Wednesday, February 03, 2010

One Big Show for One Outing

After keeping me in a quandry all day long as to which removable hard drive and what configuration I should get, the local (one block away) computer store seemed like the best bet. Off I go, my first outing of the day, and the gangstalkers were all over me, like Christmas time. Naturally the time of day helps, getting off work time, though mostly bureaucrats get off at 4 or 4:30, and don't go shopping for groceries after. And as it "so happens", the computer store wouldn't take my money over the phone, and when I got there they couldn't get me a quote on the price, and so I will have to do this all over again tomorrow I suspect. The perp sickos like to protract nearly every major activity that I do, especially financial transactions. This is how it often works, get me to the cusp of engaging in a financial transaction, (or other perps orchestrated theme activity), and then repeat later, same store, same personnel or sometimes adding a babe as part of the arrangement. There aren't too many babes in the computer sales, but there was a large one parked up against the storefront glass only 2' away, directly opposite where I was standing when speaking to the salesman. But she was a seeming staff member, a sizeable lard ass, as it unfolded when she finished sucking on a cigarette outside, coming through the main door and walking behind me. And plenty more of the swarms when I exited the store as well, even the "Binder Minders", the ones posted at the street corner with their binders putting on a canvassing for some cause. Today, the binders were a mid-green. The Regular Fuckwit Twit when I got back to the apartment lobby was wearing the same green as a toque, sitting in the couch and looking totally stupid, more than he usually does. One of my regular wackos it seems.

I also use the term "Binder Minders" for those dedicated asshole who ride their brake pedal in front of me, as they find no end of reason to slow down, even when going uphill for crissakes. I was once driving some snow packed highway in a winding region along the Fraser River canyon, and complained to my then wife about the idiot riding his brakes in front of me, as it then forced me too, and I could of gone faster even. She seemed totally weirded out by my suggestion and I could not figure out what was the big deal over such a simple observation. Now I know, the Binder Minder ahead of me who was riding his brakes, and often forcing me to do the same (not wise when in snow packed highway conditions), was on duty for the sickos, something she must of known at the time.

I noticed that the streets had been "pre-wetted" for my short journey outside to the computer shop. The rain came on about an hour beforehand but had dissapated by the time I was out. These pre-trip rain showers are also common when I set off driving, "happening" again three days ago when setting off with my mother to her doctor's appointment. This winter, I am batting about 50% each time I set off in her vehicle from her place.

Another reason for today's perp profusion might of been that it was dusk onset, the light level rapidly dropping once I got out of the computer store. Not my problem, so why in the fuck are all these assholes out and around me every time?

A third reason for the perps' ambulatory confluence above was that they loaded me with two 100g chocolate bars with tea at 1530h, about an hour and a half before venturing out. I fucking hate spending all this money on chocolate, and even more when they double up the intake for their own fucking games that unfold later. And too, it was pre-dinner, and the perps like to get me then as it seems the action of digestion isn't as understood from their perspective, and so it would seem that their intractable brown color problem must not be conflicted with the post-food intake/digestion. Can't have two confusing items clash can we, unless we are dumping on the victim with more cognitive fuckery, then its open season.

And I see that the sickos are underlining this very line as I type it with a 3/4" wide horizontal band of pinkish plasma across the entire LCD panel, then dropping one end or the other to skew it off horizontal for whatever effect they are looking for. It has been a busy plasma and maser day today.

Another arrangement was this morning, having the cable serviceman come to fix the signal box in the phone line that separates the intercom and the inbound phone calls. He was here all of three minutes as the problem was fixed by a part swap out, and one minute of that was me shutting down the PC while he was here so no discs could be moved inadvertently. That he was red haired and 260ib of thuggish appearance didn't win any Favored demographic points, but I suppose that was the idea. He was courteous and professional, and all was copesthetic. That he was here for the big EMF spike the power supply gives off when shutting down was likely the real plan, but I am sure that the ubiquitous cell phones are yet another localized EMF/energetic abetting disturbance that the sickos need in my proximity.

And too, he was likely here for the 1/2" blood splat on my L. chin area, a post-shaving eruption that I was not priviy to and did not feel of know. Only some time afterward on a forced pee did I get to see the on-chin blood mark, something similar in shape and location to the chocolate swatches they put on me a few years ago. I am sure there was much perp arrangement in all of the above serviceman's visitation as they "only" take out the phone or intercom about once per year, and this was it. For the most part they don't want me to have visitors it seems, and my guess is that they may leave their energetic signature in the concrete and carpet, and the perps are still attempting to figure that one out it seems, always trying to put someone or some vehicle over my walking tracks wherever I go, in front or behind, or both for the odd 360 degree circling Fuckwit.

