Saturday, December 12, 2009

Clicking in the Ear Muffs +Next Day Add On

I wear ear muffs plenty often to block the cacaphony of dumbshit noise that goes on all day, mostly from outside. But when they start a clicking noise in the the ear muffs, it is time to pull them off. And so begins this blog, timed for me blogging after this annoyance, of a deep green plastic construction with black pads to seal my ears and a metal sprung headband spanning my head. Just another event in this imposed alternate reality.

Another reason I started blogging was that I recieved a comment, which I selected to publish, and it hasn't shown up, and I had every intention to respond to it, and now (so far), it is gone for good. Just another event, in the long list of adversity that makes up every fucking day.

The comment was about teleportation and suggesting that it may not always be what it seems. I have no doubt the perps can cancel out ambient noise and have a gangstalker arrive behind me with no warning, and it has happened many times. I assume this is not a teleportation, though it could be, because experience tells me that clattering female gangstalker footwear that can suddenly go silent as the gangstalker departs, is blatant sound cancellation games; either neurally, or the physical waveform itself.

Other teleportation events relate to objects flying in onto my dinner plate at each meal, and even if looking at the plate when they arrive with an inordinant ping and ringing of the ceramic plate surface, they are not coming from anywhere that I can see, not the food I am holding which would be the only conventionally plausible source. Another favorite situation is to teleport is dog hairs (could be anyone's hairs, but I use doghair in an ironic sense as I don't have a dog or any pet- not allowed) on just cleaned surfaces. Once when cleaning the bathtub I gave up after forty of them "arrived" (didn't see them arrive, save one in a transitory metallic mid-air sheen over the spot it landed) on all the just-cleaned surfaces, all over the bathtub. And also, my vehicle has been moved 20' to be parked next to a washing machine on my landlord's lawn once, though again, I didn't see it move. I have seen the Fuckwits disappear out of mid-air only a few times, but mostly they arrange for me to have a momentary look away, and poof, they are there (or gone).

The police had three officers and two vehicles arrive within 5 seconds of me arriving at my parent's (insane quisling assholes) driveway, and I didn't see any of their vehicles nearby, so I figure this was a teleport job, and not the only one, as they pulled a similar stunt again. If there is a simple explanation for the noiseless arrivals and departures in my proximity (people or objects), I usually assign it to sound cancellation fuckery, and leave it at that. But as there are so many crumbs, lint and doghairs arriving all day (over 100/day at this time, and getting worse) without apparent cause, and of fabrics or colors that are not resident in my place or my wardrobe, I make what I consider to be the only conclusion that any other reasonable person can make, and that it was teleported. And the shear number of events in a day is far in excess of what I had experienced before the perps went overt/beserk in 2002. I hope this clears up the teleportation comment that was made by Anonymous, but the stories now number in the hundreds, thousands if I count each mealtime's crumbs, lint and doghairs. The above examples are only a few to demonstrate the range of unconventional causes the perps could be up to, and the conclusions I draw from them.

An all day Oracle PLSQL course today, and the perps got me plenty rage-ified at breakfast by ringing the glass coffee pot with no causal event. The spoon was at least 2" away and it did not move by itself to make contact to make the noise. (Or else they blanked me out totally, and blanked out the knowledge of discontinuous time which they couldn't do until 2006). Then they kept banging things like the jam jar where the knife did not contact the jar, slapped jam down from nowhere just an inch from the jam ladden knife, and crumb-ified the coconut butter I am using now, (and having it stored at room temperature next to a new peanut butter jar). One of those proximate games again, keeping the new replacement item (white coconut butter) next to the regular item (brown peanut butter) as stored in the kitchen. (Coconut butter is stiff and crumbly at room temperature and  and is best scooped out with a spoon). But as breakfast time peanut butter and jam were always big rage events, the perps are now ramping up with the short term replacement, coconut butter and jam. And in fact, they are applied jam first to then embed the coconut crumbs in it to keep them in place, though there is plenty of legitimate crumbing activity, without extra-conventional gravitic fuckery. And of course, reversing the application order of jam first on the toast is just too exciting for the perps as this is a limited time event, as I don't expect to be eating coconut butter too often as it is $15/500g. I am sure this is all part of their interest in edible oils, their digestion and assimilation, an ongoing perp interest of the highest order.

More strange events in class today; a large Fuckwit woman in a deep brown top and grey pants wanders into the central aisle in the classroom, starts touching some of the desks and PC's, makes out to be looking for something, and then wanders out some 30 seconds later, never to be seen again. They pulled this stunt last week, but with guys, who seemed to be totally out of it and didn't have a cover story like the electrician did (electrical panel) some time before that.

Another was having a strange male negro visitation in the classroom; I only caught the last 5 seconds of his visage, but he appeared to be exiting the far end of the classroom where the hallway was. Most curious, he in a reflective metallic blue sports jacket, and seemed to be like the one on the bus two days ago. Another negro gangstalker placement was downtown when spotted waiting on the other side of t he crosswalk, and then they immediately had me looking at way more attractive black Audi A3 (?) station wagon passing between us. Regular readers will know they pulled a similar trick about a year ago; having the negro posing in front of the apartment building and then diverting my attention to dog shit only 2' to my immeidate right side. I wouldn't normally of looked at the latter as I had obviously not seen it and it wasn't an ambulatory threat/problem, so for me to look totally sideways while heading forward (like the perps do) was uncharacteristic enough to be labelled as a perp directed attention move. Just another negro comparison event it would seem, the Unfavored and then the Favored within a short time span of only a few seconds.

