Sunday, February 28, 2010

Short Sunday Post

More vacuuming whine from upstairs, the second round this morning, and the second day in succession, both firsts. Given that it sounds as if there is a carpet being vacuumed, why is it that rumbling noise, hard surface tapping and hard surface contact noises also occur from upstairs? In other words, is it a carpeted floor upstairs, like any other suite, or is it a concrete surface? Never mind, is my answer, because if the sickos want the noise of glass marbles being dropped on concrete and the predictable bouncing noise tail off, then thats what they will create. The physical reality of what flooring surface is totally irrelevant for those who can create any noise anywhere, conventional causality as we know it, be damned.

And it is not unlike the scraping noises from overhead at the college where I take my evening classes. The noise sounds as if chair legs are being scraped along a floor that has some rough spots. Never mind that the floors in the classrooms are carpeted and have chairs with casters on them for crissakes. And never mind that there is NO UPSTAIRS either, as we are on the top floor of the building. Everyone else pretends to not notice this glaring physical inconguity of course.

More strange and vivid dreams this morning, seemingly related to daffodil plants and the farm fields I had been working in until two days ago. Yesterday, there were similar vivid and fugly dreams in the same theme. Another "never before" has been transcended; I have never had repeating dream content two days in succession until this morning. As well as having the same and uncomfortable intensity as well.

I am feeling better today, after yesterday's viral cold (or emulation thereof), symptoms seemed to be morphing into flu like conditions in the latter part of the day. I am taking plenty of vitamin C and echinacea, two long time successful antidotes, though I am sure this works into the perp agenda in some way. One of my office colleagues of 2002 was into supplement sales on the side, and she gave me a super dose of vitamin C as a promo, which I later ingested when confronted with viral cold symptoms. Not a big deal seemingly, but if one adopts the notion that nothing is a coincidence in my life, and that it has been orchestrated to the last detail, including exactly what I eat and ingest, it would seem the perps are doing some vitamin C testing as well as revving up  my immume system with the echinacea. In other words, these are two study areas the assholes decided to invoke for the last day, likely interrelated.

Next comes vitamin D, and the sunlight interactions which will doubtless play out in the spring and summer. They often like me to get short doses of sunny summer days, no more than two in succession, and then have me take one or more days off, and then repeat. Last year's on/off berry picking was such a legacy, and the assholes arranged it that I got laid off when there was "no work" when the berries were going soft from being over ripe on the vines. Clearly another research realm, curtailing sunlight exposure in the summertime, so who knows what the agenda/paying work scenario will be this year. If nothing else, baring any changes, there will be the daffodil bulb picking starting in July, though this can be rendered into on/off mode by invoking these strange back pains that come on "from" undertaking farm labor. But now that I am an experienced daffodil stem picker, a berry picker and a bulb picker as well as other crops, it is time the assholes gave this "back pain" bullshit a rest.

All morning the perps planted the notion that there was leaftovers to eat for lunch, and when I get to the kitchen and look in the fridge, there wasn't. I had to make the tapenade and chicken tortillas from scratch, but no big deal, as I have made this so often. But I don't make mistakes as to recalling what is ready in my fridge, and "somehow", this happened for the first time. Which goes to show one how completed invaded I am, and the level of trivia that they will go to and disrupt.

"Only" 20 rage-ifications or more while making and eating lunch, the crumb invasions being the worst. Though, more finger control dithering, as they won't let me pick something up without dropping it. This one is done for today, off for a First Feral Family visitation and dinner this afternoon and tonight


Anonymous said...

I used to get the "messing with the motor control" bit all the time. I was inexplicably dropping glasses on a regular basis. I couldn't figure it out at the time... so many times I'd just "lose control" of the glass, and I thought it was me getting distracted or clumsy. The glasses would just shatter, and I was left cleaning up the glass. It seemed to be happening with great frequency. This would be primarily later 2006 to all of 2007. In '08 I don't recall it happening, maybe there was one occurrence.

A lot of the things going on around me seem to have been "foreshadowed" by people cooperating with the perps as far back as 2007. I can see little acts and writings that foreshadowed the events that are happening to me since the summer of 2009. It goes to show that the perps probably plan these little life events for me as much as 2 whole years in advance. I mean some of the major events happening to me. I'll bet they probably have handlers figuring things out that are going to happen "in my future" a couple of years in advance, and then do a formal write-up somehow, and save it. Then, there will be operatives in position to monitor the progress of these "events" as they progress towards the "big life changing event" itself.

