Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Forced Coughing Jags

No farm labor work now, so more time to blog and otherwise muck about. The sickos put me on a coughing jag following lunch, initiated by the faint tickle in the throat that won't go away. Given their intense interest in the color of everything in my mouth, and especially food (and post mealtime), it isn't a surprise that they put me through the abuse of forced coughing for no organic reason.

Some very strange and vivid dreams last night, though I cannot recall the context. As mentioned in past blogs, there is no precedent for these lucid and technically detailed dreams prior to overt harassment begining in 04-2002.

Another negro while out shopping, this one a chubby woman in a headscarf and visible face only, exactly what I don't need to see, or rather, that was the "reaction" I get planted with. This sighting was at the checkout, and my time there was extended by a cashier "mistake" so she had to scan all the groceries again after bagging them. This allowed time for the fugly negro woman to be replaced by a fugly shiftless male in a puke-brown fleece top, a seeming comparison of the two fuglies from the same quarter, as viewed on my left side from the checkout. Anyhow, I was glad to get out of there, as the ground coffee was in danger of spilling. I grind the coffee beans at the store, and lo, if someone hadn't left coffee beans in the hopper for me to then put mine in and then have the bag overflow with ground coffee, despite my best efforts to shake it and displace entrapped air. I was duly gangstalked while captive at the coffee grinding machine for the some five minutes it takes, plus extra time to deal with the surfeit of grounds that dispersed elsewhere. I suppose the ground coffee games and spills were a warm-up for the above negro gangstalking; packing more brown around me is the name of the game. I had a four strong posse at the supermarket door when exiting, one on "stand there" duty who managed to find an excuse to plant herself in the doorway.

A wrap on the day; recovering some 150 pictures from this blog into my Picasa album took some three hours. All my 2008 pictures just vanished from this PC some 7 months ago, and so the only ones I had from then were the ones posted on this blog. So I individually copied and pasted the images into Paint, and then saved the file into an Picasa album. And do I have this PC backed up now? Of course not, as the last demo backup software called Carbonite crapped out on me and wouldn't load properly. I read a few of my old blog postings while attending to the image copying and pasting, and it seems that they were more interesting then. Now, it is dull, and censored, per mind-fuck games, and not self-censored either. I don't hold anything back intentionally, but it seems to be "happening".

The perps have worn some of the lens coating off my expensive progressive lens glasses and recently planted the notion to have this seen to as it was almost a year ago. But, as it so "happened" I could not find the reciept and gave up, and then today, a new round of effort was devoted to the exercise and I find the receipt readily this time, only to learn that the one year warranty ran out today, Dec. 02. So why did the assholes put me through all that just to miss the warranty duration by one day?

My efforts at home study of Oracle PL/SQL are being sabotaged. Twenty minutes of careful code entry from the book went suddenly missing when I logged on again. There were no save commands to access before shutting down SQL Developer. The sickos seem to be confining me to no more than an hour of study, and no more than twice per week. I am getting increasingly pissed that I am being manipulated so to not study when I should be. I would imagine all my college years and the erratic studying habits I had just might have been manipulated then, as I could never figure out why I couldn't get my act together when I had every intention to do so. Clearly, the cognitive fog and dulling down is part of the entire harassment-scape, though for what reason is unclear.

Other games today are that the copy-paste in being sabotaged; no right click box at all. But it will fix itself in short order like every other time this strange quirky behavior erupts.

I did the Quicken month end accounts entry today; there were at least ten rage-ification moments, a moderate amount of cognitive fuckery for this chore. They like to change the totals and numbers on the LCD display window, correcting them when I come back to it after flipping between Quicken and a browser window with my bank statement displayed. Another jerkaround was transposing numbers, and creating reading errors. The good news is that I am out of the hole, but the bad news is that it will only last a month or so before dipping into the red. Perhaps some side work would be in order; I see my former cleaning boss gave me a lead to follow up on.

Time to call this one done.

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