Friday, December 04, 2009

Very Strange Dreams

Some odd dreams that were surely planted as I have never had anything like them before, and no, there wasn't any medicinal variances that may have caused such. These were textural sensations in the dreams, and the jist of it was that I was massaging my abdominal area to rid myself of lumpy flesh (which I don't have), and no less, this was successful in that the actions smoothed my addomen. That is, until my hand ran into one of my nuts, and was faced with a more intractable smoothing "problem", and then (no doubt the crux of this mind invasive fuckery), extra mental activity was engaged to figure out why I couldn't apply the same massaging measures. Well, I did figure it out in my sleep to no lasting harm, not once, but put through it twice in the night. True to form, the sickos have just about everything repeat and repeat again, right down to the consistent typos that erupted some six years ago and continue to this day.

They also plugged me with at least an hour of sleeplessness, begining at the delayed bedtime of 0100h. Just too exciting it seems, these days leading up to the Winter Solstice. I got my dose of pink and orange dawn sunlight crossing in front of me at the breakfast table again, now four days running, and instignated by some strange reason to get up at the same time with the aid of the alarm clock when there isn't anything terribly compelling to do so today.

Chirp noise stalking is playing big these days; these chirps that change pitch and last for two seconds or so. The sickos finally reminded me that these same sounds accompanied the adjacent high rise construction in downtown Seattle when working there, 2000 to late 2002. But here, there is no ostensible cause, as there is no construction is in the immediate vicinity. Earmuffs don't help as the sound level comes in the same, on or not.

I lapsed into web surfing/schlepping until my in-town brother phoned to tell me that it was OK to do leaf raking at his place. This was around 1100h, so I was half prepared to spend the rest of the day here, when he called, and I had enough motivation to head out. I had a light gangstalking posse, save the clowns on this street the apartment building is on, as they put on the charity cases yelling at each other with me in the middle. They also like to string out 2 to 6 gangstalkers in a loose cluster (pretending to be separate parties), and then have them appear to close in on me as I get close to the cluster. I don't particularly like this, and I suppose this is arranged to be threatening, and may emulate past abusive fuckery for which they deleted my recall. I haven't experienced this in any conscious recall.

And on my way to the bus, another demonstration that they cannot get enough dumbshit things and assholes close enough to me. while walking some 6' from the buildings on the sidewalk, an Not-So-Secret-Asian man runs a yellow steel moving dolly into my path while exiting from an adjacent store and looking away from me. I had to walk around this spectacular piece of obstruction, and gave the fucker an earful about being so utterly stupid. He was neither apologetic or concerned about being viewed as belligerent, so I suppose this was yet another round of desperate assholes trying to get specific colored objects in close to me at specific locations.

I even had a bold-as-tin gangstalker on the bus; one fucker was sitting next to the rear door with a 24" diameter pizza tin held vertically and facing down the length of the bus. Most people if carrying something so unwieldy would put it beside them or hold it horizontally, but not this dude, and only lacked a microphone to make it bolder yet (akin to a parabolic dish recieving microphone). I had my black, white and grey striped clothing gang around me and then a gormless dude with a 3 year old girl immediately in front of me. He fussed no end over what he was carrying, and made sure that I saw his long hair from under his toque. There are plenty of these folks in this town, minimally employed, and I suppose this was just the meal ticket for him, assuming he wasn't a trained operative act. I don't know why the perps set up so many males with young children, putting on the doting father scene for me to scrutinize as to its plausibility.

So.. three more hours of leaf raking today, and plenty of associated helicopter and aircraft noise, not to mention whines and strange ponderous tapping as well. That I got paid in cash, and that the perps have such an interest in my wallet contents, must of been the attraction for the heavier gangstalking swarm on the bus when headed back to my place. This seems to be the public gauntlet of choice, the city bus freakshow, as both my in-town brother and mother have backed off on giving me a lift over the past three months.

Another new development is sidewalk obstructing; placing a Fuckwit in mid-sidewalk engaged in conversation with someone else (usually) and pretending to be oblivious as to constricting public egress. I had three of them at one bus stop in suburbia today, and lo, if there wasn't a 3' long x 6" wide splash of white milk across the sidewalk for me to step over after negotiating my way through this oddball collection of the shiftless. Though sometimes I get the lone male, large and spread legged with a long coat facing the opposite way, putting on the act of pretending to not know he is obstructing pedestrian egress on the city streets, especially at this time of year, where the larger crowds have a plausible shopping story.

And what is the deal with the red shoes? Now resurgent again, and even going so strange as to have a Fuckwit in lead-ahead gangstalking mode downtown, with a single red plasma flash come off the underside of his sole as he lifted his foot. I used to get this ridiculous act at the gym last year; a woman in a red sweater, taupe street slacks and red casual (not gym) shoes working out. It was absurd that she wasn't even dressed for the gym, and then had these red shoes for me to see, even working out on the treadmill with them. I also have had the red soled shoe act in the same lead-ahead mode, and I find this mildly perturbing for whatever reason. The aforementioned plasma flash was likely a brief emulatory sample of the red soled shoe act; so it would seem they are working on my subconscious loathing of red shoes/soles, little did I know until this insane abuse began.

And I was set up to pack one of the perp's favorite props with me on the bus back to downtown after leaf raking at my in-town brother's place. This is coaxial TV cable; as it "so happened" my brother had some in response to my request to use it at our mother's place to get her new radio spliced into the FM feed (with TV), a service that has been availible in this region for over 40 years. Don't ask why my mother is suddenly moved to be listening to the radio, and why she had such an inadequate reciever/radio for so long, but there must be deeper and darker reason; perhaps the perps can pump something through via radio now, and not just TV. Anyhow, I had two small coils of coaxial cable, my brother finding them at his place, putting them in a plastic bag and parking it on my shoes while I was wearing his gumboots for leaf raking. Very curious that he was again compelled to put the coaxial cable back on my shoes after I had taken it off at my lunch break. Perhaps this was the reason for extra gangstalking coverage today on the way back. And I get to do this tomorrow when headed to my mother's place on the bus. My brother putting on the worn act of not having enough time to attend to the cable splicing himself, even if he begged off work today.

Enough of the trivia of being captive, stalked and experimented upon.

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