Tuesday, December 22, 2009

What Went Right

Not much has gone right today on the First Feral Family front. Even my mother, the First Feral Matriarch had a bad day on the home renovation. The tradesman broke two toilets in attempting to install it, and the third one "took" (aka was finally allowed to be installed). The perps have a thing about toilets, and it might pertain to their brown color fetish/research topic, but I sense there is more to it than that. It is an Unfavored item, but I don't know I came by that.

And my in-town brother was also "helping" on the toilet games today, leaving a brown turd to languish in his toilet when I forced into a pee break. It was more than the cat poo smell, regular odor attendant to the downstairs bathroom. I even asked him who did it, and he said it was him. As this is the second or third time this has "happened" among First Feral Family members, it cannot be anything but scripted, along with the smell. Fucking outrageous.

I stopped at a certain store where I get a family discount on the way back from my in-town brother's place, and lo, if the discount card was missing from my wallet. And when I get back, why, it is there again. Ergo, a return trip to deal with getting my discount. Another "gone wrong" jerkaround.

And on my mother's bathroom renovation, the renovator installed an electrical timer switch that I had purchased, and the switch didn't work, new out of the package. This was verified by an electrician even. Another thing goes back to the store. This was after his third toilet install of the day, per above.

Another run-down attempt, sort of; a Fuckwit was driving a low slung sports car, like a Corvette, and ran the advance left arrow, coming within 3' of me when I was 4' into the crosswalk, obeying the Walk signal. I yelled at him, or more like, the perps had me yell as I don't do such public displays, and he did stop in mid street, but that was the end of it and he didn't circle around to confront me thank goodness. Such stunts are about once per week, and this was today's variant.

Most of the day was spent at my in-town brother's place, and for once I got there earlier at 0930h. I get some leaves hopping and bopping in nonconventional gravitic ways,  and some leaves flying in from nowhere, but it is relatively manageable.

I get to raid his ample chocolate supply while there, and so I shouldn't be surprised as to the brown colored gangstalkers afterward when walking to the bus stop and taking the bus back into downtown. There were five loosely clustered but disparate bums on the sidewalk when I got off the bus, and they all ran for it to catch the bus, running past me as I was about to exit and immediately afterward. The joke was that no one was at the bus stop when it pulled in, and I was the only passenger to get off. So... as I was getting off, Bum #1 starts running to make the bus before it departs, and so did the four trailing bums. In other words, it was pure happenchance (har, har) that the bus stopped at all, and here were five passengers sauntering along the sidewalk as they hadn't reached the bus stop. A Bum Run of sorts. The walking-along-and-happen-to-catch-the-bus-as-it-pulls-in-from-behind trick has been playing for a couple of years now, but to have five of them, and all bums, is a new take on presenting such Unfavored Fuckwits.

And my in-town brother makes himself out to be a totally computer avoidant , which seems to be generally true. He asked me to install the new modem that was delivered by the ISP, and I said I would. The old modem is the same model that my mother has, and the new model is the one that I have, same ISP all round. Call it a First Feral Family Modem Calibration perhaps. He was gone when I installed the new modem, and he arrives at the point when I am still at the PC, totally pissed over the perps blocking me from ordering saucepan lids, as I found a more economical supplier that has sane shipping charges. (Funny how Google works differently at his place than mine...(same search string even)). Here I am at his place, having installed the new modem, and the first thing I do there is order saucepan lids, a two week long Fuckover jerkaround that still has yet to be consummated. And then he arrives after I was infuriated at this blatant fuckery, and I explain briefly how and what I did, and because he doesn't recognize the web browser (Firefox), he gets all cranked up saying how important the PC is to him. What a total joke; the guy who would ordinarily avoid the PC, and gets me to install a modem for crissakes, then engages in a thankless diatribe over how I had better not of screwed his PC and his internet access. He is getting, or more like, is scripted to be, excessively cranky these days as well as being rude, though seeming not to notice it. I wonder who else is going to be going silly this Christmas time?

In keeping with the do-it-again financial transaction fuckery, I got blocked again in attempting a credit card payment over these infernal pot lids that has been going on for over a week. Finally, I am allowed to find sane shipping prices for what I want (a Canadian supplier), and now I get obstructed in attempting to pay. And did I mention there were about five attempts to pay with my debit card two days ago, and the cahier had to intervene and restart the process? It is fucking insane that I am not allowed to have a Fuckover Free transaction.

