Sunday, February 14, 2010

Passive Agressive Abuses

It is Valentine's Day, a Sunday spent toiling in the daffodil fields picking them for $0.20/bunch. My output was 355 bunches, so that makes it a big $71 for some 8.5 hours. Yessir, no path to riches, and it was a very good day for flower picking. Dense rows and glorious weather. And of course, the parade of noises that seem to be arranged; aircraft, but no military aircraft today, vehicles, and a big spate of the most loathed of all, the Harley Davidson motorcycle noise. They put a parade of them on about 1530h and kept it going for 40 minutes, and had them return on the same route. A commercial helicopter came out to do a flypast, then it with a fixed wing single engine aircraft, and then the latter all by itself. Noise blending they might be doing.

There must of been at least six SAC bomber flyovers while out in the daffodil field. I thought they were never that consistent, and they vary their routing. Then the siren shows; at least five of them today, stuck out in farm country, though there is a hospital nearby, but many of them drove past the hospital for crissakes. Anyhow, I have long given up on the sirens that I see and hear to be connected to the generally agreed reality, as there are far more sirens than I experienced when I lived in Seattle, near the hsopitals on Capitol Hill.

And all day long the perps jerked me into "thinking" that this was a big production flower picking day, messing up my ability to multiply 75 bunches 4 four crates of them, and the 55 that were done by the end of the day. They had me "thinking" I made twice as much, and thinking that piece rate was OK. Not in farming anytime. I have no idea how so many others are so much faster, but they just seem to be, and there was even less finger fumbling adversity. I don't think I can take these imposed financial calculation jerkarounds any more, now two days in succession. If I had a throwaway calculator I would take it out there, but I only have a good one.

The most strangest of mornings today, the perp "passive" side that Iave rarely experienced before. They laid off all rage-ifcations and jerkarounds save once this morning. Not even making peanut butter and jam on bread was sabotaged with enragement abuses. The only time they jerked me around was in the bathroom; the shampoo wasn't allowed to come out of the bottle like it usually does, and then they hacked me for three bleed locations while doing the full frontal shave.

They laid off the finger fumbling some while daffodil picking too, also a bonus to not be permanently enraged all day, but they did keep up with the "fart in a sleeping bag" gangstalker, the Featured Fuckwit. Today it was this lanky dude in dishelled reddish hair who kept his wood handled knives somehow dangling and clattering some thing like a marimba. The Dingaling Dude he was named. And he wasn't today's Stick Gangstalker only in the field, but also in the crew bus; once sitting behind me, and then doing a exit-the-return stunt when I was boarding the bus to go back to the farm. The bus was full of pickers, but still waiting, and one seat looked free with some items left there. These items can stay there for weeks, as no one cleans the bus. The Dingaling Dude was hanging around outside the bus, doing his gangstalker thing, I board the bus, settle in and get my thermos out and pour tea. Then comes Dingaling Dude standing over me, claiming that was his stuff on the seat. If I had a free mind I would of pitched the tea in his face. Here he was outside the bus gangstalking/loitering waiting for this set up, and then timing his arrival while I had tea in my thermos mug. All to have me reach across my thermos to get his stuff, and presumably to sit where ti was. A total set up to disrupt me from having tea on the parked bus. It is fucking insane that I cannot be left alone to have something to drink after a day's work.

Yesterday's Featured Fuckwit, a skinhead male looking like he just came off chemotherapy still put in some appearences; he was in the seat in front of me, that seems to now be reserved for Unfavored demographic representatives. Yesterday it was the turban and shawl act that vacated their seats for no apparent reason, today it was yesterday's skinhead and a ponytail male.

And I am stiff and sore, worse than yesterday somehow.

But once I got back there has been at least 40 rage-ifications tonight, the worst was when they pushed me over onto the floor when I was trying to stand up after doing elastic band counts, putting 25 in a bunch and securing it with 4" of flexible wire. These would aid me in getting the right number of elastic bands when out in the field, and not having them spring about while attempting to put them on my fingers to keep them there for each flower bunch. It was hot enough that I did not need a jacket, and then I lost my pockets to keep the elastic bands in. All those details can hang on up in the middle of the field, and I don't have a warm weather solution to having enough pockets for all the supplies.

 I will call this done for now, as I will be starting bedtime early again, all to get up at 0500h and partake in the piece rate race.


Anonymous said...

I get the farting a**holes all the time. It's been part of their standard abuse since 2003 to the present. I also got f*cked into forgetting my wallet last night. This is one thing that happens every so often. And last night, I got the extremely loud ambulance siren. Odd how they needed to have it blaring continuously for a mile. Funny how before they went overt, the ambulances I saw racing up the street had the lights but no siren (as in dead silence) before. If you think about it, why would they need a siren blaring at maximum volume when there wasn't many cars on the road?

Then I had the Just Standing There gangstalker, posing like a statue in the middle of the sidewalk. He was standing near the jewelry store, where the last f*ckwit was standing. That seems to be a recurring theme: moderate gangstalking near jewelry stores. Why, I don't know. I guess they are bringing up the subject of engagement/promise rings and engagement in general. I'm not sure what the GODS want from me this time... probably they don't want me getting hitched.

AJH said...

Answer to: I get the farting a**holes all the time...

I am getting hammered with sirens these days; out in the daffodil picking fields and then downtown where I live (total 8+x/day). No let-up.

Interesting you mention jewelry stores. Many gem stones emit nonvisible wavelength like IR, and some, if you believe in unconventional (e.g. "healing" energies) energies, also emit them too. Plus all the facets for differing reflectance properties, etc. makes for a mountain of perp games to evaluate how all these reflections and energies interact with the victim. The Standing There Fuckwit was likely acting as an intermediary, as a live reference specimen to his known interactions (as an operative) to those that they can detect from you. Don't forget that they could of had the Fuckwit tested with all manner of individual gemstones for weeks in advance, in a lab setting and inside and outside jewelry stores.

