Thursday, December 17, 2009

Document Abuse

A busy day for the most part, culminating in putting my grant application together after getting some pages photocopied and meeting my employment counsellor. I ended up doing form filling while she was working on another part of the document, and she really did like to ask me questions while in mid-form filling, if not mid-sentence writting. I was copying from the 09-2009 grant submission onto the same blank form for the 12-2009 submission, and it really does seem importatnt to the perps as to where/when I get my information from while form filling. I some boxes I filled from recall, in others I read the question, read my answer, and then copied it down on the new form which was identical. And it was also important for the perps, as evidenced by extra noisestalking when I copied an answer down, but changed the sentence to be more consise.

I was always plagued with not being able to fill out forms correctly, and now I know it was these assholes who get so much mileage from the wrong item being put in the wrong box. They were fucking me bad on this yesterday when here at my apartment, and wanted to fuck me the same way again when in someone else's office. Makes sense, as this Fuck and Repeat show keeps getting played in differing locations in the company of differing individuals. The good news is that the doctor is going to support my grant grovelling application this time, leaving the explanation of why he didn't do this in September (when $12k was on the table) remains inadequately answered.

And tonight when I had the time to collate the photocopied pages into the 12-2009 application, I find out that at least three documents are "missing" when I clearly had them this morning when the counsellor was reading them. And another two pages of new material, my interview notes of the instructors at the Oracle 11g course, when totally missing, and I cannot understand how any of these documents got lost. Needless to say, I was totally infuriated as this has fucked me around to have me print more off, but the interview notes were handwritten and cannot be recovered. Good for a round of screaming rage-ification  or two.

This timed after I got back from visiting the First Feral Family home, having dinner there, watching the TV news for 1.5 hours and then travelling with the freakshow back on the city bus. The latter was muted, only five Fuckwits "joining me", about what one would expect in suburbia on a Thursday night headed to downtown.

The fuckers got me on the outbound trip at 1300h. The #27 bus did not show up twice in succession, for a 40 minute span, likely to keep me at the bus stop for longer while the coordinated vehicles went by; silver greys, reds, whites, blacks, and for the second time, two copper colored vehicles in file. When I finally caught the alternate #28 bus, it was jam packed, which was total bullshit for that time of day. The freakshow was in full presentation, and they kept me standing for half the bus journey, and some assholes made a point of bumping into me, three of them were on me at once. This is because they herded me to the rear exit door where they always post at least one Fuckwit, but this time it was three of them. Then when I got a seat, another three of them moved together, seemingly independently, and stood side to side, pretending the other wasn't there. I haven't seen anything quite so coordinated and so brash on the bus before.

But I did get my wacko while waiting at the bus stop; some fucking weird dude stood 2.5' away and facing me, put out his arm with his closed hand toward me and said, "merry Christmas and happy New Year". Then he did it to the next person at the bus stop. So... why does all this weird shit keep happening to me? Buses pulled from their route twice in succession, hordes of Fuckwits on the bus at 1335h, (pretend building trades laborers even), and not to mention the 12  Asian of 15 Fuckwits surrounding me at the bus stop. Totally bizarre at this location there would be so many at non-shopping area of downtown, let alone the large Asian contingent. This was not in Chinatown, and there is no demographic rationale for such a strange cluster fuck as this one.

I fired off a complaint to BC Transit, the bus operator, so I will have to see what they say. They have been running the buses up to 5 minutes early, and so I was ready for this one, but lo, if they didn't pull the buses this time. It isn't the first time this stunt has erupted, but it better be the fucking last time. My mother chimed in saying it was happening to her too. Just what I need, another quisling and their faux empathy act.

And so, driving the First Feral Family mother around this afternoon with impossible volumes of vehicular gangstalking traffic. And have I not mentioned that the perps go beserk with extra vehicular and extra Fuckwits when the First Feral Family is altogether, or any one of them with me? At least a few hundred times I should think. It was first a Home Depot stop with two near identical Nissan silver-grey Altimas, one parked on each side of my mother's Ford Escape in the parking lot. One was populated by the owner, a woman with her small child tracking us from outside the Home Depot exit some 100' to the vehicles. I was doing the driving as usual.

