Saturday, February 20, 2010

Balmy Winter Days

It is mid Febuary, and the blossoms are out in force today, for this exceptional week of good weather, timed for when snow is needed for the Winter Olympics, in progress and not too far away, in Vancouver BC. I haven't been followingit  much, keeping my head down and doing the peasant earning thing of working in the daffodil fields, save on days with Oracle DBA class, like today, A Saturday. It was the final day of the DBA 1 course, and the instructor went over some test material, and it will be a huge stretch for me to be conversant enough to pass the exam, given the uncharacteristic, and mind-fuck imposed IMHO, lassitude about doing course study work. The infernal hassle of getting a Linux operating system on this PC is ongoing, as the back orded removable tray has not arrived after two weeks, and the retailer isn't responding to my emails as to cancelling the order, and allowing me to get on with a more expensive local alternative.

Sometimes I get fed the notions that I should quit railing against these imposed slowdowns, as nothing I do is going to help and accept the podunky and protracted script they have written for me.  Other days, I am totally pissed and incensed that I am not allowed to set my own schedule and why is there so much ineptitude or delay. Some study sessions have been attempted, but it clear that no more than an hour per day is allowed, as I get dithered as to reading comprehension all of a sudden.

Anyhow, much of the day was spent in the classroom, going over Oracle data movement methods, all interesting from the perspective that I was living and eating this kind of material every working day for some 8 years, and now, for almost 10 years, three of which I spent working, I have been removed from this technology, and by extension, any kind of remunerative work, save the agricultural initiatives of the last two years, the recent daffodil picking being one example.

Back to the daffodil fields tomorrow for two days and then another one off, in this nearly daily alternation of class attendance and farm labor. What that means for the perps isn't entirely clear, but they often have me flip between various modes, backing and forthing. And exposure to sunlight has always been a big deal as part of their research/harassment objectives, and so it is that this balmy February weather just might be part of the scheme. I don't know what the perps are going to do this summer when there is much more intense solar radiation, but last year they often kept me from going to work as a berry picker by screwing me out of remembering to put the alarm clock on the prior evening. It was another "never before" screwaround that was happening too often to be fluke. So it remains to be seen what they will do this summer to keep me out of the sun, though I am sure they have it planned. A good indication of their research accomplishments will be when they allow me to visit a tanning salon. This "need" sprang up in 2001 and 2002, as the fitness club had some tanning booths I would use intermittently. Even after the harassment started, they had me tanning a few times, and culminating in some intense head pain abuse inside the tanning booth. I could never figure out where it was coming from, but if I put my arms over my head I could block it out each time, though temporarily as they could re-aim the beam from somewhere else. I even found their trademark brown fibers in the pot lamp overhead, saved them to an envelope in my briefcase, and the envelope disappeared somehow within a few days. So... re-visiting tanning booths might be the biggest indicator as to the assholes' sunlight beams games might be over. I am not hopeful, and besides, I wasn't much for tanning, and there are so many of their objectives they have yet to attain, that one won't be noticeable from the victim's perspective (mine).

And today's class had the biggest cacaphony of sneezing, coughing, throat clearing, hacking and other like noise going, the first 1.5 hours. At least four apparent class members were in on it, maybe more, and it all seemed to be in competition with the power planer whine coming from down the hallway where they had ripped out the toilets and had them stacked in the hallway. I can only assume this was perp arranged, as they do have an obsession over toilets, and have arranged many plungings, overflows and like managed catastrophes in my apartments. And in fact, it was their opening act, sticking a balloon down the toilet as it was flushing when they invaded my apartment to lauch this insane abusive depravity 04-15-2002, income tax return day. My notes are not up to date, as there were personnel in my apartment, but only after it seeming that there was no one. I suspect they must of time-scrambled my recall, as I never, ever made errors of recall as to event occurences and dependencies, as much as they like me to start in the middle of a story before laying out all the predecessor events. So today, another "never before", the sickliest class ever, all those hacking and coughing bodies sustained for that duration, and managing to alternate between my left and right side. Maybe they will all be better this coming Tuesday for the next class.

All ancient history, as every fucking day I wonder when this abusive tyranny is going to end, and when I get to wreak avengance, being maintained in a state of near permanent anger for close to eight years now. Such is their version of abuse, and likely not the first time they put me through something, and crossed their fingers that I wouldn't remember.

Another stunt the perps were pulling last night after a day of daffodil picking, was to flash oversized images of daffodil buds in my vision, either by direct neural access or else a plasma field. It would only last a fraction of a second, but again, I have never had any kind of "flashbacks" from any endeavor, and especially one that is relatively benign in not causing any emotional trauma. And nor have I taken any kind of pharmacutical that would cause such. At least, not known to me, though the hijinx of Dr. Ewan Cameron in the 1950's, when I did live in Montreal for two years, does present a substantial question mark.

But in class today, I did get some smell jammed up my nose; the stale wet laundry smell was coming off someone nearby, and the odd time I did get yet more of a ganja spliff smell even if there is no smoking in the building. Tonight, I am getting the sulfurous matches smell from time to time. I suspect the perps use these same smells to correlate certain neural region activity from one physical location to the next, and in doing so, attempt to remotely detect the energetic signature of my thoughts as to who did it, how, and the rest of the attribution to the assholes. Been there, done that.

Plenty of transient vision impairment games tonight; the blurrings, then the vortex alignment like the text on the page is swirling down a drain, then striated light (banded in parallel), and the ever present plasma light flashes and projections and the wispy blackish filaments and fuzzy balls.

Enough for a post, such as it is.


Anonymous said...

Perps seem to be working on how dreams work, in my case. They had one fuckwit just standing there staring at me with his eyes non-blinking, mouth open. The perps seem to know about the dreams I had long ago, where people would just stop animating, and be "frozen", looking towards me, almost staring.

