Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Kitchenware Convergence

An outing to get cuphooks at a downtonw hardware store and then a stopover in a kitchen shop I had been considering was on for this morning. The kitchenware "fixation" of the perps, and planted on me has been going on in one form or another for ten months now, and culminated in a web order to get two pot lids and three other items which arrived last week. But the kitchenware fixation isn't over yet, and likely won't be for some time.

There were various forms of the planted kitchenware convergence; coveting items that I didn't once need, but am now lusting for; e.g. a mandoline. And there was a $300 mandoline on display, THE one to have. Another is "jabbing me", having me see the same item in my kitchen order, a flexy metal spatula that was $4 less in the store vist today. Another facet of the planted fixation is unattainable quest, looking for a particular garlic press that is no where but one distant store. Another facet was to show me the "high end"; a bake sheet for $150 that was just like one of the drugstore cheapies that I recently bought. And of course there was touring of the items I have long be looking for but haven't seen anywhere; a cutting knife set was one.

The freakshow was out in full force today, as well as putting on the props; having a trail of what looked like dogshit on the sidewalk but was sand from a construction project. The concrete pour at the street corner was in full flush, the finishers doing their trowelling and smoothing. A flush (~20) of dudes all walking the same S. direction strung out over the block while I was walking in the opposite direction. (No one else was walking in the same direction as me).

I am back from my evening Oracle DBA course, and had more (ambulatory swarm) convergence on me when about to depart the building. I was forced into a pee at class end, 7 minutes before the bus comes. That meant I left first, headed N. to the washroom, and then when done, retracing my steps S. going back past the classroom. Well, the other class members were just getting out, filling the hallway ahead and beside me, and I also had a Fuckwit 16' behind me after exiting the washroom. And if that wasn't enough, the long haired male lard ass that wears shorts all the time, "happened" to be coming toward me, though turning off to get ahead of me on the stairwell. He was on his cell phone, and I maintain this EMF aids the perps in some ways as it is a near ubiquitous gangstalker prop. This is the guy that is on the bus every Tues. and Thurs. that I am and I haven't quite figured out what is act is. Very regular evening time student of a out-and-out gangstalker that is meant to cover as many Unfavored bases as he can. (Male, long hair, obese and in shorts,- four). Then I scoot past him when exiting the main doors, and lo, if there isn't a white panted gangstalker ahead of me, also in the very much Unfavored specimen. (My seeming long past traumatization of clinical garb being emulated in part, and especially the back of white pants as seen from a height, looking down, much like the way it was set up).

They put on a disgusting skinhead male on the bus some four seats ahead, and put intervening black dressed dudes doing their raucous chat act on, something I am becoming inured to all these evening bus trips. And I see one of my class members made it on the bus, but forget the friendly thing, as he didn't even bother to give me an extra glance. Anyhow, about a third of the bus route one intervening and obstructing dude leaves, and then I get the one remaining dude who only partially obstructs the disgusting skinhead. I did extra time looking outside the window instead, where they seemed to want me to look at the many dark red vehicles beside the bus. At least 70% of the vehicles on the left side of the bus were dark red tonight. Anyhow, the second dude departs leaving me with a direct and unfettered line of sight on the skin headed male, so more avoidance time until getting off, he getting ahead of me at the same stop. But at least he went the opposite direction from me.

A screaming sequence recovery; the assholes kept sabotaging my typing, the same five letter word four times, and then again on the next one. That precipitated a diversionary mind-fuck to visit the DVD burner to see how it was doing, and then attending to closing out the open dialog boxes. In doing this, the assholes hung the PC for two minutes or so, plenty of time to start screaming at them again as this was at least the 50th time in the last week they have hung the PC for no seeming reason, this time when closing dialog boxes. They finally let the PC "recover", and in the process of attending to the just minted DVD, they then took out the Firefox browser session where I had at least six tabs going. Normally there is a little dialog box to ask "are you sure you want to close six tabs?", but magically, it didn't display. Which means the assholes decided this was the moment, post-screaming at the fuckers, that they wanted to take down the browser. I cannot believe that they have been going at me for 7.5 years as a non-cooperative victim, and still need to resort to antagonizing me every fucking day all because they still want to stay in the closet. It is inhumane as it is stupid, and I suspect they knew this was a long term Fuckover before they embarked on this senseless depravity.

Not allowed to type fast, not allowed to even type sometimes, and I noticed they dithered me when I was attempting to do my practical exercise in class tonight. First there was the diversionary event of learning to create an .iso file to DVD disc by way of double clicking, one of those hidden Windows "fuck me-s" that one just has to know, hence the above DVD disc burning. I am not going to attempt a Linux install tonight after getting so frazzed out, per above PC sabotage "reaction". Then they let me get on with the lab, and lo, within some five minutes they scrambled me as to where my place was, reading between the PDF book and the Oracle application windows, having to alternate between them. (Hint, get a 24" diagonal LCD if you can, as 22" inches isn't quite enough to put two documents up side by side.) I was doing fine at first in following the exercise, but as soon as I had done one part, the assholes dithered me so I couldn't focus on the second exercise. And I suppose they planted the notion that all my labs in all my classes over the years have followed this same insane sabotage, dithering me and having me get the instructions wrong. I did like Chemistry to a point in college, but I gave up as the labs were just too tedious, not being able to get them right, and not having anyone else around who was helpful. End of that as a career choice, and ditto for much of Physics. Biology was interesting, even learning the Krebs Cycle at one point, though don't ask me about it now.

