Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Full Windows Upgrade

Despite the adversities over late yesterday, and today, I have now completed upgrading to Windows 7 64 bit from XP 32 bit. And it took some doing, even a little history tour of the Sony Clie PDAs and getting upgraded software to support my address book in digital form. Sony stopped making them in 2004, but they had a great reputation, and I even upgraded to owning three, one broken by perp machinations.

I find the Windows 7 disorienting as to where all my loaded software applications are, hunting them down in various locations and directories. The desktop is stupider than ever, as they don't offer to remove the icon separate from the application software it references. Talk about a step backward, and there are plenty of them, the File Manager/Explorer being another that is garbled IMHO. I dont' go for icons when lists work perfectly fine for me, but this seems to fly in the face of their O/S design.

On the upside, the graphic display is a finer resolution, something that somehow couldn't get fixed in XP, and the PC runs a whole lot faster with full access to its 6Gb of memory and 64 bit architecture. And I would posit that downloading and installing the software applications anew was a big deal for the sickos going by the noisestalking taking place each time I downloaded. And they got to fuck me around again my hiding where the downloads ended up, requiring a file search to find them. Windows doesn't list the name of the downloaded file before it starts, leaving one totally in the dark as to what got downloaded and where. I finally got that nonsense fixed in XP, and it seems that I must go through this again. Sometimes I get something fixed, and lo, if they don't fuck me so I don't see the file in the list, and find it with a search instead. Why they put me through these hoops all the time is beyond me.

But with all the downloading, smaller and finer text size, and the swoopy background graphics with the fuzzy text images behind them when a dialog box header comes up, this must be a total field day for the perps. They exercised me enough to do laundry, a forced and messy shit along the way, and plenty of extra pee vists to the bathroom. Plus, they have tightened up my jeans on me since last night, though the alernative of extra weight gain, also believed to be remotely manipulated, is a possibility. Slimming me down over the summer and fall by 20 lb it seemed based on the wiegh scales I used, seems to be getting reversed. And having me get 34 size jeans in the interim makes them all the tighter when they play fattening up games.

This apartment is a total plasma and maser fest today, buzzing around in my vision all day, and even placing spots of bright color on ths LCD as I type, a seeming momentary distraction the assholes like to routinely impose. I thought I was going to get started flower picking for pay, but not yet, as it seems they have sufficient personnel. This leaves the vocational question as to whether they want me to continue cleaning jobs in the winter and spring like last year, or to do full time farm work. It is always difficult to know the agenda, and even keenly following promising leads can end up as a dead end.

What all of the past day's activity means for the perps isn't known either of course, but they did groom me on my brother's PC, to "help" him and thereby put in some Windows 7 time going back to 11-2009 when dealing with his PC problems.

Another screaming rage-ification over the assholes dithering me to leave the stover broil element on high, the forced "forget". This is the third time in a week, and I am fucking extremely pissed that this bullshit is going down. I have been making the same food, using the same methods for over six years now, and never, ever left the stove burners on. Now, the insane assholes want to keep up this abusive insanity for whatever temporary advantage that offers them, which doubtless includes turning on the fan to clear the smell they inject into the air. And there has been a progression of noting the burner being on by way of smell; first it was within a few minutes of sitting down to eat, then at the end of the meal, and now partway through cleaning the dishes afterward. Funny I never noticed the heat, and funny the stove didn't do its clicking thing when it heats up as it "usually" does, per planted Fuckover games. In either case, I would of noticed if not being fucked with and turned the burner off earlier, and we cannot have that can we when the script calls for a progression of longer full-on element time.

The assholes have long planted hot or very cold objects in my proximity, within context. The grocery store represents the place for such temperature variants to be placed near me, specifically the checkout and with an advance posse to slow it down and to contain me in the fucking line for longer. Almost predictable these days, the checkout obstruction games, but nowhere near as bad as the first two years when the assholes must of been looking for quick results.

I am off to the Oracle DBA class tonight, a 1750h bus and I expect the hordes of gangstalkers to be out in force as they usually are for near-shut-in days. I had one outing to take the recycle garbage to the bins at the back of the building. The elevator and the lobby were duly mopped in advance of my arrival, and still wet when I went back, This isn't too different than the assholes pulling their short rain showers in advance of me setting off by vehicle or foot. This pre-wettted walking surface is getting more attention of late because it is still winter time, though it is mild enough to induce thoughts of spring time. So mild in fact, the Vancouver Winter Olympics due to start this week on Feb. 12, 2010 has one ski hill where they are trucking in snow as it isn't freezing and they cannot use the snow making machines. I wonder what the prognosis is for perp fuckery, as they do like to dump water all over the place and on me, and snow just might be another form of water that they are researching.

