Saturday, December 19, 2009

Today's Adversity Futility is... +12-20-2009 Update

After yesterday's three attempts to order pot lids online without getting gouged by shipping charges, only to get blanked out web pages with the critical buttons missing, the assholes have me infuriated again, this time over acquiring software that they might not like me to have. I want to back this PC up online at a remote location, and I keep getting install errors. I tried this two weeks before with Carbonite, but that wouldn't connect to the internet and I was fucked. Now, using another service for which I have already paid $54, I now have to beat on them to figure out what the fucking problem is. Sounds like yesterday all over again.

It is the month for software upgrades via online transaction; Winzip, backup and the antivirus software will be due in a week. Don't ask why this is important to the tormentors, but I suspect it isn't a conicidence, after being fucked over in July this year (2009) when all the 2008 photos disappeared off my PC and weren't in the Windows Recycle Bin either. One of those file reorganization tasks that suddenly went strange when I looked at the list from a dialog box. Some 500 pictures went missing, and that was before I moved any. And I have long wanted to get a remote backup service, and finally they let me get on with installing the needed backup software now at this "Annual Software Install Convergence" time. And plenty of clunking and noise while I scream at them for yet another stall out on loading software, not to mention the myriad of "typing errors" as I write this.

Still no relief from the software glitch that struck, per above introduction.

Having tea and chocolate didn't help, though sometimes it does when the "problems" somehow fix themselves. I often get remarks from software support personnel like, "I never heard of this problem" and similar expressions of rarity as to the unique issues that erupt in my presence. Before the perps went overt/beserk in 2002 I often figured that I was cursed in some way, as I had no end of PC hassle all the time. Other things would break, phone calls were dropped, extra phone calls for the former phone number owner and so it went.

I went out earlier on a four stop shopping trip, all done just a block away. One skunk, and three transactions, which is good for me. I only got stymied with some heavy head pressure and all-round sense of being fogged and clogged at the local specialty card shop along with a significant gangstalker presence, so I got the fuck out of there in short order, which might have been their plan in any event. Paying with $5 bills (blue color here) twice, and the last time with my green colored debit card. The perps put on a blue dressed gangstalker next to me for the latter $5 (blue colored) cash transaction, as well as giving me a long pointless preamble over getting the marzipan goodies for a stocking stuffer for my daughter. One's wallet contents are of intense perp interest, and this year's wallet crumbling neccessitated a new one, but with a smaller shape that demands that the bills be individually folded before placement. Most of the recent wallets I have had were of the kind where all the bills are put in without folding, and then the wallet includes them when it folds.

As mentioned in past blog postings, the color of everything that touches me and in my immediate proximity is vital to the perps' ongoing noncensensual human experimentation, so there isn't any doubt as to who was behind all the past wallet losses. Once, a just-loaded ($200 at the ATM) wallet was stolen from my jacket at my cubicle after I had been there for the entire afternoon, save a 5 minute run to the bathroom. I never could figure out how anyone from outside could of tailed me, and then hung around unseen for two hours before I took my first and only bathroom visit. Now I know; there is a Fuckover Force dedicated to grinding my life into utter pieces and there were there all along, and they can readily dematerialize objects remotely and even animate beings too. I have a lifetime count of eight lost wallets since adulthood, and that was the most curious of them all. The wallet only got put in my jacket after I was advised that it can harm one's posture if kept in a pants back pocket. I was set up in other words to change my typical habit to have the wallet stolen just after an ATM visit at lunchtime. So perps,... if ever I get off this insane litany of abuse, I want all the money back, and I want to take a bat to every fucker that had a hand in any wallet losses.

Plenty of web surfing this afternoon, and none of yesterday's or this morning's futlity games reprised thankfully. But instead, another one; Firefox uses SQLite to store their bookmarks in and it occured to me that I could transfer the voluminous bookmark information into Oracle tables and putz around with them as a learning exercise for my Oracle courses, past and potentially future ones. Upon investigation I find that the SQLite information needs to be compiled, and if there is to be any GUI tool for the development application, its dependencies need to be downloaded too. Does this dependency train sound familiar? As in pointless endeavor fraught with peril, as in imposed fuckery?

