Saturday, February 27, 2010

Saturday Schlepping

Nothing is as odd as suddenly being dropped from employment with one day's notice, but that is what farming is about. Along with last night's viral cold onset symptoms, and then some episodes of forced breathing through my mouth in the early hours, likely around former get-up time of 0500h, and then following vivid and strange dreams before getting up at around 0800h. I felt tired when I got up from the extra activity the assholes delivered in the pre-awakening am.

Then some "anti viral cold" remedies, the orange fizzy tablets of vitamin C, and some echinacea drops, this seeming cold onset just might have been averted. Never mind the extra noisestalking when the fizzy vitamin C tablet was dissolving in the glass of water, and then when later like concoctions were prepared, they had me walk the apartment from one end to the other to attend to the hang-dry laundry from last night.

A long way of saying that I don't expect to be doing anything too active today, and it just might be a forced shut-in day for whatever purpose that serves besides as the rationale for extra gangstalking coverage when I make my exit after a shut-in period. Now the sirens have started up, presumably this pre-lunch moment is of vital interest, as they usually are. The ingestion of food seems to bring about a condition that the perps cannot quite master, possibly due to food colors. This week they had me prepare dinner later on a Tuesday, and then fucked me out of even knowing to head off to evening class until a half hour into it, so I ended up taking a taxi to the class, and having only eaten one half hour earlier. Which means, they wanted my classmates to be around while my food was digesting with the minimum possible time between food intake and arrival at class, with the extra bonus for the perps that all of the class got one hour's duty time without me being there. Then they fucked the usual PC I was on, so I had to take one at the opposite side of the classroom. Then on Thursday, the PC got moved to where my usual seat was. All too strange, this swapping of PC's and seats and back again, not to mention the total jerkaround of being forced to take a taxi to be one hour late for class. That kind of bullshit has never happened before, and when I add up all the "never befores", there can be only one reason, remotely applied mind control/neural access. And they still haven't finished, as the brain stem region continues to be elusive, and any time I engage in task switching I get noisestallked at that very moment.

A forced nap earlier, after lunch for an hour. Awakening from mid-day naps is always good for another 30 minutes of waking fog.

Continued viral cold symptoms, including an extra runny nose, and feeling fogged and clogged.

Then a Chicken Run to get a fresh hot cooked chicken which will be my protein source for the next two to three weeks, depending on the perp fuckery. I had at least a week's worth left, but "somehow", even with the fridge on its coldest setting, there was a pong of decay and rot setting up. As part of this confluence of food jerkarounds, the goat milk began to turn sour two days ago, and was barely drinkable this morning.  The "best before" date is March 07, and this is another example of accelerated food decay, all to have me purchase milk ( a common white color reference fof gangstalkers) and the hot chicken together in the same shopping basket. I also got a Saturday national newspaper, and that might of been part of the set up as well, as newspapers often predominate as stalking props, or the litter thereof.

The milk is usually good for two weeks, and it is a two liter container, and usually goes sour just around the "best before" date.  Sometimes two days earlier, or later. But this is over the top, the milk somethow going sour not halfway through the container, nine days in advance of the "best before" date.

On the chicken front, I wanted to get a half cooked chicken last time and none were to be had, now gettng familiar with the perp's games of accelerating decay. Again, this time I wanted to get a half chicken, and none were to be had. I am fucking enraged that I cannot purchase the quantities that I want, and that some undeclared Fuckwit Gestapo makes me waste food, week after week by arranging surpluses that I want to avoid.

A likely reason is that they want a big chunk of the old chicken, and the removings of today's chicken, the skin, juice and some of the bones, as they have me eat the meat off the carcass when I first bring it home. No utensils, no dinner plates, just eating it off the cutting board after removing the skin and neck. This is how the Chicken Run has been going on for over six years, this consisten protein source with the occasional meal at the First Feral Family and other places.

My Trackball mouse performance was highly degraded, and as part of the quaint fuckery games, if I clean it out, the performance problems will stop. I duly take it apart with some jerkarounds to get me rage-ified a few times, and am allowed to put it back together without imposed screw stripping problems or any other such adversity. It works fine as a pointing device, but now a small vibration is coming from it, seemingly a screw hasn't bedded below the surface. It is a Trackball for crissakes, it isn't meant to move anyhow, but the assholes likely want to have me get the screwdriver again and tighten down the errant screw "causing" this little game. It isn't a big deal, but it is just one more tedious example of how I get constantly messed with, and even fixing something, and playing their game, isn't enough; an additional round with the screwdriver is needed.