Anyhow, a second Shaw ISP Cable visitation for "repairs" tomorrow, as the intercom went on the fritz again and there is a signal separation box that is no longer working as its flashing light has gone out. I suspect this was long planned as the first repair guy told me that it should always be on, and lo, if it didn't stop in recent weeks. Only the manager let me in on the intercom not working, two visitors of last week didn't explain how  or why they got to my door without using the intercom. Just to think this bullshit was planned over a year ago, taking out a small inconspicuous green flashing light. So why don't they turn it back on instead of this show of having a repairman come tomorrow to replace it?

Enough of the blathering tonight, time to post this one.


Anonymous said...

I do get the act where someone steps out in front of me, deliberately cutting me off. And of course, one of my "favorites": a person standing at the soda fountain, trying to "perfect" his topping off of his drink, doing multiple little "clicks" of the pop nozzle. There are no less than a dozen of this little clicks as the perp does his little lingering and topping off of his drink act. I thought it was an excuse to linger there and stand for a while in my vicinity.

I did get the interview for the software engineer position. It won't be until next week. Well, we'll have to see what happens next. I'll be surprised if I did get the job. If I do, then my perps (perhaps) had this whole thing planned for me (to be employed). It doesn't pay a whole lot, but it will be experience.

Still getting insinuations from various peoples that I should be in entertainment (musician) or teaching.

AJH said...

Answer to: I do get the act where...

The step in front of me act plays plenty often here too.

The perps likely have all of your interviews and results planned. The big question is it with cooperating organizations and personnel, or are they unaware of it. In my case, there are enough tells and feints that suggest all my outside activities are arranged with cooperation.

I too get the suggestions of being associated with music and a musical instrument, though this isn't viable as I cannot play or sing anything. As mentioned in the blog postings, I get plenty of guitar-stalking. Not much of teaching suggestions though. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

The big question is it with cooperating organizations and personnel, or are they unaware of it.

Yeah, that's a good question. I believe it was done without the perps getting involved in the process. And if this is true, then it's also just a matter of time WHEN my perps do find out, will I lose my job? I have had this experience before: got a software eng. job. The local cops acting as informants dug the info where I was working out of me, and I started getting perped on that job. THEN, I had to train "my replacement", as I found out 2 weeks later I would be fired. Obviously, it was a perp job. I should keep this in mind before accepting this full-time position. It is like an hour commute, and I don't want to give up my SURE THING part-time teaching job for a full time position, only to lose that job in a matter of weeks, like before.

I'll probably go to the interview, see if there are any signs of perp involvement. I may just turn it down if it seems like I may get another short-order screwjob from my perps like in 2004.

AJH said...

Answer to: "The big question is it..."

Nothing wrong with attending interviews with sincere intent. I would be dubious about taking on more risk too, though as always, nothing in Perpworld stays the same. I sense this is more complicated for you as you are not in a total adversarial situation like I am. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

That's why I'm approaching this interview as usual. Back in 2001, and this is 5 years before I was fully aware of being targeted, I had an interview at a big private university here. It was for a Linux/UNIX systems administrator type, and the interview went very well. The guy in charge of the dept. even told me "you did very well" in the interview. Weeks went by without me hearing anything, and I called the guy back. He told me they would "continue looking" over the course of many weeks. I was baffled as to why they would continue looking when I gave such a good interview, esp. when it was 6 weeks later. It's odd they would continue interviewing over 6 weeks after I gave them a good interview. But then the perps were probably on me longer than I thought. I was fully aware that I was being targeted late in 2005/early 2006, but I'm reasoning that's the way it is with targets. Perhaps I was "asleep" all those years, and I've seen evidence they were overt in 1998, but maybe I was "asleep" until 2006, when I had my big awakening. That's probably because I had researched the things I was going through, and the perps were getting very overt that year, and I found out about this thing called "gangstalking". During my "asleep years" leading up to 2006, it was like how a person is asleep, and he can sometimes hear people talking in the room from inside his dream. it was more like that... aware that something was amiss with all the strange characters around me, but wasn't "fully awake" out of my mind control Maybe the perps realized that in 2006 I was fully awake, and had to go overt with extra hard harassment to put me back "asleep".

Anonymous said...

Good advice about this upcoming interview, BTW. I am taking this seriously, as though I would be getting the job, but I am very cognizant of the perps' "screw job". At this point, I have nothing to lose. They'll probably keep me and dump me before the evaluation period is up. I guess the perps will be monitoring my money inflow, and have my employer dump me before I can gain a substantial amount of money.

At any rate, I am ready for the perps and any screw job they have set up for me to fail. I will be ready for any traps, and have backup employment ready.

AJH said...

Answer to: That's why I'm approaching this interview...

I suspect the perps were on to you long ago, from birth perhaps, but without an overtly arranged childhood. I say that only on general principle because they had me "thinking" it was a 1999 and later event, and eventually told me, along with verifiable events, that they were on me all along. They just didn't want me to know it all at once, and broke in down into life stages. If you get the nerve to do so, and don't "forget" (read, memory deletion) ask your parents face to face if they know of any covert monitoring or orchestration long ago. And have some references in mind to real life odd events to place the perps' invasion to longer back. It is a signifcant emotional realization that one's entire life has been monitored, arranged and orchestrated with other who were in on the skits and stunts. This high degree of arrangement is not likely true for all TI's, but I suspect it usually goes back further than many want to belive. I have had a near-local TI determine when the perp invasion started for her, and she says it was events of some approximately ten years ago. But there are other events, like three rapes, that don't seem to be the coincidence that they were. Generalizing again, but it is roundly humbling to find one has been invaded to the level of their thoughts, and many TI's just don't want to know how long perp activity has been an element in their life. Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to: Good advice about this upcoming interview...

Your situation is quite different with respect to employment, as it seems they want to keep you working in some way, but not too much. I would be wary of moving and then getting shafted in short order. They do like to promise work and have it go bust within short order. (This happened to my daughter this past summer). It seems you have this one under control, and it is all for the good. Thanks for the comments.