Though, they didn't have the sentries on the bus today in either direction. For at least all of December they have posted a Fuckwit at the front door of the bus, sometimes two for me to walk between, and I suppose swiping my bus pass with its magnetic stripe is a financial transaction of a kind. And of course, when I purchase the bus pass I have at least three of the assholes standing around me at the time.

A rare evening time shopping trip to take the items back for my discount, worth $40. It was the dudes' turn to make the transaction this time, after being handed off by the woman who begged off the task of applying my discount. I have had instances where the blonde babe cashier starts me off with the check and in the process, begs off for a "shift change" and to have a dude take over the task of cashiering. What that means for the supreme sickos, the World SS, I have no idea, but clearly the Favored (blonde babes especially) have some kind of glow that they wish to evaluate (assay of energetic interaction in a more technical sense IMHO), and compare that to the dudes doing the same thing.

Then a turnaround to go to the downtown bookstore and run the hordes of Fuckwits coming at me, often three abreast with another two ahead or immediately behind. This constant testing me of the Cluster Fuckwits has been ramped up for the Christmas season. And I should of turned around at the door of the bookstore as the assholes purged my recall of the title and author, and I was pissed over that, as I wanted to get a novel for my daughter for Christmas in addition to a cookbook. As per usual, I am not allowed to plan, and execute the plan, but be stymied and re-directed. So it was two horse magazines instead and the last ID publication for me (expensive magazine).

The perps had me spooked over these converging clusters of Fuckwits, first starting out with women, then mixed couples and then later two males who were 6' apart and talking to each other at the pedestrian crossing. The usual deal is that I walk around the Fuckwits and not between them when they do these setups of widely separated chats.  Then the Fuckwit I was going around turned to go, almost making out that he was after me, and at that moment the perps spooked me with some kind of Fear that was totally irrational from the perspective of my own normal (pre-overt and mind invasive abuse) reactions. That would never of happened, and when one is hunted day and night for 7.5 years as at present, one knows that they are exceedingly important to the Fuckwits' research agenda and that there really isn't any of the danger they make it out to be. The faked demise Fuckarounds went on during 2002, about ten such events where it was staged that I thought I was done for. This was part of their "blitz abuse", attempting to get specific reactions that mean something to the perps remote energetics assay games.

Then to the local supermarket, again beset with clusters of converging Fuckwits, timed for a constriction in the sidewalk and a shiftless sentry dude blowing his cigarette plume out in advance of me and the clusterfuckers crossing paths. No run-down attempts tonight, they were even slacking off a bit in the bookstore save this giant amazon Asian woman with a knitted wool toque with ear flaps. This seems to be the big deal of late, putting on toques with the ear flaps and ties. And lo, if there wasn't a religious figure, the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew on 60 Minutes two days ago, and he had a hat with the same ear flaps. Other prominent gangstalker fuglies tonight were a local Caucasian dude wearing a blue turban, and immediately running behind him was a woman with dreadlock hair. A nightime low light level gangstalker comparison of the Caucasians with typical non-Caucasian head coverage (turban and dreadlock hair).

And the bookstore; they had the promotions for the Book of Negroes in at least six places and they made sure that I saw it all. Setting me up with the negro theme again, this time in the form of a specific topic that features highly on the harassment front. And lo, if they didn't put on a negro dude for the two block walk from the bookstore to the supermarket. Alas, only and E. Indian as the cashier at the bookstore.

And more fuckery at the supermarket checkout; the debit card didn't scan and had to be redone, with plenty of pleasant fussing by the cashier. Meanwhile, the fugly dude crush started closing in on me after the obese woman in brown passed immediately behind me with her pop bottles for a refund. No doubt said pop bottles were once full of brown fizzy pop.

 The Mozy software backup configuration debacle is still playing out, since Dec. 19 (three days) with them telling me for the second time to go into Regedit and modify a setting, one that is not listed. I told them this two days ago and sent a snapshot of the screen I was looking at, and then they didn't answer the email, but instead started from the begining again. So... if you want to recover your system and this is the kind of fuckaround that is going to go on with one-per-day email that is taking the issue sideways, then you are hooped from the get go. Now I know, but I am passing on my vexations for the greater public good. And will dump their ass as soon as I can.