The assholes wouldn't let me do much reading ahead of the Oracle material, a constant irritant as it is so obvious as I am reading OK and then suddenly I cannot. More never-before behavior and I wonder what clinical association that has, har, har.

Other floor preparation has also been evident at the college where I take my classes. Last Saturday they machine cleaned part of the hallway outside the classroom, forcing another wet floored walk to the washroom, and then they hand mopped about 20' of the hallway immediately outside the classroom, putting their yellow plastic markers there for the whole day. Like, WTF, there wasn't any compelling reason to use a mop when they had a machine to do the cleaning, and yet this variance of methods. Based on my cleaning job last year, it seems that the color and material of the mop bucket is of extreme interest; on the job it was a brown colored bucket, today in the lobby it was a red colored bucket. Regular readers will know that I am constantly hounded with representations of these colors and juxtapositions of one in front of the other, as well as other same colored Fuckover stunts, not the least of which is being able to take a crap unfettered by constant plunging games, and other stunts I won't get into.

It was like Christmas time again when walking to the bus stop; all these folks out standing, wandering and doing the usual public thing, the oddity being their number. I get the faux oblivious act again, someone wandering straight at me and looking sideways, putting on the act that they didn't know they were walking toward me; the brown girl in the brown coat, nothing too damning save the amount of effort the assholes devote to trying to walk over top of where I am the instant the space is vacated.

The outbound bus' route had yet more road works on it tonight; a flagman operation had the bus driving in the leftmost (oncoming) lane for some 60' or so, one lane traffic only, and controlled in the evening which is unusual. Regular readers will know of the insane perp devotion to placing left-hand drive Japanese vehicles around me, and the odd UK vehicle too, so these kind of traffic lane re-routings are nott too unexpected.

I did my Oracle DBA class tonight; the class members were on a one-by-one departure for the last hour along with excessive earlier bio-breaks as well. The labs exercises we do after the lecture are becoming a bigger pain as the sickos keep dithering my reading, making me skip steps, and generally keep me in a cognitive fog. And in hindsight, they have likely done this long ago in all those chemistry and physics classes, where it seemed to be barely controlled mayhem. It is fucking tiresome to be cognitively fucked with all ones' life, and then to be screwed all the harder and it made worse.

On the upside, the 500 or so 2008 photographs that magically disappeared from my hard drive some 10 months ago "somehow" were found in a backup directory today, one with a date on it that was much earlier and wouldn't be a place to look in any event. And that directory wasn't part of the episode when the photos magically got lost between screen refreshes. I saw some interesting ones, and I don't know if they were published on this blog. The stripped down edit functions on this blog now make it impossible to post photos. I was hoping the Windows 7 upgrade was sufficient reason for the perps to reinstate the Blogspot functionality, but instead, they chose to give me my photos back. As always, any kind of disruption of normal serves as an "excuse" for things to go missing or to "show up" after being lost for some years.

When I was in the apartment basement locker last week, digging in boxes, I discovered my drill there, and it went missing at my parents' place over a year ago, and was always in a tool box with a whole lot of bits. So it "arrived" in a box that was packed for over two years in the basement locker when it went missing a year ago at my parents's place, It is not the first time this has "happened", and moving day is a grand occasion for the assholes to pull these kinds of stunts.

Yesterday while digging an overgrown bed at my parent's place I find some garbage there when I swore that I had cleaned it up when I last did work there some five weeks ago. And upon examination, one of the items was a glove, suspiciously like one of the pair that went mysteriously missing when I last moved to this place in 2007. How in the fuck it ended up there when it was never taken there is one of those mysteries again. I wore the pair exclusively for doing work on pulling non-native plants as part of an organized regular work team on the Lt. Governor General's estate. I did the job onece per week for some five months or so, and always wore that pair, and never took them anywhere else. Once I got my belongings unpacked after moving in 2007, the gloves were missing, and until yesterday, had never been seen since. And could it be the same covert agency that goes to boundless efforts to gangstalk and noisestalk me while I do any kind of work related to soil, gardening or harvesting?

Besides, the sickos can never get enough of me anytime I take off or put on gloves. I must have at least 10 pairs now, many of them work gloves for various situations; wet, heavy duty etc. and I got two pairs from my brother for Christmas. The Eastern religions describe the significant amounts of meridians that terminate at ones' hands, and the gangstalkers are also overly prone to waving their hands around in public, so it doesn't take much to figure out what the assholes are up to, and how Western science became so deadended in not being able to explain so much of the world's phenomenon.