I cannot recall the gemstones I researched at one time, but quartz was one, and I see citrine is still in my Bookmarks folder, as is tourmaline. A big Google research project, "healing stones" or something like it. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

That's interesting about the gemstones. I have had countless people with a ring on each finger, with some sort of stone. Likely it was an inexpensive diamond, but there are two girls I come into daily contact with with a ring on each hand. Back in 2006, there was a girl with rings on every finger. I wondered what that was about until now. She was holding up her hand so I could see all the rings.

Earlier this evening while out for a "killing time" late night/early morning drive, I encountered a gangstalker wearing black gym shorts, just standing by the road, at 1230AM. Odd considering the temperature was 17 degrees F (-8 degrees Celsius) with a windchill of 9 degrees F (-13 degrees C). Another odd thing is this gangstalker was just standing there, in the cold, not even trying to walk or move. It's been a common theme so far early this morning: guys wearing shorts. I get a lot of shorts wearers in this kind of brutal winter weather. Either they're trying to get an award for stupidest fuckwits of the year, or the perps are using them for some reason.

AJH said...

Answer to: That's interesting about the gemstones...

Rings could serve as some kind of metal-flesh energetic interaction site for remote detection. But the gemstones may have more active properties, as in generating IR from visible light. Again, I forget the details of my research, but I recall quartz crystals wrapped with a copper coil being used as "dead energy" busters. Like I mentioned, "healing stones" is a huge realm of research, some of it too woo-woo for me. I suspect the perp behavior would radically change if one wore quartz crystals for a few days. Often though, many, if not most, of these protective measures are methods for the perps to do their research bidding, reflecting on all the efforts I made in the past.

I have had a few of the yoga class spilling out into the street just ahead of me walking past, lightly dressed for 2200h after I had just got off the bus. Nothing quite so silly as the extreme misdressed Fuckwits you mention. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

I see gangstalkers without jackets all the time in the winter. I suspect the light dress may be psychological (as an Unfavored), or perhaps it is to get more flesh interaction with the target. I went into a gas station to use the restroom, and when I came out, the girl had her shirt off, nothing but a haltertop underneath, and she was showing the guy that worked there "her goods". Interesting. He was saying stuff like "wow that looks good". I figured this was a simulated "flashing" to re-stimulate an experience I had with a similar woman in my youth. Again, maybe it was to get me exposed to more "flesh". I had one pregnant woman showing me her belly.

Also, one day at the mall, they had perps walking about, guys and girls, that had huge portruding guts, like they were pregnant bellies. I could tell they weren't pregnant, but it was a very close approximation. The normal "beer gut" would not be good enough to simulate these, as beer guts are jiggly and soft like jello. No sir, these were firm, portuding bellies, like you get from years of heavy drinking. I suppose they wanted to simulate liver cirrhosis effects as well. Maybe it's because one member of my family long ago was an alcoholic; hence the need for simulating liver cirrhosis bellies. They've dropped hints that's what they are trying to do. Also, suggestions of jaundice that goes along with cirrhosis is "featured", featured with the fuckwits mentioning "yellow". Again, I don't believe any of the gangstalkers have jaundice or cirrhosis, but it is a mere suggestion of this by getting exposed to large, hard, faux preggo bellies. They want me exposed to pregnancy suggestions as well (to torment me, I suppose). It goes along the lines of "so and so is pregnant". There is the large distended belly that has amassed over 9 months, and it looks 100% legit, but I'm very suspect that the perps had her alter her diet in such a way that it looked like she was going through stages of pregnancy. She's now at 9 months, but I am still not convinced it's a real pregnancy. I'm sure the perps have ways of altering the test subject's diet to simulate this condition over a 9 month period. Again, looks real, but I will not be convinced until I see her with her belly back down to "normal" size with baby in hand. The perps really outdid themselves with this one if it does turn out to be false. It was very traumatizing 9 months for me.

AJH said...

Answer to: I see gangstalkers without jackets...

The layering of clothes and their colors is important to the perps, and even this morning, they put a shirted dude when it called for coats or jackets at 0650h, the crew bus pickup for us farm workers.

As for the beer guts, the perps constantly plant these to be seen, ditto for pregnant women. In the latter case I suspect there is a growing and substantive energetic difference when pregnant as of course, a growing human being is contributing to the mother-to-be's total EMF signature. Don't forget the perps could also use prothesis props, eg. stage materiel to simulate a pregnancy. They did this once with a beer gut act, and when standing next to him in the elevator, I could see that he had straps underneath his shirt. As always, I don't see it is why it is anybody's business but my own as to my dislike of large guts and obesity. And yet is a constant Unfavored theme with at least a half dozen exposures per day if I am out in public. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

I suppose the beer guts do serve as an "energetic" prop. The reason is there is lots of fat covering the internal abdominal organs, compared to a person of "ideal" body mass, who would have almost no fat covering the abdominal organs. That would affect the "signatures".

Ditto with the pregnant women; I can see where they want me to be around the same pregnant woman as the fetus grows in size by week. I suppose she will not quit until she has the actual baby. The perps probably want all the mileage they can get out of this.

AJH said...

Answer to: I suppose the beer guts...

Agreed; also as part of the ambulatory gangstalking games is aligning, or partially so, the gangstalkers in front of another. This fits with the "gut stalking" in having variable body shapes and sizes as props, with the pregnant woman being more variable than anyone until she gives birth. Thanks for the comments.