Saturday, March 06, 2010

The White Pants Act + 03-07-2010 Update

An all day Saturday session of the Oracle DBA course today. I got the 0826h bus, and I couldn't believe the number of Fuckwits out on the street when most of the stores were closed. At least three hundred doing their strut, one in front of the other, like some kind of freakish and dystopic pilgrimage. I even got the fugly orange fleece jacket act tailing me onto the bus. Then there was the leather jacketed woman who stared at me as she was walking toward me as I was seated in two wide forward facing bench seat. Then she comes and sits in front of me with her Dummies book, and even reads some of it. About midway in the outbound bus trip one of the class members gets on board, and lo, if he doesn't "happen" to know this woman and starts chatting to her. Then the perps planted the notion I mis-identified her when she boarded the bus, and that she was the lone woman class member, her black hair adding to the planted confusion. And when it came time to get off the bus, the guy and her were totally slack in attending to signalling the driver and getting up from their seats. I ended up at the rear exit first, and the woman second, and she somehow gets in my way to pinch me off from using the path, and then gives me a stare again, and then backs off. She and the classmate guy tail me some distance to the classroom. The woman wasn't known to me upon a second look, which goes to show how far the perps will go in planting needless and nonsensical doubting thoughts, keeping up the FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt) Factor.

All these shiftless males loitering around as vagrants or other n'er do wells, many in their hoodies, this morning when downtown, save the odd suit. Unless there is a new homeless wave, it was totally absurd to see so many Fuckwits, and improbable ones at that, the vagrants coming out of the bank building with the ATM machines. And of course the perps only let me in on the fact that I got a paycheck to cash, and I had the extra time to do it this morning before getting the bus, but somehow I "forgot", as in totally mindfucked.

Then in class when I got there, I got totally jerked around as the assholes sabotaged the most essential system command to start up the three database instances that are needed for the class. That put me 40 minutes behind when it magically cleared up by itself, not the first time this has "happened". But all wasn't lost as the class lab had some pitflalls that I was advised to avoid, and I got to keep up for the next 20 minutes of creating more disc space via the Linux file system. For once, I was allowed to be on top of it instead of sucking wind, the usual state I get stiffed with.

Other weird shit was a command that I had typed in one window, and went to another window to see the job going, and when it had finished I went to start the command, and it had mysteriously begun. This is the second time a "self initiating" command has erupted, where I do all the typing except for the final Enter, and then when I come back, someone did it for me.

Then at lunch, one of the classmates was headed to the cafe, following behind me. I get there, and it is closed, as it is reading break at the college. So... she caught up to me, and she mentions another area where one can get something to eat. She leads me there, and lo, if it isn't closed. She is Asian, and hasn't the best english, telling me about "snakes" when it was "snacks". (There is a snakes component to this harassment). I tell her about another part of the building where the class is, as it has vending machines. So along the way she talks about jobs and like concerns, and when about 2/3'rds there, the perps remind me of seeing her white pants, as she was walking behind me. It has been a very common Fuckwit stunt to arange their assholes in situations where I get to see their white pants, especially from the back, and they now manage my "reaction" to be totally jumpy over this clothing type and color. So to have a white panted person next to me as I was walking must of been the coup for the day. No matter to me this time, I wasn't freaked out, so it might of been a test, or maybe yet another iteration of their fucking games.

And what is with the eruption of guitar stalking these days? A guitar bearing troubador playing his guitar while crossing the street immediately ahead of me. Later that day, another guitar bearing Fuckwit coming from an apartment door after waiting for the one working elevator (of two). I had already some five minutes invested with the blonde woman who arrived at the same time as I did, and she told me one elevator was not working. So... after waiting with her, a fuzzy haired male Fuckwit emanates from an apartment with guitar in hand, no case even. I took the stairs and got out well before them. At least one guitar today, on someone's back.