Other nonsense tonight is having me sneeze due to this seeming viral cold that started up yesterday on the heels of the daffodil flower picking job finishing. I am sure the events are connected; I recall some sudden onset debilitating flus timed for important meetings and initiatives I sponsored during my regular job days. I could never figure out why these auspicious events got sandbagged with flu, either beforehand and and having me drag my ass, or during, and sending me home. It is plain to me that these too were staged and orchestrated events, and that the assholes had been gaming me all this time. What the connection is exactly this time is certain, but as mentioned in past blogs, one of the central harassment themes is all matters that relate to employment, working, or their flip sides, getting laid off and the like. And mentioned many times as well, one can be sure that there are always multiple objectives being considered anytime the harassment and fuckery is increased. Tonight, they have me screaming at them for pulling objects from my hand and dithering my finger control. And the running nose imposition isn't helping either.

The overhead rumbling has started up again, and somehow gets through the earmuffs I am wearing. It is getting predictable as to when this occurs; after a meal, and when they focus on my ability to shift my attention, about the only neural circuitry of the brain stem role they cannot yet control and otherwise fuck with.

Another brief outing to the LD store to get vitamin C, and I was to get some fresh echinacea but it was not to be found. I had my usual gangstalking posse around me, even circling me when I was at the checkouts, and then out of there. The perps are very big on me eating Malteasers these days, so this uncharacteristic "need" has sprung up when I am at the LD store. This is also true for the local supermarket, and I am to wolf them down while the kettle comes to boil. Little 3/4" round chocolate coated balls with some yellowish material in them, what would that remind me of in these circumstances?

More perusing stereo equipment, always something the perps like me to do, all those box shaped things it seems.

I don't know if I am getting a flu or just a heavy cold at this point, so we shall see tomorrow. I suspect the former, and it is totally ouf of character since they went overt/beserk in 2002 to render me ill. But they can do that, and have done it in conjunction with above mentioned events. Blogging off.


Anonymous said...

I've had that experience before: once while working as a software engineer, the company owner (small company) pulls me aside into another room to have a private talk. It was a Wednesday, and tells me it will be my last day. He said he was going to wait until the end of the week, but he'd rather do it "right now". I had only spent 1.5 months total on that job. My co-worker tells the other guy that this is indeed puzzling; that he was sure I was doing good work, and that I was only getting on board. He thought it was crazy for me getting terminated so soon after getting hired, but they'd rather have a kid who speaks Russia (and may have been from there) to have my job. The rationale: the company was branching out into Russia, and they wanted a guy who could not only program, but could do circuit repair, speak Russian, and do a zillion other things. Amazing how fast that job came and went. Though, that was 2004, and I kept thinking that I wished I would lose that job because I wasn't happy there. Within about a week of "thinking" these thoughts, I was canned. I suppose my perps, monitoring my thoughts, were also controlling my employment and relayed to my employer that I wanted "out". That's one benefit of being a TI; when you're controlled, and your thoughts are monitored by a handler, you don't even have to tell someone you're unhappy, because "someone" already knows.

AJH said...

Answer to: I've had that experience...

Your experience of somehow being known as to state of job satisfaction is similar to mine. They do sometimes gratify my level of job discontent (or other) by arranging the termination of the unpleasant circumstances in short order. Ms. C of the story, ableit of suspected perp loyalties, also got an unexpected job ending within two months of starting one in 2003. Like I have mentioned in past postings, the entire concept of employment, employer loyalty, doing service on behalf of an employer, paycheck and the entire gestalt of employment is a significant part of the perp agenda, aka, an objective. And I suppose unexpected early termination is yet another sample of this subject area.

There are also likely energetic interactions with the furniture, floor, building and even the personnel, so I also suspect that creating more short term employment stunts might also serve the perp cause to balance the predominance of the usual longer term commitment to an employer. In my case it would of been soil/ground interaction, working in the daffodil fields of course, but the same concepts apply. Thanks for the comments.