Wednesday, December 16, 2009


A slack day, being contained to web surf all day. Not even the laundry to do. The excitement for the perps might be that I began using the black razor blades (black plastic mount) instead of  the grey plastic ones for the past 10 or more years. Regular readers will know that I am routinely noise-stalked or otherwise harassed while shaving, and it still continues. Even some rage-ification stunts in the last week while shaving. They especially like water to flick around, and they will have drops unilaterally, without any applied force (or even a modicum of association), hop from the sink basin to the counter top, or onto me or the floor. Exciting moments for the assholes to be sure, but after 7.5 years of this insane fuckery, I don't need to explain how fucking fed up I am.

They had it rain most of the day, and seemingly they cannot get enough vehicle exposure from where I sit in mid apartment as I cannot see the road from this desk. But as the opposited residential tower has a large vacant courtyard, why, put a vehicle there; two tones of grey and with blue plastic covering the white colored canopy window of the pickup. And don't ask how it got there as there is no driveway or ramp to enable vehicular egress. Just another day at the office for them, teleportation of vehicles, but this time without a cover story. Never mind, it isn't the first time they have chucked the nominal plausible rationale nonsense they seem to need to arrange. Besides, if they want to flash patterned lights in my vision all day long, which they do, there is no ruse event that can cover for that.

And I don't need anyone telling me how to get a handle on it either, because I do. Anytime bread crumbs can arrive under the dishes drain rack on the dishes drain board (white color) some 3' away, and then also concurrently arrive 5' away on the white stovetop concurrent with cautious and crumb disseminating preventive bread removal from the plastic package it comes in, tells me that it must of been teleported. Like I said, just another day at the office for the Supreme Sickos, the world SS.

Then onto the pointless pursuit exercise for me to engage in this evening; a stunt/routine they like to pull some 2 to 4 times per month. They had me research the web for something that doesn't appear to exist (or that the arranged search results don't show); an internet radio that fits into the 5.25" bay on the front of the PC. There are some music playing bay inserts, but as far as I can tell, none of them are radios, only music players that access files on the PC. It would be nice to have a volume knob on the PC as the assholes jerk with the volume settings on the player software to either blast my ears or make it too faint. But even a physical knob could be messed with, as I came to learn that they intruded into my NAD CD player and effectively killed it as it won't play any more, and they are very dependable players. They did this to have me take it in for repair, and had it play for a song or two after I got it back, and then killed it again. All to make sure I knew they didn't want me to play it or attempt to fix it again.

Besides, they rarely allow me to play any disc in my PC, and I don't know why this is. I do get the odd gangstalker with a plastic bag full of DVD's, as if they were stolen from a break-in with the Fuckwit riding the bus afterward,  but I really don't know what this confers to them besides a huge array of reflective  surfaces and pits, along with the plastic interactions (polycarbonate DVD plastic to PVC plastic bag). The topic of plastics also dominates the perp agenda, PC's being one example. Once, they killed a perfectly fine steel cased PC router I had, and they told me it was because it was made of metal. I ordered a plastic cased router and it works fine, since 2004.

My new Blu-ray drive in the PC sits unused so far, as all the software was copied over from the old PC's hard drive, and I cannot afford the scratch for DVD/BD movies anyhow. I suppose it has a future role in the perp's plans, but don't ask me what it is. There are many examples where they arranged events such that a particular coat, boots or other item was used for the first time in over a year after it had been acquired, though for seeming rational reasons at the time. The present longest term item that remains unused is my safety toed boots, a Kevlar toe instead of the horrid steel toed equivalents. I bought it in 09-2008 in the expectation on working on the many construction jobs my workmates were telling me about, which never materialized. I didn't need them for farm laboring, so it remains a big mystery as to why they had me cough up $150 with my discount to have them sit there in the closet. And even more odd was that these were wide sized boots, although with a good fit, as that was all they had in my 9.5 size, or any close size, 9 or 10. It would be highly unlikely that the objective would be to just waste my money, though this has been done, so as the song goes, "let the mystery be".

Other games today have been to touch me frequently, at least 100x so far, but with no apparent cause. Sirens have been playing big today, and they even put on a 1960's mechanical siren noise to go with the current day version. This morning's first siren came on when eating chocolate with my coffee, and regular readers will know that the perps are totally obsessed with the color of brown, and with my mouth contents, and so when a brown food is in my mouth it is total nirvana from their depraved perspective.

Another jerkaround today was to make salad making and eating a total pain while having the salad flip around in the bowl and off the fork multiple times. This begat a notion, likely planted, to finally end this fucking insanity over eating salad that has been getting worse for the last two weeks by heaving the rest of it out into the garbage and dispatch it down the chute. No doubt that was all arranged too, as the garbage is the ultimate in the juxtaposition of all things that don't normally come into contact. Funny how the salad sabotage liability wasn't recalled when I bought it at the store. Maybe they wanted only a one time test of it, as it was in a polycarbonate clam shell tray with a cling wrapped top to keep it all in, and we know how the perps like to engage in differing plastics interactions (repeating the above theme), especially with a live food item like salad leaves. And to note that the perps go totally beserk with Cling Wrap fuckery anytime I use it, and have been insanely relentless for all of the last 7.5 years. They will have the Cling Wrap fold in on itself, become impossible to unstick, but also have it so it won't stick on the plate edges to seal the food.