And more beefy babes these days; at least four of them in front of me as part of a larger group of eight or so total, all women save for the hoodie male Fuckwit loping along in mid pack. And of course the tight and short skirts so to reveal huge thighs for whatever reason. The perps tell me that the relative scale of
beings and things at the time of traumatization is important to replicate in their traumatization emulations. As always, their excuses/rationale is suspect, but they have been very consistent in planting large pickup trucks around me, as well as oversized (over 6' 2") male Fuckwits. And another caveat is that the "traumatizations" are also putative, as I have no direct recollection of such, but only some three years of lost time where only a few smatterings of recollections were formed, aged two to five. I have some recollections of Montreal when aged 2 to 2.5, but also some strange events like going outside and finding there was no snow when I fully expected it as it had been there the (seeming) day before. No one in my family has ever mentioned that there was a second stay in Montreal,1958 to 1959, when my father graduated from McGill with a PhD in geology.  I have absolutely no recollection of this latter stay, and only know this by "finding" a picture of me and my younger brother aged 15 months or so among the snow sculptures, an unmistakable Montreal feature of the time. And for those who follow Canada's and the CIA's trail of nonconsensual human experimentation, you will know that the infamous Dr.Ewen  Cameron was practicing at McGill in the 1950's and he was from Scotland. And I do get Scottish accents placed around me and find them, or more like, am managed to "react", highly perturbing and annoying, wishing they would just shut up. And they do (usually)! Obviously a big mystery has yet to unfold, and explain all this insane madness over nonconsensual human experimentation (on me, and other TI's), and why in the fuck cannot the sickos come out of the closet?

Plenty of coordinated coughing in class today, and then there was a new stunt, coordinated knuckle cracking; first left side, then right side. Only three more weeks left, and I wonder what the perps will do to replace the classroom time since Jan. 21, 2010.

A short shopping trip to the local supermarket. I suppose there was normal levels of street types, but they went beserk with gangstalkers in the supermarket. Even having "just stand there" Fuckwit pretending to look busy, and avoiding my stare as I gave them the "are you nuts?" look. Plus they jerked me around to be more "reactive", jangling me to rise to the bait, especially the redcoats they installed. What is it that they have to install a redcoat in the very same location as last night? Tonight it was male, last night female. There was another redcoat blond female on roving duty, wearing a funny brown wool toque with a beak on it. These beaked toques were never seen here until the gangstalking started, so maybe it is an Eastern Canadian thing that the perps want to "share with me". They can go fuck themselves; I see enough weird head adornments and wierd hair styles in a day to last me a lifetime, so why do I need to see one more? Tonight, they planted a bald male skinhead Fuckwit at the crosswalk and then had him parallel me on the 60' to my apartment building. I figured this was what they did, but the assholes made me look at the Fuckwit again when I had no attention to see yet another Fuckwit, especially the skinheaded freaks.

I did some more Bookmarks updates, getting more specific links to all the wonderful artists and music on If there was a "Buy Them All" button on the site I would be surely tempted. For county & western, roots, folk, 1960's European music and other quaint genres, one can spend many hours on this site. Not for metalheads though.

Enough putzing, and I am calling this one done.

03-07-2010 Update
A First Feral Family visitation later today and a stayover tonight (Sunday), so this is a brief tack-on update posting to save a short posting.

A ridiculous 9.5 hours sleep last night, and with vivid dreams, perturbing as well, and the assholes even waking me up for a "half time" break, only to continue the same dream theme. The perturbing content was the assholes playing the theme that my daughter died from a aircraft crashing into her residence. And one round of this abusive depravity wasn't enough; in an new move, the assholes awakened me to have me realize it was a dream, and an improbable event, and then put me back to sleep again to then play this same dream theme again. Another never-before, serial dream themes, on top of the detailed and technical dream content I never experienced before 2005 or so.

And they went beserk on rage-ifying me at least 30x before and during breakfast, gettting me primed for a First Feral Family visitation later I suspect. The biggest jerkaround was having me get the peanut butter readied and on the knife and there was no bread to place it onto. This is another never-before, being fucked into getting this task order "mixed up" when I have done it every morning for some six years. Tell me what neurological condition this could be and the full symptom set if there are any professional doubters out there.

They had the church bells ringing in continuous mode to cover me getting up at 0900h, and for the first minutes of getting up and then abruptly stop when filling the kettle for making coffee. They started the rage-ification games immediately following by having a brown cereal flake defy gravity and stay at the neck only to fly out unbidden by any applied action from me. The cereal bag was vertical and all the other cereal flakes were on the bottom, and yet this one "resistant" flake popped out onto the floor. I am not allowed to blow off this juvenile fuckery, as I surely would have because it happens so often, but instead, am enraged aka rage-ified by the assholes as my "reaction". And it got worse from there; faked touches, faked noises, cereal flakes doing gratuitious spins in the bowl, hemp seed defying gravity and hanging upside down on the spoon (non THC and obtainable at grocery stores here), and other like nonconventional minutiae perturbances that I am not allowed to recall at this moment.

Onto the weekly round of First Feral Family visitation and then the week long fall out, especially the following Monday, tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

That's one very constant tactic they use, what you said about the Asian "happening" to mispronounce "snacks" as "snakes". Gangstalkers around here do the same thing all the time.

