Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Leaf Raking

I don't know what the perp's fascination with having me rake leaves is, but it plays out at my mother's and my in-town brother's place. Not only do I get all that contact time with brown, red or yellow objects, but I get extra brown clothed gangstalkers on the bus when headed to, and especially when headed back on the city bus. And too, I get plenty of brown leaves just "showing up" in my apartment building, and especially at the car dealership cleaning job last year. Leaf raking for my in-town brother pays a little, so it is not all bad, and I am left alone for the most part, being in the back yard raking away. But not really alone when one sees the very odd trajectories of leaves when raked or otherwise handed, not to mention those that just "arrive" from nowhere to land exactly where I had raked.

As usual, the city bus freak show was on, the freakiest being the negro woman in a brown camel colored coat who boarded the bus immediately ahead of me, sat opposite the driver, and within two minutes, came to sit behind me, off to one side and not directly behind. I suppose I was getting "browned", being exposed to brown colored clothing to go with the passenger vehicle beside the bus that was a deep flake brown color.

Yesterday's bus shenanigans were a little different as I was coming back from a sleepover at the First Feral Family home, after a morning of, you guessed it, raking leaves. The bus was full to the brim of teenagers at some 1530h, and I had to stand next to a young woman in a white coat for the first few minutes. A seat opened up and I sat next to a young woman with a black and white viny bag that was sticking into me, every so faintly. There was a young blonde woman in front of me, and within a few minutes an Bag Lady in Red with a red bag (a tote suitcase on wheels) who sat beside her. That lasted for some ten minutes of bus travel, as the young high school kids got slowly replaced by adult Fuckwits, with the crowning moment being a major sized Fuckwit Thuggy Dude with a disgusting bald head who sat in the seat immediately in front of me after the blonde vacated it. And within five minutes the bus slowed down for the street works that have been in progress for some 10 minutes of slow travel, all the while averting my eyes from the male Skinhead in front of me.

Back from the Oracle PL/SQL course tonight, and again more flailing away and cognitive fog to render me near helpless until getting the instructor's time. The skin headed male class member who has adroitly positioned himself to have his digusting blad head seen while in class toned down his act tonight and put on a black ballcap for the first hour, and then revealed his disgusting bald pate. If I don't like blad heads (also a planted "reaction" since 2002, no problem before), why in the fuck is a billion dollar budgeted agency hounding my ass over this sight, everywhere I go in public?

Back to the PL/SQL course tonight, and ponfering the fact that they have put me through at least four earlier sessions of learning procedural computer code in previous decades, the latter one being an adverse experience from the learning perspective, no dobut managed. But what I don't get is why they put me through this head to wall bashing cognitive dissonance hell all the time, this being the latest incarnation. This time they have severely crimped my study time, to keep me relatively clued out, and have made promises (unlikely to be kept) of "catching up", the ever elusive quest of all my days at college. Why is it they must work so hard at keeping me clueless; leading me to understand to a beginner level and then bringing on the cognitive clobbering when more detailed learning is required?

Another "brown sandwich" tonight on the city bus freakshow when homebound. A loitering negro male at the campus bus stop, doing his obligatory look-at-the-schedule (as posted at the bus stop), an almost everytime occurence, even for "passers by". Then he did some lining up outside the plexiglas bus shelter so one dude was between us, then the negro sits behind me on the bus, hanging back so I entered first. Then, about 10 minutes along the route, a Caucasian male in this ridiculous hooded deep browna and white parka gets on board and sits in front of me. His all-brown hoodie was kept on for the remaining bus ride, some 15 minutes or so. I excessed on chocolate while at my in-town brother's place, so no doubt I must be full of brown energy, and the fuckers see to it that I get brown colored references planted around me. More brown vehicles are also paralleling the bus that I am riding, so I suppose this "chocolate melange" has longer to run.

After leaving my in-town brother's place, and eating a final partial chocolate bar, some 10 minutes into the walk, and just before I turned a corner, why, a chocolate brown vinyl shower curtain "happened" to be lying on the sidewalk, somehow resistant to the wind that was blowing at the time.

And today, gumboot season, even if it isn't wet out. I wore gumboots today while doing leaf raking at my in-town brother's place today, "inadvertently" borrowing his new ones. He gave me the pair of his old ones to use, but made sure they were hidden so I mistakenly put on his new pair to work in. I got my gumboot stalker when walking back in my regular walking shoes, a woman with black and white checkered gumboots, this around 1400h. Later, when waiting for the bus to go to my evening class at 1750h, a running woman gangstalker in patterned gumboots put on an impressive 60' sprint to get the bus, passing in front of me. Another curious event, these sprinting and jogging fuckwits that erupt in my proximity. But because I get gangstalkers packing gumboots and tailing me on the bus with them, it isn't too hard to figure out the assholes are up to their fixation with rubbers of all kinds; gumboots, tires, seals etc.

Enough for tonight, and onto much the same as tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Ahhh yes, the sprinting people.

The ones who break into a run all of a sudden out of nowhere. I can't tell you the number of times I've been caught conveniently in their path, not sure which side to turn to and thereby remaining frozen...totally at THEIR mercy.

I could have sworn I almost saw a satisfied smirk on their faces too, as they got me to stop and halt in my progress for THEM.

Have you also ever gotten the people who no matter which way you decide to go they end up going the same way until both of you are face to face doing the two step. SO annoying!! I know this is not my fault, as I tend to go out of my way to avoid people, while others seem to deliberately seek me out just to bump into me or stand in front of me momentarily!!

AJH said...

Answer to: Ahhh yes, the sprinting people...

I haven't been in a one on one "go right, to left together" two step situation, most oddly. Though I have gotten in the center of a choreographed swarm and frozen in place while the swarm buzzes around me. In these cases, it "just happens" that some four to six Fuckwits are circulating around me at a sidewalk intersection, putting on the appearance of being busy people all going different directions with me in the middle of it and not making a choice to continue to walk as I will surely bump into one or more of them.

I take the outlook that whoever is running on the street in this government town is either nuts or close to it, but it really depends on the mind-state that the assholes render one at the time. They have in the past made me self-conscious about the smirkers, and making me negatively react. Now they assign this base level mind-set notion that the perps are nuts, and the smirking is an affirming adjunct to the notion. Though the one exception to the nuttiness context was this above mentioned babe who put on an impressive sidewalk sprint for the bus because she was so fast, despite the designer gumboots she was wearing. I can't see the perps ever letting me run in gumboots without one flying off my heels, as it would be entirely consistent with the state of adversity they keep me in, especially when undertaking new activities.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I've gotten those as well. They force you to stand in one place because if you move, you'll bump into one of them. Infuriating, and so draining!

AJH said...

Answer to: Yeah I've gotten those as well...

The choreographed surge of Fuckwits all around one. I have had some 10 or so in the past seven years, so it isn't a big deal, but they make sure I get very uptight about it.