Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tapping Games

Another big day for the perps it would seem, stopping me from having the usual morning shower due to the ongoing hot water "repair" interuptions. I shaved only my face with heated kettle water, something they tried on me for some 14 months when I lived in Everett WA and the hot water wasn't hot enough. Never mind all the remote camping trips of my past, and even living in a remote camp for a four month long summer job. No sir, they don't give up. As mentioned many times, there is something about shaving, the plastic on skin contact more correctly, the perps cannot figure out, and hence, go beserk in messing with all the variables known to them. Ditto for shampoo and conditioner, both from plastic bottles.

Then off to yoga, for the second time in four months, when it was a weekly routine until 08-2009, this year. The farm work ended that as I was much more geared to earning some dough to get this PC upgraded which so far, has been a success.

I had tapping and drilling noise from my faux neighbors again, something they do every few weeks, for no ostensible reasons and no cover story with Fuckwit tradesmen putzing around. That complimented the odd tapping noise that comes from outside, a ridiculous slow (1/ second or less) tapping as if a hammer was applied to a long wood beam, and with no construction going on that would serve as the putative source, it is indeed puzzling in the conventional sense. The dumbshit chirping noise has also been intermittent and frequent, "joining me" for breakfast and then later in conjunction with the inside/outside tapping alternation.

Then outside yoga, why, a welding truck was parked outside with a dayglo orange painted wood protective slats to cover the electrical cables on th sidewalk that went from vehicle, into the room below the yoga class. So..., here we have a confluence of perp props; a generator (magnets rotating beside coils to create electricity), charged high current cables crossing the sidewalk and bounded by the dayglo painted wood safety cover, and then of course the sparks, combustion and the heated metal of the welding activity underneath the venue for yoga, the church chapel. Anyhow, someone else might not read anything to all of those confluences, but I think I have blogged about how all those themes and props keep "happening" in my proximity, so TI's and regular readers will know that the Fuckover Show is continuing apace.

The yoga instructor looked a little lean today, and she explained that she had H1N1 flu some two weeks ago. I assume these players sign up for certain levels of involvement, and are unaware what gets planned for them. The negro woman was there again, portly and keeping well back from me and lurking in the dimmest corner she could find. Though, the sickos made sure she was the first person I saw when I entered the room, and to also see her fugly dreadlocks. (And I assume every regular reader knows how much I loathe the sight of them, and how often this "hurl-do" gets planted for me to see). The two regular dudes who come to yog both came in late, some five minutes apart, and this would seem to be another example of incremental insertion of Unfavoreds (adult males) in my midst. This is just one example of the level of management and orchestration that goes on around me, not to mention the color of everyone's clothes and fabric type.

I had the light blue yoga mat today, and it is rare that it is there and availible on top of the pile, but hey, I was the fifth person to arrive, and most often it is used by someone else. And a more slowed down yoga with plenty of planks, something I was never good at unless highly practiced, but again, I was very able and none of the plank position capabilty was lost over my four month hiatus from yoga. It is simply amazing that I am much more physical capable in small but measureable ways as to remaining in shape without supporting levels of practice as in the past, and how much stronger I am.It is very mysterious that someone knew my physical abilities were problematic when I didn't, and has now corrected it.

And surprise of a sort; the regular yoga attendees were asking where I had been and what I was up to and all the expectable friendly stuff. I attended once in September I believe, and they totally ignored me. Variable friendliness isn't too uncommon among the TI population.

So it wasn't too much of a surprise in the Fuckwit/Weirds gangstalker gauntlet back to my place after yoga that one that was walking in my track toward me, and averted contact only barely, was a blonde woman in a light blue long coat, the same color as my yoga mat. While no one should read too much into that as a coincidence, it is only significant if one believes that every breath and word of me and all proximate players are orchestrated around me, 24x7. There were other freaks doing their entrances and exits ahead of me, but I would have to say it is becoming less obvious immediately around me. More color variations of late it would seem; triple tone vehicles now, and more hue variations of the gangstalking vehicles and ambulatory gangstalker's clothing. But I did get a wheelchair, at least two mid-sidewalk planted Fuckwits in each direction, an all-red Coca-Cola truck and one of the major thoroughfares (Johnson St for locals) was totally blocked off with a yellow and black crane positioned in mid-street. Which then forced the yellow-advertisement bedecked city bus (normally white and red with a blue stripe) to be making a detour past my apartment building, a non-thoroughfare street.

The early dark evening time is upon me, and I get to head out later for the Oracle PL/SQL class. What I was wondering was why a recent confluence of tiger stories? The Tiger Woods debacle keeps getting more legs, and lo, if some real tigers didn't make the news, turning on their trainer. I wouldn't be surprised if more tiger stories didn't erupt over the next few weeks. I "happen upon" many tiger stories and pictures in my news troving and web surfing, and there was a local captive tiger that was transfered elsewhere much earlier this year, so it does make me ponder if it is perp driven in some way. Why or for what purpose I have no idea, as they can, and have, hammered me for months over the word "the", so it is all very curious. Back some two decades ago, when visiting the tigers at the Calgary Zoo, one did some very strange things at the cage and then sprayed my ex-wife with who knows what (with me ducking out of the way in advance). Needless to say, the family dog was hugely interested in these smells when we got back to the vehicle.

Back from Oracle PL/SQL class tonight; a few freaks on the bus tonight, - another negro-in-the-dim light again, this one with his Caucasian sidekick and they lasted about three stops and could of walked faster than waiting for the bus. Absurd. I got the dreadlocks hurl-do again; fucking ugly as always. I don't know what anyone would see in such a hairstyle apart from pure frightfulness.

I also get my red colored stalker with a skateboard as a prop; there is plenty of that corundum like anti-slip grip on the floor, but no it is not enough, they must bring their skate boards with the same material on them as well. That they are on a plywood board might be the added attraction. Most TI's know that the perps have yet more harassment issues over plywood (phenolic resins), and their skateboard packing nonsense seems to back this one up. I read recently that plants have their own phenolic resins in them, so that might be why the perps are so beserk over me eating salads, as in restricting its consumption, as noted in a two day ago posting, Salad Days.

I changed the comment to have a verify section as I am getting too many spammings of late. If it is a big pain, let me know and I will change it back, for legit commenters that is.

Enough for today, and onto posting this.

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