Monday, December 14, 2009

More Tigers + minor 12-15-2009 updates

And did I not predict more tiger activity after the Tiger Woods and the rampant tigers at the zoo? I got two exposures of tigers, this week's (or month's) seeming theme. Last night on Frost, he was unravelling an illegal animal trade operation, and lo, if he didn't have finale with a tiger that left from its cage. Onto the next show, a documentary on India, and the mangrove swamps of the Sunderbans River delta where tigers roam, and the increasing number of "tiger widows", a consequence of their hunting husbands getting mauled as they hunt from small boats in the swamps. My empathies lie with the tigers. What exactly the perps are attempting to gain by their tiger exposure games I have no idea. Another tiger story of some time ago was when I was at a local club that had Rod Piazza and the Mighty Flyers and in another part of the club was a strip joint, with a stripper that has does an act with the tiger. So...., during a break in the show, I went outside, but still in the building, to an area that overlooked a courtyard, and lo, if the woman, a handler and the tiger weren't walking in the public area. It seemed to be one of those "just happened' events", though in hindsight with the infernal harassment and abuse, as well as living an orchestrated and scripted life (it seems on balance), I suppose the perps had arranged this for whatever reason, and doubtless, the timing was impeccable as always, following a set of much appreciated good music. No more tiger stories, but I don't think this will be the last of the arranged exposures.

A full-on day of gangstalking, with the double event of staying at the home of the Fisrt Feral Family and not taking any yellow colored medications today. The yellow vehicle gangstalking was out in force, and I even had a side by side red and yellow vehicle with a white one in front so they could travel three abreast and prevent me from getting by. Another flux of dudes, more middle aged in the morning, and even wearing shorts for crissakes in the 0C degree weather. Later, while at the doctor's office, a parade of Fuckwits looking metally infirm, and in progressions of red, brown, and red and brown combination clothing that followed the initial wave of greys, blacks and whites. The doctor was at least 15 minutes late, and I was ten minutes early, so that made for quite a lengthy gangstalk parade. I also saw one of my female yoga classmates there, and I suppose that wasn't too out of the ordinary, given the clinical nature of the clientele.

The waiting room has these copper colored fabric chairs, a recent renovation, and I suppose this is a big attraction for the perps as well, as the copper colored vehicle gangstalking has increased to the point of even putting two of them in file sometimes. I cannot stand the color, save for more of the bronze variations, and the reddish copper colored vehicles are particular hideous IMHO. But as the perps are totally beserk over the color of everything I see or touch, and even the colors of the insulators of the AC wires, it is a mystery to me as to what exactly is the connection between all of the copper color games that they put me through.

The silver-grey games are constant, and it is one of their most common reference colors along with white, and this too likely has metallic connotations similarly to copper colors as detailed above. I am also getting more gold, and yellow-gold colors, though so far, this is much less than copper colored vehicular gangstalking. Chances are that the latter may increase along with the copper color games. It is all very perturbing to be in the center ring of this insane and abusive and depraved circus, and knowing one cannot get out.

The perps had me pumped for a confrontation with the health case worker at the doctor's as the rationale for today's consult which was on relatively short notice, as we were to meet Feb. 10, the usual two to three month interval. But this appointment was two weeks after I saw him, and there was an implied need on his part to see me so soon. Said case worker did a cameo, getting in his office ahead of me to get a chart supposedly, and getting out before the consult started. She featured herself in fugly puke brown knitted wool coat, the kind the wind blows through. Then she was gone. So after some three months of this setup, where I wanted to address her gonzo jerkarounds that cost me two training grants ($12k) never materialized. The intent and the thought memes to rip her quisling broadsides was again thwarted, despite the perps not letting me forget this bullshit. Hopefully, this will be the end of it, as it had a recent revival as I encountered the training grant application submission, and her gonzo statement resurfaced.

Funny, how I didn't react with "fucking asshole" or such like when I saw her do her cameo, timed to occure when the office had been vacated, and the doctor and I were walking toward his office when she "happened" into view. AND that spells mind control writ large; anyone who jerks me around gets relegated to a lifetime category of "fucking asshole", "fucking sick asshole", "fucking scary asshole" or like. There is very little one can do to redeem themselves to escape such a deserved label in my way of seeing things, and she had already burned me once before after a prior "I won't screw you around" commitment.  One of my most basic instincts, this attributive classification of "asshole" (i.e., a threat) never came to mind when I first saw her doing her cameo this afternoon. Another never-before behavior, and am pissed that I am not allowed to think "asshole" when I see one with a track record that earned such attribution. One is not allowed to be one's self.

Then onto the city bus freakshow afterward; the parade began again with bumper to bumper gangstalking vehicle traffic, and then put on the scary fucker dudes again, just about all of them with a cigarette in hand. The Big Yellow Fuckwit, likely put on because I don't take my yellow colored medication as I stay overnight at my parent's place and "forget" to bring them (everytime, weekly for over two years, give me a break), was on me with cigarette in hand. Then a negro male with a cigarette in hand, and then another dude with a cigarette followed within 20 seconds. Fucking weird, and the big joke might be that cigarettes must be some kind of brown color reference with a white colored paper around it, and presumably this color continuity is important. I suppose one shouldn't entertain that the cigarettes might have been from the same package. The perps also have a harassment theme related to one's lungs, breathing, and the energetic differential between the incoming air and the outgoing air. Yogis might infer this is related to the universal life force, if there is such a thing, and that it is manifested in one's breathing and oxygen and CO2 exchange. Obviously another long conspiratorial theme, and one that I am not much interested in, and am passing it on as a possible clue to what their beserk agenda is all about.