A lot of TI's probably don't notice those sorts of things, but they probably script things a couple years ahead of time. That may explain why they've given me the impression they can predict events in my future. But 2-3 whole years? That's a lot.

Anonymous said...

Also, I believe you've written about the perps' fascination with steel and metals? Metals are pretty fascinating, in that the metallic bond itself has something like a crystalline structure. There are free electrons moving about in pure (non-steel) metals, and things like knives probably refract radio waves in various exotic patterns. I never thought about this before. Steel has carbon atoms "trapped" in the crystalline structure, and this is what makes steel much harder to bend/break than pure metal. I'm sure the carbon atoms offer an entirely different refractive pattern than pure metals, such as copper, nickel, or gold.

I'm sure metals have other properties not widely known to the public, which is why the perps are so crazy over them.

AJH said...

Answer to: I used to get the "messing with the motor control"...

The perps are nothing if not resolute, relentless, organized and patient, and planning things for two or more years, even seemingly minor themes like around a certain word or word group, is not out of character for them. I suspect there are differing weights they attach to their themes, and for each TI, they will adjust them both on a longer term basis, say 2 to 4 years, and then have the odd "surge" of the theme for a week or two, and then back it off to the background longer term level. Which suggests that they are constantly planning a given theme related event to be within the statistical norm for the "backgound" level (per longer term plan), and then have a permissable statistical deviance to promote the specific theme related anomalies. Funny how they are constrained by these prescribed levels of likelihood, even when they control all events of what I see, do and think every waking minute. Why not have an (much Favored) Audi TT parade, and have me seeing them all day for a weeks on end until they have exhausted whatever they are looking for with respect to my neural responses to seeing this vehicle? But no, they judiciously add them into the vehicular gangstalking parade, perhaps as the lead for a group of silver grey and white vehicles with a brown vehicle embedded in the center of the vehicle cluster. This has been going on for over seven years now, where Favored demographic individuals or specimens are used to accompany Unfavored subjects and specimens, the latter component in much greater number. Which suggests, that whatever they glean from my neural responses to Favored subjects and specimens is iterative, needs to be reapplied and resampled again and again. Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to: Also, I believe you've written about...

The perps are highly fascinated with metals, and often like to have organic things next to them, like wood, paper, cotton. And this theme presents itself in the book, The Air Loom Gang, the very first documented instance of gangstalking and other phenomenon that was targeted at an individual over two hundred years ago. Reference in the Consolidated Link List, link on the right panel. (A loom has wood structure with metal rods and wires to direct and contain the threads). Not only are the alloys like steel are interesting to the perps, but even sources of the pure elements like iron; Swedish steel seem prefered for vehicles (I drove Volvos for 15 year), though they do like to evaluate one steel source from another, e.g. North American steel. And it is likely, the recycled steels, originally from say, North America, shipped to China for recycling (remelting), and then shipped anywhere else in the world, say for automotive body panel use. This is part of their provenance, where things are from, theme, as well as part of the metals interaction theme, eg. cutting objects with a knife.

I agree with your analysis and perceptions of the perp's interests in metals; not only the differences in the respective content variations in alloys, but interactions of dissimilar metals, both temporary and if joined, e.g. longer term galvanic action. I have also come to the conclusion that the perps are also interested in stressed metals, and seem to be able to remotely detect some kind of energetic interactions with the stressed metals and the TI. Examples of this seem to be their predominant use of diesel engines (greater pressures than gasoline engines), having metal spoked (tensioned) bicycles running up and down the sidewalks in total violation of local bylaws, and having the internal tensioned steel cable structures arranged to drive under or walk over. Having their operatives and shills jangle large sets of keys might be their way to not only increase the localized metal interaction energetics but also add noise at the same moment, assuming they aren't screwing with noise generation and perception. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

That's one thing I overlooked -- that the keys jangling in my proximity could be more than just a Pavlovian annoyance to get me pissed off. They seem to shoot for a certain pissed off level, and keep me hovering above that threshold. This evening, they had some loafing kids sitting there, 3 of them, whose purpose was to have one of their directed conversations. One older lady came in and joined in on the discussion. Imagine a woman in her late 40's/early 50's just "happening" to come into a fast food joint and join in on the conversation of 3 youngsters, who were loafing in the first place. The topics of the "conversation" (which was scripted) seemed to go from mild, talking about things I had been experiencing prior to my arrival, to medium, where they were talking about some "Bob" who tried to wire this lady's house, but wound up messing it up. The workers were talking about "some comedian named Bill Silver". Again, generic names such as Bob and Bill come up quite often in these "conversations", one tip-off they were staged to me in my proximity.

