Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Advancements in Impositions

Or, maybe the title should read, Advancements in the Impositional Imperative of All Food Related Minutiae of Target at ... fill in the address, name etc. With me being the target in this instance. And after 6.5 years of eating mostly the same menu item, which includes its leftover form, I am now eating the same food with a knife and fork instead of by fingers. And said knife and fork are allowed to be partially dried (steel part so far), with a tea towel instead of drying off in the dishes rack. Or, put another way, the cutlery doesn't air dry like it used to, and I dry it off with the tea towel on the metal parts, and not the black plastic handles. And that is the state of advancement of some of the insane abusive harassment and mind-fuck games that pass for routine in my residence. Hard to call it home when there is another presence, malevolent in most every way.

And another departure on the institutional food front, I will get to eat sausages in the next few days, as they were bought in late December, frozen in my mother's freezer, and brought here two days ago (Feb. 08) in my backpack. Which might have been the reason they were gangstalking so heavily that day, though the coverage seems to be greater all the time, including the ridiculous assortments of motorized wheelchairs and children on the bus at 1710h, the latter on last night. Then there was the ridiculous elderly E. Indian couple, getting on one stop and getting off the next, artfully arranging this last night when the bus went through a controlled single lane constriction on the opposite side of the road. This same couple in all their traditional loose fitting gown like clothing have done this same one stop bus travel some five or more times now, these being the outbound trips to the community college for my Oracle classes.

I got derailed over the cuisine; about once per year they allow me to both cook and eat meat sausages, and it seemed they needed more "prep" time by having them frozen in my mother's freezer for some 7 weeks, and sitting thawed for some five days in my fridge before I get to use them. Such are the lengths the assholes go to when arranging these exceptions to the usual menu. For the record, the "usual" cuisine are quesadillas (now that I think I understand the difference between quesadillas and tortillas), made from olive tapenade, chopped and cooked chicken meat and melted cheese on top. There have been many permitted variations; differing pesto sauces or guacamole instead of tapenade, always by arranged "shortages", and allowing the introduction of basil and/or cooked shallots. Even adding sea salt has been highly regulated I find; I bought some four weeks ago, and almost always "forget" to use it when it is sitting next to the olive oil that I use. By all accounts I am well fed, and have no complaint about the food quality or quantity, and I seem to be also mind-fucked into not minding eating the same food for over six years.

They did allow me to eat salads at first in 2003 to end of 2004, but then that got dropped, and then allowed more salads last year (2009), likely to aid their food provenance research, as I was buying produce at the farm I worked at. And they did allow me to have a salad at lunch time Monday (two days ago), which is why they might of been tailing me with that flat (non-reflective) mid-green vehicle in front for some 10 minutes of the drive to the doctor's office. One can count on beserk fuckery when preparing and eating salads, partially because they allow me to eat with a fork, an exception to their usual finger food imposition. And more relevant, they seem to be intensely interested in the digestion of "live food", that is, leaf and seed material especially and mostly, untouched by knife cutting. All I can say is go fuck your own, you don't need me to be the long standing poster boy for this depraved abuse.

And other related minutiae to eating with a knife and fork in the above mentioned example; they won't currently allow the food to be entirely cut with the knife no matter how hard I try, and I resorted to tearing the remnant pieces apart. Another aspect of this is that they won't allow the quesadilla to be pierced with a fork, but instead, slid between the fork tines. That the perps have been on a total obsessive streak over the use of knives or other metal kitchenware when preparing or eating food is an understatement of huge proportions. I have a 11" chefs knife that was of a certain kind of steel that would leach iron oxide (rust) if left wet in the dishes rack, so I always dried it immediately after rinsing and put it away. But in 2003 when allowed my own residence, this knife slowly changed it patina over a week or so, and the iron oxide leaching did not occur. In other words, they changed the characteristics of the steel blade in situ at the molecular level by remote means. Or, they could of replaced the whole knife with the exact same handle with all its warts and strange and irregular shapes. I have given up on attempting to determine how they do these things, and revert to this observational approach to all things strange. Regular readers will likely recall that the perps go beserk with noisestalking when I am cutting up the cooked chicken with this knife, or its recent replacement (of 09-2010) of a smaller one from Ikea that they make sure I loathe, possibly to be replaced again. The perps often suggest that I get a ceramic knife next, not made of steel or other metals, and I tell them they can teleport one anytime they like, but this doesn't happen of course. I suspect that within the year (2010) there will be some planted rationale for me to do so, but being next to broke, with income tax payment near imminent. I suspect that some job will materialize along with "feeling flush" (aka, mindfuck planted notion), and I will duly comply with obtaining a ceramic knife. Such are the games of the harassment abuse over kitchen knives and other metallic cutlery. They recently (01-2010) allowed me to use a nice thin stainless steel spatula, (in place of a black nylon spatual), so I suspect they are making advances of whatever it is over my use of cutlery and whatever energetic interactions that go on between these implements and the food that is handled by them. If these energetic interactions are embedded in the soil and rock from which the iron and other metals are made, then the metal mixtures (e.g. steels) will also carry these energetic signatures and impart it into the food that is touched by them. Speculative to be sure, but it seems to fit the ongoing nonconsensual research agenda that I have come to know. Let's see, the bronze age started when, then the iron age, and here they are still fucking around with what material my spatula is made of.