Not an exciting day as one can tell, but I suppose there is a particular theme they are working of of late, having to do with hard drives, computer storage, booting up, disc playing and copying, and the like. I still haven't attempted another run at playing a DVD, but the assholes nixed my notion of throwing them out as I was so pissed with their blatant obstruction to two days ago. They haven't let me watch a movie in full since late 2004 as it had been a twice per month habit until then. But it is like any engagement; they want to keep forcing re-starts and re-engagements, and most of my phone calls form a similar pattern; telephone messages back and forth until contact, and almost universally the call gets prematurely terminated by the other party and we resume at a later date and time. The perps need this run up of disruption for any lengthy activity I do, and if common enough, they build up a series of disruptions at each critical stage of the event. e.g phone calls, watching TV (60 Minute segments even), and even when begining a new book.

More flailing away at removable hard drive shopping, getting it down to a in-country vendor. counts, but their Icy Dock line sucks up here, no trayless designs.

Enough tech talk, and time to post this dreck.


Anonymous said...

Interesting the pre-wet sidewalks part: back in 2006, I had noticed that there were parts of the sidewalk that the perps knew I took my daily walk on, that looked like they were hosed down in advance of my walk. One time, I caught perps with a bottle of some sort of solution, which I thought was cooking oil and water, and they were doing a "pattern" (like a painting) on the asphalt where I would be walking later. That time (2006) I caught the perps in the act! That was the only time, and I had been wondering how they were going about doing these "water patterns" on the asphalt. So that definitely corroborates what you were saying about the interaction of person/water/sidewalk.

That's why up till now I had been wondering why people hosed down a portion of the concrete/walk in front of their houses where I passed. And they definitely tried to do a sort of "pattern" that resembled something from my memory while doing this wet-down.

Anonymous said...

Also, since my targeting, I've noticed that some people (who have been selected into harassing me) seem to have a genuine dislike of me. Mostly, though, the gangstalkers seem to be handed some sort of harassment script to follow, with no emotion (like/dislike) at all.

Anonymous said...

I also started noticing in 2006 when the overt targeting began that there was an ongoing effort to have me see brake lights. The brake lights may have been part of the conditioning I was to experience. Like, for example, it appeared to me that the perps knew what was going on inside my house, and it suspected that perps were coming into my house and moving things. So I put a camera outside my house, black and white, but still good enough to catch perps. One thing I noticed is that cars seemed to slow down and put on their brakes (so I can see the brake lights) while passing my house.

Also, nowadays, I get plenty of vehicles with nothing but parking lights on at night, and sometimes a driver with no headlights at all at night. There was a traumatic moment long ago where I pulled out onto Route 30, and out of nowhere it seemed came this speeding Buick, which pummeled the rear end of my Subaru. My passenger and I both were saying how that car seemed to come literally out of nowhere. We both agreed that the car had the headlights off, and that the driver appeared to turn his headlights on moments prior to the crash. That was plausible, as the guy was coming from a part of Route 30 which was very well-lit, hence, it would be easy to make the mistake of not having them on until an accident happened. It seems the perps are re-visiting that traumatic event, having drivers keep their headlights off until the get directly in front of me, and then turn them on. Sometimes the driver has a smirk, and of course I sometimes yell at the bastard for committing this act.

AJH said...

Answer to: Interesting the pre-wet sidewalks part...

Yesterday was another example (Yoga Stalk posting). There was a light rain about an hour or so before I went out to yoga at 1130h. The streets were dry at 1235h when I got out. Then later when heading for the bus at 1745h, same thing; prewetted streets from a prior rain about an hour or less before I went out.

I sometimes see intersections wetted down with no rain cover story, like my daily summertime bus trips to do farm work. The local supermarket gets its parking lot wetted often, again, with no rain cover story.

I don't see many hose downs per se, though they will do street cleaning ahead of my walking beat. Also, filling the street cleaner at a hydrant near the bus stop, and having the extra leaked water trickling along the gutter where the buses pull in. There is something particular about water and its origins and bodily uptake that they are very active in researching. Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to: Also, since my targeting, I've noticed...

I have given up on attempting to interpret facial expressions as to what the gangstalker might know about my circumstances. In my situation which is so highly governed and arranged, these facial expressions are put-on, and then the perps insert a story to go with it that is likely totally fictional. At the last bigtime paying gig they had all my co-workers look at me as if totally aghast at something horrible (it seemed). But it was all total bullshit as it unfolded, as I am the victimized party, and there was no "horrible event" that would of caused this orchestrated facial look theme. Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to: I also started noticing in 2006...

The perps can never get enough red light testing done on us TI's, and daylight and cloud conditions seem to be only two of many variables. Of late, red vehicles at nightime is a big deal. Then also, casting a black vehicle in red light and having me notice as it "changes color" (reflectivity) from being red to being black. Endless testing, and totally predictable. Thanks for the comments.