Then onto a lighting shop to eventually purchase the very same lighting fixture that my mother rejected at Home Depot. The downstairs bathroom is getting renovated and the guy "happened" to break the fixture, and so my mother needed to get a new one. This one has halogen bulbs that burn much hotter, and I am sure this excites the perps a whole bunch as they like them to be arranged around me in a gradual progression. On only for a brief exposures at first, either directly or through a wall. The halogen lamp in the living room has only been used for the last year of the six years my parent's have had it. The problem for the perps is that these lights give off an electromagnetic field, something I determined when my field strength meter was working (if it wasn't beeing spoofed). The two halogen lights I have had since 2001 are rarely used, as they now flicker. The two LED lights I bought from Ikea in September haven't been used either because they flicker too. Funny how all this insane shit over lighting, including sunlight, keeps erupting.

Enough of the beserk shit, and hopefully more calm on the harassment front.


Anonymous said...

I used to see this one guy, waving his Confederate Flag and waving, walking along the shoulder of 119 South on my way to work. Supposedly, he was protesting something, this looks to be the work of my perps.

They seem to be getting the whole town into this harassment act. Not sure why they go along with this, but maybe they were offered some "benefit" of some sort. I can only guess, because I was the designated "target" from the very outset. I suppose you could take this to mean I was chosen before birth. Had I been "selected" just within the last 10 years or so, I would have been recruited as a perp before I had been official designated a target. I conclude this proves I was a target since before birth.

AJH said...

Answer to: I used to see this one guy...

They do like to wave flags, and especially so if the local sports team is on a winning streak to take it to the finals (ice hockey, football etc.)

It is difficult to know for sure when the perps begin to target someone, but I reckon they are at least surveying the school rooms and can identify certain intelliegences remotely in school. Then they would decide as to later recruitment or initiate covert coverage. I suspect they had me lined up before birth as they replicate so many of the sounds of gestation; gurgling water, joint movement cracking and womens' voices as a background noise, not distinguishing any words. Your parents might be cooperating or not; though it seems that they do for the most part of the few intergenerational covert experimentation cases that I know of. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

I believe my mom is cooperating; however, I'm not sure if she has been since birth. She writes off my tales to her that I am being controlled, monitored, and harassed by perps as "schizophrenia". She tells me that's what "you know who" was saying before he "went crazy".

Anonymous said...

I would like to add that I have been getting a lot of knuckle cracking as of late, and it's especially obvious when doing it while teaching in an otherwise quiet classroom. Another odd event has been certain females in the class trying to get me off topic and talk about other things other than the material I was supposed to be teaching. It seems my perps don't want me to teach anymore; the only classes I can teach next semester are two one-credit labs. I actually appreciate that, as I believe they are giving me a little bit of a break in terms of the work. I can now get some unemployment compensation for 6 months while collecting my low income (2 credits per semester will cover my car payments but nothing more). I believe my perps want me to explore different things, like do research on different topics on this mini-sabbatical. I lost the other teaching job entirely. Maybe a full-time job is in the future, though my perps strongly seem to want me to work a nice part-time job that pays decent. They don't like us doing jobs that are repetitive and don't exercise the mind much.

Also, when I see obvious operatives in a store or on the street, they make sure they mention loudly things I was keying in on, things that I was thinking intently about. Usually, they mirror negative things I was thinking, apparently in an attempt to get me to stop thinking negative thoughts. For example, if I was looking at crackers on the counter in the kitchen earlier, later in the evening, I heard operatives mention "cracker" very loud over and over again. Also, when I think about composing music, I hear operatives on the street say "Bach" loud enough for me to hear. It was no coincidence I was watching videos of a female who resembled Daisey Duke, so the association was of Catherine Bach. So, it seems the operatives' conversations around me for me to hear is very carefully planned in advance. Some of them seem frustrated that they "have" to take part in this, as though they'd rather be doing other things. I'm sure the perps make life difficult for everybody, not just the targets. Operatives seem to have fun at times, but I'm sure it's all business for them.