But as Mozy is using an E. Indian support agency, I have now had three male E. Indians (one per day) sending me emails over this infernal hassle, and it would seem that the perps really want me to see foreign names listed to typical North American english first and surnames. This bullshit started about a year ago when an E. Indian recruiter in Edmonton was emailing me and the emails weren't getting through. I eventually got her phone number, and we sent email tests back and forth to my two different email addresses while on the phone. Then she just dropped from sight, very unlike a recruiter. So..., the entire exercise seemed to be all about an E. Indian woman and me simultaneously talking and sending emails. Go figure, but it fits the pattern of senseless communications, sudden departures for no know reason, and the ongoing presentation of foreign names. I get plenty of strange names in the spam, and this too must be part of the ongoing fuckery.

The typo sabotage is intense tonight, time to go.


Anonymous said...

They like to have this one parking lot attendant at one Wal-Mart I frequent standing right outside the left entrance, smoking his cigarette. The idea, apparently, is for him to have his smoke within close proximity to my face and/or clothes. Seems the perps have this obsession with smoke smells, as they have their operatives walking in with clothes smelling of smoke. They used to be big on that. The alternative is to have me around smokers, so I get a little of that smell on my clothes and skin.

Anonymous said...

People ae still making the high pitched tooth sucking sound, where they draw air/spit thinly between their two front teeth.

Its maddening. All shapes, sizes and colors do this around me now. I'm begining to think the harassment is interdimensonal as I can't see how strangers from all walks of life could know how much this sound bothers me.

And its so deliberate too. Its not like a person makes a sound like that accidentally, as much as it happens in the course of a day.

Anonymous said...

oh look, your crazy buddy from up island is in the news again:


smart judge!

ChiliPepr said...

MozyHome works pretty well for me – on both Mac and PC. Their 2nd level support is good.

Use the following link to get 20% more space on a free MozyHome 2 Gb account:


AJH said...

Answer to: oh look, your...

Thanks for the update, as I haven't been able to follow this TI's legal complaints. But before you call anyone "crazy", how about you declare your clinical credentials in advance, so I know of what you speak. And he is not my buddy, as I didn't even know his name until reading the link you sent. I find Jerry Rose's complaints legitimate as one who has experienced similar harassment.

I don't get enough of these kind of dumbshit yobo comments, because I just love to beat up on Fuckwits who post this tripe. (yobo, noun,
a cruel and brutal fellow). Go read some Essential Introductory Postings to the right, go read some links (e.g. FFCHS, especially the lawyer's letter, http://www.freedomfchs.com/attorneylettertoleahy.pdf), and then tell me the same thing with a straight face asshole. If you apply one ounce of objectivity to this hellacious state that I and other TI's live in, (after you do your research), you would find no clinical condition related to the victim's mental state. Long may you live in your woeful ignorance, and pray that it doesn't come to visit you too. Or is a personal visit from a real agent provocateur?

Anonymous said...

Perps love to rub this harassment in our faces. Or it's just one of the crowd of onlookers who sit there and think our predicaments and daily tortures are highly entertaining. There are quite a few of these clowns around.

AJH said...

Answer to: Perps love to rub this harassment in our faces...

It is more like they want me to fume (read, planted notions) over what I intend to respond. Better yet it be over Christmas with some four days delay to have more "fume time". I also find it fairly typical that the perps give me a number of thoughts as to what to say and how to say it, and it only is partially written that way with some new material added in while composing the reply.

Over Christmas my in-town brother made some boorish comments about shaved heads and how this is better for the electrodes to be attached, all the while laughing. The perps had me totally cranked over this, and even had me ream his ass out for not being funny in the least. (I didn't get into the bigger theme on this one). So for two days I went over (read, suffered multiple planted thoughts) over what to say and how loud to ream his ass out, and when he came by yesterday to take some of the Christmas garbage and backyard maintenance plant material debris, I wasn't anywhere near as incenced. And when I did ask him how he came to make such a bizarre and incongruous mention of "shaved heads" and "electrodes",he made out that it was a long standing in-joke that a ham radio operator made some decades previously. All I told him was that it wasn't very funny to make such unexplained and obscure "jokes" at the dinner table, (no one else found it funny), and that the gangstalkers like to place skinheads around me all the time, and I was wondering if this was (yet another) coincidence. He blew me off, and still found his own in-joke exceedingly funny, likely to defuse my circumspection. This is another example of extended "annoyance duration" that occurs all too often, usually initiated by some shill in my circle of quislings saying something most odd, and even damaging, e.g. 09-2009 training grant obstructions ($12k worth). Said shill often gets paraded out again to ensure a re-visitation to the emotional wreckage they engendered.