Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Partial Software Installs and Farm Work Add-On

Feb.16, 2010
I was to load VMWare on this PC to create a Linux environment to install Oracle Database to support my class work studies. And yet again, another partial software install, and then having to uninstall it with Revo. A second attempt gave the Catch 22 experience; "software has been detected, cannot install". More file hunting and deletions, and still nothing would work. But this is not the first time of late; I had all the Lightscribe (DVD labelling) software from the Plextor drive install, and most of the software suite was there, excepting for the one that actually initiated the software to do its central function.

What is the big deal about software installations that the sickos need to sabotage? Still ongoing is the jerkarounds as to being allowed to play a DVD; though this might have "resolved" all by itself, something that does happen on this PC.

Feb. 17, 2010
A full day of daffodil flower picking; I still cannot crack 400 bunches (10 stems/bunch) for the whole day. I picked up my paycheck and I see that I am 375 bunches short of my own tally that I keep, so I am assuming that there were some perps jerkarounds at work, keeping that nice round number that is divisible by 75, the very number of bunches per crate we fill in the field. Too cute, and just another pissaround, meaning a phone call and the like. I am hoping that the field data loggers are in error, and it will be fixed.

The entire crew bus was filled with the freaks and all those that gravitate to piece work in seeming readiness for me to come on the bus with paycheck in hand. As always, the perps are relentlessly fixated upopn all my financial transactions, and getting paid is one form of many.  And a full on freakshow of the Unfavored, with two of the infernal hurl-do dreadlock hair immediately in front of me. Also two seats ahead was a woman wearing a toque with deep braiding that resembled dreadlock hair, save that it was too symetrical and that it looked more like a teapot cozy.

Other freaks getting more gangstalking exposure time are the mohawks on males; one on the city bus yesterday, and at least two on the crew bus today. I also see the negro farmworkers are getting more exposure, now up to at least three of them by the fourth day of daffodil flower picking. No negroes on the first day, a woman negro on the second day, and as of today, my fourth working day, at least two males have joined the club. In 2008 on the bulb picking crew they put on a negro woman wth whom I spoke to a few times, and I didn't see her again until two months ago (late 2009) when she "happened" to be walking past the bus stop while I was waiting for the bus. And while waiting for the crew bus after flower picking, I see they also put on the negro who I saw on the city bus in the fall, a dude in a ridiculous gold fabric ball cap. No one could pay me enough to look that stupid, never mind being a fish out of water in Central Saanich, farm country.

And what is with the eruption in hoodies all over the place; downtown, city bus, farm crew bus and and the college where I take my evening classes. And no less, they board the warm bus with the hoodie down, and it being decidedly colder outside, and once seated in my view, they put the hoodie up. It doesn't make any sense. The sickos like me to see hoodies from every angle, and there maybe multiple objectives at play; partial face/head reveals, the alien like silhouette with the larger seeming neck, and also there maybe some subconscious traumatization re-enactment, which seems to be one of the drivers for the gangstalking freakshow. These are embodied in the Unfavored, the posting explaining this in the list to the right.

And all day in the farm fields, though not particularly restive owing to the traffic noise, I kept getting this burning rubber smell up my nose. I looked for a source a number of times, but there was none. It came on strong when I was handling the brown colored elastic bands for bunching the cut flowers, and the assholes pulled the smell again in my apartment when I was also handling the elastic bands. They also put the smell on when I was getting ready to take a shower. I often get noisestalked when I put on or take off clothes. The clothing and its colors are a big deal in all of this harassment, and especially checks and tartans with their varying tones.

While flower picking there was the generalized din of road traffic, aircraft overhead (four SAC bombers) and the sirens and emergencies. One siren cascade, replete with the 1960's version occured as I was handling the brown elastic bands and counting them into 25's and putting them on a clip to retain them in readiness to put around two of my left hand fingers where they are convenient to grasp.

I am too physically trashed to do any more posting for today. Though it was interesting today that the perps didn't apply their backache tricks when I was picking daffodils in the leaning over stance. The field was wet soupy gumbo mud, almost pulling my boots off at each step, and that prevented any kneeling or crouching, what I usually do. So..., normally I get a back ache when leaning over, but no today for the three hours I was in the gumbo. It will be interesting to see what they do to me tomorrow, a day off from flower picking owing to the logistical problems of getting back into downtown an hour earlier than usual.
Enough of this pedantic rambling, and time to post it.

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