Friday, February 05, 2010

Yoga Stalk

An all  day tapping noise, as if there were the Infinite Tent Peg outside for someone to keep whacking at. Sometimes the tapping pseudo-object reverts to the noise of a hollow wood beam, then a solid wood beam, and even metallic ringing noise. as if everyone has a beam lying around to bang on 1x/second. There are no such objects in the neighborhood of course, nor is there any construction site or anywhere else that would serve as a putative causal location/activity.

It is just one of those neighborhood events, though in the TI World, a "neighborhood" can mean any kind of orchestrated collage of Fuckwits and their props, when they decide to use them. Another neighborhood noise is ongoing chirps, again of no ostensible cause, and going on all day, and like the above mentioned tapping, it erupted before I got up this morning. They tell me it is called "noise tracking", running the same noise to track my neural and other energetic responses over the course of the day, no matter what activity or location.

A street vagrant type wanted some money from me on my way to yoga, and my automated response was to think "fuck off", though no words crossed my lips, and I ignored him. He was some 25' from the intersection I stopped at immediately following his request. And when waiting at the traffic control to cross the street he begins to double back, looking at me as if to ask again. I was eying this Fuckwit as he was coming toward me, and then within 10' one of the wretched sidewalk cyclists, a blonde woman rides her bicycle between us and then makes a 90 degree turn to cross the street. The Fuckwit stopped waddling toward me, and then got the orthogonal turn notion too, turning 90 degrees to then wander in the opposite direction of the cyclist, with me tracking him until the traffic control allowed me to walk across the street. So it would seem there was some kind of "something" (energy says me), between me and the semi-threatening Fuckwit that needed to be sampled/assayed by means of the intervening blonde cyclist. And as before, there is no reason whatsover for the plethora of sidewalk cyclists when this town is one of the most cyclist laned in all of North America. No big deal in the end, but it shows that the sickos have upped the ante a little to demand more street "engagements" and then have another Fuckwit swoop/gangstalk between me and the instignating asshole.

Then on the way back from yoga, they put on a native Indian doing a semi-aggressive legs apart stance as I was walking toward him, some 60' at first. Here he was standing in the middle of the sidewalk, at a pedestrian intersection, looking at me or at my direction, and not pretending to be busy at anything else (like crossing the street). His shirt was undone to the navel as part of the show, and when within 8' he says "hello" to me, and I respond in kind and keep walking, not even putting the touch on me for money. So why does this escalation of perp games start up on a yoga day?

Because, as one TI explained it to me, they read one's spine like an aerial, and I am just coming from a location where said aerial was flexed and exercised, and there is still plenty of residual energy coming off it. (I know I am pushing the conventional physics concepts, but for now, I will say they are electromagnetic energies, though I think there is more to this).

Plenty of provocations to get  me to vocalize, code for swearing out loud, and even screaming at the assholes if the transgression was egregious enough. Provocations were; flipping a portion of my lunch on the counter onto the floor in the kitchen (and preventing me from doing anything while it was in progress), pulling items from my grasp, not allow the breakfast time cleaning of the peanut butter from the knife on the bread before it is put in the jam (every morning, like clockwork), having recently placed  items move by themselves (usually no more than an inch or two), extra noise of no ostensible cause (e.g. clatter of cultery  up to four seconds after I picked up the item), extra touches from no ostensible cause and as always, plasma flashes in strange colors that are not of the object it is placed in front of.

At yoga they put on the disgusting obese negro woman again, keeping her as far away from me as possible, though they did not put her in the dim light as in past classes. It was a Ying yoga today, long poses for the connective tissue to be exercised. Not my cup of tea, but the class is free and every once and a while is OK.

Just me and the women at yoga today, the two dudes didn't come, one has been a regular, and the other I call Bojangles as he is always jangling a key chain when he arrives. His outfit last week was over the top, a beret on for crissakes, presumably as an emulation of military garb, a decidedly Unfavored presentation/garment.

Other perp instignated bullshit today was about my research yesterday of the removable hard drive racks, where the prices went up some $5 to $10 overnight for all five candidate Icy Dock trayless caddies. And get this, all five items were not in stock, and as I learned today, take one to two weeks to arrive. So who was messing with the prices overnight, or early morning today, for items that aren't even stocked? Well, it could be some kind of automated process, but I copy the price out from the web page and put it on the Bookmark description so I am not going by memory.