At some point, the perps stopped trying to be so overt, since they know full well I am "aware" of their games and presence.

Here is an interesting video:

Note at 9:25 where the fluorescent tubes are lighted by the "unseen, invisible radiation" the narrator talks about. Also, she gets other lights to light in front of some radio wave generator. Interesting they mention "unseen" and "radio waves" together, as they could very well describe the "unseen" perps who use radio waves to control TI's. Also, the "wave of the hand" to control the cabinet is interesting as well. Looks like either radar or infrared detection. Again, stuff perps use to detect movements.

An interesting look at "the future" from the perspective of 1955. Very Jetons-like in some respect.

Also, Open Solaris may be worth a look if you need to use Solaris at some point. Not sure if you could install Oracle on Open Solaris though... at some point I may try it myself. I think Oracle may be tricky to get working on Solaris/x86, which is what Open Solaris is.

Some other stuff, like Flash Player, Java, and the Sun Forte Compiler are all there. It seems very GNU userland based, though, in contrast to commercial Solaris. Just like a Linux distro. I did find out that fullscreen videos on YouTube play flawless on Open Solaris. But on Linux on this same machine, those videos were stuttering a good bit fullscreen. I think the problem isn't with Linux, but with Adobe supporting Solaris/x86 better than Linux.

Anonymous said...

part 2/2 of the video, The Future Is Now (1955). More talk about ultrasonics and radiation. Radioactive drugs? LOL

AJH said...

Answer to: That's one very constant...

The snakes theme does come up more often than normal, so it would seem the perps have an interest in this promoting topic. On my hiking days, 2003 to mid 2006, they would arrange sticks and bark on the trail to simulate snake skin patterns, and the odd garter snake too.

I will have a look at the video soon, as Blogspot won't allow copy/paste in the unmoderated comments. I have to post the comment first and then I am allowed to copy/paste the video link.

Thanks for the O/S advice; I know I will have my plate full when Oracle (Red Hat) Linux gets put on my new removable drive, when it comes, a week late and counting, now four weeks since I ordered the first one. The perps take extensive measures to increase all technical adversity, and will have even the most basic commands behave flakey for months before they decide to give it a rest and move onto some other arranged technical adversity.

Anonymous said...

I just checked out the video performance issue. No problems with my laptop, which is a "Celeron 900" 2.20GHz. Now I had a hell of a time trying to figure out what exactly this Celeron 900 was; e.g., is it related to the Pentium 4, or a pentium M variant? Well, it turns out it is a Pentium 4 related CPU, but with reduced cache (being a celeron) and also missing Hyperthreading. Interesting, since the Atom is also Pentium 4 related, but it does have hyperthreading.

At any rate, the Celeron 900 plays the fullscreen videos just fine under Linux; the Atom desktop does not. Surprisingly, Open Solaris seems to work equally well on every computer I have. I can't say the same for Linux, BSD, or even Windows. And that was sure surprising, though I prefer to stay with Linux.

That said, I tend to associate Sun with making hardware (i.e. the SPARC line) over software. I'm sure Intel has figured out a way to get much better bang per buck compared to the sparc. Hence, the need for Sun to concentrate on software more these days.

Even the Digitals were great machines. I've heard they struggled to put out reliable hardware in the end, exacerbated by bad management. RIP Digital.

So the moral here is, operating systems are sometimes hard to predict how well they will perform on a given configuration, if they will at all. Sometimes, it's a lot like gambling. It's all trial-and-error basically. On paper, Linux should run on just about anything. However, there are accounts of Linux not running on some surprisingly common configuration.

It's like when the Linux kernel team came out with a minor revision, where changes to the source were made, rendering it inoperable on my HP Dv8000 with NO WARNING. It hasn't been able to run since.

Then, I'm still wondering why Intel would want to call a new Celeron model the Celeron 900. Wouldn't that be confusing, as I did a search, and kept coming up with Celeron 900Mhz, which isn't the same thing. How about: Celeron 2200, which is consistent with 2.2GHz?

Anonymous said...

Looks like Sun is finished with the SPARC line. Interesting that Oracle acquired Sun. This could be the end of the Unix Workstation. No wonder Sun is moving into Software.

Anonymous said...

Another operating system to try is FreeBSD. It has Oracle in ports.

ls -d /usr/ports/databases/oracle*
/usr/ports/databases/oracle7-client /usr/ports/databases/oracle_odbc_driver

However, FreeBSD is pretty daunting for the new user. Maybe DesktopBSD would be a better choice if you'd want to try that:

DesktopBSD uses KDE as the user interface.