Monday, February 15, 2010

Production Increases

Another day of toil in the daffodil fields; 384 bunches today, and at $0.20/bunch, I would of been better on minimum wage at $9/hour. The weather was a little chilly, and it was the day that I decided not to wear a thermal undershirt owing to yesterday's wonderf warmth. Not quite the same today, but I am sure keeping busy kept me warm too. The real hotshots at picking daffodil flowers say they can get 1,000 bunches per day. There won't be any of that kind of dough for me, but the finger fumbling harassment was less today than the day before.

I am whacked out and muscle sore today, not being teribbly motivated to blog tonight, and I will take tomorrow off owing to the logistical problems of getting to my Oracle DBA evening class tonight. It is near impossible to do both one day without a vehicle as all the muddy gear has to be cleaned, and then getting to the bus stop and the rest of the back and forthing to get clean enough to take the city bus.

It is a Monday today, and it was still prone to Harley Davidson noise, sirens, including at 1960's version, and aircraft noise, of which there was at least four SAC bombers that I heard while out picking flowers.

There wasn't the Featured Fuckwit today, just more peripherial freaks who weren't in my vision every time I turned around. There was the dreadlocked blonde woman about 30' away, and she did manage to get into the seat in front of me for a short crew bus trip, survivable at least. (It so happens that I loathe the sight of dreadlock hair, (an Unfavored demographic feature) or at least, that is how I am being managed. And as attractive blondes seem to be an entre into Favored status, it has been roundly clear that the sickos use blondes (Favored) to leverage Unfavored features. Anothe example is my loathing of brown colors, or else it is the perp's fixation, but very often blondes will dress in brown clothes, sometimes to ridiculous levels, and pose and loiter around me, spinning "blonde aura" with Unfavored colors, personnel etc.

But the biggest event was the bus trip back into downtown. The bus trip began at 1700h, and ran to 1745h, but it was plenty light outside until 1730h, and yet nearly every freaking outdoor light and street light was on all the entire journey. Not to mention the phalanxes of vehicles with headlights and tailights ablaze, and It prompted the thought that perhaps I am like royalty and I should wave. Of course I didn't, but I couldn't quite get over the shear immensity of the number of lights that were on. Even extra interior lights projecting to the outside were arranged. We passed a driving range at 1705h, plenty of daylight then, and lo, if all their outside lights weren't on, high up on the poles that hold up the nets to stop balls from hitting the highway.

I am going to make it a short post today, and may roll this one into a posting covering tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I have witnessed the outdoor lighting that stays on 24/7 around 2005 or 2006. I first noticed this locally, here in town, that some businesses left their overhang lights on during the day as well as night. Also, I'm getting some flac for posting replies here; the informants, players, and shills know what I'm posting here, and aren't happy about my "telling" of the happenings in my daily targeting. I suppose that perps realize I'm "awake", and preventing me from posting here and other blogs will serve to keep me "asleep" so they can get better control of me.

AJH said...

Answer to: I have witnessed the outdoor lighting...

Today, at 1715h to 1730h, the dusk onset at this time of year (Feb. 17) as this latitude (49 degrees), they had the same deal again, all these outside lights on during the crew bus trip into downtown. Today it was a yellow bus, the day mentioned in the posting (above), it was about 15 min. earlier, and in a deep green crew bus. All these vehicle color combinations seem to be real important for the perps. Thanks for the comments.