Whenever I have moved, and helped others move, I use my cling wrap like twine, some 8" wide to wrap furniture in so it won't spill while being handled. I think I have done enough Cling Wrap use for two lifetimes worth, and still the assholes set up cling wrapped pallets of flour in brown colored bags on the street outside bakeries. Ditto at the farm labor job until it ended last month; 20" wide cling wrap film to wind around a pallet load of brown colored boxes some 6' high, walking around and around it until it was all plastic wrapped and stil the assholes are all over me on this. But then again, this topic leads to pallet stalking, and you likely have read about this as well. The perps repeat themselves, but when you think about it one can see the reason; nearly everything is shipped on a pallet, so they need to understand the energetics of pallet to object interaction, and of course of all intervening cardboard or other packaging. On a speculative note, I am sure that somewhere, likely many times, that the food or objects that I have purchased were taken straight off the factory production line, without any collation or packaging for shipping, and have the item on the store shelf for me to purchase by way of their unconventional shipping methods. Doubtless they have many tens of thousands of Fuckwits volunteering as well, undertaking consensual human experimentation, unlike the insane abuse of their nonconsensual program/life rape agenda.

Enough for a post, and onto tomorrow with two outings.

PS Would the Anonymous of 12-13-2009 who authored the four Youtube comments get in touch to tell me that they are legit; this infernal version of Blogspot doesn't allow any cut or paste from the unmoderated comments. Just so I can separate the spam from the legit comments. Thanks


Anonymous said...

Hi from malapropism
the 4 youtube comments could have been from me. the perps have my short term memmory so messed up with their "fuckery", as you put it, that I my have forgotten. and asking for a hint of the details to jog my memmory would seem not genuine.

Anonymous said...

saw some of your posts on the aether and gravity and the like.

seems gravity as a force or particle is incorrect. space time is the aether. gravity seems to be an imbalance in aether.

space time seems to be created by energy, like the low pressure area behind a pressure wave of an explosion. and light seems not to exist until it comes in contact with something. light seems to be just ripples in the aether also.

The reaction of 1 kg of antimatter with 1 kg of matter would produce 1.8×10x17 J (180 petajoules) of energy (by the mass-energy equivalence formula E = mc²), or the rough equivalent of 43 megatons of TNT.

(Vacuum energy) seems to be holding open space time.

A 2 liter bottle equals this...

seems the vacuum energy of the atoms of two liters of water existing holds open its portion of space time.

"In astrophysics, a white hole is the hypothetical time reversal of a black hole. While a black hole acts as an attractor, drawing in any matter that crosses the event horizon, a white hole acts as a source that ejects matter from its event horizon."

"OR" is a White Hole a "Black hole from the inside" of it's horizon.

If the edges of the universe, (14 billion light years away) are expanding away at the speed of light, It seems we will never be closer to that edge than we are right now no matter what we do, kind of like trying to travel back out of an event horizon.

the acceleration of gravity (300,000,000 meters per second) exceeds the speed of light(300,000,000 meters per second)

there is no more space time to accelerate into.

is our universe inside of a pocket upon who's surface time has never progressed?

AJH said...

Answer to: Hi, saw some of your posts on the aether and gravity and the like...

I won't debate the possible explanations of how the perps control gravity by remote means, as I am ill equiped to do so, having learning disabilities that just won't let me assemble scientific and technical understanding in plausible detail. But I will say that they can remotely manipulate gravitic forces, especially for harassment purposes, and that they can teleport objects or animate beings as if it were child's play. One of the themes I hope to show in my links is that physical theory has been stalled out for 2/3 of a century, and has a hole you can drive a truck through, as it cannot accomodate both quantum effects and larger scale gravitic and electromagnetic effects. This is what they hope for by building the Large Hadron Collider, just recently started. And when TT Brown indicated that he could control gravity in 1924 and published a paper by that title, (see links at right) and no one has followed up on this that we know of, then there must be some very odd as to how scientific inquiry is progressing, a conspiratorial perspective for sure. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

I've heard there is a quantum foam that makes up spacetime itself. I guess the question is what exactly is space time? What is the fabric it is made of?

The thing that's interesting is that gravity and electric/magnetic attractions are definitely related, but independent. At some time shortly after the big bang, those forces were combined into one super force. Consider the equations for gravitational attraction have the same exact for as those for Couloumb attraction. So therefore, it's reasonably easy to see how they were combined into one unified force before the universe "cooled" and could form hydrogen gas clouds.

Supposedly, there was a Hydrogen plasma before the universe cooled to around 2000K. Hence, the perps' fascination with plasma-based weapons and plasmas themselves could be part of their attempt to understand the early universe. When I say "early", perhaps it was within seconds or minutes of the actual big bang?

This "superforce" that made up the early universe is definitely fascinating. This implies there could be universes out there with different fundamental constants, such as the speed of light in a vacuum. Also, there could be magnetic monopoles in a supposed alternate universe, but no isolated electric charges, the opposite of what's in our universe.

AJH said...

Answer to: I've heard there is a quantum foam...

There are many theories that unify the quantum and macro (Newtonian gravitic and electromagnetic forces). Also called "GUT" aka the Grand Unified Theory. There is no doubt there is much more to physics that what we know, and if anyone uncooperative gets close to understanding, they get snuffed.

De Palma (cancer),

Mallove (murdered),

Wilheim Reich (suicide in jail)

TT Brown called empty space the "omniplasma continuum", which I think is the best name by far. There is an energetic ether IMHO, and he spent most of his career investigating it, but seemingly didn't reach any complete theories. But he was locked in with the deep black operatives for most of his adult life, so his curiousity was likely bounded. (All his work journals disappeared). Even the Big Bang is disputed among the non-conventional thinkers. Thanks for the comment.