I get plenty of imposed "blank outs" as to what is ailing my PL/SQL code, and I never made such obvious errors before in this endeavor. It seems that the perps can now customize "blindness" (cognitive recognition of print) for a specific line or word set; it doesn't register as being seen or recognized.

The chirp noise stalking was going on all day yesterday, and as mentioned, there is no ostensible cause that I am aware of that would cause it, these two second long chirps with a varying pitch as the sound decays. And just to drive the point home, they woke me up sometime last night 0200 to 0500h, just so I could hear this freaking noise again. I suppose they are doing nightime correlations between the noise and the neural stimulation, as the time of day and the lighting conditions are so vital to their research. And lo, if the same noise didn't somehow get through the ear muffs I am wearing tonight. Normally I get a din and a ringing noise the entire time I wear ear muffs, but they decided I needed some extra ludicrous examples of the gratuitous noise du jour.

Other perp beserkness today seemed to center on the fact I was wearing my dark grey undershirt, under an olive green sweater. This seemed to be the basis for at least a half dozen same colored vehicles parked outside this apartment building on my way to the bus stop. Normally I might get one or two of that color, but today they decided that this undershirt gets the extra beserk treatment. They even had an heating oil delivery truck painted the same color, making a delivery some 60' distant from the bus I was on. I have seen many of this company's heating oil delivery trucks on my gangstalked travels, and the tank has always had a bright metallic finish of aluminum or stainless steel. But today, a special delivery truck with the tank painted a deep dark grey, same as my undershirt. The last time I wore it, and swore off wearing this deep grey undershirt, was at the farm labor job when the specially deep grey painted military Sea King helicopter made at least eight sorties the times that I was outside.

The subzero weather has me wearing my only sweater, and an undershirt underneath, and it would seem that the perps have been working me over to wear a white undershirt, a mid-grey one, and now the deep grey one. All very exciting for them to be working me through the greyscale colors, though they could do better by leaving me the fuck alone.

Enough caustic commentary, and now to post this.

Another laundry morning, this time bedsheets which run on a two week cycle, the one set that I have, and gets mysterious brown stains on the pillow cases, possibly as an adjunct to the yellowing of the pillows, and the underlying mattress cover. How the intervening sheet doesn't get yellowed when sandwiched between the mattress cover and the pillow cases is only a secondary mystery as to where the yellowing and browning comes from in the first place. One cannot keep up on the bedsheet and clothing sabotage. The latter is playing out in the form of pilling on the three new shirts I ordered, and began with the inability to find quality casual crew necked shirts in a non-pilling fabric, such as stretch cotton. It defies logic as to how Lands End keeps up with the latest cotton fabric innovations for men's polo shirts and their women's tops and blouses, but cannot get it together for men's crew neck tops. Unless my version of their website is "de-tuned", which might be the case, as this fucking shirt quality/availibility/style game has been going on before they went over/beserk in 2002. There has been great mileage in this shirt availibility game, and I doubt if it is going to abate anytime soon.

Even the one nice stretch cotton shirt I had went through a metamorphosis, and "developed" a deep and even pleasant looking nap to the surface of the fabric in 2006, but they recently whacked it with accelerated wear at the neck seems, so it was time to retire it.

The salad fuckover games are still ramping up; they had me rage-=ified over having crumbs stick to my fingers that I couldn't get off, one being a slice of the hazel nuts that are added in. And great amounts of noise stalking when chopping up said hazel nuts, specially soaked for three days in advance. The raw food folks say that all nuts and grains should be soaked some days before eating as it brings on enzymatic changes that make it more nutritious and flavorful. I vouch for the latter, though who knows if this is a direct neural intervention fabrication or genuinely true. Suffice to say, making and eating salad is now at the near 100% provocation and rage-fication level as applying peanut butter and jam on toast fro breakfast. (Recently substituting coconut to similar results). They cannot get enough of getting me totally riled up in advance of eating salad. The usual provocations; crumb sticking (per above), salad leaf hopping (off my fork in unbelievable trajectories), flicking food across the counter, dumping food on the floor, and so it goes. Keeping a clean house is a total setup for continued and insane abuse.

My mother is arriving immenently for a First Feral Family get together, and I will be busy doing some driving for her on Monday. Then I get to see the doctor in the afternoon, he inserting this consult for reasons that have not been made apparent to me. The planted notion, nearly always wrong, it that this here blog has something he found offensive, which would be evidence of the first time he has read it, despite his general claims that date back to mid-2008.


Anonymous said...

I've been trying to remember things, CLEARLY remember things, from my past, but the more I try to think back, the more it all starts to unravel. None of it seems real. It's like I've just been dreaming this life, and when I finally wake up, I'll be somebody else. Somebody totally different!

It's all a big joke!! SEC 7:30

"It means these are all lies!!" Sec 2:55

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Jeremy said...

I did a follow up post on teleportation. I hope this helps you get a handle on some of the strange events in your life.