They were letting me know they were studying that. They were lifting me out of a dream gradually, where this girl was moving back and forth. As the perps lifted my dream, I could see this black object moving back and forth. Then, I "realized" that it was the TV remote that was moving back and forth, in the same spot the girl was moving in my dreams.

My theory is that dreams involve an area of the brain responsible for animation, and this animation can't be directly controlled by the mind. You have to be in a certain sleep-related state. I told one programmer I worked with that the brain is really a finite state machine, where the "primitive" area of the brain is like the control unit on a microprocessor, which can activate many states corresponding to awake and sleep-related states. He just acted like a smartass and said "no no no the brain is a FUZZY LOGIC machine". I proceeded to tell me "I know about the fuzzy logic aspect of it, dumbass; I'm talking about the primitive region acting like a control unit."

I'm sure my perps are using me for this research agenda, to figure out how the brain works. Interesting that not many areas of the brain are active while asleep, that there is an animation center that is active while asleep. Also, it seems that signals from your sensory organs (eyes, ears, tongue, nose), if your brain "allows" these signals to make it through your dream, get re-routed somehow through this animation center. I figured this out, and the perps are usurping this knowledge to confirm what they already know about the brain. Buddhists have figured out how to activate those other altered states of consciousness, apparently, during their "meditation". One example is their "astral projection" thing they do. Maybe this isn't Buddhism, I'm know sure. But I'm positive the brain has many more states than the standard "awake/asleep". Most people don't like to think about altered states of consciousness, because it is over their heads, because it scares them, I think, like they must be crazy to experience them.

Anonymous said...

Here is some interesting research on the brain as well:

Interesting, because I always thought that we as TI's were the "true" source of this research. I had many fuckwits request that I "sing" for them, and this could be the reason why. The one fuckwit just kept saying "sing!" to me, demanding that I sing. He didn't show any reaction; just kept insisting over and over again that I sing. I probably was one of many "subjects" in this "study". Though, if you look, they "credit" a neurology professor as the one who conducted the "study". You will see many "studies" like this on BBC and other news sites; I believe the "clinical" trials they are doing are a front for the real source of their data.

Anonymous said...

They do fuck with my cognitive abilities a good bit. Like, I'll see some guy in the distance, and somehow, he manages to look like a doppelganger of me. When he gets closer, he appears to be something completely different. They do this with signs and inanimate objects a lot; making them "appear" to be the gangstalkers I usually see in the distance, when they are nothing more than trees, signs, stumps, garbage cans. I guess the area of your brain responsible for cognition can be tampered with by them to be "realized" to be a person when actually an object of some sort. Probably memory is being used somehow. In your case, they could be activated this area of your brain that I talked about earlier, that which is reponsible for dream "animation", which can accomplish some interesting effects, such as the object going down the drain. No doubt it's part of their research that will appear on BBC again, credited to a professor of neurology conducting a clinical "trial". Interesting how they omit the details, like how is he "hearing" the auditory data of the brain? An MRI can't do this, and the brain monitoring they have at university labs, I suspect, aren't expensive nor sophisticated enough. Probably the perps enlisted the help of these professors to conduct their studies.

Anonymous said...

There must be an area of the brain responsible for judging disgusting from "pleasing" people, which is probably why they present so many unfavored vs. favored gangstalkers to us. I'll bet only those TI's that are subjects of certain research get these; the rest of the TI's could be witnesses being silenced. I believe the methodology used to torment those types of TI's aren't much different than in our case. But in our case, they have to also present gangstalkers in such a way to suit their research. It must be easier to silence a witness to a federal crime, though; not as much attention to details... just a straight-up harassment campaign with many fuckwits involved.

AJH said...

Answer to: Perps seem to be working on how dreams work...

There is no question that the sickos are more active in dream invasions and other meddling. Since 2007 they could stop the "auto bailout" if a dream got too disturbing. I would awake when the dream was too vivid or perturbing. But not now, they can keep me in any of their scripted strange dreams. I agree, the dream state seems to be particular active area of perp research, and one difference I noted is that they like to replay dream events into real life, or vice versa. Seemingly, there is something in common with the (near) same event occuring in two different mind states. Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to: Here is some interesting research...

Interesting, the "singing" side of the brain can compensate for the spoken word side of the brain for stroke patients.

And it was today, when picking the daffodil flowers with the jabbering Punjabis near by, that one broke out into Punjabi song, though I wasn't sure at first. This might have been the perps testing for my ability to switch cognition from spoken word, (but not understood words) to my singing detection capabilities (again, no words understood). I am quite sure that the various language areas of the brain, including singing, are an very active research area for the perps.

I agree with your analysis about the perps and clinical research, though it could often be that the perps are playing a totally covert role, and that different parts of the research are more important to them that those conducting the research. I have a sense the perps are covertly lurking behind many academic research projects. Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to: They do fuck with my cognitive abilities...

Visual cognitive ability is also a very hot perp research/harassment topic as of this writing (02-2010). They can now interfere with one's visual breakdown of shapes, lines, foreground, backbround, colors, shade and any associated interpretations and pattern matching. They just love to have us TI's study something indeterminate (usually caused by their coginitive sabotage, but also oddly arranged spatial juxtapositions) to then have the victim spend an extra few seconds of time to figure out the scene and determine its importance to the present. Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to: There must be an area of the brain responsible for...

Evaluation of disgusting. I agree, as they have planted totally irrelevant thoughts and as soon as I react (as in disgusted, and knowing the notion was planted), the noisestalking suddenly starts off. (This is my typical clue as to the perps interests, and what they are pursuing).

I am begining to think that the dertmination of digusting might be separate from the judgement/determination of the Unfavored, which would be different for everyone. Thanks for the comments.