Enough conspiratorial thoughts for tonight, and on with the gong show tomorrow, with not much expected to be happening. 


Anonymous said...

I sometimes get people intentionally dropping their gloves in front of me. One example was the guy who dropped his glove, and had to return to the store to get it. I have gotten numerous variations on this, like the customers who "forget" their drinks, leaving them behind, and then have to return to retrieve this "forgotten" item. Whatever purpose that serves, only they must know.

AJH said...

Answer to: I sometimes get people...

The reason for "forgotten" item retrieval in a TI's presence serves at least two purposes as best as I can determine. One, it gives them an excuse to do their "back and forths", backtracking over the locations they just vacated for extra interaction with the ground (soil, concrete, asphalt), flooring, whatever cleaning products that maybe applied to the flooring etc. This allows a re-sampling of the energy interaction displaced only by time, one of the all important components of their research next to the dynamic energetic interactions of location and the persons (TI and gangstalkers). Second, the "forgotten" item is a surrogate for their interactions with the object and the TI, leaving a piece of their posessions which has their energy interactions to then sample with that of the TI nearby. Very often the "forgotten" item is of a particular color, often brown in my case, e.g. coffee cups, or is empty but had brown colored fluid in it.

I know I am being general here, talking about "energetic" interactions, but in my estimation of watching the perps for over seven years now, there is very much more to the term "energy" than say, the electromagnetic spectrum. (Excluding nuclear interactions and other esoteric sources for the moment). I am being kept in a desified magnetic field, as measured recently at 1600 Gauss, but I believe this is an aid to their detection of other interacting plasmic/vortex/scalar/etheric (or, fill in your own terms), Substitute "electromagnetic" for "energetic" if one doesn't subscribe to how I use the term. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, living the life of a TI is tough. Not only do we have the usual perp-inflicted BS to deal with, there are the daily life issues as well. Also, I get favored/unfavored gangstalkers in various morphs of other people. For example, if I feel slighted by one particular person, the perps may send out morphs in favored form just to get me pissed at them. But they not only to favored/unfavored of general gangstalkers, but as morphs of specific people. It's all highly orchestrated, depending on how they want me to react or what they are testing.

I was on to the [un]favored games since overtly targeted, but it wasn't until a little later when I connected the dots that they were playing these games with morphs of various persons I encountered. Like, tonight, I saw a strongly unfavored likeness of my EX. It was actually favored, but more of a tormented favored, where this person's favored likeness was a jab at my self-esteem.

I'm sure if I leave the US (near Pittsburgh, PA) and go to Toronto, ON, I will see similar stunts. I have already seen pictures of these "fuckwits" in Toronto which I recognized as being dispatched by my own perps.

AJH said...

Answer to: Yeah, living the life of a TI is...

The perp infiltration will persist no matter where one lives, and can be in the smaller towns too. From the TI's perspective, it it one long senseless diversion from living an unharassed existence. The morphs are part of the game, and I haven't really figured out why they do this, though in my case it isn't too common. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

They have been using morphs and look-a-likes quite extensively in my case. Also, it's very obvious to me when going somewhere on foot or by car when they have orchestrated gangstalking going on. I can usually read them like a book. Like, if I am looking at one guy's wedding band, they'll have an unfavored blocking the entrance of a jewelry store. This one guy was standing there for a real long time, not in front of the window like a "real" window shopper, but blocking the glass door. He was outside in cold snowy conditions. But, when they have a job to do or role to play, they certainly put a ton of effort into it.

The gangstalking is easy to tell. But some of the "horrible realities" they have me exposed to, they aren't so obvious to me as to whether or not they're real or fake. A lot of the truth may be hidden and presented in the light the perps want me to see it. I suspect those "horrible realities" are genuine, unfortunately. Very depressing.

AJH said...

Answer to: They have been using morphs...

There is something the perps are hoping to detect about TI's energies when the recognize someone they know, versus a morphed doppelganger. Something intrinsic about the person, their name, their look, written name etc. The fake shoppers are absurd sometimes, but it seems that is part of the game for whatever reason. As for "horrible realities"; there are some that I don't reveal, and also, I have no idea if they are faked or not. Given the number of times that the perps noisestalk me over reading the obituaries of those I don't know at all, it seems that snuffing certain people out that I might know of might be part of their game. Certainly the perps need terminal blood samples, especially in public locations and worksites, which is why these massacres erupt IMHO. I see there was one just recently at a school in Texas where the two victims were wounded and not killed; perhaps a new advance in the perp's study of blood and building energetics where they don't need to terminate the victims. So one has to cut these associations off and avoid the inevitable associations the perps like to plant upon us. Thanks for the comments.