Thursday, February 11, 2010

Drilling in Ceiling

The heightened noise assault continues as I type; a burst of drilling noise overhead just erupted. That is, a 12" thick concrete floor/ceiling, and besides, it should be carpeted like all the other suites, and who needs to drill holes in their floor anyhow? Only in TI World it seems, where nothing it what it seems. Now, tapping noise has started up from above.

And it has been a busy morning for noise, even before I got up at 0800h, the tapping noise variants took their turns; slow tapping of hollow wood beams, then soild wood beams, then a generalized tapping and finally moving on to metal tapping with a ringing noise sound decay. Yessir, everything from a woodwork shop to a blacksmiths outside if one took the noises at face value. [interuption for high speed drill sound, another variant on the overhead drilling noise]. But, as mentioned many times, there is no plausible source for all these noises, never mind their timing. Some construction about a half block away, a steel-concrete building, and as a minor expert on construction noise, there are precious few wood beams to be tapping on that kind of job, never mind throughout the day, every day. So... as always, and like other Ti's experiences, it appears that these noises are fabricated from the ether in some demonic method by remotely located means. Nothing new there.

The usual pattern is to examine prior and upcoming events to see what might be so different for the sickos that they go overboard on noise inundation. What was different was using a silver grey handled razor with a black plastic colored blade insert instead of the disposable navey blue colored razors. What are the bets on black vehicles being arranged outside upon my building exit to yoga at 1110h" We shall see.

And a forced pee with another outburst of drilling noise while peeing, seeming related to the above drilling events given the subject of the shaving. Now a tapping attack from outside; this is a major moment of noise confluence as well as "self touches", the seeming prime moment for the noise eruptions.

Other action were some very strange dreams before awakening; swim meets in substandard length pools, military personnel encounters, and dialog with the ex. I swam with Master's Swim Clubs for 15 years, though I don't now, so the swimming motif is nothing new. But this is the second night in succession that they are injecting military personnel in my dreams, and where would there be any reference to that? As mentioned in past blog postings, there is a period of memory deleted years from age 2 to 5, and who knows what took place, but the perps have been highly consistent from the begining of the overt abuse in 2002 about introducing such parties into the gangstalker scene.

Back from yoga, had lunch, and a online game over screwing me over a password change, telling me after the fact that it had to be 6 to 9 characters, and then screwing me again by not letting me change it. After a phone call, replete with overhead pounding noise and outside tapping, I find out that it has to be a mixture of letters and numbers 6 to 9 long. And wouldn't you know, the usual password is x characters (within range), and then adding numbers makes it longer than 9 characters, effectively screwing me over using my regular password variations. The noise stalking going on while dealing with this fuckery, and while being on the phone (active EMF device at my ear and mouth), tells me that this whole fucking stupidity over passwords is a big deal. The assholes are extra active whenever I put in my password for debit cards, so it isn't too much of a stretch to figure out what is going on, this time aided in some way (it would seem) by yoga stretches beforehand. They cannot get enough spinal stretches around me anytime I am out.

More overhead pounding as I print and write out the new password. Never was the truncation of one digit ever so important to so many with so little acknowledged presence. Just another window into the insane levels of minutiae the sickos go through, putting me and every thought and event through a microscope for their own ends, whatever that is. One digit less in a usual password variant sends them into raptures of overhead pounding and outside metal bashing, (new tapping noise variant), along with this functional decomposition. Thursdays, yoga days that is, are begining to rival Mondays for extra perp activity, along with the getting stupider rubric.

One hour later, still the tapping noise cacaphony in all its variation (tapping of wood, metals, etc.). Now the power saw noise has erupted as I type this, possibly because the perps seem to have this noise pegged in that I have used them in the past, and have been subject to one chainsaw stalking event, where the Fuckit came from an empty lot, crossed the street some 100' ahead of me, placed the chainsaw in mid-field, and then retraced his steps back to the empty lot. By the time I got to see into this lot, about a minute later, there was no one there. I posted pictures of this chainsaw in midfileld, nowhere near a tree or any supporting landscaping activity, and it remains one of the all time dumbshit events that I have witnessed in the past 7.5 years of overt harassment. Now the siren noises are chiming in, adding to the noisescape as they carefully grow it with known and long running noise types.

