Saturday, February 06, 2010

Full Day Class

One of the Saturdays there is an all day Oracle DBA class. I expected more gangstalking action when on the way to the bus stop this morning because I started a new bag of coffee, mainly a silver colored package with some lime green livery on the bag. All this is vital stuff for the sickos, and too, where the coffee is from. This is Guatamalean coffee and I am sure that was interesting for them too, and might have been the reason for the Hispanic class member to accompany for part of the bus ride to class. There were hordes out on the street a 0825h on a Saturday morning, almost like Christmas time. Not many stores open at that then but I had two of them crawling up my asshole when I stopped at Starbucks to get a newspaper. Once out, I had a blonde woman on my tail for the entire block to the bus stop; as I redoubled my pace to get further ahead, she did too. I don't get many of these assholes who stalk me at my ferocious walking speed, but she is the third in 7.5 years of being stalked.

And if you see the street sweeper before you see any gangstalker when exiting the apartment building you know it is going to be a busy gangstalking morning. True to form, the shopping cart acts were out, at least three of them and also their big plastic garbage bags full of pop cans. And lo, if they didn't clean the floors outside the classroom in advance of me walking to the washroom, the street sweeper like effect. There were the usual coordinated coughings and throat clearings in class, the extra chairs posted around me, the "lean backs", where someone in front of me leans back toward me with their hands splayed on their heads, pretending to be totally oblivious as to how close they are getting.

And the two Asian women in the classroom separately leave early to then have me alone with the dudes (six of them, plus instructor) for whatever reason, toward the end of the class. And lo, if there wasn't a dude flush of four around me on the bus afterward. Other likely games were having road works on the route there and back, having all the traffic share one lane. They also put their work hut on the back of a flatbed truck while the bus was waiting for the traffic to be cleared. An ersatz elevator of a kind perhaps, one of the elevational games the perps like to play given their obsessive need to change respective elevation of their gangstalkers vis a vis me. Which is why they like to have the Fuckwits going up and down stairs in my proximity.

Almost back to the same old food; tortillas, tapenade, chopped chicken meat and melted cheese on top, my diet for the past six years save some substitutions for the tapenade (guacamole, pesto). I had been eating these Thai tortillas for lack of knowing what they are called, and they were a little different in that they were doughy, but eventually cooked up to be crispy and pleasant. Then they constrained the usual tapenade and substituted some ugly tapenade with red peppers in it, and do I ever loathe red flecked food as I have learned by way of the assholes gaming me. A little turkey meat is still left from Christmas, having been frozen for four weeks and so it will be back to the Chicken Run days again, perish the thought of the gangstalking intensity when resuming long established/imposed habits.

One would think I would be allowed to make this dish unfettered by insane fuckery, having made it so long, but it wasn't that way at all. They imposed a "forget" on turning off the broil element when I pulled the frypan from the oven, and didn't let me in on it until I was back in the kitchen starting the dishes. (No smell or clicks or pops that there would be ordinarily). Since they pulled the identical stunt yesterday, replete with having me turn on the kitchen fan on to dissapate the smell of the oven element, I was screaming infuriated. I don't ever forget to turn off oven burners immediately after use, and the assholes imposed this "forget" two days in succession. I will be looking for heads to crack on this one if a modicum of justice is permitted after this insane abusive Fuckover of the Fourth Reich.

Evening time tea and chocolate are consumed; at least one siren show there, along with some thumpy overhead noises. The assholes are at it again, denaturing the chocolate flavor, making it less pleasing and more tasteless. They did this with the Villars brand as well until they had it pulled from the store altogether. I have no idea as to the precise whys and wherefores of them prescribing specific makes and brands of chocolate as they are all about the same color of brown. I suspect it has to do with the packaging; Villars was in foil inside a cardboard sleeve, and the present Milkas are in a plastic lilac colored wrapping. Maybe it is on the same trend line, and maybe the assholes will end their chocolate games, even to the point of not wanting to smell it, which is what they did for a week in late 2002.

And they are big on planting smell up my nose today; the horrid hospital smell that occurs (or is arranged) when I visit my father in the care hospital was replayed on and off for the entire day while in class. Oftentimes the smell was coincident with extra throat clearing, pen clicking, knuckle cracking and the like. And I took 90 hours of classroom time in the same building in the Fall of 2009, and there was no such smells to the cleaning there, even with the cleaners close at hand sometimes.

And I got a phone call at the "feel good moment" when reading a sports story that the Montreal Canadiens defeated the Pittsburg Penguins 5 to 4. Just as I finished reading the article he calls to ask some rather pedantic questions as to how to deal with his bush that will press against the neighbor's fend to be. As mentioned many times, I have come to strongly suspect that telephone calls, an electromagnetic disturbance at one's ear and mouth along with vocalizations, seems to be a common perp arrangement at key moments for them. Another facet is that they have a strong noisestalk and other planted phenomenon at the moment of finishing something. This was especially noted when doing farm work as often someone would help me finish a line of weeding, or after a break, have someone else finish up my work and send me elsewhere. This is one of the more benign research/harassment objectives of theirs, but one can be sure I am never allowed to finish anything unless there has been multiple attempts, such as cleaning up this blog posting after it was posted often three or more rounds of "completion". And it has always been this way for writing letters and emails; having me send an email prematurely is just so fucking funny for them.

