Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Monday Winter Solstice

A major confluence fuckery day, being a Monday after a stayover at the First Feral Family home (Blackhouse maybe?) and the Winter Solstice. And I did get the gangstalking Fuckover, being trailed around a mall with my mother on her way to a doctor's appointment. I don't do malls any more, and especially not near Christmas time, but as my entire self-defensive knowledge base has been usurped by the assholes, all I do is say "yes" to these ludicrous offers. I even got a stare from one of the Fuckers who has also shown up in at least three other gangstalkings in the last seven years, so he is at least consistent and not in morphover (shape shifted) form.

And have I complained about pallet stalking; the arrangement of pallets around me as if working on them, and around them for four months straight this year wasn't enough. The perps put on a blatant display of their pallet stalking games at the fugly Zellers, a Wal-Mart level competitor here in Canada. At the mall egress area, already slimmed down to 6' wide for both directions by displays, they arranged a pallet jack with a pallet and a small chext freezer with pies in it to be skewed and projecting into the egress, only allowing 2' wide instead of the too-slim 6' wide. Not only that, but the Fuckwit hanging onto the pallet jack handle had his hand to his chin and was facing away from the egress chaos in sentry mode, not even pretending to be engaged in a pallet or pallet cargo related task. Talk about blatant, putting everyone through this gauntlet of a fricking display freezer with brown (baked pastry) pies with red cherry filling. This might be the ultimate public absurdity (so far, don't ever forget they can do something more outrageous) of red colored objects (red cherry filling) behind brown (pastry) colored objects, and having many hundreds of cooperating Fuckwit gangstalkers parading ahead and behind me and my mother (First Feral Mother) through this color gauntlet. Having a cooled freezer and the critical frozen color reference objects inside likely aids their remote energetics assay games as well. I assume it wasn't plugged in as there were no outlets, but the chest freezer had been recently running. And for crissakes, who would undertake freezer moving with the lid open? Only those who have an insane determination to continue the brown, red and other color games and wanting me to not only see the items, but also closely pass by the rest of it, presumably also creating an energetic color reaction through the side of the freezer as well as visually.

And I see they are up to their bus schedule fuckery again; a 10 minute delay of the #27 bus was time enough for me to give up waiting and walk that distance down Shelbourne (for locals) and catch it when it finally did show up. And lo, if my bus stop pals (from my initial wait) weren't in front of the seat I chose to sit in, doing their little bitchy act. When I got off, there were two buses immediately behind it, one more than the usual exception of only one tailing bus. The #27 and #28 buses share much of the same route and during most of the day they are alternated 10 minutes apart. If one is S. bound to downtown and on the latter 2/3 of the route, you can take either one and they take the same places. Only during rush hours do they double up and put on a non-stop express route variant that invariably leapfrogs the regularly scheduled buses. So when tailing S. bound Monday afternoon buses started "erupting" off schedule about 8 months ago I knew it wasn't a new public service, har, har. But today, delaying the scheduled bus and then putting on two tailing buses takes the cake, Christmas cake.

Now that they have polluted the notion of having a reliable bus schedule, they think they can fuck it at will. I still haven't recieved a reply to my complaint to the BC Transit bus service about not running two successive #27 buses three days ago (Saturday), all to keep me at the bus stop for 40 minutes, and have me do what I did today, walk a few blocks and then wait at a later bus stop due to bus stop weirds agglomerating around me (15 of them at residential downtown area). And if you read my blog posting, I wasn't very successful in stopping the weirds because another one showed up at my latter "crazies-free" bus stop.

Yesterday's N. bound bus freakshow wasn't too different; kiddies running up and down the bus while it was in motion would of been immediately cuffed if they didn't comply with my draconian outlook of parenting, and one small blonde boy of three or four came in close to give me a shove, and I gave him a piece of my mind.  Obvioulsly getting me to vocalize is becoming more important, hence the increase of belligerent stunts like have kiddies as proxies for this fucking abusive depravity. Which begs the long time question I have; are these children being run (as in mind controlled stunts), or are they enacting what they rehearsed? It is obvious sometimes, not not always, especially when the First Feral Brother and family come to town, which they might do immediately after Christmas.

And true to form, a shifless male was on sentry duty at each door of the bus, and there were plenty of seats for them to sit down, but they didn't. The rear door sentry dude would circle the pole at the rear door whenever the bus stopped, and he wasn't doing this ruse to let someone off. He was packing his pre-slit package of toilet paper without benefit of a plastic bag to contain it, so I assume he was on "toilet paper patrol". When he finally got off, the front sentry came back and resumed sentry duty at the rear door. Funny how they coordinate their doorway sentries, heavy on the dude show again. As usual, I get whacked from nowhere when I step off the bus, and no one was around or could of possibly engineered an "accidentally on purpose" whack.

Other weird shit on the bus was a woman getting off with grocery shopping bags and holding a container of laundry detergent out in front of her, much like the Coffee Corps do with coffee at all hours of the day. And where did this occur, why, only 20' from a laundromat.

A major series of jerkarounds while making dinner tonight: I haven't had anything so rag-ifying since early this year, 2009. I suppose adding both basil and fresh garlic was interesting for them, as was this being the first use of the chicken as chopped meat for the quesadilla, my mainstay staple for some seven years now. I thought it was called a tortilla as I use tortillas, but the perps finally let me in on my (imposed) Mexican food ignorance, and that it is a quesadilla as it is sandwiched between two tortillas; the chopped chicken meat (always noisestalked event), olive tapenade, and melted cheese. Additon of the two fresh plant foods, the garlic and the basil has been done before, but this was the first time in at least a six weeks. Sometimes they script fallow time after a trial of a re-introduction of food they wish me to continue with. I suspect "wash out" time might be part of this, having the ingredients dissapate to undetectable amounts.

Today's futility is trying to find out how many of my CPU cores are functioning, all starting from some FUD, as one core isn't listed on one of the monitoring sofware panels. That is, it is represented as missing. So... surf to the Intel site, and lo, if there are no monitoring utilities to download for their flagship  X58 chipset CPU's. Then another download to find the core count and still no reference. Then a (planted) recollection that my reciept for my Intel CPU purchase went "missing" when I am a total fanatic about keeping such paperwork. All these planted and leading suggestions as to operational sabotage. And that is the deal; if I am not dealing with real sabotage, I am often dealing with the suggestion (aka FUD) of it as part of the futility/adversity games that are scripted every day.

And lo, if my in-town brother didn't call and touch base on my going to his place tomorrow for paid leaf raking. Fair enough, but as it happened, we got onto the topic of PC health monitoring software, and that is exactly what I am involved in apart from this one break for blog posting. The exquisite web of coincidences continues.

Tonight's panic is over; the third download picked up all my four cores of my Intel Core i7 920 D0 CPU and all is OK. Including this moment by moment reportage.

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