And if that wasn't enough, the $56 Stardom mobile rack of a local supplier web page listing yesterday also got increased to $79 when they phoned me with a quote. And no less, it seems to be a discontinued model as they are getting out of mobile racks, save for the Macintosh model. All the while (yesterday) the perps were planting the notion that the $56 was the sale price because they were being blown out, but in fact the price went up. What is the point of this senseless fuckery over jerking prices up?

The big event for the perps is to have me load up Linux for a dual boot arrangement and that was duly attempted today after I booted up from the disc, the fourth version. The install didn't get far as it was looking for a boot drive, and I didn't want to make it the C drive in case it wiped it out. So why can't the boot drive be the same (virtual) drive for the Linux instance? Anyhow, it seems this is to be my monitored toil for the next week until I decide to take on the mobile rack installation acquisiton. All tonight at the Oracle DBA class I was being pestered over getting the above $104 Stardom option (with extra tray). It is plain tiresome that one cannot be allowed even to apply one's own sense of thrift, and instead be bombarded with high end options that aren't particularly affordable.

A major noise campaign tonight while in class tonight; both classmates doing their knuckle cracking and coordinated coughing, and adding in pen clicking as a first. Outside the classroom there was machine whine, chairs being dragged to and fro, talking, clatter and tapping for much of the class. Keeping me mapped with the same noises from apartment to class to anywhere else it seems. And no less, they even put noise on as if it were coming from overhead when this was the top floor of the building. Just more fun for more sickos.

More silly nonsense on the city bus freakshow tonight; a flush of some five dudes around me at the rear of the bus was rotated out inside of some 10 minutes with an all female crew, one being blonde, and in grey pants and a fuschia top. Plus the broken down bus act again; having the passengers of the previous bus (it is made to seem), be waiting for the next bus as it is broken down. This makes for a flush of some 10 or more passengers at a unexpected location, and who knows, it must be related to the following bus passenger nonsense. My adjacent seat mate of this later female flush of passengers around me was wearing the fugliest shoes I have seen to date; bright orange for crissakes.

That was almost topped on the inbound bus when a same (above) orange sweatered male Fuckwit got on the bus and stood the entire five minutes of his ride when there was plenty of seats. That he was behind a glass partition was probably part of deal, as I get this "posing" behind differing transparent materials all the time (e.g. Plexiglass, tempered glass, plain single pane glass etc.)  Here we are at 2200h on a dark winter night with some wind, and the Fuckwit was wearing a porous sweater; give me a break. It was about as stupid as his faux mowhawk hairdo, the second one on the inbound bus tonight. As I have said many times, another consistent trait of this harassment is that it gets stupider and stupider.

I finish up in class at 2130h and get to the bus stop with some 5 minutes to wait, with the #8 bus  already there and waiting with some passengers on board. I, like some eight others are waiting for the #21 bus to arrive, and it does. Then two passengers get out of the #8 bus and walk near me and toward the #21 bus that I am to take, eventually boarding it. I have never seen something so fucking stupid as this before; TWO passengers purposely waiting on the wrong bus for another one that arrive later but leaves before the #8 they were sitting on. I am sure one can make excuses up as to where the routes go (very different, though some half mile of shared route), or that they wanted to be warm (shelters there), but this is another first of public behavior for me, and having TWO Fuckwits pull this off together is even more flagrant. But I suppose it it like the red light running of late in this town; side by side vehicles run a late yellow light together; never seen it before, and I have driven in Los Angeles for some two weeks in aggregate.

And I just figured out the fugly mowhawk hairdo "coincidence" tonight; Both males, one brown, one blonde, and the center portion of the hairdo was the expectable length for the mowhawk strip, but the sides weren't bald but growing in. Both were partial mowhawk hairdos, aka hurl-dos, and this is how the perps present Unfavorable demographics or objects; they remove the most fugliest part of the presentation and blend it in with something more presentable/less obvious. A constant and ongoing game of visually parsing out the most fugliest Unfavored elements and attempting to isolate a portion to gauge my reaction to the individual element and not the entire thing (hairdo tonight). And on 60 Minutes this week, there was an interview with Shaun White, way fugly red long hair, both major Unfavored elements, but he did have a nice smile.

Enough conspiratorial banter, and time to call this one done, now into a new day.


setmefree89 said...

Only a TI can really understand what we're going through. Based on my observation, even the perps (most of them) don't really understand what they're doing. They don't see it as a form of harassment. I know this because i confronted some of my perps before (i even gave them literature to read about stalking but nothing changed). Like what Jeremy said on his blog, what they're doing is mindless so we should not pay attention to them but i'm still offended and tempted to confront my perp (other TI advised me not to do it).

AJH said...

Answer to: Only a TI can really understand...

