Friday, February 05, 2010


That title translated, specifically means doing two things at once, or interleaved activities, swapping between them. And hopping between two activities is a big deal for the sickos. Today it is all about Linux boot partitions, and then ordering a removable hard drive rack (obviates the need for a boot partition/disc), and then back to boot partitions and boot manager software. Why the sickos want me involved in this is strange, but I am getting enough noise stalking through the earmuffs to let me know that they are vitally interested. Other coincident phenomenon are light flashes, shadow flashes (momentary darkening), mouth and saliva noises and some printing activity on the side. Just too fascinating for them it would seem, having me on the edge of cognitive capability, not to mention a potential danger of taking out the hard drive and wiping this here Windows software. Along the way, as part of this mornings' efforts on this theme, I ordered a trayless removable rack and an extra hard drive. This hardware configuration has been a long time notion, planted before overt harassment, as far back as 2000 when I got back online from home. I could detail some more of this pedantic topic, but I will leave it at this, more as a mention than the gory techinical details, which will be only partial in any event.

1340 h
A series of overhead pounding noises heard through the earmuffs is continuing as I write this. It is about 1h40min after lunch, and as before, it seems that food digestion bedevils the assholes, and they have their post-meal set point when they go stupid with noise. Most prime harassment activities are scheduled just before lunch or dinner, often protracting the meal time as part of the arrangements. Hence, Thursday's (yesterday) yoga at 1130h, finishing for the four block gangstalk gauntlet at 1235h or so.

As always, the associated activity at the time of the noise assault is always of note; today, more pounding noises started when reading about the recent release of the Palin emails.

I have done some more mind-share analysis of the present PC events/stunts; a possible boot disc manager software load, dual O/S and the related goings on of the 3 month old hard drive getting bad sectors, and also the impasse over backing it up. With all that going on, starting with the lastmost activty and the pissing match that it has become, one has to wonder where this is all going, save a disaster in the making. Don't ask me what it means for the sickos, but they are decidedly interested in all this, especially by way of the flashes of light that are displaying on the wall in my peripherial vision. As always, how such bright and focussed beams get some six stories up and in this apartment block is very strange by any account.

The sickos have been keeping me in all day, and even doing laundry (hallway accessed) and vacuuming today while the laundry was on. So... when they let me out later in the day, it becomes a major gangstalking event, which it was.

An hour after dinner was spent in futile attempts to get a boot manager software suite loaded and functioning, but to no avail. The two downloads identified the discs easy enough, but there is a logical boot partition on one of them, and it didn't show up to be assigned a boot file. (Or whatever the fuck it is supposed to do, as I don't have this all figured out yet, and even the Oracle instructions don't help when it says to take the default, which means wiping out the entire drive). And it seems this effort, even if expended in futility, was so interesting that a major gangstalk scene was on.

They even brought out the past building manager to loiter outside on the sidewalk and suck on a cigarette. Then three of them descending on me once at the sidewalk, and to "escape" I attempt to cross the street, but lo, if they didn't have it covered with vehicles coursing by. Then at the first pedestrian traffic signal, the babe in red and her black labrador dog were patiently waiting on the other side, and once on the sidewalk the white panted dufus dude comes in. Then all of a sudden no gangstalkers for half the block until the outside of the LD store. Then relatively few in the foyer area save one wacko dude in a red toque headed out the exit. I get to where the Pears soap is and there was three of them all around, and the stocking/stalking dude follows me up the asshole as I walk by, and then having walked too far, we do this little dance in the aisle among the displays that are constricting aisle space. Then once I picked up the box of soap and then no other gangstalkers coming at me around the corners like they ususally do. Then onto the chocolate and junkfood aisle, and an all time first, no one there. But alas, as I enter the aisle a young woman comes tromping through and puts on the yawn next to the chocolate section. I get the chocolate without any further gangstalkers, the first time in years at that location, and onto the laundry detergent, where oddly, no gangstalkers. Onto the checkouts and I see they closed one down, and the one open one has a wooly Caucasian hurl-do dude, aka, rasta hair, about as disgusting as hair can look. Off to Customer Service as no one is there to get a cashier, and lo, three Fuckwits arrive in a flush, one being the red toqued goof mentioned above, now entering the store after exiting with nothing. One of them arrives behind me while my groceries are being checked out and I am about to pay, and he needs to phone someone he tells the cashier. Anyhow, out of there, and two more Fuckwits together cross my path at the exit outside and just about walk into each other getting in the same entrance door. Another passel of six gangstalkers at the liquor store on my beat back to my place and I was done, not even door service (a common gangstalking feint). This on and off gangstalking clusters is something totally new, as I usually get a steady stream with some clusters in some locations.