Still on the noise front, a jackhammering job has started up outside, not far away. This might have the advantage of supplying noise along with digging up concrete that I may have walked on. As mentioned in past blog postings, the perps have obsessions as to where I walk, and with concrete as a substance, hounding me with redi-mix trucks as one example. On with the noise show, and leading up to having a midafternoon tea and chocolate feed.

The post tea and chocolate room dimming is coming upon me, with tapping noises near nonstop, and a re emulating noises/overhead floor knockings overhead.

And I see they delivered a blue dumpster in the street outside on the wrong side of the road and in the bus stop. The inanity never ends.

I don't know what it is about dimming daylight conditions that makes the perps go beserk, but it is a near given, especially with brown colored stomach contents.

The FBI orders pizza while at a psychiatric hospital, not knowing they were taped. A little levity in this all too grim existence. Thanks to 9-11, Mother of All Black Operations for this one.

The mid afternoon dinginess has started along with outside clanging and hallway voices passing by. Time to do the lights on schtick again.

More PC sabotage earlier tonight when at my Oracle DBA course; the taskbar at the bottom didn't show the minimized tasks, they just went poof, gone. I asked the instructor about it and he said he didn't know how to alter the task bar in Linux, and said my PC had "spooks on it". Thats a given, but making light of this desperate plight of total potential sabotage, software, hardware and any object or activity of any kind, it isn't funny. So..., I had to keep all the PC open windows in play, but fortunely RH Linux has an upper right hand icon command of minimizing the open window to make it smaller and not full screen. Or at least, it had that command for me tonight. And constant password sabotage every time I try log in as "SYS" the database's highest authority when I had reset it two classes ago and had tested it.

I had my usual coterie of Fuckwits around me, having just eaten a sausage I cooked up only 30 minutes prior to setting off. This was cooked by using the new (01-2010) and unused glass potlid over top of the three sausages cooking together to prevent spatter from flying all over. Don't ask me how I cooked the last sausages as I didn't have the spatter problem, nor did I have a potlid on hand. As cooking sausages is a once per year event, it would be unlikely I would recall the details, never mind the constant cognitive and recall sabotage that passes for "normal" now.

I was wrong about the black ganstalkers on the way and back from yoga; the emphasis was on red colored clothing and vehicles, though with black as part of the color scheme for clothing at least. Ditto for tonight; black and red dressed gangstalkers, and one Fuckwit who tailed me for a whole block at my usual breakneck walking speed wearing a black leather jacket over a black and red checkered shirt. The perps are also pumped for keeping me talking while on the bus. A Korean student wanted to practice his English on me when on the outbound trip, and likely too, to distract me from obseving the E. Indian one stop bus trip nonsense that was on again. (An elderly E. Indian couple gets on for a one bus stop duration trip when they could of easily walked it, every time since 01-21-2010 when I started the evening course, each Tuesday and Thursday).

Then when inbound after class, one of my class mates was on the bus and I talked to him for some 10 minutes or so before he departed, while my black and white and camo dressed Fuckwit crowd was all around me.

More overhead floor/ceiling knockings concurrently with bus whine noise from outside, just as I read the links above. Which explains the name dropping that goies on all the time, as it seems there is something pyschically intrinsic about them, or anyones's name for that matter, that the sickos want to detect by having me under the neural energy microscope all the time.

Enough nattering, and I am calling this one done for the day.


Eyes of the World said...

ever tried ear plugs and not giving whoever such applaud in your posts, or is that too simple of a fix?

AJH said...

Answer to: ever tried ear plugs...

I often wear hearing protection earmuffs but to no avail. First, many of the sound get through, and second, they put extra sound in my earmuffs that cannot be heard with them off. I don't know what the second part of the question means.

Anonymous said...

I guess you could try listening to music through headphones. If you're hearing sound through earmuffs, I suspect they're targeting the auditory nerves or region of the brain neurally.

It's also interesting that I had a bloody AND runny nose last night, and it's unusual for me to get nosebleeds.

AJH said...

Answer to: I guess you could try listening to music...

The lightweight headphones I have won't block the sound much. It seems to be a big perp plan is to have one noise riding on top of music or human voice, and normally I will not allow these combinations if there is anything I can do about it. And too, it "happens" that some faint sounds outside somehow get through the earmuffs when they would ordinarily be blocked. The entire auditory realm is so tightly managed, even by unconventional means, I have given up on trying to defend myself on this front. Thanks for the comments.