Friday, December 18, 2009

Pseudo Shopping

A good name for what the perps like me to do; research on a specific item's acquisition for a week or more, then drop it after eventually planting the rationale that the item is too expensive, and then have me start up the same shopping jag again after a few weeks or even months. Today it was pot lids; the infernal pots I bought new in the spring don't have lids, so some web search indicated that cookware dot com was a helpful site, and I duly bookmarked it. Since then, other cookware interests erupted; spatulas, knife sharpening, a colander, a skimmer and a few others. Then this morning, it "happened" (brilliant thought); while looking at the same pot lids after leaving the topic for at least six monthsI could add the other items tp the same order. Ergo, researching them all for two hours, bookmarking them (always noisestalked), and compiling what could be an order, albeit in the form of saved bookmarks for now. Any kind of rational decision making is also hijacked; if I really cannot afford a $150 mandoline, why in the fuck am I bookmarking it for future reference? And so it goes, this big go-round over just what might be ordered, what could be ordered later if flush with cash, and then the absurdly too expensive. All to end up with some 100 or more bookmarked sites to then trove through again, maybe in a few weeks or months which might culminate in getting the few most neccessary items. My mother was going on about pot lids yesterday and that they aren't included with pots any more when sold at the stores. This is a rather facile oversimplification, as they are for the most part, except in my instance, har, har. Anyhow, a big perp surge is on, and it is all about cookware for crissakes. And I am the guy they have eating the same food nearly every mealtime, after defeating my normal interest in eating a variety of foods.

After the many glitchy dialog boxes I finally get to place my order for the pot lids and two other cookware items, and lo, if an $80 order doesn't become a hefty $152 order due mostly to a $50 shipping charge to cross the US- Canadian border. I have ordered plenty of stuff online, but have never have seen such a high shipping charge. So, I cancelled the order after phoning them up and confirming the shipping amount. But as the perps are roundly interested in stopping all my financial transactions at a certain junctures, this sounds like another setup. Just to think; hours of selection and review, at least another hour to work through the order and get it right, and then get screwed at the penultimate order page. All for killing my order; another day at the office at the office for the sickos and at least 10 months of buildup starting with the purchased pans without lids. This futility wil doubltless to play again sometime.

I "discover" that my IP supplier sends music over the internet, for free no less. And that they have a folk channel, even better. I get the Windows Media Player upgraded, (which explains why this PC attempted to upgrade it yesterday for the first time and somehow failed -to get more "face time" in on this software I figure). Then get the service running, get stalled out with the default rock channel by way of some glitches, and am finally allowed to find and then listen to the folk channel. Then I see the Galaxie feed has hijacked the Windows Media Player and it comes without a volume, mute or pause button. That means if I get a sucky song, I either have to hear it through or else close the player down. It is amazing the detail that the sickos go to for changing my environment and imposing their psychopathic abuse agenda. And what for? -just because they won't come out of the closet on their human nonconsensual experimentation agenda.

A shut-in day so far, though I might dare to go to the grocery store, post headphone wearing (silver-grey color) to the silver-grey painted supermarket and some of the immediately adjacent buildings. They are all over me if I stop at the new Christmas chocolate sections. Most of the day has been spent wearing the noise protection earmuffs, a deep green color. (And there has been plenty of noise outside until I put them on).

I did get out for a chocolate run, though I did get plenty of gangstalking; they erupted after I stepped out of the apartment building and into the rain. My same floor smilely man was outside this time, and I got at least four tall women, taller than me (6') before I got to the front door of the supermarket. One obvious Fuckwit who got out of her Alberta licenced vehicle and proceeded to get in front of and then slow down the walking pace. This artful piece of tailing fuckery depends on the victim making a decision to pass the ambulatory stalker ahead, usually because there isn't too much further to go, or to pass them is too fraught with oncoming ambulatory gangstalkers. She gives me the stare in the parking lot, and when ahead of me she slows down, to then slow me down as the doorway was only 12' away. And she did "happen" to find me in the store, some 10' away while I was looking over the jam, she was bent over looking at the cheese. Her coat was the very same blue of the coat that hangs in my closet that was next to the one I was wearing. I have seen enough of these "next coat in the closet" color matches whenever I step outside to know this cannot be a coincidence.

The pot lid ordering hasn't gone away; another two hours of troving Amazon dot com and dot ca to find the same ones in their metric sizes (converting back and forth), and just enough stripped out of those two websites to force me to go the the true vendor and not Amazon as it seems they only keep a virtual storefront for the respective businesses that are really doing the selling. And unfortuneately, the wonderfully inexpensive shipping of Amazon isn't availible either. And after doing my online selections, why the "shopping cart" got emptied by someone and so it had to be done again.

Enough of the minutiae that is so vital to the perps.

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