I agree with your observation that only TI's can understand all this and bring it into their daily lives. As to imputing perp understanding of what they are doing, or if they don't see their practices as harassment, I am not so sure.

My experience has been that many facial expressions are faked to give erroneous ideas, and often the perps like to plant the TI's "reaction" in mind too. And the perps can tell how much pain they were giving me in the head pain beam days of 2002. They can time family interaction events down to the fractional second in my experience. As for how much training the shills get I wouldn't know, but as there are so many I suspect (in this town) there is a certain level of training the shills recieve to ensure loyalty and diligence while on the job. It is extremely rare that I see any perp screw up in the course of the overt harassment since 2002, and in hindsight I suspect these were "gimmes" in any event. That just my experience, and it seems that I am one of the more managed TI's out there, so conditions, experiences and perceptions will vary for each TI. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

Many people I encounter seem like they've been "told" to say certain things and act a certain way. I suspect the perps are controlling these gangstalkers, such that the gangstalkers really are "asleep" mentally while carrying out harassment roles.

This evening, they had gangstalkers pose inside storefront windows, like mannequins. Bizarre.

Anonymous said...

But a lot of outside observers seem to understand what these gangstalkers are doing. I can tell that, tonight, when some role playing twit came in and the girl who works there and understands what is going on seemed to get upset that "another one of those" came into the store.

I was at an Arby's here in town, and a gangstalker talking loudly into his cell phone was sitting down at the booth. Apparently the staff recognized that this was a gangstalker (a lot of people seem to know about this) and confronted him and threw the guy out. I applaud this worker, because he recognized this guy as a gangstalker, and threw him out because of it. It's so amazing how many people getting involved in this seem to be getting a thrill out of this hate crime. Why exactly, I don't know. The numbers of these losers are clearly stacked against me, yet they still smirk and get off with laughing and derision, like watching me suffer is like a sexual orgasm to them. I guess that's how the psychopathic mind of a nobody works: torture someone with a group of many, and then feel good about themselves in the process, like they've achieved something.

One guy's girlfriend whom I talk to joked to me "are you scaring babies again?". And the girl who works at the store gave him this smile, like, that kind of crap really isn't funny. Clearly she knows what is going on with the gangstalking, and seems to feel how pathetic these people are whom are getting off on this hate crime, using slander against me as their personal "bible". Such a sad life these people must lead, to be participating in a hate crime with others, and feeling satisfied. I believe these people really need to find better ways of satisfying themselves, because pounding one individual along with like hundreds of others with harassment is not a measure of personal achievement. They smirk and look all satisfied as though they've achieved something great, like being able to write a symphony or discovering the secrets of the universe. No, they aren't doing that; they are knowingly participating in a hate crime with many others, and feeling good about themselves. Maybe SOME don't know what they're doing, but many do. They just need lives, that's all. Or maybe they can't bring themselves to admit that they are being imprisoned by a system of corruption themselves, and don't realize it. Maybe they don't care, knowing they will never achieve anything in their lives, and this is the only way to feel all good and smug about themselves. The perps are trying to lead me away from teaching, because they know I am reaching out and helping others outside of the classroom, and that is basically taking away some of their control. That is the REAL reason they want me to work as a software engineer; I will be out of THEIR way by not teaching. Sorry perps, but you will not win. You will wind up in jail some day, and I am not interested in any bribes to save your asses once I do get the upper hand by finding out who the key players are and how they operate. Expect a lawsuit, and for me to continue helping others see the true way.

AJH said...

Answer to: Many people I encounter seem like they've been...

Hard to know how much is acted and contrived, and how much is being "run". Having them pose in a window is common for me, as they like to be seen through differing kinds and thicknesses of glass. Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to: But a lot of outside observers seem...

That is highly unusual in my experience, making the gangstalk scene to be publically identified and rebuked. It could be a gimme, but still, drawing this much public attention has never happened in my experiences. I don't get the slanderous comments or suggestions either that many TI's have come to know, such as you describe.

As far as the next career step goes, I wouldn't try to roll the perp agenda into the decision you may come to make. Also, I don't ever get the sense that the perps disparage instructors more than software developers, or any other kind of comparative job distinction. They are equal opportunity disruptors, and have their own reasons and seemingly, plan for each TI in accordance with some kind of master agenda/objectives. The entire concept of work, employment, salary, wage, remuneration for labor etc. is a huge interest for the perps. Any time I mention these words, or even read them, I get noisestalked and other phenomenon too. Try not to impute perp motivations when it comes to making a career move. Thanks for the comments.