An afternoon of noise and then noise getting through the earmuffs, taking them off, then the noise bugs me (read, per planted mind-fuck), and then the earmuffs go on again, and so this cycle of fuckery continues. Other bullshit was not letting me read my Oracle study books screwing me via cognitive abilities after five minutes of reading. They used to let me read for about 40 minutes, but have now limited it to only five or ten minutes at a time. And in the case of Oracle database software study, at most once per day. They also have screwed me reading the weekly newspaper down to many short sessions over three days, none any longer than 10 minutes. The only location where they will let me read for longer is at the First Feral Family home, ususally on Sundays to catch up on the local news and job ads. Where this is all going isn't clear, as I am getting increasing distressed that the assholes won't let me study the Oracle software material as I want to write two accreditation exam. This escalation of limiting my reading duration is a supreme piss off, and the trend is worsening.

I am back from a short sortie to the local supermarket, the usual gangstalking tails on me. But they really outdid themselves when I got back, and unpacked the groceries. The Malteasers, (chocolate colored spherical balls with yellow on the inside), were the last item as I left them out to be opened. Once I had opened the package, the sickos dumped the package on the kitchen counter and spread Malteasers all over. I corralled them as best as I could but the perps then lifted my hands off the counter and spread them out again. As this insane stunt has already been pulled once before, the one-time version, I was decidedly pissed. I coralled them again, and then the perps lifted my hands off the counter and spread them out again. By this time I was screaming infuriated at the assholes for not only pulling this juvenile stunt again, but then twice thwarting my intent to clean their fucking mess up and get them in the red colored bag. If I get to meet the insane asshole who prescribed this bizarre and insane fuckery to me they will surely exist as a bloody mush. No one fucks with me like this and expects to live.

And what is it about the Malteasers; they started this "need" up in late November, and about once per week there they are in the grocery store and I am strangely compelled to pick them up. Back in 1999 to 2003 they dumped them in my vehicle and down the inaccessible housing for the emergency brake, and finding layers of them when I finally took a screwdriver to get the part off.

And I see tonight that more pre-wetted surfaces are arranged for me; this time it was the conveyor at the checkout, all duly wiped and wet for me to put my items down on it. I recently blogged or commented on  road traffic intersections being wetted down before the bus I am on makes its turn there. Another is pre-wetting pavement or parking lots before I walk on them. More stupidity more often.

Other Fuckover Flotsam on the gangstalker circuit tonight was a chair bearing geezer walking toward me and crossing paths on the crosswalk. He was holding the chair legs forward and the plywood seat bottom facing me, the seeming yellow vinyl seat cover was butted to his front. I suppose this was more of their plywood testing/stalking which they do nearly every time I am out, as it seems both the wood and the phenolic resins hold extreme interest for the sickos. I read somewhere that plants have their own phenol compounds in them, and if there are ubiqitous pollutants that contain them too, why this must be confusing for the assholes who do their nonconsensual human experimentation from remote locations without the gumption to fess up and turn a 7.5 year skein of unrelenting abuse into a much shorter cooperative venture with suitable compensation of course, not all of it monetary.

And what is it about wearing hearing protective earmuffs and not only the incessant ear ringing getting louder, but noises that once played at my last residence near a public squash court begin to arrive in the earmuffs, and only then. Another noise of rattling hard garbage (ostensibly) from two residences ago is also playing in the earmuffs, though less so. Neither sound is heard at this location anytime I am not wearing the earmuffs, but the noise only gets reprised when they are on, and from differing locations. Bizarre.

It never ends, the constant fucking grind over PC sabotage over watching movies. Not that they have let me see any since 2004, but it seems that the DVD drive on this PC is under constant sabotage. Now, the excuse is some kind of driver that is missing for my video card. All this time to piss around, and they won't let me see a movie or read a book. Instead, this constant fucking charade in raising expectations and then fucking me around.

I am getting the restless mind fuck games again, as I had intended to watch a movie tonight with this PC upgraded to Windows 7, but that wasn't to be, hence more hours of idle time, the seeming approved mind set they like to engender. So... time to blog off and post this.

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