Thursday, February 25, 2010

Daffodils in the Mud

A late blogger start so I will roll this one into tomorrow as well. It was a day of mixed weather; initial rain on the way out to the farm, then no rain when the crew bus arrived at the farm. Then when out in the fields it was sunny even, and no rain coat at least, though rain pants are vital as there can be mud pockets from weeks ago. Then in the afternoon it did rain, making the ground more slick.

I had the blonde babe to talk to at the crew pickup location; she was new, and wanted to know what was the job like. I gave her a rundown, mentioning that the gumboots she had were vital, as was rain gear for the day as it was going to be muddy, as it was raining then. Anyhow, whatever the story was, for whatever reason, she got off the bus at the next stop. Chances are this was the "introductory blonde" routine again, where the perps arrange an attractive blonde woman  with whom I have some limited verbal contact, and then she flits off, seeming to grace the location with some kind of "blonde auric goodness" as I have referred to this predictable perp arranged activity. My theory is that blondes represent some kind of karmic highwater moment, and the perps need to arrange contact at various locations, often new ones, where they are looking for some greater variance they don't seem to get with the trail of wretched Unfavoreds; vagrants, bums, loudmouths weirds and the rest. And there now quite a few of this kind of daffodil crew membership now.

Then the usual 50 minute morning clusterfuck at the farm warehouse building before setting off, then the herd somehow gets the word and they all surge forth, at least 120 pickers. This time the Mexicans did the "wrong bus" act, getting off before I could get on, timed to my arrival and to have me wait outside the bus for their exit, about eight of them.

I got a got two rows of daffodils to pick and was looking to get a over 400 bunch pick day, and then one of the foremen had a (staged IMHO) blow up with other pickers at about 1300h, arranged at the moment I was handling the brown rubber bands, always a key gangstalk, noisestalk and disruption moment. And so we had to move to a sparse field, and it was raining by this time. I had at least an 800' pair of rows, and had to cut well below the soil line to get the needed stem length as the rows had been picked the day before, going by the footprints. So... I go up the row, and get a box at the row end to then put the daffodil bunches in and keep with me on the way down, and lo, for some 200' of my row all the bunches were gone. Someone, or some teleporting jerkaround stunt, had stolen at least 10 bunches of my daffodils I had plainly placed in the row. And even with two foremen around, no one had seen any one doing this. The guy three rows over reported the same thing. No doubt said bunches will show up in later days and weeks; I scored at least five bunches of daffodils that other pickers had left behind, or at least that was what it seemed. I have seen fresh picked bunches as well, where I have no idea where they came from, but "arrived" within 3' of me, and I know I did not pick them.

Other inanities/kerkarounds was the next row picker somehow "decided" to encroach on one of my rows (we take two at a time, working between the two rows), and that cleaned me out of some 50 bunches I reckon, and when I got back to the start, the foreman didn't have any more rows to pick. Ergo, I had to wait for the bus for some 50 minutes in the rain, and some dozen gangstalking pickers and staff. So... where did the rest of the 110 daffodil pickers go, as they all "filtered out" over the course of the latter part of the day, unnoticed by me, and there was (ostensibly) a bus that took them away, and no one said anything about it. An reasonable explanation can be made for the 50 Mexican pickers, in that they are handled and managed separately, but that leaves 60 gringo (or other) pickers that just "disappeared" off the daffodil fields, due to rain seemingly, and having a bus there to meet them early. And they weren't at the warehouse marshalling area when we got back around 1645h, so they even got an early bus into town for themselves. Mighty strange at any rate, that so many pickers can just "filter out" and be managed so to get their own bus.

Other behavioral weird stuff was having two staff members descend nearby, coming from the edge of the property, and they had no vehicle. This was the head grower and the lead farmhand, both of whom I know and worked for from 08 to 11-2009, and somehow, they "arrived" just ahead of me having my lunch. (Brown tortillas). And they seemed to be in a grim an uncommunicative state, barely saying hello and marching on with no seeming purpose, except to walk briskly. Very strange it was. Later they did a more idling walk around when I was captive and waiting for the infernal crew bus to come. Normally they don't work together as the grower directs the staff to harvest and do farm maintenance duties, so it was most odd to see them putting on the joint field visitation twice in one day. I reckon they were doing some kind of distance dependent energetic interaction, N.-S. in the morning, and E.-W. in the afternoon, as both of them have plenty of interaction events when I did more sustained and variable work activities in the fields and greenhouses in fall of 2009.

An early start to get things done, Thursday being both yoga and the evening DBA course, assuming I don't get fucked out of knowing to go, which has "happened" in both instances, and the Fuckwit who made that happen deserves a home run hit to the chops.

A sheets, towels and wool socks laundry day, which almost invariably is accompanied by a sudden "need" to clean the bathroom concurrently. The assholes started up the Pseudosweats as well, adding additional sweat to an otherwise benign exercise, and making my shirt, arms and forehead soggy. That begat using the fresh towel to wipe my forehead, and then immediately after that, a sudden need to pee, which begat cleaning my hands afterward, this time wet from the sink water and the soap I used. All very predictable at times, and towels, and towel drying oneself is a huge perp research front, and they cannot get enough of it. The dryer cycle will expire with the sheets dry, the towels still damp, and the socks getting hung to dry. Ergo, clothing samples from the stages of dying; before, normal cycle, and an extra cycle.