More web surfing, and putzing; I could be getting on with a Windows 7 upgrade, a Linux install (four boot managers didn't work), and possibly installing a virtual environment to run Linux for Oracle database study. But..., back to being kept in a quandry, and the perps know I have no patience for being kept in this stasis state, and would surely of been motivated to get on with this long before now. The hardware solution has been ordered, but it may take some two or more weeks, so why cannot I get onto what I want by way of my own predilection for prudent action? Because the mind-keepers have a long history of promoting dithering, my father being the worst. And if it one thing I cannot stand is dithering, and here I am a captive of an abusive criminal agency that gets some kind of desired negative energy from thwarting individual intent. Lucky me. Enough of my travails, and hoping that other TI's have more freedom than I do.


Anonymous said...

I do get plenty of "space invasions". One of them is having some dude or chick walk past me, look at me, and start messing around, waving their fingers/hands in my face. Or they'll say something at the exact moment they pass me.

AJH said...

Answer to: I do get plenty of "space invasions"...

They cannot get enough sickos on top of where I walk witin the shortest amount of time. Hence, the increased number of vehicles running red lights in this town, sometimes side by side, which I never seen anywhere else in all my travels and places of residence. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

I do witness a fair amount of people running red lights. Usually, there'd be a vehicle slowing down to a stop almost, even when the light is green. All just to gawk at what I was doing when walking a short distance down the sidewalk. I used to get a few cars completely stopped at green lights while I was on foot, which would then proceed as it was turning red.

AJH said...

Answer to: I do witness a fair amount of...

It is getting nuts in this town, as even the buses are running red lights when I have never seen it before. But the all time Fuckwit stunt is when they stop at a green light and no one minds. Totally beserk by my standards.

Anonymous said...

Admittedly, my situation was a lot worse when they went over in '06 on me. One night I went to BestBuy, and there these people camping out in front of the store. Maybe they were activists, but I'm not sure. I did have a strange feeling about them, but that's nothing new as a TI.

I figured out that I was being gangstalked, but I figured I could escape the stalkers by taking a trip out of town. Man was I wrong... I got off the Turnpike at Bedford, and there was a car waiting just in front of the toll booth who cut me off right in front of the booth. Imagine a car just waiting there, idling, in front of a tool booth for who knows how long, and not getting caught.

I'm nor sure if it was the same trip, but I got the my first encounter to what I would find out to be a recurring gangstalker. This guy had a breakdown/accident on the turnpike, and he had a whole bunch of metal parts and shards from an accident he had scattered all over the road. The perps made sure I ran over the metal and plastic parts scattered all over the road. Imagine them doing this on a major highway. And it seemed suspicious that a guy had an accident complete with car parts scattered over all lanes just moments before I was to pass through the area. That was around Bedford. I saw who I believed to be the same guy, driving the same van, who had an identical accident near Uniontown, which is 100 miles away, at least. Same deal: car parts scattered all over all southbound lanes, making sure I ran over them with my tires.

It could have been a different guy driving a similar vehicle, but it seemed to be the same guy with the same vehicle. In that case, it's interesting how many times the guy wrecks the same vehicle in so many far-away places. It was bizarre, but it was the year they went overt. They set up plenty of bizarre stunts like this.

They seemed to be backing off the bizarre stunts like this over the years, but it could be because I have gotten used to the perps and their shenanigans. So it appears like they've turned down the bizarro level, though it could be me getting accustomed to their bullshit stunts. They did seem to overdo things in '06 though. Maybe it's because they were trying to initiate me into their bullshit world, and wanted to make a huge statement that I was going to be experiencing hell over the years.

Other stunts back in that year included having some jerk take off the pop nozzle of the soda fountain, so that I got sprayed with Cherry Choke when I tried to fill my cup. Maybe the perps' operatives were simply a different mentality back then. Life is still like hell now. Not very unbearable, but they make sure I get enough misery meted out to me on a daily basis.

When I got to the other town, 130 miles away from where I live, I saw the same gangstalking tactics being used as here. I even saw the same guy walking around that I used to see on the streets here. I believe they had operatives go over there and spend some time, in case I might make a visit. That probably explains why I was encountering the same shills there as here. I then realized that there is no escaping the perp gangstalking hell they have set up.

AJH said...

Answer to: Admittedly, my situation was a lot worse...

The perps like to lay on the abuse and harassment heavy when they first go overt. The first year and a half was unbearable for all the insane and bizarre stunts they pulled, but then settled it down to the present dull roar that I write about.

Having liquid spray on victims is quite common, especially if it is colored. They do the bird droppings stunt sometimes, splattering the windshield and then having a cyclist wearing the same colors as the bird shit within a few minutes. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

I do get the liquid spray stunts a good bit. Usually, it's like something from a spray bottle or squirt gun. During their heavy harassment years, they had one car load of jokesters drive past with a Super Soaker gun, and got me good when I was walking. I've noticed they saved these insane stunts for key moments. In this case, it was the late evening the same day I had gone to a big interview. Other times, they seemed to leave me alone. It seems they are always trying to squirt water on my face/body.

I'm sure those jokesters with the Super Soaker gun were shills who were "asked" or instructed to perform this task. That way, when I complain, they can just say "oh we were just joking around". Yeah, with a total stranger... that's why their excuses don't make sense.

AJH said...

Answer to: I do get the liquid spray stunts a good bit...

I don't get sprayed too often in public, though they have taken to simulating the sensation of water spray on my bare feet or legs in the bathroom or kitchen. Hard to know the operatives from the shills, though I suspect it is more the operatives when they "buddy up". Thanks for the comments.