Friday, December 11, 2009

New Stripped Down Blogspot Graphics

I see my editing form that I am presently typing into has been stripped down some more. It was bad enough that the icons weren't filled in, and were all empty boxes, and if allowed to remember them, I could get by. Now, more than half the empty icon boxes have been stripped out, and beyond making links, I am SOL. (As in bringing in pictures as an example, no icon box, as well as the erase feature that would strip out embedded characters of paste actions.

Instead of getting the better version, I got a customized worse version. AndI would put in a screenshot except that icon is missing altogether.

A slack day with no meetings or comittments; just a shut-in day, the fodder for perp games it would seem, and then bombard me with gangstalkers when I next step out. A near 100% consistency. But I was allowed another menu change, a return to form. It is salad related again though; permitting garlic to be added to my salad wasn't permitted since late 2004, and ever since then, it hasn't happened. As of today, it was again, though it may not be permanent. The re-introduction of salad into my diet has been going in fits and starts since 08-2009, and incrementing it by one key ingredient (for the perps) must represent a new high point. As for me, I don't give a shit, just leave me alone. A five year hiatus of the combination of these two ingredients was decidedly definite as I have had salad since 08-2009 a mentioned above, but "somehow" I forgot my past tastes for improving it with garlic even if I had some around, which has been the case since I came back from my excursion in September. What is all means is also of no interest, but I did read that garlic had some blood cleansing properties, and we TI's know how much the perps like to draw blood samples from us, and also, from the population at large in the form of terminal experiments and maybe massacres as well.

There has to be more exciting things to talk about, having discussed the perp's salad fixation three days ago.

New-to-me TI website of interest, Are You Targetted? Yes, and they like to make sure that I know it, every waking second, and even in my dreams. A decent link page too. Check it out, and I will also put it in the Essential Postings Link posting. But I cannot, the icon has been removed;

 A pseudo icon is back again.

An add-on pertaining to last night while waiting at the bus stop at the college where I take the evening classes. A male Fuckwit arrives and stands about 6' away, bends over with the top of his head facing me, and proceeds to pretend to dig something out of his mouth with his finger. Straight out of the perp methods book; head bobs, open mouthing, and placement of objects in mouth. We have clarity, no matter how fucking stupid it looks, they will do it.

A busy day putting my grant grovelling material together, and how much I am going to squeeze for; hope springs eternal, given the last go-around, ludicrous as it was, and all the more so when I got a recent full copy of what was submitted. This is the September 2009 activity when I made an application for the Opportunities Fund for us disabled types, har, har, to apply for Oracle database evening courses. It was rejected for no given reason, but one jerkaround was that my employment case manager didn't provide a recommendation because the doctor wouldn't. And I since learned that the employment case manager got way off base by harping on about whether I would be distracted (by the usual gangstalking noises), and the doctor said yes, I would be. This is the same doctor who says I am being persecuted, and somehow (har, har) that major piece of news didn't get come out and get written up in my defence. A total fix in other words, and like I predicted, the application would be rejected for me do do it all again for the remaining two courses. That is because there is nothing more interesting to the perps than doing the same thing over again, as much as it can possibly be duplicated at a later time. They cannot get enough repetition, so my prediction was bang on, though it remains to be seen if it will be recieve a better response and all the more so with a new employment case manager.

Getting late, and I have an all day course tomorrow, so I wil be getting up earlier.

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