Monday, February 08, 2010

Post Feral Family Monday

Not too many harassment complaints for a Monday when the perps usually go rabid after a stayover at the First Feral Family home Sunday night. And all the more curious as they had me engage in some of their favorite Fuckover tasks; attending to compost, digging soil and separating weeds, plastic bagging of said weeds, and when driving to the doctor's office, filling up with gasoline, always a huge deal, any handling of petroleum products. My mother doesn't do self serve so I do the honors; this time both of the bays were taken in the W. facing direction, the most convenient, so I had to encircle the bays where the two vehicles were, and then go to a E. facing bay, and lo, if one of them wasn't bounded for "maintenance". So..., one remaining bay closest to the six lane arterial, next to where the traffic backs up at the traffic light. (The PetroCanada at McKenzie and Shelbourne). And getting out of there was a treat, forcing me to do an extra block to turn around, and in doing so, having "maintenance" Men In Orange (MIO's) at three of the four corners of my detour. It as an almighty vehicular gangstalking, and I even had a dulled mid green vehicle in front of my for a good 5 minute run; most vehicle paint is reflective and glossy, even if not well maintained, but not this one, a non-reflective flat green, a most unique paint color. Perhaps it was as part of the green inculcation harassment that would of started with digging in the garden for two hours, a bed with three invasive ground cover plants that is being rehabilitated, me doing the spade work so to speak.

I wasn't without my noise cacaphony while digging in the backyard of the First Feral Family home; a constant train of heavy duty truck noise, many of them dump trucks was put on. This is suburbia, and there are no new developments nearby, and yet this constant din of road traffic on the street behind. But it wasn't just road bound vehicles; at least 20 aircraft flew over for the time I was digging, and no less than four of them were SAC bomber aircraft. Now get this, SAC bomber aircraft are to be on a randomized flight path, and never come over one location so frequently, no more than twice per day. And yet, their distinctive sound was heard four times, and the high cloud made them impossible to see. It is nothing too unusual for TI's to have extra aircraft fly-pasts, but lets keep it less obvious next time.

I was dropped off at the doctors office, and he didn't seem to fussed that the last neuroleptic medication trial lasted a week or so, making me highly agitated along with the extra harassment that took place. Going by today's showing, it is to be the week of the overgrown hairy dudes; one oversized hairy flake in a white coat and shorts covered me outside, in the waiting room while waiting, and then again still there when I exited. Then more hairy dudes, emphasis on long kinky hair on the bus, and again at the LD store when I stopped by to get yet more chocolate. Anyhow, I had my fill of them for today, so this could be the theme of the week. Only three days ago they put one of my farmworker colleagues on vagrant duty on my walking beat, he also fitting the mold of the most Unfavored hairy and fugly dude category. Theme changes on Mondays aren't always for sure, but this seems to be brewing. I may go out and do farmwork this week to get some cash to cover these PC upgrades that are imminent, so no doubt I will be treated to yet more of the hairy fugly dudes demographic group.

Last night it was "be kind to negroes" on Prime Suspect, as it was showing due to 60 Minutes being cancelled due to the Superbowl game. Heavy on both the rabellous behaviors and how not to be ingratiating in the office environment. The negroes being one of the Unfavored demographics as well for those not up on the harassment basics; check the Favored and Unfavored posting to the right.

I am attempting a Windows 7 upgrade tonight. I was dutifully following the guide I printed out for going from 32 bit XP to 64 bit Windows 7 and lo, when I installed the disc, the setup.exe would not run, and XP did not recognize it, and am kept flipping between a Run and an Error while the disc is in the DVD drive. Unbelievable.

Posting now in case you don't hear from me for a few days, as this might be a "lug it" upgrade; that is, lugging it to the PC shop for help. In the days of larger computers it was called a "fork lift" upgrade, but no fear of that now. Onwards and sideways it seems, not to mention the significant effort it will be to load all my software anew.

I have never, ever seen something so fucking dumb as this, be it from Microsoft directly or via sicko spoofing. This is what I get when attempting to upgrade freaking Windows XP to 7:

setup.exe is not a valid Win32 application

Round and round it goes; Run or the above error message. I got the discs, I paid the dough, and this is what I get for a fucking upgrade.

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