Friday, February 26, 2010

Sinus Pressurization

The assholes are pressurizing my sinuses as I type, and concurrently are creating yawning spells that reveal my mouth to them. As said many times, a TI's mouth contents are of intense interest, as it is only an inch from one's brain, the site of asshole's main focus for remotely applied mind control research. As part of this spell of fuckery, they are also adding extra tears into my eyes to serve as an excuse to cover for the temporary, though continuous spell of concurrent vision fucking. You read that correctly, I am not always allowed to see normally, and the incidence of transient vision perturbations has increased substantially of late.

Maybe this sinus plugging, and viral cold onset is all amout making me breathe through my mouth as well, more labored and more noisy. Funny how this erupted today, but I suspect it was a big event day, (see below), especially with the huge highway full of gangstalking vehicles arranged by color and type. This was at 1530h, too early for the commute excuse, but it seems they perps have given up on cover stories if the arranged circumstances don't support it. And it was likely no coincidence that the light brown taupe jacket on the seat in front of me was left there for a reason, as there was a uncharacteristic quantity of same colored metallic light brown and tan brown vehicles in the gangstalking clusters, usually esconced with large numbers of white, silver grey, mid-grey and black colored vehicles. Funny how the "odd color" gets this swarm of accompanying greyscale colors, in which I include silver grey.

An a Friday surprise, the daffodil picking has ended as of today for us non-Mexican crew, i.e. us locals. And an early shutdown today as well, 1430h, making for 229 bunches picked today, a whole $45.80 for my efforts. I started off in a field with good flower picking, and then the mostly absent foreman had a collective hissy fit over us pickers getting flower buds that were too green. I got shunted over to a field that had a whole 54 bunches for 1.5 hours work on six rows, and then managed to get relocated to a more productive field for the last hour of the shortened day. Even the Mexican pickers were sent home early, so there must be a shortage of picking opportunities. The foreman indicated that if I showed up on the site as a picker next week, I would probably get work, but it comes with logistical problems of how to get cleaned up from the mud afterward. Even if they let me on the city bus slathered in mud, I have nowhere to hose my rain gear down at this apartment building complex. So it seems this flower picking gig is over, and maybe I got enough earnings to cover my immediate extra expenses of income tax and a removable drive for this PC. Now, on with studying my Oracle course work, if allowed to read or study for more than an hour a day, the current maximum before they dither me so cognition is impossible. They have been particularly consistent on this activity, and not allowing any sustained study effort.

Other concurrent activity is drying out my laundry in the apartment; the fleece and like technical fabrics don't need to be put in the dryer, and the rain gear would be trashed if that occured. The rain gear got laundered for the first time; it bears the brunt of the mud and soil contact, so it needs to be cleaned up. I managed to hose it twice after the field picking; once when on, and then again to get inside the pants where the mud would of seeped inside. All that brown mud contact, and then laundering the clothes must be something quite exciting for the perps, given their interest in all things brown, soil, and my laundry, and here all were brought together. Don't ask me why they are so freaking nuts over these colors and activities, but it has been that way from the outset. Even Ms. C of the story did my laundry for me a few times, and I wondered why she was being so magnaminous. I have had laundry stolen at least twice since the perps went overt in 04-2002, so there must be some energetic benefit that they aren't yet detecting. Call it vortex energies for now, and as always, the color and fabric type is of exceeding importance as well.

A very profuse running right nostril that has been persistent for at least a half hour. This is a rather restless evening, and I assume that is the managed state they want me in, having finished the flower picking gig today when it typically runs all March. They advertised for over a month each day in the newspapers, and only started getting serious about bringing on pickers about Feb. 10 or so. They put me off each day for over a week for whatever reason.

I am not allowed to read much at one sitting tonight, adding to the restlessness. I wonder what this portends, say, like passive viewing instead. Been there, done that.

Had it with the sniffling and sinus pressure. Am going to bed to escape, my excuse is that I got up at 0500h, but as always, the sleep duration has no bearing on the next day, unless they want to whack me.

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