Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Upgrade and Wait

The PC upgrade nonsense is continuing; no emails from the two parties, the one with the backordered removable hard drive rack, and the local supplier who is likely to have a different and more expensive model, but one that is (or was) availible. What the fuck is it from the perp perspective about sabotaging the very activity they want me to undertake? That the perps like to promote incidences of ineptitude, incompetance and indolence is unquestioned, but what do the perps get out of it, besides forcing retakes and pissing me off?

My first Sunday email to the local supplier was answered on Sunday, a day they are normally closed, indicating that they would look into determining if there was a removable hard drive in stock the next day. No problem. (Which is what there was two weeks ago, but their sudden price hike from $59 online to $79 deterred me). But no email Monday (yesterday) as promised, and I finally had to phone them this morning (Tuesday). And no reply from the online backordered supplier all Monday, and not this morning in response to me sending an email to (prematurely) cancel the order. Why is something so fucking simple turned into this orchestrated Fuckover Scene where Third Word service is becoming the norm? Go fuck your own operatives somewhere else, I am sick fed up in not being able to conduct rational business activity.

The usual chirps and heavy duty vehicle noise interspersed with backup beepers and other constant noise from outside. The one moment I went to the window to take a picture, there was a sudden burst of white, read and orange vehicles, some being two tone, others one color. A five second look outside is planned to the nines by the sickos. Even a two second glance outside has pre-arranged vehicle stopped in mid-street.

The ongoing PC removable rack ordering saga continues; the local supplier is looking into it, seeming at odds with their stated availibility two weeks ago. The online supplier responded with a blanket statement that the items are on order, which didn't answer my demands of how much longer, or cancelling this fucking charade so I can go elsewhere, hopefully the local supplier, but this alternative is being made to seem uncertain, unlike two weeks ago.

But no, a misread, the online supplier appears to have dropped the Icy Dock removable tray from the order, but came up with the "rationale" that my remaining item, the hard drive, is backordered too. Thank goodness they didn't have me ream their asses out when they did exactly what I asked, even if they did cloak it in the language of the dropped item. Now I am hanging out there, hoping the infernal local supplier is going to come through. More suspense.  Chances are one part will arrive to hang around for a week until the other part arrives, the typical incremental strategy, as the perps don't like too many inter-related items arriving all at once. They need items to have some "fallow time" in my place.

Another stunt yesterday that I will detail here, rather than go back and add yet more revisions to the posting. (And the perps do love me to go back and re-edit just after thinking something was done, or else force re-printing or other re-work.) I was in the LD store looking at some DVD titles, with one in hand (The Party), and then the alarm system to the DVD and video section goes off behind me, and when I turn around, this-cafe-au-lait negro woman with a fuzzy hair mop is looking at me. Here she is, just tripped the alarm system, and has time to be staring at me when I turn to look at what the commotion was. In the scheme of things, this would be two Unfavoreds in one person, frizzzy wild hair and negro. And presumably seeing such a visage with the alarm noise is for some kind of aural and and visual (of the Unfavored) neural correlation, not to mention whatever the assholes expect to get from staring at me. The elaborate levels of planning for momentary fuckery (less than two seconds worth in this case) is astounding, this being one more example, similar to the above vehicle arrangements just for when I walk past the balcony window.

The infernal vacuum cleaning has arrived outside my door, following tea and chocolate. At least three off-on cycles as well, as there is always a big EMF kick when appliances are turned on or off. Anyhow, vacuum cleaning is a significant component of the perp's research methods, even including the large "suck trucks" that now predominate in this town, cleaning road drains at least twice per year.

A 50 minute nap, and then back online to find that I got an email response to my phone inquiry, and that the local supplier doesn't have the removable hard drive rack they claimed that had two weeks ago. So... back to this again, having lost two weeks due to "back order", I get to again research this topic online, and it wasn't very productive last time, hence the back ordered compromise, and then getting burned by it. This insane order obstruction fuckery has got to stop.

What an insane jerkaround for the rest of the evening. I should of been on the 1750h bus to my evening class, but somehow I "forgot" the most important event tonight, and so it was a later dinner at 1900h, and on the heels of having dinner, I was reminded that my class had already begun at 1830. So a $24 cab fare to the college, I get to be an hour late for a three hour class. I would of been intensely pissed if the assholes hadn't dociled me into being more obedient and less outraged. Then the remaining class was a gong show as my PC had corrupted files, and then I had to move to another one, the PC desk where the instructor's red anorak was draped over the chair. Then other settings were right, files couldn't be found, and then it was a test PC so I didn't need to run all the scripts after all, and then the passwords weren't correct and then that compromised my ability to do the lab. Other people were having problems too, and so the entire class ran late, two buses later, I finally get the one at 2226h (1026pm), which is why this is so hurried and not full of the associated trivia and perp planted details that have fouled my evening. The only reason I took the day off was for this evening class, and the assholes fucked it totally out of mind for the entire day. Then a $24 hit to get there instead of the bus.

Enough skullduggery, and off to do daffodil picking in the rain tomorrow. The onset of light rain came on for the above mentioned cab ride, and then full on rain when coming back on the later bus. Anyhow, off to do piece work again.

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