And more brown color games last night; my mother offers me a toffee when watching TV and I accept, put it into my mouth, and lo, if a brown skinned woman doesn't come into the show as a character. Ditto today in the doctor's office waiting room; a brown colored page of the newspaper comes into view, and lo, some 18' away, a same deep brown coated Fuckwit comes into view, loitering in front of the well lit Christmas tree.

Other stupid shit was at Home Depot this morning; a black leather jacketed Fuckwit only 8' from me starts doing his arm stretches in the aisle for crissakes; one was enough, but he kept on doing it for over 5 minutes straight, all the time I was attempting to find the fucking picture hangers which were put on the end of the aisle, all to force more back and forthing. (This is routine now; any store I don't know well is frought with going to the wrong places and some "missing" the very items I am looking for). Finally, at the far end of the aisle, having paralled the aisle with the leather jacketed Fuckwit doing his arm stretches, I find the picture hangers, and lo, if the Fuckwit isn't standing there with both arms extended horizontally, as if he was to be nailed to a cross. Fucking bizarre, along with the coterie of some four others who were placed around him, pretending this bizarre behavior wasn't happening. Never have so many shiftless and bizarre Fuckwits worked for so long and as strange a cause to deliver unrelenting harassment and abuse to serve the greater Psychopathic Imperative.

Other brown games today was on board the city bus freakshow, though less freaks but jam packed. Among the gangstalker crew were two children, age 6 or less, each with a gingerbread house made of (brown) graham crackers, white icing and embedded Smarties (dark brown inside). So..., only 6' away, and coddling them in their laps, but the Christmas time nonsense has no end of variations when it comes to putting on the parade in all its facets and fuckery. Past city bus freakshow trips this December have had four red velvet dressed Fuckwits in a Santa Claus outfits, though thankfully without the gut show.

And they almost didn't let me off the bus; two sentries at the back door, one on each side, and neither of the fuckers budged when it was profoundly clear that I wanted off and they were holding me up. On the left, a red-haired woman, and on the right, a red-coated high school student. Obviously this is a big Fuckover day, a Monday post First Feral Family home stayover, prior morning outings with the Matriarch Quisling, and then the doctors' visit, himself being brown skinned. And I did get a parade of red vehicles and redcoat Fuckwits passing by as seen in the window behind his head, so I can assume that these are the continuation of when they put the long-serving gangstalking Coca Cola delivery truck in the same juxtaposition. Other features of the active landscape behind him were vehicle lights; a new parking lot got put in two years ago on a sloped area, and lo, if one of the through lanes isn't arranged for vehicles to be elevated and pointing their headlights down toward me from 100' away, and the light beams coming in just beside his head. And he says that I am over sensitized to distractions; and I say that anyone would be in my cicumstances. And so goes the impasse.

And they had me succumb to  his exhortations to take medication that will make me feel less put-upon, aka distracted and/or stressed by the ongoing parade of fuckwits, not to mention the onslaught of adversity that mostly gets delivered while here in the Magnetic Chamber (my apartment). So yet again, I am going to try one of his special medications, the one that someone with ADD would be least likely to take, and I am sure this serves the life-rape imperative more than me, and represents the fifth fucking time I will have been served this particular clinical brain blocker. We shall see how it goes, and hope that no more color coordination goes on with the pill color, white this time. Though snow isn't forecast here, it is for Vancouver, and we might get some as well. Regular readers may recall that the last such medication intake I relented to were orange colored pills, and within two days of taking them, why, a First Feral Family dinner was scripted and we had three kinds of orange colored vegetables. Enough to make me dizzy it seemed at the time, and perhaps the perps were directly manipulating up my distaste for orange colored objects. I still get the orange plastic bag patrol, and only yesterday one fuckwit started swinging it about as I was going to pass him by and relieved of this stupid irritation.

Its past midnight almost, so time to call this one done and pull myself from the chirping and ringing earmuffs; the sound slowly builds up and I don't notice it until the assholes want me to.

Note to the Anonymous who sent four comments with Youtube video links; the Windows Cut and Past functions are stripped from Blogspot and I cannot view them in advance of rejecting/publishing them. Can you send some confirmatory email or comment that these You Tube videos are legit and not spam? Thanks.


Anonymous said...

These are "could be's"

As for "Copper", if it helps or not, it is a malapropism for "Cop" or police or the law.

Cigarettes are a malapropism for Sex which is a malapropism for pleasuring your self which is a malapropism for death and Frankenstein's Monster

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Anonymous said...

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AJH said...

Answer to: These are "could be's"...

I see enough of the copper, silver and gold metallic props and games in any given week that I don't look too far for other explanations. But I don't discount the associations you make, as I get plenty of them too, but am reluctant to go down this route. Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to: Cool blog as for me...

I hope so, and that it isn't a shameless plug for shady ladys, Secret Asian Girls and the like as I get plenty of them as it is, gangstalking only of course. And the odd 20" long black hair in my bed when it couldn't be from my monastic existence.