out to accompany another vexation, why, they just make it happen. So... the net result is that I clean up the pot, the burner it was resting on, and the adjacent stovetop area with a blue colored sponge. And for the sickos, that is indeed exciting stuff, having a deep brown (problematic color for them), liquid poured from a pot that had immediately prior application from a blue (more acceptable color for me) colored object that applied a film of water. Just fucking insane these assholes, and that might of earned them a new name, Psychopathic Nutters of the Fourth Reich. I have many names I use, most of which I don't share on this blog, but this theme is in vogue of late, no doubt scripted for whatever reasons they have, sometimes accurately. And it isn't any coincidence that the brown and blue color theming has increased of late; clothing, carry bags and even vehicles, typically buses with advertising on them or blue pickups hauling brown colored furniture in them with the ubiquitous ladder projecting from the box. One such vehicle went twice around the block when waiting for the outbound city bus yesterday. And a same mid-blue small hatchback did a later two pass circle loop at the bus area at the college ahead of my inbound trip.

And what is with stringing me along over getting some paid work? My in-town brother has twice welched on me this week, promising continuation of the wall building he had me start and is now going to complete it himself. It is bad enough that I get this from employers, the few who do respond, but as the First Feral Family knows finances are tight at this time, pulling this shit off is reprehensible. I have other profane names for this stunt, but for now, call it bait-and-switch.

A strange kind of restlessness has come over me, and that included removing my earmuffs for no reason at all. Perhaps the big moment is when I take them off, as the metal bashing, overhead clunking and the sirens have started up along with the hallway sourced door lock clatter. And they also have me leaning forward off my seat back, something I wouldn't do myself either. Just another behavioral imp[osition as if this hasn't happened in the past.

With all the tapping and bashing noises today one would think there is a blacksmith's business in the area, but there isn't of course. The No Ostensible Cause (NOC) noises are increasing of late, and the ridiculous tapping noise is the most flagrant. Tapping of hollow wood beams, then metal bashing as if a blacksmith's, and then generalied tapping as if there was a tent peg driving competion outside and so it goes.

Another screaming rage-ification earlier when pouring boiling kettle water into the teapot. The sickos decided that dumping a half cup or so on the stovetop was hilarious, and so it was scripted. The intial pour from the kettle somehow leaped over the teapot and onto the stovetop and then settled down by itself to then pour into the teapot. Per above coffee mess incident, the stove top was wiped down by the same blue sponge, and presumably this makes all the difference, having blue color energies partially encircling the burner the teapot sits on.

A sudden restlessness came over me at 1630h, and I felt compelled to turn off this PC for no organic or sensible reason. That resolved to read a book, the first in at least 8 months, but as soon as I sat on the bed the phone rang. It turned out to be a well timed call from the doctor's office reminding me of my appointment on Monday. Then some ten minutes of reading and a sudden need to nap, which was duly submitted to. There was at least one awakening to hear a siren in mid-nap, and then I drifted off for another 20 minutes to hear a siren before getting up. A 50 minute nap, and an hour later in the day that yesterday's nap, the first in months. These "nap attacks" were once more frequent, and there is no way to resist them, even back to the early harasment days.

More bookmark cleanup for the last few hours, another activity the perps routinely noisestalk me over as well as keystroke blundering impositions.

And I see that the bread obsession of the perps goes way back to at least the 1960's when they spiked the bread with LSD in a small town in France. And I am sure some of the victims still have traumatizations from that event, scurilous and abusive as it was. I regard the CIA and most of the alphabet soup acronym named spy agencies as the perp's conventional operatives, the ones that don't have teleportation and the rest of the unconventional abusive fuckery, but get stiffed with the perp's excesses all the same. Regular readers will know that the perps have a bread obsession for whatever reason, possibly the properties of gluten which have gone up over seven fold in the past century. I eat gluten free bread and have for over 20 years, starting in my early forties when pizza made me feel so fogged and clogged the next day. Once I cut out the gluten I was fine. I suspect this "reaction" was arranged as a long term "condition" to get me off gluten for the most part. Exactly why the perps have this gluten and bread obsession isn't clear to me, but it might have something to do with neurological function, their prime site of interest.

Back to the CIA and their role in popularizing LSD; it seems that they devoted much effort in testing it among unsuspecting members of the public, not to mention having it promoted via Leary and others. Their chosen neuro-abuser of the 1950's, Dr. Ewan Cameron of McGill Univeristy in Montreal, also applied it to his patients, and given the abidding need of the perps to present color enhanced images to me via their unconventional plasmic manipulation games, it just might be that the infamous doctor fed me some of that substance as I lived in Montreal for two years in the 1950's until five years old. The topic gets plenty of exposure in the news and wherever I read about events, so perhaps this is another front of traumatization they are attempting to emulate and possibly redress. How could they be so stupid as to feed a five year old LSD? Again, it isn't for sure, but is certainly an interest of my abusers, possibly attempting to replicate what I might of seen. As mentioned before, most of my recall to age five has been wiped out, so I cannot verify what they are up to.

Another round of restlessness, so I will call this one done for the day. I did get out to the LD store this evening on a chocolate run, and had plenty of accompanying gangstalkers covering once the chocolate was selected, and then being kept in the store until their checkout obstruction games were over. Ridiculous, and more hounding me with Fuckwits with ghastly yellow colored jackets, and then having said criminal pose near a woman with similar colored blonde hair. It fits the pattern that is often mentioned; have the Unfavored male in the yellow jacket (two Unfavored properties) hang with the blonde woman (two Favored properties), and then have me switch attention from one to the other and back again before walking past these goofs.

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