Which begs the question as to what that was all about; did they want me fresh from software install futility or was it because I was cooped up all day? Hard to know, and nearly always are there multiple objectives in one sortie.

And what is with this ongoing and increasing campaign to create momentary visual smear or pixellations? This often happens when I am looking at text, and then a momentary glance and it is all smeared usually in some kind of parallel striated pattern or in a vortex swirl. I have been getting more of this of late, and it seems in one case when in the kitchen and looking at the circular stove burners, often a glance over my shoulder, that the arc of the edge of the burner at the stovetop appears to be staircased in rough pixels of the same color. Its as if the assholes don't want me to see an arced line for crissakes. That and a few other hundred or so physical geometries they constant distort in my visual field.

Two more rounds of boot manager software failing; not even running this time, never mind the fake of apparent function with the Windows dialog boxes that go nowhere. Why is something so simple orchestrated to be so protracted?

Major visual problems; plasma beams along lines on the LCD display, and the always visible trails of masers wafting in my visual field. And the odd maser making a beeline toward me. I saw one such maser yesterday, coming off the dry-erase board at the front of the classroom, emanating the word "name" as it was written. More WTF, and when is this rape-show done? Not for at least two more years it seems. Any IT/Oracle jobs are going to happen until 4Q2010 my mother intimated a month or so ago. Take it from there, and the desperate clown show that keeps rolling on.


Anonymous said...

More strangeness. Had a pair of dudes on the sidewalk engaging me in conversation. As I was walking away, they burst out in the "hearty laughter". I'm assuming this laughter is somehow important to the perps, as it likely stimulates a particular brain area.

Then, I got a pair of girls. The one opened her car door and yelled something like "hey Billie". my name isn't Billy, however I knew that the harassment was directed towards me. I started screaming at the asshole girls, and here they were two girls I knew. How embarrassing. The driver looked a little spooked by my confrontational attitude, though the perps got me cranked up before hand by having some asshole boy with a shovel harass me as he was walking down the street.

There was a huge snowstorm here; must've been 2 feet of snow where the snowplows had plowed. I had plenty of assholes (walking gangstalkers) provoking me with harassment before I got a chance to eat. I should mention that I had a very empty stomach, and that the perps backed off my harassment as soon as I was "full". Interesting that they would up the provocation level on an empty stomach. Maybe the brain is more alert before digesting a meal.

I mentioned that I was now afraid of consequences of my screaming reaction against those two girls, though I'm sure they were expecting vocalization in response to their harassment.

AJH said...

Answer to: More strangeness...

Bummer, inadvertently yelling at someone you know because of getting jangled immediately beforehand, and likely too, the planted mind-fuck to ensure the outcome was to the perp's script. I get the male jocularity background banter plenty enough; I suspect that it is heard in a different part of the brain than for female banter. From what I read, one's emotional interpretation of human vocalizations (of laughter as an example) is interpreted deep in the amygdala part of the brain, which is mentioned by some (Bearden as one) to also be the seat of psychic energy registry.

The perps like to get me all the time with an empty stomach, the emptier the better. My read on this is that the remote detection of one's energetics associated with active food digestion interfere with those of thinking and all other neural processes and their signatures. In other words, the perps have not yet figured out all the energetic signatures of food digestion, because once they do, they can separate them from the concurrent neural processes. Just my interpretation as to what goes on around me. I had a full day class today (Feb. 06, 2010), lunch at the cafe, and afterward, the class members were doing all kinds of throat clearing, fake coughing and the like, as this was primetime in having me out in public with active food digestion going on. I would not be too surprised if there wasn't some food eating coordination going on too, eating the same food as me, but who knows. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I felt bad about that one. Chances are the people I knew (the two girls) were told to carry out specific harassment, not knowing I had been "prepped" before with the shovel-carrying gangstalker who had been harassing me with a similar harassment script. I'm not sure they expected the outcome where I'd retaliate by yelling. The perps had 3 witnesses planted. One was the woman shoveling the sidewalk, and the other 2 were the dudes who were engaging me in conversation. These two, no doubt, were planted there to witness my "yelling" at the females harassing me. They were laughing at the scripted outcome. I could swear they were driving a different car. The perps may have made those two girls drive someone else's car to further mindfuck me into yelling at them after their open-door "harassment". Clearly the perps had them mindfuck me. It seems like the gangstalkers can let other gangstalkers drive the others' car as per the perps' needs. For example, this girl has a Jeep, but in this instance was driving a new Ford Escape. Odd since I know she doesn't own an Escape. But the other woman harassing me last week was driving a similar car. Maybe the perps have a set of vehicles their operatives can drive during their "duties" as operatives during their vehicular gangstalking. Maybe the other girl let her drive her car. I was supposed to be gaslighted into believing these two were Doppelgangers of the two girls I know, because of the car switcheroo, it made that mindfuck plausible. But I know it was the actual girls driving a different make of car to gaslight me.