One can end up afraid of one's shadow in the harassment game, especially if one has been burned by so many things going wrong. I shall do some more web surfing to see if I can get a compile over the web, and not have to do another install.

The backups software saga continues in near-dead time; sending emails back and forth every few hours isn't exactly what I had in mind for getting the issue resolved. And then the sickos sabotaged my snapshot of the screen, creating a missing file, and I was extremely pissed about that, as the simplest things are getting sabotaged on top of the more complex things that were sabotaged in the first place. But for an outfit that is compelled to disrupt EVERYTHING, all to slow it down for their functional decompostion games, this is all fully expectable. Better yet they have me on a short fuse with the fucking new medication, and can we say "volatile" writ large.

Other pointless futility was attempting to get SQL Lite going, which I did in part but cannot get the GUI tool to work with it, so that makes it no fun at all, not to mention cryptic connect strings that insist on staying that way. I never have seen such crap software, but it fits the perps pattern as they just love to add more fucking misery oon top of what is already created. Enough typo adversity in creating this, so this is it for today.

Sorry for the above repairs; the perps like us TI's to re-read things, especially when there are some changes, which reminds me of getting documentation prepared in my working days, and the number of times someone would take it south. So I figure that my loyal readership might be getting the same treatment, albeit with neuron level oversight of one's energetic field and then comparing that to the energetic field in reading the first version which had mispellings and grammatical errors. Just my take on how things are, but feel free to make your conclusions. And don't forget to note that you just may have read the first version at say, 0900h, and then encounter this updated blog version at about the same time the next day. Again, more speculation of course, but I would not be surprised if this occured for at least one reader. (Predicting the events for one out of two loyal readers would be another "fine coincidence" wouldn't it? Truth be told, the Google counter went on the fritz, or else was spoofed for that many, and in any case, I gave up looking at the visitation count a long time ago).

And it is the silly season for the perps, coming on the Winter Solstice tomorrow. Back in 2005, they put on twice as many gangstalker parties on my trail hike I did that day, which was also twice the number of vehicles that were in the parking lot. Sure, the trail runners can come by twice and be gone by the time I get to the parking lot upon completion of my hike, but it is rare that there was more than two parties of them. One of those Solstice Stalkers looked very much like my in-town brother, save having two good eyes; he looked at me and gave me his telltale smirk, and it looked like him in nearly all respects; height, comportment, size, major facial bones but was a little different in the face. A week later I asked him if that was him on the trail and he gave me a vague "no", but wouldn't look at me. I then asked how he got there as he isn't much of a hiker and there were far more parties than parked vehicles, and he wouldn't answer me. That Solstice was on a Sunday, the 21st, the last weekend day of shopping before Christmas, and twice the usual number of weekend gangstalking parties were hiking that day. Give me a break, it was a total fix, brother included with minor facial morphing. Funny, he phoned for a useless phone call about five minuted before I typed this one up.

I cannot believe this bullshit; I have a longstanding beef about not being able to find office casual quality shirts with a crew neck. This has being going on for decades. I wrote a note to Lands End and the perps stripped out the submit button on the web page, which I only "notice" per mindfuck games, after I finished the letter. Same old, same old.

Today 12-20-2009 the futility/adversity jerkaround is being able to send a note to Lands End, the submit button was pulled from their email page, and then the live keyboard chat wouldn't work either. The the copy of what I was to send got truncated in Yahoo Notepad and is uneditable as the edit button has been stripped out.

A Chicken Run, and were they all over me; the Mythbusters guy had his doppelganger in the elevator on the way out; the goofy beret, the big blonde mustache, and the entire comportment, albeit that he was quiet and I didn't see much of him as I faced the door. And an orange shirt, and little did I know that the chicken I purchased only came in steeped in orange barbeque sauce. And too, at least five "stand theres" sentries on me when heading out, in the store at the hot chicken counter, and outside at the corner of the store and the parking lot. Also the male fugly hair/hurl -dos; ponytails on men make me want to hurl.

Did I not say I expected some orange color hijinx above, now that I dropped the orange colored medication as I was getting way too strung out on it given the intensified adversity that has been going on. Now, the overhead (12" concrete floor/ceiling) is getting pounded as I write this.

This update might go to 1700h or so.

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