Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Nodding Off When Viewing Job Ads

These nodding-off spates, not even a true nap, while seated and online have been continuing for the past two weeks or so, and it is always interesting as to when, and what web page context that occurs. Today, it was during reading the job ads; read one then nod off for only a minute or so, then similarly at another job ad web page, and so it went for at least four rounds in total. There is no way I can resist imposed sleepiness, and I knew that from the onset of overt harassment in 2002.

An earlier visit with my mother to get Christmas cookies and food items at a downtown department store. The gangstalking scenario is muted when headed to the store, and when in, and then came on once we were outbound and then on the street again. A lunch was thrown into the deal, and so off to a local resturaunt that has been the standard for such events. A window seat with a full afro haired negro dude as the waiter, and even the blonde babe was kind of fugly and overweight. Though later, another blonde babe in a strapless off the shoulder top was very dishy to view, as the proximate table's waitress.

While dining there, the dude flush erupted, this time more dress-down ones in the long MIB coats after the goretex hikey-bikey anorak crowd positioned themselves around me in their vile orange colors. What is it that I cannot stand the sight of anoraks? Another traumatization simulation, or is it their ubiquity and knowing they serve as a portable teflon surface? The perps tell me that one of their problematic environmental pollutants are PFOA's, created from teflon manufacture. Not my problem, so why in the fuck am I hounded but this freak show?

I had a salad, and there was again, extra dude flushes walking by outside and inside when beginning to eat it, a food item of intense interest to the perps; see yesterday's posting for more details the insane abuse that goes on over this of late.

Then a minimal turnaround and onto meeting with the new employment counsellor to support my grant grovelling, round two. That worked out reasonably well, and she is a psychologist and knew about ADD so I didn't have to go into the usual exhaustive detail about the topic as well as related clinical topics. Finally, a more upbeat consult, so we shall see where this one goes. The doctor strangely requested an appointment on Monday when the next one is scheduled for mid-Febuary, so whether this training initiative is his rationale is unknown to me. I will find out then I suppose, and ponder the portent until then. Nothing like a perp mystery tour to raise the angst level for six days.

I am schlepping back into my all-day web surfing habits, the imposed regimen for half of 2009, and the four months before. One activity is reading blogs, and in particular, TI blogs. I see that Rachael O is getting worked over with much more harassment in her homeless state, and the Aussie TI is getting more planted abusive dictates from her perps. I might be wrong, but the sickos do seem to be upping the harassment fact all round for many TI so send them some good thoughts; Rachael O, Aussie TI and Wise TI has an obit piece.

Some web reading tonight, then a sortie to less than a block away to get my Rx and more chocolate, the perp's most prevalent reminder of the mind-fuck games; they have a brown color problem of some kind, and need me to consume three 100g bars a day with tea or coffee, and all the while putting on extra noise, vibration, mouth noise "from" eating and swallowing, and with concurrent plasma and maser flashes. Never was so much depravity devoted to such an obscure cause as this fucking chocolate "habit" I am screwed with to some $240 last month, not unusual. Once, they had me loathing the smell of it for a week and that is also highly irregular. Suffice to say, if on a low income I never would expend this amount for so long, and drive myself into the hole, then spend three months digging my self out with full time farm labor work later in the year. Anyhow, regular readers will know this is yet another sore point over this impositional depravity I have been condemned to.

Outside I had my gangstalkers with backpacks, dogs and guitars per usual, not to mention freaky hats, and then the cardboard box detail as well when in the Rx lineup. The woman ahead of me at the Rx counter had a supposed friend who came from the confectionary section with a small cardboard box with a cutout to see the inside and was waving it around and explaining to the Rx tech that they were out of this item. Another WTF moment; why would the RX tech have anything to do with stocking the shelves with candy in this larger corporate drugstore? But if you know my travails, or are a TI, you are likely familiar with brown colored props being arranged around one everywhere in public, not to mention brown colored clothing and the rest of the associated games, especially when said victim is going to be headed to the chocolate section next. And lo, if the box stalker wasn't in place with at least four other posted gangstalkers at the chocolate section, arranged to be out of the Milka bars I like and the fugly Lindt stuff on sale, my choice after two other brands were not there. The wrapping of the chocolate seems to be of vital importance to the perps of late; the plastic wrapper works fine, but for years it was the metal foil liner with either a cardboard or paper outer wrapping. The former are removed and put on a small plate to eat to contain the myriad of crumbs that teleport in from somewhere, and the latter are eaten off the foil once the outer paper/cardboard is dispensed with. Minutiae to me and most others, but of seeming vital importance to the perps of late in having me alternate between the two kinds of wrapping more than once per week, now for months.

More web researching of things I covet but cannot afford; speaker to go with this PC. Headphones I have and they work fine, so who needs me to expend two hours salivating over items I cannot afford, especially now that I am in the non-working rut I spent some 9 months in earlier this year and before.

Just part of the game it would seem, and this would erupt before they went overt. They had me researching air cleaners for weeks on end, and has supplied the rationale for needing to acquire one, and since the apartment invasion and gangstalking started I haven't had any "need" for one, so what was that all about? There are other loose ends of a more tangible kind; they had me acquire safety boots in 09-2008 as it seemed for sure I could get a construction job as my farm labor pals were talking it up as a "for sure", and lo, no work, and I still have the boots. So... I reckon there must be some kind of vocational use planned for using the boots, but nothing that I can determine in the way of future employment prospects. This serves as an example as to how long the perps can plan things for.

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