Friday, February 12, 2010

New Ventures

That is,starting tomorrow, I will be taking on more remunerative work to keep the wolf from the door and PC upgrades for running Oracle and Linux on this here PC. Plus, I always get nailed for income taxes this time of year, and if I don't have the money in hand, my line of credit will can keep me afloat, but I end up seeming to work for months before I dig myself out of this hole.

It is daffodil flower picking season here, at piece rate no less, and supposedly among a den of thieves for all the stories I have heard. Call it "how low can you go" in the employment sector. Lower than I wanted to as I had made sure to avoid this mercenary crush.This is at the same farm that I worked at for some four months last year, and I am to be readied by 0650h for a bus to take me there.

Part of the deal was to get a few items to make this more doable, one being a thermos and the other being a honing stone/device to keep my knife blade sharp. So... after researching the items on the web this morning, and at the website of the store I planned to visit, off I go for a 10 minute walk there. One would of thought it was both lunch time and tourist season for the number of Fuckwits on the street at 1310h. It seems that the perps are grooming me with hairy males and skinhead males, and that might be in preparation for tomorrow's work on the flower picking gig. I don't know how long I will last in it, but if I can go some three weeks that would be OK, we shall see. My mother hinted at doing it for a week, which might be the pre-arranged duration for whatever reason, like not getting along with invasive piece rate workers.

And of course, the weather can be a real factor in staying out and doing the job. I don't expect to make more that $9/hour, what I would get if on a wage rate, but the real keeners I met last year said one can "clean up" and make $200 in a day. Chances are some of the adversities will come to play; having me gaurd my picked flowers before tallying, shoo off invading pickers from my row and other self defensive measures to ensure the arrangement pays at least the minimum rate. The perps went to great lengths to ensure that was an average fruit picker at best last summer, so I am not expecting any bonanza. Besides, the perps make certain that my competance is under constant attack by "bad luck", and the rest of the arranged adversity that gets passes for normal, so I don't expect any wondrous compensation or savings from this adventure.

Any change to the imposed status quo, such as starting work again, will be highly gangstalked, and this afternoon's parade of freaks seemed to underline the point. Like I said, I suspect this is in part grooming me to be among the weirds, those who need to cut flower stems in bare-assed farm country in Feburary and March. Though it could translate into later work of a more sustained nature, not unlike last year when a month of daffodil bulb picking was extended into three more months of farm work. We shall see how all this unfolds and what the important perp objectives are; contact with soil, the act of cutting plants (not unlike the elevated noisestalking when pruning branches for yard maintenance), hounding me when egressing in/out of a vehicle, any brown color content (not just soil, but dead plant material), having me eat the food grown on the farm and whatever else is on the perp agenda.

And what was with the incessant vision attacks this morning when I got up at 0900h? Each time I changed tasks in making breakfast and bringing new items into my visual field, they put on more vision attacks, and making sure they were more than transitory. All to up the rage-fication and it attendant vocalization I assume. The only changes to the routine were that I started a new jar of black currant jelly to go on my peanut butter, and for them, that is exciting as starting a new loaf of bread.

Schlepping while surfing, the internet that is. A dulled out docility would be another way to put it. A classic perp fuckover for making dinner tonight. They had me all primed to make the regular quesadillas again, which neccessitated cleaning the frypan again, this time with a stainless steel scouring pad, then drying it, then putting it on the burner to warm up with some olive oil in it. The sicko aspect to that is a number of scoured metal particles went down the drain, and the frypan was resurfaced to a degree, as parallel scuffings were visible after it was cleaned. And then, to start food preparation, why, no chicken meat to add to the quesadilla, the most essential ingredient. So with the pan on, which was taken off and the olive oil removed with a paper towel, it got recleaned again and put away. So off to the loca supermarket with a driving rain squall to get chicken and the one thing I "forgot" last night, Dawn dish detergent. There was enough gangstalker freakshow players such that I didn't need to hang around, and got through an availible checkout in no time, and back out into the rain. The process is that I don't put the plastic bags away when they are wet, but leave them out. Similarly with my coat, I separate from the others so it can air dry. With the Chicken Run done, I take off the skin, replete with orange paprika spice, and eat some off the carcass. But as this is the third time this past six weeks that I have "forgotten" about the state of my my ingredients, that in particular, one can be assured I was fucking pissed with this being played again. And it seemed that the new bottle of detergent was a player in all of this, being used immediately afterward to clean the knife, fork and the cutting board. A Dawn dish detergent transition from old bottle to new one, in conjuction with a Chicken Run. Such are the interests of the perps and the insane level of detail they are continuing to work while trashing my existence.

Another round of imposed inane adversity. Earlier, I got a diamond hone to keep my knives sharp for flower cutting tomorrow and also got a lanyard through the wood handle of the knife so it can be hung from my wrist. The hole wasn't big enough so I made it bigger with the drill, and in doing so, a very unconventional split in the wood handle erupted, some 3" long. Tonight I tested the lanyard and the wood handle portion gave out. Ergo, a nightime effort to put a new hole in the wood handle, and lo, if the battery powered drill doen't lose all its juice in mid-drilling. So... a wait of an hour or so before the battery can be charged. Just another example of the anal retentive levels of insane detail the perps will go to; scheduling a job in the daytime, and then a re-work of the job in the evening and holding it up for an hour or so in mid-task.

Another running battle is with the perps is over certain software on this PC; last night I tested the DVD drive and the assholes still blocked me playing a movie I put in the drive. The dialog box came up with a missing driver. Here I have the latest Windows 7, and Windows Media Player, and I am not allowed to see a movie still. Which has been the case since 2005 when the "habit" of visiting the cinema once a week was somehow curtailed, and I haven't been allowed to see a movie since. I figured if they let me buy a few movies after Christmas on sale, then I would be allowed to see them. Not so; I must be put through more aggravation over this exercise while they continue to fuck this PC and the very straightforward act of playing a movie.

And if that wasn't stupid enough, another running battle is with Lightscribe, the DVD labeller program. It came with the new Plextor drive I got in November's rebuild, and the Lightscribe Control Panel displays, but nowhere is there access to the executable to actually run the software that labels the specially marked DVD. I went to their website and got the latest download, and still no executable to run it. I put $30 into getting a stack of DVD's, and now they sit there because not only do they not label with LIghtscribe, but the DVD drive claims it cannot copy to a DVD -R when the Plex Utilities clearly says it can. Another pissing match related to DVD's, and not the only one, and is a continuing theme from last week.

I am going to call this one done as I will be getting up very early tomorrow, and it is likely that this bloggin will suffer in frequency of postings as I will be putting in some full days over the next two weeks.

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