This lady (who came in to join the 3 kids in shooting the breeze) was talking about how this Bob tries to do a good wiring job, but can't, and that she told him that she "doesn't want him in my house".

Again, the topic of people trespassing and who is/isn't allowed in a person's house is one of the topics the perps love to focus on in my situation. I guess you could call it "intrusion conversations".

AJH said...

Answer to: That's one thing I overlooked...

I call it "Cheers-ing", when these faux happenchance and highly improbable encounters erupt in public places. I have never seen so many streetside conversations erupting since all this insane hassle began in 2002.

The words and topics of the Cheers-ing conversation you describe don't mean much to me, except "silver" as in silver-grey, is one of their favorite vehicular gangstalking colors in my world, likely because I drove a silver-grey Volvo for some 15 years before I had to give it away to my daughter. But one never knows, as I might run into a "Bob" in the next few days, as much as I try to avoid new encounters, especially with males.

The "intrusion conversations" is one term, though I often call them thematic exposures in a more generalized sense, visually, written word, tactically etc. The theme of ownership, posession, tresspass violation, home and home ownership is a big one for the perps, and I suspect they will work on this one for a few more times before changing the theme focus. Just a guess, and of course they could change it upon this being written. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

That same evening, I was greeted with a woman holding her baby. Back in 1993, there was a young girl (around age 19-20) in my class who had her baby with her (maybe around 2 years of age). And of course, she loved to sit by me. She had very pale features: skin, hair, and eyes. I'm wondering what this "baby" magnetism is, but this girl (the mother) seemed to like me, and she just happened to have a little girl. This was at University, taking a VLSI design course. She brought her little girl in with her to the computer lab, which had Decstations and Sun IPX, I believe, workstations. I wasn't too crazy about the girl back then, as I liked this Asian girl who was in my class. This Asian girl is the one I lost contact with when she graduated in 1994, and I resumed contact again in 2000. In 2006, poof, she just vanished; vanished, as in, stopped responding to me altogether. Before that, she was a regular responder to my emails. I'm not sure, but I'm about 50% convinced my perps have my love life in their control right now.

So that's why I found the very "Saxon" looking girl unfavored at the time. Having liked this Asian girl, I prefered brunettes and darker skin tones, but not too dark. Of course, the Saxon girl had to sit next to me. I am unaware of any perp intrusions back then... so it's probably not a test of unfavored/favored women. But you just never know... AFAIK, the perps have been able to remotely monitor humans since 1990 or shortly after. I just don't see them having the "technological horsepower" they do now. Odd that an Unfavored would sit next to me, given that there were extra seats. She was too "mom" for me at the time. Now, I would probably have found her sitting next to me far more pleasant, and would likely have started talking to her.

AJH said...

Answer to: That same evening...

I am convinced that TI's love lives are maniplulated down to the micro-perception, even down to what particular facial features are of interest. Over the last two weeks when working the daffodil picking, the forewoman was about age 55 or so,not really attractive, but had a nice wide mouth like Carly Simon, my muse for all time. The perps know I like Carly Simon bigtime, and it could not of been a fluke for them to arrange a person with whom I spoke with each day, no more than 15 min. total, save the odd crew bus trip, for two weeks. As I read it, the perps wanted me to notice her very attractive mouth features more than the rest of her. This is the degree they are managing me IMHO.

It is becoming more common that the Unfavored demographic group members are placed near me, and again, the crew bus trips of last week were an example. They put the negro woman beside me even for one trip. But the negro male they put on picking nearby, some 30' away, they pulled him within 10 minutes. Later in the afternoon they tried the same thing again, and he wasn't allowed to be around for no more than 20 minutes.

It is my experience that the perps know exactly what female face and body features turns each male TI's crank, and have them pose nearby in order to gain some neural energetic readings that they then want to compare to a less Favored demographic group female. If you follow this blog, you will know that blondes are the most Favored, but going down the list, they also put on the doe eyed Caucasian babes with deep black straight hair. (One in the news in the mid to late 1990's). The deep black hair has some kind of leverage in that I had a Newfoundland dog, of deep black straight hair. Everytime the dog needed to be combed, it was left to me, my now ex pretending that the dog didn't need combing. I don't know what all the deep straight black hair interest is all about, but I get plenty of it from Asians and E. Indian gangstalkers. Interesting though, many of the Asians are adding brown streaks into their black hair. Thanks for the comments.