Then, all night long, I saw people driving past me either mocking me or looking at me and smiling with a fake smile. Then the police were doing it. Some were doing the odd hand gestures. One a$$hole was staring out of his passenger window with an open mouth, looking like an idiot. Part of the plan, I suppose. These people normally look pretty stupid doing their scripted roles. I mean this is Saturday night, when people should be going out or staying in, and I get a**holes driving around smiling at me to mindfuck me. All of these are clearly ragification stunts to get me to react with anger.

AJH said...

Answer to: Yeah, I felt bad about that one...

The one gift the perps inadvertently provide is that there is an easy path to forgiveness of one's (apparent)transgressions. "It was a setup", "it was entirely scripted", "the players, if not rehearsed, were debriefed" etc. Judging by the stunts and gangstalker behavior afterward, this was a total setup, and with the intent of making you feel worse. That they can mindfuck one out of recognizing faces started in mid-2006, and so it seems they pulled this one on you. Having a camera to point at the smirkers in public, if it feels OK to do so, will surely wipe the smirks off their faces real fast. But as always, with me at least, just when you need a camera, you "forgot" to bring it. Go easy on yourself. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I didn't think about that one. That it was a deliberate setup, deceiving me by harassing me by their scripted harassment from car that wasn't theirs... Further, they made sure I couldn't see who it was doing the harassing, because they were far enough down the road. It was like an "anonymous" harassment. Then, the perpetrators turn around, and make sure I see their faces. And surprise, I get to see that they were people I know. Then I'm supposed to feel bad because of the retaliation against people that I not only know, but people I try to remain in good rapport with.

Also the one girl is someone that is supposedly my girlfriend (according to cooperating gangstalkers), though she has a boyfriend at the moment. I'm skeptical as to her "boyfriend".... I've been deceived and jerked around enough to realize he could be a perp playing the role of her boyfriend just to help manipulate me. I've met the guy, and he seemed a little too nice to me for such a jealous lover type, who knows I like this girl. That is suspicious. I am maintaing a careful platonic friendship with this girl, until I get to the truth of this matter. I know she has been with this guy for many years, and broke up at some point. After she "got back together" with this guy, her friend started acting strange around me, like she treated me as a "threat". But shouldn't her boyfriend be the threat instead of me? I'm left wondering why. I'm thinking it's possible they split up, and are now playing roles as boyfriend/girlfriend. I'm not sure, it's all so confusing and it seems genuine. Who knows. I wish I knew for sure who her "real" boyfriend is (him or me). I've heard others involved with the perps intimate that he is just an operative playing a role as her boyfriend, and that I am her "real" boyfriend, though at this point our contact is casual, not "lovers".

AJH said...

Answer to: Thanks, I didn't think about that one...

I would stay away from that scene, as in retrospect, the women I have known and dated all at one time had some lingering dude in the mix to at least unsettle me. But the perps have a way of jerking with us TI's to create the "need", and overlook the issues that may blow back. For me, I haven't been too impressed with any of them in hindsight, but they had a way to make sure I was totally smitten and overlooked the traps and behaviors that became too much to deal with. And I hope they don't pull any more "romance" on me, as I am sick fed up of having wayward shills/operatives taking me sideways, if not instignating disaster, especially financial disaster. However.... since 2004 they have consistently mooted that there is a certain somebody who is widely known, if not infamous, and this concerns me. And I have seen her a few times in this city no less, a long way from home. And also, they like to tell me after the fact that she was in morph-over form at certain gangstalking events and other public form. And that she was pre-positioned in various roles as back as far as 1995. That is all I will say for now, skating on the thin ice of perps supplied information. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

So the perps have this girl set up as the "love of my life". However, she has a boyfriend, but I'm not even sure if he's for real yet or just another asshole shill playing the role of boyfriend just to draw me in closer and get me manipulated to feel a crush on her.

Anonymous said...

As I posted in another forum, the perps ensure that TI's aren't allowed to live, love, and enjoy life. Those are luxuries for us.

AJH said...

Answer to: So the perps have this girl set up...

Relational entanglements; I know that well, and am hoping it doesn't come to revisit me, though I think they have other plans. Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to: As I posted in another forum...

There are some extreme constraints on us TI's to be sure, but not all TI's are subject to the same set of imposed social and emotional limitations. Some get to stay married even, though rare. Others get to work for remuneration, and others live a monastic existence in relative terms. I don't get to workout even as it seems to dissapate whatever irradiations, possibly magnetic, they pummel me with. Thanks for the comments