And endless research into removable hard drive racks last night, likely the fourth time I have spent researching this, never mind the alliteration of manufacturer names like Icy Dock, IStar, StarTech and Stardom. Then there is the feature flux; trayless (ideal), low quality and higher quality products, three drive bays with switches for each, availibility of trays, and then availibilty when ordering, being screwed twice on the last count in the past three weeks, and back to square one again. Then sending emails to manufacturers about the availibility of parts and so it goes. Just to think my IDE drives of five years ago I had a removable hard drive, but the extra tray was always kept out and was never filled. This time it might be for real, having two trays, each with their own operating system to bypass the imposed skein of adversity over boot managers not working, then virtual O/S software not installing. One long train of sabotage and instignation, and they had me going on adding this to my PC over 10 years ago, and it might now come to fruition, but not without the cycle of promotion and then adversity. And never mind the RAID stuff for now, I have enough technical hurdles on my plate, and for the next two months if allowed to get serious about the Oracle OCA exam preparation.

The post yoga noise attack from upstairs; the bare tile over concrete marble dropping noise that somehow gets through the earmuffs. Now the over and under revving bus noise, unlike any I have heard anywhere else I I have lived.

And a significant increase in outside noise at yoga as well; constantly slamming doors, thumping and clunking overhead, and the inevitable train of loud mufflers, motorcycles and heavy duty vehicles from outside. It was a Ying yoga, very slow paced, and I suppose that in some way it fits the perp imperative, the longer pose times.

Bizarre dreams last night, almost out of this world it seemed; visiting some kind of geological site, as well as marvelling at the size of a harbor, and yet somehow it was on an inland waterway. It was vivid, but not coherent, and the assholes kept playing it while I was having breakfast. And that is something that never happened ever before, dreams invading my awake time.

Still on the removable hard drive rack for my PC. I ended up talking to a rep for iStar, and then getting the forms to fill out and fax, just like the old days pre-internet ordering. Don't ask me why the part (extra tray) isn't posted on their site, nor about there being no online ordering either. I am sure the perp hand must be all over this, as it is all too quaint, if not retro. And perhaps they want the parts to be going through as few hands as possible, given their obsessive interest in how things and people come into my proximity.

It was yesterday that my regular and loopy apartment lobby stalker slipped into the elevator behind me, after following the yellow fleece jacketed fat woman with thick glasses, and out of the blue, he asks me what "FOB" means. I told him, and wondered yet again why he puts on this "screw loose" act all the time when his timing is impeccable at to arriving ahead or behind me, and lo, if the term "FOB" doesn't appear on the iStar order form today. Just one of those things, except in my case, I don't have any happenchance events, and never did from the getgo.

Way too late for an 0500h get-up for daffodil picking tomorrow, but the Oracle DBA evening class was on tonight. Then I got screwed into missing two buses afterward. The first one left two minutes early, and I waited in the building, and lo, if it didn't leave four minutes early. I should know better, but I am not allowed to, "forgetting" these regular jerkarounds isn't the real me. So.. a 30 minute wait for the next one, and then the driver leaves three minutes late, seeming to protract the "keep me there" time, not unlike the 50 minute clusterfucks at each end of the day when doing the daffodil picking job. An extra fifty minutes of bus waiting time pisses me off severely, and there is no reason for these time awareness mindfucks and orchestrating early bus departure but to screw me around.

Then three young couples board the bus, this now, 2240h, seeming to need to go to downtown on a Thursday. Plenty of fat girls, and high skirts for me to see some massive thighs. Then the prototypical skateboarding dude boards five minutes later and inserts himself into the couple's conversation. That they sat down around me wasn't unexpected, as I have found myself among this act before. But the dude made out that he was involved enough to sit beside me, having me move my briefcase for the fucker, and so I had this raucous Fuckwit in a pastel green ball cap yammering away right beside me. Thankfully only eight more minutes of this bullshit before I got off.

I was finally allowed to figure out the reason for the above quaint fax ordering system for the iStar removable rack. I went to the office shop before getting on the bus, and had to photocopy my credit card and driver's licence as part of the deal. The perps got some of my wallet contents flashed with the photocopier, as well as me paying cash, one green $20 bill in exchange for a blue $5 and a purple $10 in change, so all that wallet action and associated color changes of the bills in it is just too interesting for the Fuckwits to let up.

Enough blogging, and off to do piece work tomorrow; rain, and by extension, mud is predicted.


Anonymous said...

Interesting. My perps used to present this word FOB all the time back in 2006-2007 when they were "getting started" with the harassment. I got extra intimidation from handlers back in those days. The one "tough girl" used to wear a shirt that only said FOB on it. Guess they thought they were being cute.

AJH said...

Answer to: Interesting. My perps used to...

Funny, the terms they like to drop on TI's. They must have a database of this stuff, and then a plan to work it in. I had no prior experience with the "FOB" term for countless years, even decades, until this came up as described in the blog posting. Thanks for the comments.