AJH said...

Answer to: I believe my mom is cooperating...

Sounds familiar; she doesn't want to know and blows you off everytime and no serious objective and empathetic dialog ever takes place. Playing dumb, aka wilful ignorance, is the shills'/operatives' stock in trade. Any kind of psychosis or schizophenia without family or prior history is extremely rare. I got tagged with this bullshit at age 47 for crissakes. Do you have any durations of time in early childhood (before age 10) where it is totally blanked out? Just curious. Thanks for the comment.

AJH said...

Answer to: I would like to add that...

Yessir, very familiar this knuckle cracking in class (having taken two evening classes this term). Someone from the right side who alternates with someone from the left side and vice versa as if a disease!

And the interuptions; very common with me, and they even like me to have something ready to say and then screw me out of recalling it at the vital moment of the dialog, and lo, if I don't "remember" it a few hours later that something vital was to be mentioned but "didn't happen", aka memory purge.

And the themes! I haven't had a Bach theme, but you probably read my "tiger" themes of late, real stories in the news, on TV dramas, and the namesake variant that is all over the news. And "for some reason" the perps have me interested in the latter celebrity marital separation/divorce events, when normally I don't give a hoot about celebs and their comings and goings. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

Oh sorry, I misunderstood your earlier question. It seems like they have blanked me out from recalling certain people's names entirely. It seems like they are working on dissociation of my present from my former self with trauma-based conditioning.

AJH said...

Answer to: Oh sorry, I misunderstood your...

Name blanking out is much more common than it was since it began in earnest, 2007. Is the trauma based conditoning, current trauma (from harassment and gangstalking) or from past traumatizations that may have been deleted from consciousness?

Anonymous said...

Mostly it's "current trauma". Mostly they deal with the present. They like to "recall" things (people, songs, actions that were compulsive to me) from the distant and not-so-distant past, and incorporate that into my current trauma based conditioning. Really, to me, it seems like one big fan club.

Then there are the doppels that resemble a morph of 3 or more different women from my past, past and present loves. The doppel then did the planted notion thing to me "up front", which was supposedly how those three "felt" about me.

Also, I find it astounding that our harassments are so similar. I'm from the northeastern part of PA, but you are from the southeastern part of Canada. Yet, our experiences seem very similar. I'm wondering if the perps running this thing are from the same group. You're the first TI I've come across that mentioned how likes/dislikes of various age/physical characteristics played into gangstalking. There are some differences, the main one being I don't get the anti-gravity based fuckery. I did get quite a few teeth/jaw clacking/teeth grinding that seemed remotely/externally applied. One incidence was of something external "compelling" me to cut into my finger. They've fucked with my cognitive abilities, too, such as fooling me into thinking tree stumps, sign posts, and other inanimate objects were unfavored features stalkers. I'm not sure it was the perps inducing it, as a lot of cognitive fuckery seems to be fatigue from all the harassment.

Sometimes they seem to like doing the "haunted house" harassment, making things fall out of closets upstairs, when I'm downstairs alone early in the morning.

Also, they have one operative giving me verbal feedback in the form of messages letting me know what's going on, such as she knows those harassers were tormenting me last evening, but my display of calmness was merely a show, and that inside I was freaking out.

AJH said...

Answer to: Mostly it's "current trauma"...

Southwest Canada; SW of Bellingham, 60 miles NW of Seattle WA. On an exceptional day in the right location I can see both Mt. Baker and Mt. Ranier. (Both locals and visitors would know what these geographic landmarks are).

Interesting too, that the Favored/Unfavored gangstalker and other arranged presentations are common between us. As far as I know, you are the only TI who recieves harassment and other presentations in this way.

That "haunted house" stuff, where an inordinant number of things fall down from the closet and like anomalous physical events is the extra-conventional gravitic fuckery, albeit much moderated.

It is also interesting that you get a play-by-play of what is happening, which would be the last thing that they would do for me. They like me as clueless as possible, and routinely mess with my cognitive abilities to foil my prediction their next move.

Thanks for the comments.